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Lacson Sreet is one of the major street in Bacolod City. In fact this is where some major festival in the city is being held: the Bacalaodiat Chinese New Year Festival and Electric Masskara among others.  This is also a place where interesting food shops  in the city is located .


Jollibee, Mc Donalds, KFC. Right in front of the capitol lagoon are three major fastfood chain  you can hangout with: Jollibee,   KFC    and Mc Donald. Beside Mc Donald is the Dunken Donut which serves coffee I really like and the Mai Pao Resto which serves Chinese food.Few meters away is the Felicias a fast growing cafe selling cakes and pastries.

“Felecias Cafe at 6th Street..”

Imay’s. Going east is the Bacolods famous Imay’s Restaurant. If your trip is native food and native delicacies, Imay’s is the place for you.

“Imay’s Restaurant”

“Chowking Restaurant opens 24 hours, fronting capitol Lagoon”

Chowking Restaurant. Another fastfood chain fronting capitol lagoon is chowking. It is open 24 hours a day.

Chicken Deli. Beside Chowking is The Chicken Deli,home for chicken barbeque and other grilled food.

The Negros Showroom. Of course ,next to Chicken Deli is the Association of Negros Producers’ Showroom. Everyone visiting the City must pay a visit to the Negros Showroom. Inside the store are two little coffee table wherein you can try their native/organic coffee and a bunch of native delicacies they are selling.





Kaise .If  you like Japanese Food,  Kaise is the place for you. Kaise is a block away from Sweet Greens Café .

Shakeys.One can’t help but to notice the newly opened Shakey’se   Pizza resto– build right in front  of  the Bank of Commerce who also got a nice facelift when the resto was put up.

Mayfair Plaza. A block across the street is the Mayfair Plaza which is home to a couple of Cafes  and restaurants.

Plaza Sorento.Fronting Mayfair Plaza is the Sorento, home to specialty boutiques, bars and restaurants.

C’s Cafe. If you are staying at L Fisher Hotel, and would like to take a breather from a hotel atmosphere yet you don’t want to go far. You can simply go out and try the cakes of C’s Cafe. They are also selling ice cream with buffalo’s milk.



“The newly opened “Balay Kinse”, Balay is a vernacular word for house, and “Kinse” for fifteen. The building of course is situated at the corner of Lacson and 15th Streets.” The Building also houses “Calea”. Calea is one the city’s best in cakes and pastries.”


Trattoria Uma . I just absolutely love Italian food.  The place has a rustic feel about it, bare brick walls, wine bottles in cement. The floor and tables looked worn and I loved the fact that they used mismatched chairs. They offer  different foods  from the salad to pastas,  ravioli,  risotto, cappuccino-flavored gelato and the tiramisu and many more.

Photo by Anton Manso

STARBUCKS COFFEE. I would love to lounge here whenever I  felt the urge of drinking iced coffee. My first choice for iced coffee shop is Starbucks.  The primary factor for me to get hooked with this establishment is the quality of service. People are very accommodating. They are really helpful and show genuine interests in assisting customers. I like also the way they address their loyal customer by name.  Starbucks  is also selling different mugs, glasses and cups. The store is full of coffee-related products. And I have to tell you that all of their products are worth-trying.

Louise Restaurant . This restaurant doesn’t stand out on the outside, but once you’re inside you’d be amazed. It’s a small place and it gives you that cozy and intimate feel when you’re eating there. The restaurant was designed to be like a house only with lots of tables. Staff are friendly.  They have a variety of dishes to choose from, they serve not only local dishes but also international food. They even have Japanese and Thai.  They will be transferring soon in front of L Fisher Hotel.


Mushu. Presenting  Mushu.  food here is a very tasty mix of recipes from places all over Asia! I classified it under Chinese/ Dim Sum, but there are dishes served from other places like the Indonesian beans, Malaysian Hainanese Chicken, and more!It’s the Bacolod socialite’s happening new hot spot for a nice bite to eat, and a drink.

Bob’s Cafe. Cafe Bobs sets  a great ambiance  for  young professionals. The cafe uses  chic furniture to give the place an elitist ambiance. Artworks dominate the walls to include paintings, etc. . The bar uses a play of bright lights and dark hued counters to give it a romantic atmosphere. Cafe Bob’s i ahould say is Bacolod’s own version of starbucks.

Bacolod  Chicken  House. Bacolod Chicken House  is the famous home of the   chicken inasal of Bacolod. Other inasal chicken parts such as liver (atay), gizzard (baticolon), ass (isol), wings (pak-pak) and skin are also among the favorites at any of its   branches.

“Bascon Cafe”




To be continued….





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