Pecan Pie, Calea Sweet Indulgence
Pecan Pie, one of my favorite pastry at Calea

Calea: Sweet Indulgence


That was about  5:00 in the afternoon and were about to go home from a meeting @ ANP (Association of Negros Producers).  I turned on the car and suddenly a text came in. It was Femmie, our friend, inviting us to dine with her and her hubby at Calea. Without any second thoughts, we accepted the invitation. Calea is just a few blocks away from ANP. It is located at 15th st. Lacson, at the ground floor of Balay Quince which is their new location. It is our first time to visit the place since they transferred so I excitedly took pictures in every corner of their store. The ambiance was so nice , the interior looks impressive and its mouth-watering display of cakes is much better than the one they have at their old outlet.

Calea is already a trademark in Bacolod. They are known for their deliciously tempting blueberry cheesecake and chocolate cakes. If it’s your first time to visit Calea, you’ll surely come back for more. They offer cakes, pastries, pasta, coffee, and sandwiches. The price is just reasonable and is a good place to chill with friends and family.

Calea Sweet Indulgence
Cakes of Calea

It was a wonderful afternoon for all of us. We finished everything we ordered and we chatted and shared a lot of laughter. We all went home gastronomically satisfied. This was again one of the happy moments of the  HAPPY TRIP 🙂 Here are the photos I took. enjoy guys 🙂

Calea Sweet Indulgence

Calea Sweet Indulgence


Calea  Sweet Indulgence

Outside Calea

Note: For the lovers of sweets, Calea is located along Lacson Street right in front of L Fisher Hotel. Fronting this establishment are two equally great pastry shops which offer great tasting desserts: Felicias and C’s of L Fisher Hotel. Lately, I prefer to have most of my coffee meeting at C’s because they have a WIFI. Check these 2 other shops and you be the judge which offers  great tasting pastries that are perfect for your palate.

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  1. jojo vito

    I will miss the cakes for a while….refraining from sweets 🙁

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