Chiang Mai, Thailand Travel Part 5: Central Airport Plaza


 Central Airport Plaza
Assorted Thai Delicacies at the basement of the Mall

Chiang Mai, Thailand Travel Part 5: Central Airport Plaza

Strange but the first place I visited in Chiang Mai was the mall. The Central Airport Plaza Chiang Mai is one of the biggest  shopping Mall in Chiang Mai. It is located at the edge of Maidol and Chiangmai-Hod Road.

The largest  and  maybe the anchor store of Central Airport Plaza is the  ROBINSONS Department Store that sells a wide range of quality and upmarket products including cosmetics, clothes, household decors, etc. Robinsons is on levels 1-4. Sporting goods and Books are on level 4.

 Central Airport Plaza

At the lower level of the Mall is the Northern Thai Village. Northern Thai Village  is a unique collection of boutique shops showcasing a wide range of Northern Thai art and craft products. These are mostly of higher quality and suitable for  foreign markets. Since I wanted to stretch my money so that I can buy more souvenirs for loved ones back home,I prefer shopping at the day market on Tae Pae and Night Market. Please watch out for my article on the night market of Chiang Mai.

 Central Airport Plaza

Having coffee with friends at the Central Airport Plaza

At the basement level is Tops Supermarket  and Tops Food Court. Top’s sells  many international brand name food and toiletries. Its fruits, vegetables, meats, and bread are fresh.While fruits are served from breakfast until dinner in our hotel, I was tempted to buy strawberries because they looked so inviting. Strawberries in Thailand are bigger than what we have in the Philippines and does welt easily. However, what we have in the Philippines are sweeter and one that is perfect for cereals ( just my opinion).

What I love most from this mall is the food court at the basement area which offers  great value and  authentic Thai food.  Various Thai Noodles soup cost from 30 to 45 Thai Baht.

Electronic gadgets like computers, handphones, cameras, audio equipment, and accessories, with brands such as Apple, Sony, Acer, Toshiba, Nikon, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, LG, etc. are available at the third level of the mall.Just one tip when buying electronics from another country, it would be great to check first the price in your place before buying abroad for all you know, what you have in your place might be cheaper.

 Central Airport Plaza

The Northern Thai Plaza at the Central Airport Plaza

At level 4 is the home of Major Cineplex – multi-screen cinema showing both Thai and English movies. You can also enjoy fine and casual dining experience at level 4, such as Fuji, Sizzler, Oishi Shabu, MK (Thai hot pot), etc.

A good place to relax and chat with friends, or to rest after shopping is the Starbucks located at the level 1 of the mall.

Airport Plaza opens  between 11 am to 10 pm on weekdays. On weekends it is open for a longer period that is at 9:30 in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays.



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