Things to Do in Davao: White Water Rafting


Davao is one of the famous places to visit in Mindanao. The people, food, and places seem to play a perfect combination in attracting tourists to visit the area. In this article, I will be sharing with you the top sites that you must go to if you plan to come and visit the beautiful place called Davao.


 Things to Do in Davao /Attraction: Indak Indak sa Kadalanan | Kadayawan sa Dabaw, Source here

List of Things to Do in Davao 

 Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival

The Kadayawan Festival takes center stage in the city of Davao during every third week of August.  In a nutshell, Kadayawan is a celebration of life. Davaoenos gather together to offer thanksgiving for the blessings they received. They celebrate in the streets with singing, dancing, eating, and partying.  The festival was institutionalized in 1986. Among the highlights of the festivity are the Grand Floral Parade and Street Dancing Competitions.

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 Magsaysay Park  

A public park is facing the sea plus a fantastic variety of fruits to choose from the nearby fruit stand. Indeed, this is a romantic activity to do most, especially in the afternoon time.

 Davao China Town  

Walk over the different malls, stores, and Chinese restaurants. Since it is only Chinatown in the entire Mindanao, it has been one of the busiest places for a lot of people flock the area to buy an item or two.



 Things to Do in Davao

 Pasalubong Center (Shopping)

The trip will never be complete without looking for something to bring to your loved ones back home. In doing so, head to the Pasalubong Center and marvel around the tons of stores offering their products.

 Business Class Resto Bar

Dinner in this resto-bar is a fun thing to do! Either you are with your friends or family, dinner over music is always a fun idea.


 Things to Do in Davao: People’s Park

 People’s Park  

This Davao Tourist Spot is a favorite attraction in the city and frequented by both locals and tourists.

An afternoon or early evening picnic is perfect in People’s Park. Just bring the picnic mat with you, bring some food, and enjoy the picnic adventure with the family. After all, it is the simple yet fun-filled trips like this that matters the most.


The Davao Museum holds a lot of displays waiting for you to be discovered. Much better if you will bring your kids with you and let them know the rich historical past of the place.

 Holy Infant Jesus Shrine

The open-air chapel with the statues of Our Lady of Fatima and Crucified Jesus is also another sight to behold. No wonder that a lot of pilgrims and religious people go to this place to pray and visit.

 Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel 

The work of the arts of the famous Kublai Millan can be seen in this place. Yes, artists enthusiasts, as well as tourists alike, can find delight in going to this gallery.


 Things to Do in Davao: Visit Bankerohan Market

 Bankerohan Public Market

This is just an ordinary market, but if you are in Davao City, you should try visiting this place as it offers various fruits famous in Davao at a meager price.


 Things to Do in Davao: Try the Kinutil and Hot Chocolate at Bangkerohan market

 Lon Wa Buddhist Temple

The architectural beauty of this temple makes it incomparable to other relative temples. The intricate design and the overall serene vibe of the temple is a must-see place in the area.

 Gap Farming Resort

From the pool, clubhouse, animals, and all other attractions in this resort will, for sure, make your family feel loved and welcomed! Yes, relax for a day here and be immersed with the overall summer feels of the resort.


 Things to Do in Davao: White Water Rafting

 Davao White Water Rafting

If you want some adrenaline rush, then you should try the white water rafting of Davao.

 Vista View Restaurant

Also known as Hilltop, this dining place provides diners a fantastic view of the Samal and the Davao Gulf. If you would like to try some exotic food as well, they also have it here.

 Jack’s Ridge

If you are up to some sightseeing, eating, or even swimming, Jack’s Ridge can provide it for you. Why not do it in a much upscale environment like this one? Make your stay here a romantic one.


 Things to Do in Davao: Davao Crocodile Park

 Davao Crocodile Park

Crocodile Park is another famous “Davao City Tourist Spot.”

Though it is named as crocodile park since it is the majority of the composition of the animals that they are taking good care of, there are also other additional animals here such as monkeys, ostrich, snakes, tigers, and a lot more! So, this is not only a purely fun activity but at the same time, educational.

 D’ Japanese Tunnel Resort

This was carved by the prisoners back in the years of World War II. With its dark past comes an instant fantastic attraction. Now, it serves as a tourists spots since they were able to put clubhouse as well as swimming pool inside.


 Things to Do in Davao: Philippine Eagle

 Philippine Eagle Center and Malagos Garden 

They have here about 38 eagles, and about 18 of them were saved and bred. Thus, this is the haven and comfort zone of the Eagles. More so, a lot of other bird species, as well as butterfly, may be seen in the nearby Davao Tourist Spot, the Malagos Garden.

 Eden Nature Park 

The name of the park itself speaks for its paradise-like beauty. The flowers, plants, greeneries, plus unusual activities like biking, swimming, zip-lining, and a lot more can also be done here! Indeed, this is Eden Paradise, a famous Davao Tourist Spot!

 San Pedro Street

A walk in this street will lead you to the ancient and iconic San Pedro Cathedral. The wooden church is indeed a solemn place to visit if you are more of the pilgrim type of tourist.


 Things to Do in Davao: Durian Eating

 Durian Eating

Yes, trying out the iconic fruit of Davao is also a must! Don’t worry because it comes in different varieties; they have it in ice cream, smoothies, drinks, and a lot of forms and versions!

 Roxas Night Market

Though the place may be a bit controversial because of the explosion that happened last 2016, this night market serves as the symbol of hope and courage. With that being said, I highly encourage you to be here and be part of the crowd. Shop for good products and have some snacks on the available food stands.

Neighboring attractions:

Samal island

 Things to Do in Davao

 Maxima Aqua Fun

One amazing attraction in Samal Island. The place will surely delight people who love water activities.

 Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Either you would like to have some refreshing summer moments, or you would want to take a rest over a meal, Pearl Far, Beach Resort can be the place for you. The welcome cabana in this place is a new landmark in the area.

Samal island

 Things to Do in Davao

 Hagimit Water Falls

Haguimit Falls is located in Samal Island. The place is fully accessible and could be a good place to see when on the island.

 Monfort Bat Sanctuary

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets now and head to Davao! I can assure you that your dream vacation will be accomplished by following the list of the activities and going to the places that I suggested.

Samal island

 Things to Do in Davao




  1. Trexie Grace Guaza

    The City of Davao is known as the Durian Capital of the Philippines. They also have good quality of fruits like their Lanzones, Pomelo and Mangosteen. To attract foreign nationals, we can proudly say that the city was tagged as safest destination in the country since Davao was one of the cities that has the lowest crime rate in the world. Other than Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Cebu and Siargao we also have beautiful beaches in Davao! Tourists should see and explore the beaches of the Pearl Farm Beach in Samal, Dahican Beach in Mati, Kaputian Beach in Samal, Starfish Island and many other more. Tourism officers can use the social media platforms to promote and share the wonderful beaches and other tourist spots in Davao. They can also show the must try foods for local and foreign tourists. With the great views of nature and the urbanized city brings investors.

  2. Elena P. Dato-on

    Davao “dabaw” as pronounced is known for its Kadayawan Festival as a way of thanksgiving for the blessing they received and the mouth-watering taste of Durian which is famous as pasalubong in different forms like piyaya, polvoron, jam, and candies all taste of Durian. A tourist attraction like Pearl Farm Beach Resort, is a perfect getaway, privacy that everyone needs. A Crocodile Park, Jack Ridge, and all are places you should visit. To promote this tourist destination, local government and residents must:
    • Encourage the locals and the government to support the protection of wildlife
    • Maintain the peace and order of the place
    • Always promote pictures and videos every time there are events in the place
    • Tourism to tie up with Bloggers, Tik Tokers, and YouTubers to promote tourist spots
    • Encourage Local residents to maintain the culture of being hospitable, and helpful when accommodating tourists.
    • Participate in National exhibits to promote products and tourist destinations.
    • Encourage locals to include in their posts on Facebook and Instagram stories about these places to invite more tourists to come and see them.

  3. Davao has a reputation for having a thriving economy and cutting-edge infrastructure. It is well known for both its long cultural history and its relatively low crime rate. People from Davao are known to be friendly and peaceful. With exceptional roads and infrastructure, the city has been named the cleanest and safest in the Philippines. It is also one of the least expensive places to live in the country. The historical and natural locations including the Magsaysay Park, People’s Park, and Davao Museum should be visited. White water rafting is a thrilling activity that is available to tourists from across the world and must be experienced.
    Durian is a unique iconic fruit that everyone should experience, enjoy, and share. It is now being turned into several forms, including ice cream, smoothies, and drinks.
    Even if there are many activities that foreigners can engage in, there should also be nighttime activities since most foreign visitors like the nightlife.

  4. Actually, I’m not so familiar with this event but while reading the article and seeing the different photos I really appreciate the Kadayawan festival – which is one of the famous colourful festival celebrations in Davao City. And we all know that Davao is well known that image as the safest place in the Philippines. They also have many amazing places like beaches, mountains, and other tourist spots to offer to their foreign and local tourist coming to their city.

    Davao City is already on the right track for the development of their city through the help and support of their local government they able to build more infrastructure like bridges to connect to another island they have and malls also etc.
    Davao also they are famous for its Durian festival which is attract more tourists, especially who like to eat durian like me.
    Since our country has just started to pick up from the effect of the pandemic we need to make sure there is a safety procedure need to be followed by the tourist coming to Davao.
    The local DTI need to collaborate with all the resorts and hotels in town to come up with some idea or promotions to attract tourist to come in and explore Davao.
    Like free entrance fee, 20% discount if you stay 3 or more nights in the hotel. And 10% for dine-in. And a 5% discount for the tourist guide.

    I’m also looking forward to witnessing and experiencing the kadayawan festival with my friends and families. And for sure after we personally experience what is kadayawan we can share with others that unforgettable moment.


  5. The most populous city in Mindanao and the third-largest city in the Philippines is Davao City. Davao City is famous for its natural attractions, bustling economic activities, urban build-up, and modern amenities, many of which are easily reached from the city center.
    The Philippine Eagle, the National Bird of the Philippines, can be found in Davao City. Therefore, you can visit the Philippine Eagle Center and meet the critically endangered Philippine Eagle. Rainforests are the home of the Philippine Eagle; thus, the Philippine Eagle Center resembles typical rainforest for these birds to feel the nature. Aside from the Philippine Eagle, there are a number of other birds, mammals, and reptiles as well, most of which are prevalent in the country, and some are considered rare.
    You can also go to Samal Islands where many beaches and tourist spots can be found name namely Kaputian Beach, Isla Reta Beach, Babusanta Beach, Coral Garden, Wishing Island, Angel’s Cove, and Taklobo (Giant Clam) Sanctuary.
    Unusual sight? Try the Monfort Bat Colony at Samal. You can see small caves filled with millions of Geoffroy’s Rousettes fruit bats and these caves are so tightly covered with these bats that the cave walls look like one dark living mass.
    The top tourist spot of Davao City is the Davao Crocodile Park where thousands of cultured crocodiles can be found here including Pangil. Pangil, an 18-feet-long crocodile, is one of the largest captive crocodiles in the Philippines.
    The oldest church in Davao City, Davao Cathedral, also known as San Pedro Cathedral, is a historical landmark, recognized as a National Cultural Treasure and you can find its distinct curved roof said to be resembling a vinta (traditional sailboat).
    Tastes like heaven but smells like hell? Try Davao’s Durian. Durian, a unique tropical fruit, is distinguished by its large size and spiky, hard outer shell. After you get used to Durian’s strong signature odor, take a pinch of the golden pulp and taste the creamy goodness.
    Therefore, Davao is the place to be. Make sure to include Davao on your 2022 itinerary.

  6. Patti Lovelle Cabantug

    As the Fruit basket of the Philippines, Davao City is a place to visit. Before the jaunts, tourism must first know the health protocols and the travel requirements in getting there. This is to make sure that tourists especially from other countries have a hassle -free travel in Davao and Samal Island. There as ways on how to attract foreign nationals to visit the city:
    1. Introduce the top tourist destinations in Davao, the city, its people and what the city can offer in terms of night life, food fests and its products. Peace and order situations are equally important for the tourists.
    2. Highlight the main attractions to the target visitors and focus on branding on what Davao City can offer to the visitors. Feature the products of indigenous people and the produce of the land. Feature some attractions like the garden city of Samal and Eden Farms.
    3. Explain the history and culture and explain how Davao City got its name. Support it with testimony of significant people.

  7. The waterfalls look great. we were in Davao and went to see the wale museum. That was fun.

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