Meeting with Davao’s “Honesto” at Maxima Aqua Fun

Maxima Aqua Fun
Maxima Aqua Fun

Meeting with Davao’s “Honesto” at Maxima Aqua Fun

For many years now, I always spent my All Souls/Saints Day  in Davao City. This is due to my Training Engagement as aTrainer for the  Scholars  of the Norwegian Ship Owners Association (NSA) at DMMA College of Southern Philippines.  While I can opt to take the schedule for Cebu (University of Cebu) or Zambales (Philippine Merchant Marine Academy) I still opt to take Davao simply because I love the Place. Davao is a great place to visit— beautiful resorts, historical places, great food, adventures and many more.


I have already visited a lot of places and tried so many adventures in Davao. In fact some of which I do visit again and again. Just like this year , I went back to the Crocodile Park, Peoples Park and the Maxima Aqua Fun. But I also visited places where I didn’t visit on the past like the Hagimit Falls and the Monfort Bat Caves.

Last year we had a great time in Maxima. I love the  view, the adventure and even the people (specifically their gate keeper, guard and other staff). Except for the people who runs their Cafe/ Restaurant. Last Year , I also wrote in my blog last year about our disappointment of the poor service they had in the Restaurant of  Maxima Aqua Fun–very slow  service and cold treatment from their staff, who were obviously lacked the necessary training in Customer Service.


This year we experienced again the same thing. Very slow service and quite arrogant staff. We simply ordered fried chicken and bangus but it took them 55 minutes to serve us. I thought all the while there staff went out to catch fish for us, thats why it took them almost an hour to serve our food ….Worst some people who came in late were served first. Obviously they don’t have the system in the kitchen and training. I was holding my horse  when reminding them  as they haven’t served our food yet. A friend told me, why I didn’t bring food when we went there. The reasons were  simple. We don’t have a car , we just took habal -habal and all we can afford to carry were bottles of water and some personal belongings and our camera of course. Anyway, I just simply wanted to air out my sentiments hoping that this can reach the management of Maxima Aqua Fun. I failed to call their office the following day because I already went home.

After eating , we already changed for our swim wear as I wanted to try again their giant slide.As expected the experience was hilarious ,I wanted to to try again and again but climbing the stairs  after the slide was the thing I hated most.  After  the  slide and swimming part I decided to take a shower and change. Another not so nice experience, the water in their shower room was salty. Can you imagine that? Well maybe they just provide  fresh water inside the cottages.  I just change and went out immediately —- forgetting my plastic pouch with my cellphone and cash hanged on the wall of the shower room.



I went back to the hammock where I put my things and started to pack my things, getting ready to go back to the hotel. When I looked for my cellphone to call our Habal-Habal Driver, its only then that I realized that I don’t have it anymore. Perfect timing as I do my first step to go back to the shower room, one young guy just handed me my plastic pouch and cash.

Oh, my…..Honesto!!!

All my disappointment were taken over by my appreciation of such a commendable act by Emelito( Junickz) Catayas Jr.  who resides at Brgy 39-D Poblacion District Washington Blvd , Davao City.

Saludo ako sa ‘ yo Junickz “Honesto” Catayas. May God prosper you .

ABS-CBN inspires Filipinos to lead a life of honesty and sincerity via its newest and timely drama series “Honesto” which premiered  last October 28.“Honesto” revolves around the story of a young boy named Honesto (Raikko Mateo), the son of Diego (Paulo Avelino), and Fina (Maricar Reyes). Just like the extraordinary trait of his mother’s family, Honesto grew up having an allergy that causes his nose to swell whenever he tells a lie. (





  1. I can’t wait to go to Davao. I’m really hoping we visit Maxima Aqua Fun. Still hoping the service would be better this year.

  2. awesome! love to go there I’ll add this to my bucket list for next year.

  3. Kudos to you Emelito( Junickz) Catayas Jr., your family and co-workers must be so proud of you!

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