With my lovely dermatologist, Dr. Maria Rhea Serondo


This post is about my experience of the two laser treatments which I have tried at Skin Solutions by Serondo Surgical and Dermatology Clinic in Bacolod City. 

The Hollywood Laser Treatment

Being a travel blogger, I am always on the go. Apart from my travel and corporate events, I attended as a blogger I also have other activities like my weekly teaching class in the graduate school, my training gigs for my consultancy and attending other professional and personal events.

These are some of the reasons why I don’t really have much time to take care of my skin. Oh well not to mention that I was not really blessed with good skin. Lol!

Recently, I tried the new laser treatment offered by Skin Solutions by Serondo Surgical and Dermatology Clinic, the Hollywood Laser Treatment. No less than Dr. Maria Rhea Lombos-Serondo attended to me.

Why I Opted for Hollywood Laser 

As we age, changes do happen to our skin, we develop wrinkles and increased pigmentation. If you are a busy body like me, It is quite challenging to address this. At times I may opt not to have other laser treatment no matter how I want it because I need to attend to various activities.

This is some of the primary reasons why I like Hollywood Laser treatment.

The Hollywood Laser treatment can provide you with the following results:

It eliminates or reduces the appearance of pigment, acne scars and fines lines which almost no facial cream can do. Well if some cream can really remove some pigments, maybe it would take several months or even years to see the effect.

Best Part of Hollywood Laser Treatment 

  • It has no downtime. I even attended a party right after I went out of the clinic.
  • It is safe for most skin types.
  • It can even out skin tones.
  • The procedure is quick and not painful.

The procedure started by cleaning, steaming and cleaning of the face. I really like this part of the process because I can feel that you are really being pampered.

After the cleaning part, a carbon base lotion was applied to my skin as if I was wearing a mud mask. After which the laser treatment begins. I heard a slight snapping sound while the laser is being fired. Trust me the laser treatment was never painful. Then Its done!

How the Hollywood laser works?

The procedure works in two ways, first laser energy gently targets the melanin (pigmentation) in the cells breaking it up for your body’s natural removal processes. The second the laser energy heats deep in the dermis causing the skin to contract and stimulate collagen.

I just love the results I got from the Hollywood laser treatment. Of course, I don’t really claim to have the porcelain skin effect for in the first place I don’t have it, to begin with, but I can see the dramatic results it does for my face.



Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser Treatment   


Yes, I also tried the Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment at Skin Solutions, Bacolod City.

Being a travel blogger, I always find myself in some outdoor activities exposing myself to the harmful rays of the sun. Wait, before you raise your eyebrows, I don’t really blame these factors for how I look. Shall I say, genetics has more to do with it. Lol!

I admit I did not take care of my skin seriously. I have a very oily skin and during my teen years, acne had feasted on my face, leaving my skin –  the sandblasted effect. Lol! Well, during those times there were not enough derma clinics in the City of Bacolod. So I just content myself on what is available in the market and experiment those on my face gaining the catastrophic effect on my looks.

Facing The Problem

Honestly, I don’t really equate my value as a person to my looks. But admittedly, I believe that being presentable (at least, presentable!)  is a requirement in my chosen profession. As what Dr. Berondo told me, sa panahon ngayon, bawal na ang  pangit…” Ouch, I was hurt,  Lol.

As what I have mentioned above , apart from being a blogger, I am also a graduate school professor and I am doing training and management consultancy business. These jobs require me to face people all the time. I knew for a fact that being a teacher and a trainer, my best visual aid is myself.

I have real and good friends  who told  me straight that I need to visit a dermatologist ( yes a dermatologist, not a magician.)  In fact, one of them told me that I need an “overhaul” as if she was talking to the owner a vintage car.

I knew they were sincere with their comments and they just wanted the best for me.

Last year, a friend of mine arranged for some procedures in one dermatology clinic in Manila in exchange for some social media endorsements and write-ups. I was amenable to the deal but since that will be in Manila and to I need to stay there for a while, it took me some time to schedule and go. Until I was invited to the Skin Solutions, a Dermatology and Laser Center in Bacolod City. The clinic is personally supervised by the owner, Dr. Maria-Lombos Serondo.

I visited  Dr. Serondo without any expectations.  I don’t even know what I want.  Dr. Serondo was very nice and amiable. I was so comfortable with her on our first meeting. After her assessment, she decided to give me a Carbon Dioxide ( CO2) Laser Treatment.

The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser Treatment 

The CO2 Laser removes thin layers of skin with precision and minimal damage to your surrounding tissue.  The  CO2 laser uses very short pulsed light energy or continuous light beams that are delivered in a scanning pattern to remove thin layers of skin with minimal heat damage.



Cardon Dioxide Laser Treatment at Skin Solutions by Dr. Maria Rhea Serondo

This laser treatment reduces scars, wrinkles, and imperfections. Dr. Serondo explained to me that CO2 lasers are used to eliminate fine line on the cheeks,   smooth and tighten the skin, improve crow’s feet around the eyes, soften deep frown lines, flatten scar tissue, reduce stretch marks and hyperpigmentation, remove sun freckles and age spots  and rejuvenate the skin by smoothing and polishing the complexion.

I was excited about the benefits of the CO2 Laser treatment. So after a few minutes, I already found myself lying on her bed clinic. Her assistant started to clean my face. After cleaning, she also applied a topical anesthesia. Huh, anesthesia? I was a bit scared. But Dr. Serondo explained to me that since she will be using the laser, I will feel the burning sensation during the treatment.

After, the topical anesthesia, My face were covered by a cling wrap plastic for my skin to really absorbed the cream. After a few minutes, Dr. Berondo removed the cream on my face to start with the CO2 laser treatment.   Truly, It was never painful. But I smell some burnt odor just like when you engaged in some cautery treatment.

While doing the procedure, Dr. Serondo keeps on explaining to me more details about the treatment.


How does Carbon Dioxide Laser Work?  

The carbon dioxide (CO2) laser is the best-known method today for improving skin’s appearance. This treatment works great at rejuvenating the skin by improving overall skin quality. Brown spots caused by sun damage can be improved, skin pores reduced in size, skin texture irregularities can be smoothed out and the skin plumped up through collagen stimulation.

The CO2 laser penetrates deeply which no cream can ever do to essentially remove the outer layer of the skin. Because of this, a CO2 laser will produce significant skin tightening and is more successful at removing deep wrinkles and scars.

Common Downside of the Treatment  

  • Minor Swelling, itching, crusting (especially on the first day).
  • Redness
  • Skin irritation
  • Bacterial, viral,  infection of the skin (so make sure to follow your Doctors instructions)


Recovery Time

Dr. Serondo told me that my healing will be up to 4-5 days. So she gave me an antibacterial cream to be applied on my face for the entire 5 days.I was not allowed to wash my face overnight.

Honestly, “sunburnt” sensation can be felt overnight. Dr. Serondo told me just to take some mefenamic tablet if I wanted to.  But in my case, It was just tolerable. I just took an ice cube inside the glass, covered it with cloth (not to transfer the water on my skin and just dab it on my face to ease the burning sensation.

The major hassle I experienced was getting a sunburnt red face.

For the working people, I think the best schedule to have the treatment is on a Friday, then take off the weekend and just stay at home. But some of my friends would even go to the mall after their treatment. So don’t be scared when I say “swelling”, it’s not the swelling that will give you a monster look.

Results for CO2 Laser can be seen after 4 to 5 sessions on a monthly schedule. Depending on your skin conditions, this treatment is even better if continued for 12 months of treatment.

Visit Skins Solutions by Serondo Surgical and Dermatology Clinic Now!!!

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  1. how much did it cost you for the whole treatment including consultation?

    • The treatment will vary on a case to case basis. It would be best if you can visit Doctor Serondo for her to see. Also, she offers some promo and packages. You may mention that you read it from here, she might consider you for some special packages 🙂

  2. Glad i stumbled on you blog. Gonna visit the clinic soon for fractional laser too. Actually i had my session a year ago in Manila at Skin Wellness, but due to time constraint i plan to visit derma in Bacolod instead. The procedure is very effective especially for box and rolling scars as well as fine lines too.

  3. I’m all about pampering and bettering ones self with a good spa day!

  4. Nathalie Porbes

    I never heard about this before but its so interesting for me, I wish you had a before and after picture

  5. I never heard of the carbon dioxide laser treatment before – how interesting! I hope you finish out your sessions so that we can see those before and after pictures!

  6. I have never heard of this kind of treatment before, but sounds a little bit scary to me

  7. It is sooooo important to take care of your skin! And it’s not too hard to do so either

  8. I wish this kind of treatment is affordable.

  9. Aziel Morte

    Honestly I never heard about this treatment before but it sounds good

  10. Elizabeth O.

    This kind of treatment is perfect for travelers, since they are often exposed to sun and are almost always outdoors. It’s definitely important to take care of your skin and I’m glad we have options like this one.

  11. I honest never heard of a CO2 laser treatment before but if it works for you, then great.

  12. I had my fair share of acne when I was in my teens. This sounds like a great solution to those scars.

  13. Never heard of this treatment before too. Though as of now I still don’t consider undergoing any kind of treatment like this. But congrats sir!

  14. The Carbon Dioxide Laser treatment is a way to help your skin be better especially that you spend a lot of time outdoors.

  15. Whistle* very insightful!
    Great post about Carbon Dioxide Lazer Treatment

  16. I never heard of this treatment before but I am surely interested. May I know how much a session costs? And also, before and after pictures please! haha

  17. I have to admit I’ve not heard of this particular treatment before, but it sounds interesting, though not sure about the sun burnt feeling eek! x

  18. Wow! I am not a fan of pain. That procedures sounds very interesting. Are your results worth it?

  19. was it painful? yes, I agree with Anne , you should have been given the whole package to really achieve the best results…para sumunod kami..hahahah. Goodluck sir 🙂

  20. Anne Reyes

    Wow, you should have asked your Doctor to sponsor you all throughout for you to achieve the best result so that you can tell us if its is really effective and worth the investment.

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