Taraw Cliff, have you heard of this tourist spot in El Nido Palawan? Well, maybe it about time that you should include Taraw Cliff in your itinerary on your next visit to El Nido, Palawan.

One cannot just forget how summer impacted our lives. Of course, here comes the vacation—the summer vacation—a long break from the stressful and chaotic school or work. This is also the most awaited time of the year for those young boys who wanted to leave their childhood stage and decided to grow up and face the pain of what the scalpel may bring. But for most of us, it is definitely the season to get our skin tanned and swim to escape the heat of the raging sun.

If you ever happen to look for a place to crash and spend your Summer Paradise Getaway, then going to the amazing place of El Nido will surely not dissatisfy your summer cravings. The place itself offers a lot of remarkable sites and tourist spots to choose from. Either you want to mingle with the other tourists visiting the place as well or if you just simply want to feel the warm breeze with yourself alone, you can certainly find it within the town.


The place is also popular for its amazing sedimentary rock formations, for its hidden caves that have numerous of hundred-year-old natural limestone foundation. The number of lagoons and other bodies of water that snorkelers and divers travel for.

Speaking of rock formations, one of the very famous cliffs that can be found in the town of El Nido is the Taraw Cliff. It is actually a Cuyunon word for mountain. If you can notice, almost all of the rock formation that you will see bordering El Nido is, in fact, a limestone formation, which takes a long time for nature to establish. This is also the favorite spot of Balinsasayaw birds to live in, in which they lay down their nests—one of the ingredients of the most expensive dish in the world—the Nido soup or “Balinsasayaw”.

Nido Soup [ Taraw Cliff, El Nido ]

Taraw Cliff is the biggest limestone formation and the highest cliff in El Nido. It is considered as the highest peak of the town and the most noticeable monolith that overlooks the whole town. A lot of hikers and trekkers would love to climb the peak of the cliff which rewards them with the most awe-inspiring view that the topmost area offers. Many climbers would say that climbing the Taraw Cliff is absolutely no joke. The very steep rocks and sharp edges made it more difficult to trek which only added an extra challenge to the hikers. Also make sure that when trudging up the said cliff, be sure that you wear your gloves and other protective gear and equipment so an accident will be avoided. It is advisable as well to hire a local guide so they can help you make your way atop of the highest cliff in the town.


View from the top  [ Taraw Cliff, El Nido ]

According to the hikers, it will take you a couple of hours before you reach the peak. The time might be extended if there are pauses within the said trek. And if you want to avoid being grilled under the unbearable heat of the sun, then take this advice and climb as early as 5 AM so your skin would not suffer the heat.

taraw cliff

Climbing the Taraw Cliff, El Nido

Taraw Cliff is a whole lot of a different experience because unlike mountains where you will start on flat land with grasses all over the place, this cliff will give you endless boulders with either steep or narrow way through.

Nevertheless, it is considered as one of the most adventurous places to trek. Not only it is a different place, but the picturesque view of the peak is also rewarding. This can certainly change your summer vacation and perhaps, may enjoy trekking and hiking onwards. It is also better to try out some new things since it is vacation anyways so consider Taraw Cliff as your summer getaway adventure for the next summer vacation.

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  1. I always hear about Nido soup! Although, I tried the others, still I prefer the real one from Palawan. I want a bowl of it. 🙂 Aside from being the most expensive, this aphrodisiac dish has health benefits, too.

  2. Aziel morte

    El Nido Palawan is one of the best place tourist attraction in the Philippines. And I’m proud to be a Filipino. I’m excited to go out with my family and friends there in El nido at Taraw Cliff on the next summer vacation.

  3. What a super gorgeous place! I wish I could go there NOW! haha

  4. Wow what an absolutely beautiful place to capture in photographs.

  5. Rose Ann Sales

    My friend lives in Palawan. She is inviting me next summer, I will make sure I will visit El Nido.

  6. Wow! That is a very awesome place! i wish I can bring my wifey there, she will surely enjoy the place.

  7. Nicole Escat

    ElNido is on my bucket list. I wish I can go there before the holidays, I might get really busy by then.

  8. That is one of the beautiful place to go. I wish I could go there someday.

  9. Nicole Etolen

    Wha a breathtaking moment there! I love this post of yours, very adventurous and full of fun!

  10. Rose Pingol

    Wow! I love going to nature adventure. I am so sure this is a once in a lifetime to treasure!

  11. Elizabeth O.

    The view is breathtaking and it’s really nice to be able to go here. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenery! Just look at that view!

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