Why is Philippines Home to Some of the Best Beaches in the World?

 Known for many high-quality beaches that rivals that of neighboring Bali and Phuket, the Philippines is undeniably a most sought-after place for its coastal waters that both attract and captivate people from across borders. But what makes the country such a home to many beautiful beaches which its neighbors in the region could not inhabit?

You must be an avid traveler to have come with such a question which is likely inferred from personal experiences in various places across the globe, particularly within the southeast region of Asia.

It’s Just Mother Nature

When you have talked about certain places, often you criticize the subject based on few criteria: how the role of people turned something into what it is from what it was or how it is simply so natural, it took no human manipulation to its very becoming. When you look at the various stunning Philippine Beaches, you do not ask whether who made it that way, they simply are.

Although we have already seen landmarks that were as a result of human ingenuity, there is still such a thing as a natural masterpiece that is devoid of human influences. The seas, particularly, is not something that people like to work into and is thus typically beyond man’s reach to innovate from.

Partly what makes the Philippines having some of the best coastal waters in the region is because Mother Nature is amazing in her untouched form. Not only is it fascinating to look at from a panoramic view, but it is also amazing at a very close setup. This beauty is even further embellished by the teeming of life which nature herself carefully supports.


El Nido, one of the best Philippine Beaches

Best Philippine Beaches: Oversight of the People

For better or worse, man is nature’s safeguard. But for the many beautiful Philippines Beaches, there simply are the caretakers that offset the damages that man could inflict. One of the good reasons why the lovely beaches of the Philippines remain as they are is due to the watchful eyes of those who manage them.

Even places which visitors deemed as a paradise can easily be ruined as a result of lax policies or carelessness to what is inherently the country’s tourism gems.

The Country is an Archipelago

As a nation that is not bordered by any country by land, the Philippines is an archipelago. With over 7 thousand islands in its consistency, the country is home to many charming bodies of waters, more or less than others.

Although the northern areas of the archipelago have their fair share of seawaters to boast for, the real highlight comes in the midst of the country, the Visayas. It is within this region where the real best coastal waters are found and where tourists are flocking for the better part of the year.

Of course, this is not to say that the southernmost region is not without its jaw-dropping Philippine beaches, too. If you are into fewer people, this particular area has some of the hidden gem places that are only known to those who dare visit them.

Best  Philippines Beaches

The Philippines is surrounded by several bodies of water, and because of this, the country is very well-known for its elegant beaches. Some of the most visited areas in the country have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Listed below are some of the best Philippine Beaches our team had visited.


Boracay is no doubt one of the best Philippine  beaches that you should visit 

BORACAY [Philippine Beaches]

Boracay is said to be the most frequented among all the islands. Definitely, the place is one of the best Philippine beaches we have.  It has garnered the attention of beach bums, backpackers, and party animals from all over the place because of this, it has gained the title as, ‘The Island that Never Sleeps.’ This is might be due to the number of activities one can do while on the island, some these activities include, scuba diving, snorkeling, diving helmet, parasailing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, cliff diving, jungle cruises on ATVs, performances by fire dancers and a lot more. The island possesses 13 beaches, some of the largest and well-known beaches on the island with the most famous beach being the White Beach of Boracay which contains a large portion of the island’s shopping malls, nightclubs, and hotels, it gained the name because of its pure white sand.

Boracay’s natural beauty is just one of the reasons why it is one of the best Philippines Beaches.

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EL NIDO, PALAWAN [Philippine Beaches]

El Nido, it is known for its white sandy beaches, coral reefs, and cliffs made of limestone. Currently, it ranked 4th in the “20 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World” list of Conde Nast Traveler. While CNNGo named it as the “Best Beach and Island destination in the Philippines”. This place is one of the proofs why the Philippines is known as the Pearl of the Orient. Here are some of the places to go and what to do during your stay in El Nido: Matinloc Shrine; Nacpan-Calitang Twin Beach; Taraw Cliff; Cudugon Cave; Hidden Beach; and Snake Island. Other destinations include the Helicopter Island, Talisay Beach, Shimizu Island, Small Lagoon, Corong- Corong Beach, Las Cabanas, and many more.

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Bantayan Island offers crystal clear water which made the place one of the best Philippine Beaches

BANTAYAN ISLAND, CEBU [Philippine Beaches]

Bantayan Island in Cebu has been said to be one of the oldest remnants of Philippine history since it used to be a fishing village years ago. The island is known for giving its tourists an authentic cultural experience and has become a favored spot for backpackers and tourists alike for its sheer natural beauty and serene atmosphere. The beaches of the island are said to contain white sand that is comparable to even the sand from Boracay’s White Beach. The tourist spots on the island include Paradise Beach which a secluded stretch in Santa Fe. The next one would be the Kota Beach and Sandbar located near Kota Park. Additional spots are the Obo-ob Mangrove Eco Park, the Sts. Peter and Paul Church, the Virgin Island and Hilantagaan Island.

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ANGUID BEACH [Philippine Beaches]

From the astonishing valley of Cagayan where the goldmine beaches are found, introduces the Anguib Beach of Sta. ana Cagayan. The place is free from any industrial commercial establishment and the officials of the place promote a “preserves tourist place”. Surfers/divers are more likely to build tents along the shoreline and spend the rest of the day facing the beautiful sunset and horizon. This is an ideal place for those who want to escape the noise in urban areas. Perfect camping and cooking. This place is open for all. Go there and the place itself will satisfy your standards. Enjoy and Anguib beach is a place you will always go back to.



Sipalay [Philippine  Beaches]

SIPALAY CITY [Philippine Beaches]

Sipalay City Travel Guide

Sugar Beach, Sipalay


Sagay Beaches [Philippine  Beaches]

SAGAY CITY [Philippine Beaches]

Sagay City in Negros Occidental, one of the off-beaten path attractions offering beautiful sandbars and protected marine sanctuaries.


Lakawon Island [Philippine  Beaches]

LAKAWON ISLAND [Philippine Beaches]

Lakawon Travel Guide

CALAGUAS ISLAND [Philippine Beaches]

Calaguas Island is said to be a hidden tropical utopia only known to few brave adventurers. If you would look up Calaguas Island on the map, it will show you a bunch of islands that is named Calaguas. One of the famous beaches here is the ‘Mahabang Buhangin Beach’ which can be located in Tinaga Island on the main Island of Calaguas, it has fine white sand that can also be compared to Boracay’s white sand, and the beach stretches over 3 kilometers. The beauty of the beaches here on Calaguas Island is exceptional, you can notice the clear blue sea, the fine white sands, and throughout the year it is always clean, it means even if summer comes, there will be no signs of things like moss on the ocean floors. It really is magnificent, some travelers prefer the Calaguas Islands than of the Boracay since it is said to have a more serene atmosphere due to the lower amount of tourists. To arrive at Calaguas Island you need to ride DLTB or Superlines bus from Manila, from Daet, ride another bus to Paracle. Once you arrive in Paracle, ride a tricycle going to the port then find a boat going to Calaguas Island.

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Hennan Beach, Panglao [Philippine  Beaches]

PANGLAO ISLAND [Philippine Beaches]

Panglao Island is considered to be one of the top attractions in the Philippines. It is very famous for its white coral sand beaches, world-class diving spots, clear water, and wonderful coral reef formations. Tourists only need to travel 18 kilometers from the capital and the only city of Bohol, Tagbilaran City. Other attractions are very near to Panglao and just around the corner such as: Loboc River and Tarsier Sanctuary.

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Coron, Palawan [Philippine  Beaches]

CORON [Philippine Beaches]

This place houses Coron Island Natural Biotic Area which is found in the natural category of the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List. Besides its crystal clear water, white-sand beaches, and jaw-dropping landscapes, it is also known for its pearl farms, seaweed plantations, and Japanese shipwrecks from the Second World War. Due to these and its preserved underwater sanctuaries, Coron made it to the top ten best scuba diving locations in the world. Here are some of the places to visit in the breathtaking island of Coron: Kayangan Lake; Banana Island; and Maquinit Hot Springs Coron.

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Coron, Palawan

STA. CRUZ ISLAND [Philippine Beaches]

Pink sand! That’s basically the best description anyone would give after visiting this tourist destination. Note that it is not entirely advisable to visit any time of the year since this place is sometimes busy because it is somehow near to a military base. Despite this fact, this cannot prevent tourists to visit and discover this picture-perfect island.


Siargao Island [Philippine  Beaches]

SIARGAO ISLAND [Philippine Beaches]

Siargao is widely known for its beaches. There are 3 notable islands, namely, Naked Island, Guyam Island, and Dako Island. Dako Island is the most accessible and it is the biggest among the three islands. You can try their decent huts and delicious coconut juice served by the locals. A very relaxing atmosphere is surrounding this island with its sand like milk and clear and blue water. Siargao completes distinction as an ecological sanctuary. The island is famous for its cloud 9 waves and because of its rich biodiversity, it is a protected area and also considered as a great tourist destination. This place is a tear-shaped island in the Philippine. It is 800 KM away from Manila in the province of Surigao del Norte. The coastline of this island is marked by reefs and white sand beaches and it is full of other small islands.

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Samal Island

Samal Island [Philippine  Beaches]

SAMAL ISLAND [Philippine Beaches]

Samal Island, Davao is just a few kilometers away, which is just around 10 to 15 minutes boat ride from Davao City. This is also one of the main factors why each time people would visit Davao City, they would usually take a quick trip to this majestic Island. The Island Garden City of Samal is the largest resort city in the Philippines. It has wonderful beaches dotting the island’s shores, hills dominate some portions of the island. Talikud Island is located southwest of the main island. Samal Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country with many beach resorts ready to delight any willing tourist. Samal Island, Davao has numerous marine reefs, tempting waters and tourist spots that would meet the expectations of tourists.

PALAUI ISLAND [Philippine Beaches]

Palaui Island is home to 105 species of rattan and similar commercially valuable timber-producing wood species plus 25 imported shrubs and is the sanctuary for 90 migratory birds. Blessed with visually pleasing scenery giving adventure seekers and intrepid travelers with an amazing coastline, Spanish-era lighthouse, secluded beaches, breathtaking vistas, and friendly people. Amazingly, this place offers a lot of sights to enjoy.

To have fun in Palaui Island and other islands in Sta. Ana here are some activities that you can try: you could do like Beach Bumming at the Pristine White Sand Beach of Anguib. Here you can relax seeing the beautiful white sand and coastal scenery of the beach as you feel the warmth of the waves come to you. Swimming and surfing are some of the activities that you could do, of course as you get tired they have a place to rest like the Anguib beach club. Enjoying the beautiful scenery of the sea, clouds, and cliffs with branches and plants near it.


Pagudpud [Philippine  Beaches]

PAGUDPUD [Philippine Beaches]

Pagudpud, a town on the North Coast of Luzon Island in the Philippines, it is also known as the “Boracay of the North” because of its resort and white beaches. If you’re curious about this wonderful place, we’ll give you nine reasons why you should visit the place for you not to miss out on life. First, Pagudpud is clean and green. The place is kept clean all the time and the greenery is incredible. Second, if you want a little bit of adventure, sunbathing, and sight-seeing, try visiting Pagudpud’s crystal blue water beaches. First on the list is the Terra Rika Beach and Dive Resort found in the Saud White Beach Cove, Pagudpud. This resort is for the divers out there and it offers facilities like air-conditioned rooms, multifunction halls, and a seaside grill. Unlike other resorts, it offers WiFi connection in selected areas. Next stop, Saud Beach. This resort draws tourists with its crystal-clear water and fine white sand. There are several inns and restaurants along its coasts. Last but certainly not the list, Maira-ira Beach. This beach is like heaven on Earth. It’s a little paradise. Before you arrive here, you’ll pass through thickly forested mountains which makes the trip more exciting and like a breath of fresh air.


Malapascua Island [Philippine  Beaches]

MALAPASCUA [Philippine Beaches]

The abundance of the ecosystem gives a lie to the water of Malapascua. A lot of tourists flock the place because of the found Thresher Shark in the area. This place is perfect for adventures such as beach hopping, cliff jumping, and biking. For all whose souls are thrill-seekers out there, this is the place where you belong.

MALAMAWI ISLAND [Philippine Beaches]

Filipinos have the notion that Basilan Island is a haven of terrorism. The misleading issues roaming around the country are somewhat frightening. But have you ever explore the breathtaking beauty of the island? Malamawi Island is one of the gems that needed to be seen by everyone. The euphoric experiences from sceneries and beaches will make you realize how attracting the place is. Basilan is alluring despite the fallacies distorting its image, Basilan indeed is the epitome of tranquillity and beauty.

SAN VICENTE [Philippine Beaches]

Do you love going out to enjoy the heat of the sun? Then this beach is just the right destination for you. With San Vicente’s `4 kilometers of white sand that stretches along the coast, you can lie back and melt all the strain the city caused you. Along with the crystal clear blue water, you can enjoy it at most and never regret being here. That makes San Vicente a top tourist destination every summer. This chill place will surely give you a positive vibe that is so hard to find in the city. If you are looking for an Instagram worthy scenery, we have this place recommended for you. So go here on a sunny day and unwind all the stress away.


Manjuyod [Philippine  Beaches]

MANJUYOD [Philippine Beaches]

Dubbed as the Maldives of the Philippines. Manjuyod is located in Bais, Negros Oriental.

Manjuyod White Sandbar Travel Guide

PALITON BEACH [Philippine Beaches]

Acclaimed for its extravagant prominence in enticing tales of magic and enchantment, Siquijor also boasts the bliss that its tourists experience when they set their feet on the crystal clear water paired with the sight of white sand beaches. Traveling to Siquijor gives you to paradise with a touch of their rich and vast culture. It doesn’t hurt to know the fact that Siquijor is solely the island province in the Philippines that has remained faithful to its roots, especially its traditions. Offering both beauty and wonder, its name sky-rocketed on the bucket list of travelers. Siquijor is without a doubt a perfect destination for your next outing with loved ones.

Caramoan, Camarines Sur

Housing an infinite number of beach activities matched with caving, rock climbing, trekking and rappelling, Caramoan is definitely your sight for sore eyes! Known for its tantalizing white sand beaches, its popularity tops the charts of both locals and tourists. Unfortunately, one drawback of embarking in this famous spot is that the word leaving would be a long lost word in your vocabulary! Although if you’re up for the challenge, then a new adventure definitely awaits you on your next getaway trip.


Your journey to this paradise in beach farm can be lengthy, wearisome and dull. But surely is worth it when you arrive here. It is a public beach without some maintenance but I guess true beauty doesn’t really require to be preserved and the shoreline is still mesmerizing to the eyes. The coastline is absolutely breathtaking for its radiance and glamour. The cost you would pay would start from as cheap as a casual traveler can afford up to as luxurious as a five-star hotel.

Gumasa Beach

Gumasa Beach  [Philippine  Beaches]

GUMASA BEACH, SARANGANI [Philippine Beaches]

The whole Saranggani is popular for its attractive beaches. One of which is the outstanding view in Gumasa Beach. The place maintains its good reputation when it comes to beautiful tourist spots. Both of countryside and sceneries. You can enjoy the beach walk with the white sand, you can walk along with your family or “barkada’. You can check-in into resort/s and reside for a while. Enjoy the accommodation. You can also buy seafood during your staycation, also collect local accessories and souvenirs in Saranggani.

MACTAN ISLAND, CEBU [Philippine Beaches]

Are you looking for adventures to satisfy the wanderer inside you? Here at Mactan Island in Cebu, there is so much thing to do. Parasailing, Windsurfing, and Jet Skiing are just some of the things you can do here to feed your soul. It does not end there, there are a lot of more activities to consider. Too extra and vigorous? You can try and take some time to visit the diving sites in Olango Island- which is famous for the great diving and smoking experience they give and if all of these are too much you, you can always sit back and relax to enjoy the picturesque view of the white sand beach with the warm feeling of the sand in your back.

DAKAK BEACH [Philippine Beaches]

This beach is perfect for those family, friends and even couples who love to spend a splendid vacation on one of the best beaches in the country. This is considered as one of the longest-running resort in the country complete with its own high-class accommodation, one can truly enjoy and relax while staying here. This beach attracts tourists because of its fresh, clean and clear water. Moreover, it has a lot of activities that each one can try but for those who are really more on being adventurous and backpacking, there are also some places they can go to just around the area.


Most known for the big waves and windy environment, this place became a haven for the local as well as foreign surfers. Surfers dancing with the waves have become a usual scenario on this beach due to the fact that it is always being clocked by tourists. If you would simply want to enjoy the view without having to dance with the waves, then you may prefer laying down on the powdery sand and get your perfect tan.

Gigantes Island

Gigantes Island [Philippine  Beaches]

ISLAS DE GIGANTES, ILOILO [Philippine Beaches]

From caves, to island hopping, to mysterious, to a lighthouse, and myth-filled experience, this place is the best destination for you. The variety of activities here will never bore any traveler because anyone may find something interesting here. A journey to this place will surely test your abilities in getting your way from one island to another. So be ready for a challenging vacation if you have the plan to include Isles de Gigantes in your bucket list.

Gigantes Island

Camiguin [Philippine  Beaches]

WHITE ISLAND, CAMIGUIN [Philippine Beaches]

The White Island of Camiguin is like a free man. He is different from all. Sometimes, he becomes bold and stood up but a lot of times he just shrinks. A minute with him is precious for no one sees the big part of him. Just be patient enough to see his beauty. Wait until he asks “would you like to have a walk with me? Visit this place and tell us if this should not be included in our list of best Philippine Beaches.

Camiguin Travel Guide

SAN ANTONIO, ZAMBALES San Antonio, Zambales

Anawangin Cove and Camara Island are two astonishing and flabbergasting must-visits spots in our country. They are both located in the marvelous land of Zambales. When you go there, you can have a camp in Pundaquit as your staying place. From there it’s a guarantee that you would enjoy island hopping going to Anawangin and Camara. Oh! And do not forget your swimming and snorkeling gears for they are both essentials for making your adventure more adventurous. You can also have a skimboarding and surfing session together with your friends and family. If you are one of those people who are not fond of water activities, you might like trekking here and capture the aesthetic picture of the island which would be perfect for your next Instagram post.

BEST Philippines Beaches

Puerto Galera [Philippine  Beaches]

PUERTO GALERA, MINDORO [Philippine Beaches]

This place is perfect for those who would like to enjoy the presence of strangers or for those who simply want to co-celebrate their vacation. Since this place is always crowded due to its short distance from the city, it is inevitable to always have a company whenever you visit the place. Moreover, it is still something worth the try because of the wild nightlife available in the area. The place is considered by many as one of the best Philippine Beaches.

Puerto Galera Travel Guide


Make your postcard beauty into reality by visiting Sambawan Island in Biliran. Find your hidden treasure and view the secluded natural landscapes that will surely leave you stunned. Reminisce the tribal times and stay at nipa huts or test your courage by camping out in the wildness of its beaches. Be mentally and physically prepared as you enter a survival challenge of a lifetime.

BEST Philippines Beaches

Malalison [Philippine  Beaches]


This little island in Antique is one favorite attraction of many tourists.


Tired of these usual and ordinary beaches in the Philippines? Looking for a different place in the country to enjoy the summer? Then, the white beach of Cagwait Surigao del Sur is the place for you. It is one of the underrated, virgin tourist spots in the Philippines. Because of the long travel time tourists need to go through, most of them choose not to visit the place thinking that it will just be a waste of money and time. Little did they know that behind the struggle is a peaceful place matched for those who want to find their inner self. Cagwait beach is best known for its superb, delicious food just like any other Surigao escapade. When you take a photo on an aerial view, the place forms a shape resembling the one of a clam. Even if the sand is not powdery, the water is crystal clear and is ideal for those who want to see the different marine species.


There are a lot of amazing beaches in the country, behind the curtains is the province of Surigao del Sur that has more to unleash and uncover. Waiting for you is an archipelago that will give you a full set of island adventures. A great way to have some fun is to explore the 24 islets of Britania that also exhibit the crystal clear waters. Other islets feature white-sand beaches. There are more spectacular islets that you should definitely visit in this place such as the Naked Island and Higor Higoran. Get ready to be impressed with the amazing scenery of the place.

 QUEZON PROVINCE [Philippine Beaches]

Quezon Province is a highly suggested location. First is Borawan, as a Filipino citizen, its name may ring a bell for it was derived from two popular tourist spots in our country, Palawan, and Boracay island. The reason for naming this destination is that it is said to be a combination of the beauty of both said places. Second, is Pagbilao which has Patayan Island, Kwebang Lampas, Biliran sandbar, Silangan Nayon and Pueblo for Apalya distinct for its pride with regards to performing island hopping activities. And lastly, Mauban where Cagbalete Island is generally recognized for all its native-born and rural attractiveness.

BEST Philippines Beaches

Sorsogon [Philippine  Beaches]


Several tourists visit this place despite the fact this is not yet too developed. This does not hinder visitors to experience their dream getaway. Best enjoyed via island hopping, the experience of total seclusion from everything related to technology can be found here. You can even feel that as if you are isolated by staying in a tent or renting a nipa hut for a night. With the peace, serenity, and fun this place has to offer, you could definitely get your much-needed relaxation.

BEST Philippines Beaches

Guimaras [Philippine  Beaches]

 GUIMARAS [Philippine Beaches]

From the seven daunting volcanoes of this marvelous island to its lush and appetizing mangoes- Guimaras is definitely an impressive addition to your bucket list. Included in its seemingly infinite stretches of beaches. Alubihod is definitely worthy of exploring. Indulge with its white sand beauty and snorkel on the clean water of the nearby Ave Maria Island. Be one with the environment and witness sea turtles at Lawi Marine Turtle Rescue Center. Explore Natago Beach, Guisi Beach, Tinguiban Island, and Buho Ramirez cave. Finally, search for the boundary between science and nature at the SEAFDEC Research center.


Sabtang Island is a masterpiece, scalped by our nature through countless years. Like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet could take your breath away. Like the sculpture of David resembling the places defined stones and rock formations. With his eyes confident enough to shout out his beauty. Not only because of its romantic theme is the reason why people visit it nor because of the hiding sun over the horizon that seems to play with anyone who sees him. But also because of its ability to create your imagination into reality.

BEST Philippines Beaches

Kalanggaman Island [Philippine  Beaches]


The island stretches to the horizon and it is surrounded by sand bars on both sides. The island itself forms a breath-taking image composed of a white-sand beach and cozy places.No doubt, the place is one of the best Philippine Beaches. If you have further plans for exploring the entire island, better prepare all your paraphernalia to record yours once in a lifetime experience.

CARABAO ISLAND, ROMBLON [Philippine Beaches]

Carabao Island has 3 iconic beaches namely the Hambil, Tinapan, and Lanas beach. Where you can do activities just like in Boracay. Why sacrifice a lot of money and privacy if you can go to Carabao Island in Romblon for just an hour away from Boracay? If the answer is no, then don’t waste your time and sojourn to the ravishing island of Romblon. The exquisite Carabao Island.

Biri Island

Biri Island [Philippine  Beaches]

BIRI ISLAND [Philippine Beaches]

The spectacular rock formation of Biri Island will surely make the place as one of the Philippine Beaches to visit in the country. For more, read our review below.

Biri Island Travel Guide


Calayan island will certainly bring you peace of mind due to its undeveloped site which makes it a place not to be missed out. What also makes this island very special? It’s at Sibang Cove. Compared to other famous coves in the Philippines, you can enjoy it without compromising its elegance to heavily commercialized tourism. Prepare now for some camping equipment and witness the astonishing beauty of the Calayan Islands.

SIBUYAN ISLAND, ROMBLON [Philippine Beaches]

Other than having white sand beaches, Mount Guiting- Guiting and Mount Nailog are also in Sibuyan Island. These two islands were in fact given the title Galapagos of Asia, mainly because of its seclusion among the islands in the Philippines Archipelago as well as its rich and distinct elements.


APO ISLAND, DUMAGUETE [Philippine Beaches]

BABAS COVE, DINAGAT ISLANDS   [Philippine Beaches]

To adventure seekers who are looking for ways to pause and be secluded from this fast-pacing world, the Babas Cove is a great go-to vacation getaway for you. Just a little bit of exploration could lead you to the depths of the ever-mysterious Bababu Lake. Going through the cave, the path will lead you to a feeling of freshwater on your skin to the soothing seawater.

AMPERE, DIPACULAO, AURORA [Philippine Beaches]

Watching sunsets and enjoying the scenery is an ultimately relaxing thing to do, especially when accompanied by a person/s who are important to you. Unlike the popular white beaches in the Philippines Archipelago, Ampere in Dipaculao Aurora is known for its attractive conditions of rocky shores. This said rocks vary information and hue which leads to the said beach to be more visually pleasing. Other than what is mention above, rugged rock formations and mini Ampere cave could also be intriguing to delve into. Although waves are quite too forceful and splash strongly to rocks and stones, this manner adds up to the aesthetic appearance of the beach.

Sumilon Island

Sumilon Island [Philippine  Beaches]

SUMILON ISLAND, CEBU [Philippine Beaches]

Cebu City has an island named Sumilon. Sumilon is from the Tagalog word “ Sumilong” because, in the past few decades, this island serves as a shelter to the fishermen when there is a typhoon. By that time, Sumilon Island is only for their shelter but right now, this island has the things that will make your life easier. Sumilon is indeed one of the Philippine Beaches you should visit.


The island has breathtaking scenery. Though when you visit the island, three police escort will be your chaperone but as you go with them you will experience the feeling of uneasy but despite all these anxieties you will disregard those when you are already witnessing the startling scenery.


Siquijor [Philippine  Beaches]

 SIQUIJOR [Philippine Beaches]

The mystical Island of Siquijor offers amazing coastal attractions and resorts ideal for swimming and other water activities. Check these links below:

 BATANGAS [Philippine Beaches]

One of the busiest and most visited places during summer are coastal destinations where people could ease the heat and do a lot of activities while enjoying the sunshine. Laiya Beach under the municipality of San Juan is one of these popular places for summer getaways. Laiya is a white-sand-covered beach sheltered by the mountain ranges of Batangas full of thick green trees. Offering all the beauty of the place, it is known for its rich marine ecosystem perfect for snorkeling and diving. It is also surrounded by resorts who provide and accommodate the needs of each tourist. If you want to see the blue and green side of the world, Laiya is the place for you.


The Apo Reef has been stably integral and ecologically distinct since the very beginning which resulted in it to be annunciated as a protected site and was given the time. Apo Reef Natural Park, correlating to the said place is likewise advised as the UNESCO World Heritage site. The main point of all these hardships is the 19 diving sites that one can look into. Tourist continues to come as well as go back due to the excelling and marvelous spots. Lastly, to be shared is that the reefs are inhabited or vacant islands of Apo Island. Apo Menor and Cayos Del Bajo.


Over a period of years, this place encounters high and low tide. In fact, there is 123 island that experiences high tide while there are also 124 islands that experience low tide. One of the most visited islands is the island of Cabarruyan, commonly known as the mother island. Throughout the year, there are a lot of activities available here like exploring many islands, mountain climbing, and learning the different types of rock formation of the caves.

TINGKO, ALCOY, CEBU [Philippine Beaches]

Tingko beach is a unique place located near the Mabad-on reef, where its locale is in a small lagoon. Mabad-on Reef, composed of the reef which is only observable during low tide and suppresses when high tide occurs. Tingko beach is known by different tourists that is why people who live there always expect that every weekend and holiday, the number of tourists increases. This place is loved because of its lovely sceneries. One of these is its shoreline because It is surrounded by limestone and has a length of 1,600m of sand.

Philippines Beaches

Camotes Island [Philippine  Beaches]

CAMOTES ISLANDS, CEBU [Philippine Beaches]

This island offers a diverse way to enjoy the place starting from swimming, island hopping, and diving activities. It is also the abode of Timubo, Buho Rock, as well as the underground cave of Guadalupe. A rejuvenating and exciting experience is rested assured once you visit the island.


In the world where everything seems to be controlled by industrialization, inevitably, what comes next is our sole dependence on technology. The use of technological advancements is seen everywhere around us that it simply gets a little bit too much for some. Hence, their unrelenting search for a way to escape this everyday scenery. Palumbanes Island is found in Catanduanes with fishing as the expertise of the locals. The pristine water is best for scuba diving and having a taste of the fishes that are of quality the island can offer. A well-known go-to spot found on the island is the Bitag Beach which is loved by tourists for its picturesque view and because it offers a free-of-charge experience to the public. Indeed, the place is one of the Philippines Beaches you should visit.

TICAO ISLAND, MASBATE [Philippine Beaches]

If you’re looking for a place that reflects a glimpse of the past, take out your bucket list and write down “Ticao Island” as soon as possible for your next destination. Being an island itself as a part of Masbate, it’s not only composed of beaches with stunning waters under the shimmering light of the sun but Ticao Island also offers grandeur springs and falls such as the Matang-tubig spring and Catandayagan Falls. Aside from picture-perfect bodies of water, a breathtaking view from the Halea Nature Park will surely complete your ultimate getaway.


Unleash your adventurous spirit and take part in its fun various beach activities. After that let your eyes feast with the natural wonders of Palad sandbar and Buyabod port. Finally, succumb to the affordable and comfortable accommodations of this said island.


Moalboal [Philippine  Beaches]

MOALBOAL, CEBU [Philippine Beaches]

Moalboal, which is located in Cebu is known for its geographical closeness to diving sites. Not only this, but it also includes a white beach and Panagsama beach. Although both have white sand and clear water, each has distinct characteristics that make it distinguishable from one another. White beach is the primary location that would lead to an increase in visitors while Panagsama Beach has more establishments, restaurants, and bars for the tourists to look into.

Moalboal Travel Guide

Do you have the best Philippine Beaches in mind? Drop us a comment, we are more than willing to include them in our list.


  1. Raphael Gonzaga

    best view for night sky overlooking the Cebu City lights from a far. Wow! simply amazing… best times. Everytime I’m visiting Bantayan Cebu, I always get excited even though I go there every year.

    Maybe I could offer them a photoshoot over the night sky, to give them best memorable night time picture while they’re in Bantayan Island, and paired with cocktails a little alcohol to boost their mood while taking pictures. hehe!

  2. julius ulgasan

    Camiguin island friendly people natural wonder of the world , lakes,lagoons, hot & soda spring, pristine water falls colorful marine life.
    I want to sell flying kite in many purposes with solar light surface
    can be used also as an umbrella if heavy rains and surround geographical detector
    with time accelerator.

  3. Johnna P. Giltendez

    I choose Bantayan Island, Cebu among all the Philippines Beaches. I have been there years ago with my husband when we visited their relatives in Bantayan Island and as we travel along in their different resorts, I felt tired but I noticed that the resort doesn’t have chairs near the seashore. This made me think of a product that could help people who also want to rest and feel the ambiance of the beach. Therefore the product that I want to sell in the island specifically in the resort is a Folding Chair made of seashells since Bantayan Island is abundant in sea products such as seashells. This product will not just give the tourist a comfortable seats but will also serves as their souvenirs.

  4. Mary Joy Espanola

    I will choose Kalanggaman Island Leyte since it’s prone to typhoon and storms. I might as well offer a waterproof shirt out of textile fiber or synthetic materials.

  5. Harold Mahilum

    I chose Bantayan Island because it is one of the less explored beaches in the Philippines but the scenery is great. If there is a product I would like to introduce it would be figurines or sculpture made with egg shells. One of the big industries in the island is poultry and egg shells as waste products are increasing and by utilizing these, it will help local lessening these types of waste. I will tap with the LGU to utilize these ideas and this will help bring more livelihood to the locals. Plus this product is not yet introduced to the island. Sustainability and more livelihood will not only help the local tourism industry but the environment.

  6. Cunaflor Dignadice

    I pick Boracay and sell/rent out aesthetic quick-drying beach towels. Tourists can then have it customized (e.g., print their name or favorite quote).

  7. I choose siquijor to sell local products and sovenier, because you have a lot of destinations that can go with the place. And also you can visit different destinations not only beaches but they also have falls. CYRUS P. PARO

  8. ian marie alvaran

    my choosen island is sipalay becouse i havent been to thier isalnd yet ive only been to one so maybe my product would be a plastic tote bag so that miski ara sa water indi makolba an ang mga tourist nga mag bitbit sang ila nga dala an i would invent a very unique palstic bag.

  9. Shiela Sitjar

    Boracay, in my opinion, is one of the most recommended tourist beach destinations because it provides not only nature but also various amenities, beach activities, and, best of all, a variety of products that tourists can take home with them.

    Looking all around Boracay area, these instruments are clearly visible and noticeable. Bamboo flutes and windpipes are ideal for youngsters and those learning to play. There are also beautifully crafted guitars and ukuleles available. Buy yourself a dabakan, a single-headed wooden drum used in traditional Filipino festivities, and bring a piece of Filipino culture home with you.

    These wooden instruments pasalubong from Boracay Island will pique the interest of music lovers and non-musicians alike. This isn’t your typical ineffective adornment. It serves both functional and aesthetic purposes.

  10. Maria Jelica H. Libo-on

    El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines is truly a paradise on earth. This beautiful summer beach destination boasts crystal-clear turquoise waters, pristine white sand beaches, and towering limestone cliffs. It is no wonder that it has consistently been voted as one of the world’s top beach destinations.

    There are many reasons why El Nido is the best summer beach destination. First and foremost, the natural beauty of this place is simply breathtaking. Whether you are kayaking through the hidden lagoons, snorkeling in the coral reefs, or just relaxing on the beach, you will be surrounded by stunning views that will take your breath away.

    In addition to its natural beauty, El Nido also offers a wide range of activities for travelers. From island hopping to scuba diving, there is something for everyone. The town itself is also charming, with a laid-back vibe and friendly locals.

    If I was an entrepreneur, I would take advantage of the influx of tourists visiting El Nido and sell locally-made handicrafts. The Philippines has a rich culture of crafting, and El Nido is no exception. Tourists are often drawn to souvenirs that reflect the local culture and traditions, and there are many talented artisans in the area who create beautiful handcrafted items such as woven bags, shell jewelry, and wooden carvings.

    By selling these items to tourists, I can support the local economy and also introduce visitors to the unique crafts of the Philippines. It is a win-win situation, as tourists get to take home a beautiful and meaningful souvenir, while local artisans get the support they need to continue creating their beautiful handicrafts.

  11. Karen Kaye Morales

    Carbin reef is a rising destination in negros occidental. This tongue-shaped sandbar is located off the coast of Sagay.
    Some of the beachgoers are tourists who does not bring much beach stuff and preferred or tend to buy at the beach and some of the tourists says that it’s too hot in there, so I suggest that it’s good to sell some products like sun block for too much sun exposure, chilled beverages of all types and first aid med/kit since there is no store to buy the said stuffs/products at the sandbar.

  12. Christina Leduna

    I chose Boracay because most of us Filipinos always love to discover new things , explore the beauty of nature and feed our curiosity influenced by social media and influencers. I personally find Boracay a fun place and very economical in the sense of the activity you can do in one place.

    I would love to sell or build a rental cabin there, something a group of friends or family can have fun with if they are in the cabin like board games or cards. Let’s include on their purchase the memories they made during the stay through the photo booth. We can also consider the accessories inspired by the place and enhance the product already provided by nature (shells, white sand…).

  13. Jiggo Guanzon

    I choose Siquijor to sell Skin Care products including creams, facial cleansers, lotions, and more. Since it’s a very tropical-sunny Island many tourists come and go. And to those who were coming, they really need to protect their skin from the heat of the sun or insect bites or even rashes.

  14. Romela R. Pasaporte

    I choose the beaches we have here in Sipalay and if there’s one product i can sell on these beaches it would be a had that you can place your refreshments in since we call know roaming around the beach is tiring especially when you are holding something in your hand so how about enjoying the view and sceneries without bringing some thing extra since it’s already attached to your hat 🙂

  15. Jennifer Fritzie Capistrano

    Wow! Such a wonder found in the 7,107 islands of the Philippines.
    Indeed, I can say that Philippines is the Asia’s Beach Capital, the Pearl of the Orient Sea.

    I wish I have all energy to visit all of the beaches listed on this amazing article. ♥

    If time permits, I really want to visit the Mystical Island of Siquijor – very soon! ☺
    I heard there’s a lot of miniature Voodoo Dolls keychains and Love Potions in Siquijor.

    I hope I could build my own souvenir store there and sell my very own floating broomsticks design drone camera too. I bet a lot of tourists would love to see how creative Filipinos are. Imagine a flying broomstick recording all your adventures while touring in the island. ☺‍♀️

    #ILovePhilippines ♥

    Kudos again for such an amazing craft Sir Jojo Vito!
    I’ve always loved your blogs since 2011! Please keep posting more amazing articles!

  16. Danielle Geanne Vili

    Handicrafts Bags — Since these products are frequently manufactured from natural and sustainable materials, buying handmade bags is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to shop. It also supports small businesses and local entrepreneurs, which helps the local economy grow. So, purchasing handicrafts in Boracay can be a significant and fulfilling method to express your admiration for the island’s culture and give back to the neighborhood.

  17. Jeramin T. Bantogay

    Guimaras is a beautiful island in the Philippines with many beaches that attract tourists from all over the world. There are many products that can be sold to these tourists in order to make their experience more enjoyable. Here are some of the best products to sell to tourists in Guimaras:

    1. Beach towels – a must-have for any trip to the beach which can be used to lie on, to dry off after swimming, or to simply protect the tourist’s skin from the sun
    2. Sunscreen – another essential item which prevents sunburn
    3. Swimwear – also important as it allows the tourist to enjoy the water without getting their clothes wet.
    4. Beach umbrellas & chairs – (can be rented) these are useful as they provide a placec to rest and shade from the sun
    6. Snacks and drinks – essential for keeping energy levels up
    7. Souvenirs – especially coming or that can only find in Guimaras Philippines which a great way to remember their trip in the beautiful beaches of Guimaras

  18. Shallane Faye Juanga

    I would pick Boracay as my destination and sell beachwear as a product to its visiting tourists. This is due to the fact that Boracay is a popular beach destination known for its powdery white sand and crystal clear waters. Tourists come to Boracay to relax and engage in beach activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Beachwear, such as swimsuits, cover-ups, and sandals, would be a great product to sell to visiting tourists since they would need the appropriate attire to engage in beach activities. Additionally, selling beachwear will allow tourists to get more out of their trip to Boracay and make the most of their beach experience.

  19. Ma. Noeme D. Lamayo

    I choose Siargao Island Ph. as one of my destination were i would sell the Best Delicacies of Negros like Piaya, Napoleones, and other Best seller Delicacies here in Negros. Although they far from Negros we can bring the taste of Negros to them.

  20. Jan Mae B. Infante

    I would sell a keychain that looked like Parasailing, windsurfing, or Jet skiing. Can also make a keychain with their picture doing the activities for them to remember the adventure they experience in Mactan Island.

  21. Ma Christabel Serfino

    One of the top tourist destinations, in my opinion, is SIBUYAN ISLAND, which is the second-largest island in the Romblon Province of the Philippines and home to one of the world’s most pristine ecosystems. As the second-largest producer of minerals, marbles are the best memento we can offer travelers. Marble can be used as a keychain, necklace pendant, or house interior design piece. We can also sell crochet lace for clothing and traditional baskets for storing food because they are known for weaving baskets and other handicrafts with authentic designs. Because they are known for weaving baskets and other handicrafts with distinctive designs, tourists will prefer to purchase those products.


    I would pick Manjuyod Island in Bais City Negros Oriental. It’s because it is located at the center of the sea, only store in boats are the means of buying necessities. I would rather sell bottled drinks and buko. Some aqua products such as scallops is also to be considered. Furthermore, any of souvenir items also is a good product to sell there.

  23. Not been there in the places mentioned above. But one of my dream place is Coron, Palawan. Feedbacks from social media and some friends that Coron is really the best place to visit. I think, canvass and paintings of jaw dropping landscape view and beautiful Coron are the best product for tourists.

  24. Kristabell Joy Ledesma

    I’ve already visited Palawan, specifically in Puerto Princesa and El Nido. Without a doubt, it is one of the best islands in the world. It’s been on my bucket list for a long time, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to visit El Nido. El Nido should be on your list of must-see destinations in the Philippines because it is endowed with extraordinary natural beauty and filled with many natural wonders. Lagoons with crystal-clear water, white sand beaches, cliffs, magnificent islands, and more. El Nido’s unique turquoise lagoons and angular limestone rocks are far too special and stunning to skip, and the photo opportunities are endless. El Nido Tour C is the longest tour and takes you the furthest from El Nido town, but it rewards you with views of enormous dinosaur-shaped islands and unusual limestone coves. We discover hidden beaches and shrines on this tour.

    Other than the stunning photos you may upload and share on social media, there are other things in Palawan that you might be able to show off to your friends when you get back from your trip there. Without souvenirs, a vacation to Palawan would not be complete, and whenever you go, you must ensure that you bring home at least one remembrance of your journey. I would offer the tourist pearl jewelry. Pearls are one of the most well-liked Palawan souvenirs. These pearls are grown all around the island and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Over the years, Palawan has retained its reputation as one of the top places in the world for discovering and raising pearls, with the South Sea Golden Pearl serving as its crowning achievement. Due to Palawan’s pristine environment, these unique jewels have flourished and reached their golden age. Palawan also has a huge selection of traditional food that might be purchased as souvenirs. One example is the Cashew Nuts. The cashews grown and manufactured in Palawan, the nation’s cashew capital, are distributed across the Philippines. Various processing methods are used on the nuts, including salted, fried, toasted, brittle, caramelized, and chocolate coated. Cashew is one of my favorite snack.

  25. May Jean Omay

    Good afternoon. Hi sir! I’m one of your Eteeap Marketing Management student. Personally, I will choose Boracay because it is one of the destinations in my family’s bucket list. Then the products I will be selling to the tourist visiting Boracay would be the best delicacies of Bacolod City such as th famous piaya, biscocho, napoleones and many more. Boracay has a lot of tourist visiting every day. So by promoting and introducing our products with them gives a lot of exposure to our city. By giving them the taste of Bacolod, we can have a word of mouth recommendation. That way many people and especially tourist will be patronizing our products. This result to increase of sales as well as a recognition to our city.

  26. Michael Vincent A. Ribeiro

    EL NIDO!! All of these beaches are amazing, and I’ve visited some that were stated on the list, but I’m always amazed everytime I see a photograph or an article about El Nido. There are plenty activities to do, too many spots to choose, not too crowded unlike other beaches and especially the spectacular place itself. A GEM indeed!

  27. Rhea Joy Villad

    Rhea Joy Villas

    I want to visit the Lakawon Beach resort because it is one of my favorites. I enjoy the location because it is adventurous and not many people visit it.

    Massage services are the thing I can carry and sell at any beach I could go to someday. It’s a skill that we can pick up and use to help others while unwinding. When on vacation, many tourists enjoy getting massages to unwind more.

  28. Ma. Ruby C. Dominguez

    In beaches of Sipalay City, since I’ve been there many times, I have notice the beauty of their beaches and some people who are visiting sometimes forget their equipment’s to enjoy. And here what will I offer to sell to not kill the fun of the tourists.
    I would like to sell;
    1. underwater cellphone cases
    2. snorkeling equipment
    3. underwater cameras
    4. swimsuits and gears

  29. The best destination or beach for me is Boracay. Ever since it has been visited my many tourists all over the world. During travels, it’s unavoidable for travellers to miss bringing common beach essentials that tbey would surely need when they go to Boracay. Some products that would need that you can sell handy to the tourists are likely shades, cap or hats, fans. Once they step out to the beach they would right away feel the heat of sun and the hotness of the air especially during summer time. As a tourist myself, even just simple things if you would really think about it but the uncomfortable light of the sun in my face or the sticky feeling to hotness on my skin somehow can really affect my mood that prevents me from having fun and can result to spoiling my travel moments. I believe it would be a good business to display those kind of products beside the beach just in case – tourist can just buy it easily from you and most of the time they pay for it right without minding the costs because they would need it right away.


    From the list of Best Philippine Beaches, I certainly pick BORACAY ISLAND since it is one of my favorite places to spend my vacation. There is so many products we can sell to visiting tourist in the island, like, local made bags, caps, jewelries made by all kinds of shell found at the island that often attracts female foreigners because of its uniqueness and beautiful design, also the yummy preserved foods like dried mangoes & danggit from Cebu since bringing fresh fruit is prohibited by some airports it is ideal for visiting tourist to buy and eat while in travel.

  31. Hazel Yelo

    Out of all the beaches that are discussed in this article, the only one that I have ever visited is LAKAWON Beach, which can be found in Cadiz City. During my time there, I noticed that the sea frequently left gorgeous shells at my feet. This observation led me to the conclusion that LAKAWON Beach is the nicest beach in the surrounding area.  My niece and I have a lot of fun collecting them, and I think that these stunning shells could be used to create one-of-a-kind goods such as chandeliers. If you have an old or broken chandelier, the first thing you should do is remove the light bulbs. Drill two small holes in each drip pan, and then begin fastening shells to the light fixture with hot glue. Simply use wire to secure the seashell you want to use as draping and add light bulbs. Hang them up and enjoy the warmth of your homemade chandeliers. Making jewelry out of shells is another option. Just create a little hole in the shell using your tool. After that, string the shells onto the chain of your choice, and decorate it however you like; you can paint it or engrave it with whatever you want. It’s just a matter of creativity. Additionally, I believe that tourists would be very interested in purchasing a DIY craft because they will always want to take home a memento from the place that they have visited they enjoy purchasing souvenirs for they serve as a constant reminder of the experiences that they create when visiting a destination.

  32. Shane Mae T. Diaz

    No doubt that Philippines really gives you the best experience when it comes to its beaches. So many selection that you wanted them all to experience, but for me Coron, Palawan is one of the most, must go to beach here in our country. It’s beautiful stone formations, its serenity, its people are the best. you’ll get an awe feeling every time you turn your head else where surrounded by beautiful nature. you can also sell Cashew/Kasoy to some visitors for Palawan is known to be cashew/kasoy capital of the Philippines. Dried fish also, is a good product to offer to some visitors. Tuna Oil in a glass jar as well. Palawan is rich with fish especially tuna. You can also add. some unique handicrafts it is always a popular souvenir to everyone.

  33. Kristine Ann H . Daan

    Destination: BORACAY

    Product/products which you can sell to its visiting tourists:

    1. There are a number of activities one can do while on the island, some of these activities include, scuba diving, snorkeling, diving helmet, parasailing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, cliff diving, jungle cruises on ATVs, performances by fire dancers and a lot more.
    2. The island possesses 13 beaches, some of the largest and well-known beaches on the island with the most famous beach being the White Beach of Boracay which contains a large portion of the island’s shopping malls, nightclubs, and hotels, it gained the name because of its pure white sand.

    Boracay’s natural beauty is just one of the reasons why it is one of the best Philippines Beaches. It has garnered the attention of beach bums, backpackers, and party animals from all over the place because of this, it has gained the title as, ‘The Island that Never Sleeps.’ Definitely, the place is one of the best Philippine beaches we have.

  34. Honey Angellyn L. Guanco

    Bohemian Earrings/Jewelry will be the goods I will offer at Manjuyod Sandbar.  Boho jewelry is a style that originated from the bohemian culture. It’s described as free-spirited, tribal, and ethnic. True to its origins, boho earrings  gives you the freedom to mainstream fashion. It sets you free from the typical so you can experience a different type of style . I believe that wearing such jewelry will cause you to stand out. For me, boho earrings look great with any summer dress, swimwear, or other outfit. And if I am given the opportunity to sell things in the location of my choice, it will be Bohemian Earrings.

  35. Honey Angellyn L. Guanco

    for me, MANJUYOD [Philippine Beaches] I have been there once, and its very recommendable.
    The Manjuyod Sandbar is ideal for swimming, even for youngsters. It’s safe and shallow enough for a relaxing swim in the midst of the sea. We reserved a sandbar and dolphin viewing tour for 15 persons on a large speedboat for P5,000 at Aroma Beach Resort in Manjuyod. The greatest time to see dolphins is in the morning, between 7 and 9 a.m. We initially went to that section of the water past the sandbar heading to the center of Tanon Strait near Oslob, Cebu for the dolphins, and it was such a wonderful sight with the dolphins swimming close by the boat you could almost touch them, but you’re not permitted to touch them or feed them. The dolphins appeared friendly since they only emerged when the boat approached their domain. We spent around 30 minutes with the dolphins before returning to the sandbar and swimming for another 30 minutes because the sun had already risen. It was a very unforgettable experience. The water at the sandbar was crystal clear and pure, and it felt great to be swimming in the midst of the ocean securely. I’d want to return to the sandbar and see the dolphins.

  36. Agnes Marie Therese Chang

    Most of the islands mentioned are very close to my heart. However, for the purpose of identifying an island where I can sell a product, I would pick Mararison Island. I have been in this island thrice for the past few years and although they are slowly developing to cater the needs of the growing tourist population, the collaborative efforts of their LGU still cut short to the demand. One notable improvement in this island is the presence of solar energy that provides resorts with electricity. However, due to the influx of tourists every summer, the solar energy is still insufficient. Electricity still fluctuates and in the months of April it can be a dreadful vacation due to the humidity. Because of this, I will most likely be selling portable solar-powered fans and solar-powered powerbanks to tourists to ensure a seamless vacation for tourists. These gadgets are small yet useful and practical and I’m pretty sure they’d be happy to have these products especially if they came unprepared for the sudden electricity fluctuations during their stay.

  37. Bantayan Island, Cebu is an attractive destination for many reasons. It is known for its pristine beaches, clear waters, and breathtaking scenery, making it a popular tourist destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

    In addition, Bantayan Island is also rich in cultural heritage and traditions, and is known for its local delicacy, dried fish or “buwad.” This provides travelers with a unique opportunity to experience the region’s culture, cuisine, and history.

    As a seller of Bantayan Island’s famous delicacy, dried fish or “buwad,” I have the opportunity to introduce travelers to the unique flavors and rich cultural heritage of Cebu. Offering this local specialty not only provides tourists with a delicious snack, but also a window into the region’s traditions and heritage.

    I take pride in offering a high-quality product that is made using traditional methods, giving the dried fish a unique flavor and texture that sets it apart. In addition, dried fish is a convenient and healthy snack option for tourists on-the-go.

    By selling dried fish to tourists, I am also contributing to the economic development of Bantayan Island and supporting local businesses. This not only sustains the local community but also helps preserve the region’s cultural heritage for future generations.

    In conclusion, selling dried fish to traveling tourists is not just about offering a tasty snack, it is about sharing the cultural richness of Bantayan Island with others and supporting its economic growth.

  38. I choose Bantayan Island Cebu. There are many beautiful beaches that you can go to and enjoy on Bantayan Island Cebu. Bantayan Island in Cebu has been said to be one of the oldest remnants of Philippine history since it used to be a fishing village. I believe that the island can sell a product like different kinds of dried fish.


  39. Bernadette Palero

    All of the beaches mentioned above are amazing and wonderful due to their scenery but what I like the most is Boracay Beach. I like it because of its pure white sand and several activities that you can do there like scuba diving, parasailing, kiteboarding, and live fire dancers performances. If I were to sell something to tourist visitors, that would be keychains that have unique designs so they will be easily reminded of Boracay also they can just put them in their bags, cellphones, car keys so on compared to bracelets or necklaces because I believe not all people wear bracelets or necklaces. Aside from it having a unique design, my products will be at a reasonable price so the quality will not suffer also for me to get profit.

    -Bernadette Palero

  40. Christopher P. Amante

    Boracay is the location I chose to start a business because it is a popular tourist destination in the Philippines. Beverages are a good product to sell because many tourists enjoy drinking beer, wine, and liquor.

  41. Mary Grace P. Diaz

    Samal Island
    I choosed this because weve been here last year together with my family . This destination is one of the best tourist spot destination I have visited.
    Products that can be sell to visiting tourist are:
    1. Durian
    2. Pomelo
    3. Mangosteen
    Davao City is also known as “King of fruits”.

  42. Known as the poor man’s Boracay, Puerto Galera has everything for you–whether you want to swim, dive or just laze under the sun at the beach.

  43. Great Article, Beautiful Pictures Of Beaches Surrounded With The Crystal Clear Water. Loved This List Of Beaches.
    Thank You For Sharing This.

  44. I visited Philippine last year. Beautiful country if you are fond of beaches

    • Destination: Islas de Gigantes, Iloilo
      Product: Beach hat/Buri hat
      -I decided on this particular product, a beach hat, to protect your head,ears,face,and neck from the sun. This hat will also offer adequate coverage whenever you walk along a beach or go island hopping. And I’m sure that most people, particularly visitors, adore it.

  45. Selena Hughes

    Wow! I really got lost in this list of beaches. My family and I plan on traveling soon and will take a few jewels from the tips above. Thanks:)

  46. I didn’t realize there were so many beautiful beaches in the PHilippines! I have friends that goto the Philippines all the time and they did not tell me about this! I definitely have to go now… and see these beautiful beaches!

  47. Gosh!!! This is amazing, I haven’t visited some of these beaches, but read most of your posts. I guess El Nido still is the best in the Philippines. I am coming back this summer. But I will surely put most of these beaches on my bucket list. Thank you, Jojo, as always you never miss to amaze me with your posts. 🙂

  48. worldwayz

    Thanks for the love Tasha!!! ox

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