Moriones Festival, Marinduque Tourist Attractions


Holy week is fast approaching, and we cannot merely shun the idea that in this upcoming event, the celebration will once more recreate the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ.

Celebrated in Marinduque, Philippines, it is still amusing and fascinating how tourists flock to the area every Holy Week just to see the embedded-culture actions of the people. The actors of Moriones Festival are dominant men, and they cover their faces with masks to hide their identity as well as assume the roles of the Roman soldier authorities. This entails a total of 7 days of walking for those who are participating in these acts of penance.

For non-Catholics, instead of thinking of it as a purely religious ritual, why not look for Marinduque Tourist Spot located in the area?


These are some of this Marinduque Tourist Spot which you may also visit when visiting the place.

Bellaroca, Elephant Island

If you need to encounter the nation’s rendition of Santorini, at that point, you need to visit Elephant Island and remain at Bellaroca. It is a top of the line extravagance resort that vessels of various pleasantries, for example, boundlessness pools, spa, yoga, golf, and water sports.


Moriones Festival and Marinduque Tourist  Attractions

Palad Sand Bar

Sandbars are drifting of late in web-based social networking. The place has its particular in the town of Sta. Cruz. Being a remote shoreline island, this Marinduque Tourist Spot makes it a decent place to go through cozy minutes with your loved ones or to unwind after attending the Moriones Festival.

Bathala Caves

Marinduque is home to a few caves, for example, the Bathala Caves that has a large opening and high roof. Different caves, for example, the Bagumbungan Cave, Tarug Caves, and San Isidro Cave are keeping delightful shake and mineral arrangements.

[ Moriones Festival and Marinduque Tourist  Attractions ] by Joelaldor

Boac Cathedral

Officially called Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Boac Cathedral filled in as a shelter for the townspeople at whatever point privateers assault amid the new circumstances. The congregation was worked in 1766 with it’s forward-looking the east while the back part offers a fantastic perspective of the lower town.

Battle of Pulang Lupa Marker

The Battle of Pulang Lupa was one of the many verifiable fights when the heroism of progressive Filipinos triumphed. Lieutenant Coronel Maximo Abad drove the fight that occurred on September 13, 1990.


Moriones Festival 

Tres Reyes Islands

It’s expected that when one notices of any area in the Philippines, there must be no less than one island shoreline or shoreline resort as the best travel goal. Indeed, Marinduque won’t disillusion you. The Tres Reyes Islands, which is involved with the Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltazar islands, is one of the must-visit goals in the territory. Each of the three islands is suggested locales for swimming and scuba plunging. The reasonable waters make it simple to have an extraordinary perspective of the coral reefs and marine life.

With the Moriones Festival and relaxing vacation with your family or friends that you are going to have here; it is indeed going to be a memorable one summer experience for you and your family.

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