La Hermosa Festival 


In the proud city of Zamboanga, a burst of smiles and colors will welcome you as the grandest   La Hermosa Festival is commemorated every October. To honor the great legacy of Nuestra Senora la Virgen Del Pillar (Our Lady of Pillar) as the patroness of the city, the townspeople of Zamboanga filled the streets with superb activities as Lumads Christians, and Muslims gather to participate this remarkable event.

Looking back from the past, under the rule of King Philip IV of Spain, the metropolis was successfully established where the city’s devotion to the Virgin rose after many stories of glorious miracles happened. A formidable fort was built in the year 1635 to secure the place against the Moro warriors. Later on in 1734, the Marian image arrived in the fort as the forepart of the main entrance. After the conversion of the place to a shrine for the immaculate Lady, it was then renamed to Real Fuerza de Nuestra Seňora La Virgen del Pilar de Zaragoza.
With the word “Hermosa” denoting as beautiful, it remarkably depicts the rich and beautiful culture of the place.

As many local and foreign tourists come to witness the exquisite event, I am more delighted to reveal to you the fascinating highlights and activities of the grand La Hermosa Festival.

The great segment which you should not miss at  La Hermosa Festival is the boat sailing competition which is commonly known as Regatta De Zamboanga. It is also the appreciable showcase of colorful and eye-catching designs of their traditional Banca, vinta. Through an exciting race and beautiful displays of the best vinta, the spirit of sportsmanship and creativity is nurtured within the hearts of Zambaguenos.

It will also be succeeded by the popular competition of the crowd, the Wow Sardinas. It is where a seafood boodle fight is held taking pride and honor as the Sardine Capital of the Philippines. As the Zamboanga City supplies over 90% of all sardines in the country, it acknowledges and cherishes its plentiful sea bounty.

On the full streets of the city, an extravagant parade will welcome you with the vibrant sounds of festival music performed by students in its local schools. The lively performers paraded cheerfully with all their colorful costumes, majestic crowns, and well-decorated float at La Hermosa Festival. Despite the scorching heat of the sun, the energetic atmosphere from both performers and audience will enrich within you.

Witnessing this polychromatic event will surely awake your Chavacano spirit. However, being prepared is essential to be safe and enjoy an out-glowing activity. Wearing a comfortable and breathable outfit is a must as you engage yourself with the friendly crowd. Being responsible and securing your belongings is also crucial. As you plan to attend the Zamboanga La Hermosa Festival, fully charge your camera and prepare yourself from the heat as you would be amazed by the astonishing festival. And lastly, it is essential to have fun and explore the high spirits and rich culture of Zamboanga.

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