Puning Hot Spring: A Gem in Pampanga

Puning Hot Spring and Restaurant is located at Sitio Target, Barangay, Angeles, Pampanga is a hidden gem called Puning Hot Spring. Visiting the place, you might feel that as if you’re not in the Philippines! Why? It looks like the adventure in Borobodur Mountain in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, or the other hiking sites in Cambodia or Vietnam. The thing is, it is just here with us in Luzon. But what makes this place unique? Well, let’s find out!


The author at Puning Hot Spring and Restaurant Station 3

Puning Hot Spring Highlights


1.    You get to ride in a 4×4

If you think that this is just a regular ride, then you’ve got it all wrong. Since the area of the Puning Hot Spring is located right at the bottom of a part of the infamous Mount Pinatubo, expect that the 4×4 ride will be bumpy and exciting! Fee the surge of wind as you possibly go through some muddy areas. This is going to be the perfect hell of a kind ride.

Apollo Santos  

2.    Puning Hot Springs Dipping

With a total number of 13 hot spring and one cold spring, I am sure that being here will be a form of therapy. Research suggests that the water here in Puning Hot Spring is safe for both the skin and health. So, you can be assured that taking a dip in it, and enjoying its relaxing warmth brings no danger. The temperature of the water may go from 40 degrees to 70 degrees. You have to choose which spring suits your body’s needs. The picturesque landscape of the springs will undoubtedly leave you in awe. Be sure to bring your best camera to capture this once in a lifetime paradise!

sand spa and mud pack

Experience getting buried in the sand for fifteen (15) to twenty (20) minutes from neck to toe. The place has a heating system underneath which keeps the sand warm which claimed in enhancing the body’s circulation and definitely relieves joint pains. After the sand spa, you will be led to the mudpack area wherein a  mud/lahar paste from the Mt. Pinatubo will be applied on your face and all over your body.  

3.    Experience Sand Spa and Mud Pack

Be buried with sand that came from the lava during the eruption of the Mount Pinatubo back in 1991. The sand is smooth and at the same time, provides a different level of heat and comfort. As the therapists try their best to give you a once in a lifetime massage experience, try to sit or lay tight and enjoy all the spa has to offer. Afterwhich, you will be treated by a mud pack. Thus, Puning Hot Spring offers complete and enjoyable activities.


The Station 2 of Puning Hot Spring and Restaurant which offers the sand spa and mud pack treatment

4.    Picturesque View

The entirety of the Pinatubo landscape merely is charming. I am also surprised how something so dangerous and violent could look so satisfyingly beautiful and serene. You can stay here for a little while and enjoy the scenery of both the Puning Hot Spring and Mount Pinatubo. Take amazing photos, and be with nature as you admire the majestic view.


The base camp of Puning Hot Spring and Restaurant wherein you get your briefing, shower, and buffet lunch.

5.    Filipino Cuisine

After the tour, you will surely crave for food. Part of the tour in Puning is a buffet lunch offered at the Base Camp. It is located in a Bahay Kubo themed place and the Filipino cuisine that they offer are sumptuous and palatable. Your trip to Puning Hot Spring is indeed a complete and satisfying one.

This tourist spot is famous for a lot of reasons, and the few things listed in this article are just a few of them. So, if you are now thinking of taking a day or two here, I urge you to do so! Experiencing Puning Hot Spring going to be an adventure of a lifetime! Have a Happy Trip!

Puning Hot Spring Package

For a hassle-free booking, you may contact the Facebook page of  Xenia Hotel in Clark, Pampanga.

Xenia Hotel

The Xenia Hotel offers a package for a group of three inclusive of an overnight stay at the hotel, buffet lunch during the Puning Hot Spring and Restaurant day tour.

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Your Puning Hot Spring experience begins at Clark, Pampanga. Cebu Pacific has direct flights coming from various major cities in the country. Recently, the leading budget aircraft in the country simultaneously launched three (3) new routes: Clark-Narita, Japan Route;  Clark-Bacolod Route, and Iloilo City-Clark Route.

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