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Are you looking for a food hub to try in Iloilo? I would highly recommend Roberto’s Siopao. Two things that would best describe the place is that number one, it is famous. Number two, it is old. In this article, let us dig more in-depth on the possible reasons on why you should give Roberto’s Siopao a shot if you happen to visit Iloilo.

Store of Roberto’s Siopao Iloilo


Who would not love Iloilo? The place is as beautiful as its people, and the places to catch are as beautiful as the weather. In being here, you get to be with the friendly locals, and at the same time, you get to experience all the province has to offer. If I may suggest, spending about four to five days here will more likely be enough for you to try the highlights of the province. All it takes is your courage to explore! Roberto’s Siopao is in this beautiful place. So, don’t forget to include it in your itinerary. Who would not love some food trip in the middle of an adventure? In this case, Siopao is a must-try food trip!

Roberto’s Siopao Iloilo

The Old Vibes

As you enter the old restaurant, it will give you the ancient vibes as if you are back in the 1950s. The building itself, as well as the overall presentation of the restaurant, will make you feel that you are indeed back in time. Dining here is not merely about the food; it is also about the feeling it gives. Feel free to relax and at the same time, do not forget to take photos as memorabilia of your visit.


The Siopao Itself

Roberto’s Siopao comes in a variety of flavors. Starting from Asado, bacon, bola-bola, and eggs. With this variety, I am sure that you could choose whichever you prefer for as long as they still have the stock. They regularly serve the “King”, but their real specialty is the Queen Siopao. Note that if they announce that the Queen will be sold, you must call for a reservation at least two days before the actual sale. Without the reservation, it will be challenging for you to get the Queen hot bun instantly.


Roberto’s Siopao Iloilo

Widespread Popularity

If you happen to mention the word “siopao” in Iloilo, they will automatically equate it to Roberto’s Siopao. The place is the known brand for this hot bun. With the taste of their hot bun and with the humble ambiance of their restaurant, this is something that is already expected.

Roberto’s Siopao Prices

Roberto's Siopao Iloilo

The fame of Roberto’s Siopao because of their products and their restaurant is inevitable. As people get to taste it, the more they mention about it. That is why when tourists get to visit the place, they right away hear about it and they immediately try it. The same advice goes for you. If you visit Iloilo, do not forget to drop by Roberto’s Siopao and try their “King” hot bun. If you get lucky, you might even catch the rare “Queen” hot bun. Have a Happy Food Trip!

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  1. Do not leave Iloilo City without visiting Roberto’s House and Restaurant.
    I am highly recommending that King Siopao, it is one of their best sellers aside from the Queen.
    Tasty and mouthwatering.

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