Asik-asik Falls, Photo by Jyppe Quidores


The province of Cotabato may not be one of the top-list tourist destinations in the country, but it does not mean that it does not have any particular spot to visit. In this case, the northern part of the province holds one of the recently discovered gems, the Asik-Asik falls. The name of the falls itself means “sprinkle” of water. The discovery of this place came into surprise since it was not found until the last ten years. As the years go by, the popularity of this majestic place came to the consciousness of local and foreign tourists alike. Thus, it is undeniable that the area is slowly making a name for itself in recent years and for the years to come.

But what is unique about Asik-asik Falls? Found in Mount Ragang or also known as Mount Piapayungan, or Blue Mountain at that. With that being said, the origin of it is also unknown. The first myth includes being discovered by a military man, while the second story tells that the place is known to the locals. It is just that they do not bother to share the story about it since they are now aware of how majestic it is compared to the other attractions in the place.

The waterfalls not from a river but the rocks! The 60-meter high wall is covered with lush green ferns and moss. The width of it is 140-meters, and it looks like a green curtain of water flowing from the top rocks. At the bottom is the shallow rocky pool which also happens to be a part of the Alamada river.

Climbing the top of the falls is difficult labor. It will entail riding a motorbike on a bumpy road and climbing the 376 steps on the way to the top! But I am telling you, the view from the top of it is worth it. Yes, it is tiring, but the scenic view it offers is simply rewarding and satisfying.

In going here, I would highly suggest that you do it early morning at around 6:30 am. This will make you appreciate the place better because it is less crowded at that time. Through this, you can enjoy the serenity of the place and take photos which are most likely less in terms of photobombers.


Asik-asik Falls, Photo by Lovin Guil Jacin T. Java

To fully promote the place into a top tourism hub, the local tourism unit created an effort to build infrastructures that will cater to the tourists who wish to visit the well-known Asik-Asik falls. These structures include roads, bridges, and all other ways of transportation. Thus, it is expected that in the coming years, the tourism of the place will continue to flourish and grow.

I am sure that as you’ve seen the photos of this place, you will be very excited to visit the place. I know that the trip will be worth it for you will undoubtedly enjoy the beauty of the Asik-Asik falls. Have a Happy Trip!

How to get to Asik-Asik Falls

 Via Cotabato City

Fly to Aawang Airport or the Cotabato Airport. From there, take a van going to Midsayap for 1.5 hours. Most Vans travel as early as 6 am, and the last trip is around 5 pm5 pm. 

From Midsayap, ask around for some habal-habal to bring you to Asik-Asik falls. This is the fastest route. Alternatively, you can also take a jeep to Brgy. Dado then take a motorbike/habal-habal to Asik-Asik falls. 

 Via Davao City

For tourists coming from Davao, proceed to Libungan Public Market and Terminal and take a double-tiered jeep going to Barangay Upper Dado. from the place, hire a motorcycle/habal-habal for Asik-Asik Falls. Alternatively, from Libungan Public Market and Terminal, you can ride a trike going to the motorcycle terminal bound for Alamada and charter one to take you to Asik-Asik Falls.

An alternative option is to take a bus in Ecoland Bus Terminal or a van in G-Mall or SM Davao plying to Cotabato. Instruct the conductor to drop you off at Libungan on a junction leading to Alamada. It would be best to tell the conductor that you are heading to Asik-Asik falls. From that point, hire a habal-habal/motorcycle to take you to Asik-Asik Falls.

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