Destination Wedding in Tropical Thailand

 Destination Wedding In Tropical Thailand

The Wedding You’ve Always Dreamed Of

It’s possible to throw a wedding that’s got all the elements you’ve been seeking. You can truly have the perfect wedding, and even do it on a budget—but you’ll have to be strategic. Part of that strategy is going to involve your honeymoon, part of it will involve the ceremony itself. If you’re especially savvy, you can “have your cake and eat it, too”.

You can have a fine wedding and honeymoon that comes in under budget without sacrificing anything. Following, we’re going to examine a number of strategies to help you conserve resources while maximizing the event. Because the truth is, if there’s any sort of event where you’d be well-advised to spend more, it’s a wedding. Still, newlyweds are also notoriously cash-light.


Beach Wedding

Wedding Tourism

Medical tourism is the practice of getting surgeries and other medical procedures done out of the country as a means of conserving resources. Think of it this way: if you were going to buy a car in California, because of emissions testing, registration, taxation, housing, and other local factors, it’s going to be more expensive than if you bought the same car out of state.

Hypothetically, a used vehicle that goes for $20k in California is going to go for $10k in Wyoming, and may even be of better quality in the western state. Accordingly, if you spend $2k traveling from California to Wyoming and back, you’d still save $8,000 by doing that over buying locally. Well, it’s the same with medicine, and it’s actually the same with marriage.

In America, a wedding averages between $20k and $50k, depending on your region. But for half—or even a third—of that price, you can get away better party going somewhere like Thailand. An American dollar is worth three Thai bahts. So a thirty dollar meal in Thailand is going to cost you about $10—but it’ll be more qualitative than the same in America.

This is where matrimonial tourism comes in, or a “destination wedding”. Here’s the thing: a destination wedding could also take place in a more expensive country. But if you’re savvy, you can do it in a place like Thailand, save money, and even get a better event out of the deal. In fact, you might even be able to come up financially in the positive afterward.

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Temple Wedding

The Crowdsource Factor
Something else you might want to consider is crowd-sourcing the costs involved with your honeymoon. As it turns out, there is no shortage of options in this area; just go online and do a search for honeymoon registries, and you’ll find all kinds of things to help you.

Such options can actually end up putting you in the green. You set a target, and if that target’s a bit higher than your actual needs, what’s leftover is yours. Now certainly, you can’t bank on this, but people understand weddings, and they understand their importance. Like Christmas, this could very well mean you’re given some large and unexpected gifts.


Thai Traditional Outfit

The Right Wardrobe, And The Right Location

Once you’ve chosen the right country, choose the right location. Thailand has some fine beaches, but if you’re going to go there, you’ll want proper attire. If you don’t know which dresses are going to be the best for your trip to Thailand, here’s a summary page with all kinds of options to consider. Think about what you want to do, and dress accordingly.

A destination wedding in Thailand that’s crowd-funded can actually end up putting money in your pocket—though this is a best-case scenario. Regardless, you can get a more lavish ceremony at a reduced expense, and combine your wedding with your honeymoon. A lot of couples are doing this today, and it’s easy to see why!

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