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Sinulom Falls Travel Guide

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The Sinulom Falls

Where did the name Sinulom Falls come from? The word ‘sinulom’ means ‘black ant’ in the Visayas. There was a 9-month long drought when World War II took place – another reason why citizens in Cagayan de Oro named it ‘Sinulom.’ While this commotion was happening, the only water source they had was the waterfalls. 

It was 17 years ago when locals discovered this alluring nature again. Since then, this place became the Cagayan de Oro’s tourist spot. 


The Sinulom 28 waterfalls are eye-catching, and each water flowing directly to Cagayan de Oro’s river makes it more enticing to take a dip and swim. Nature-lovers will appreciate the green nature surrounding the place. It seems you are in the forest when you get there. 

Sinulom Falls is the best escape from stressful works at the office or home. You can release all your stress energies here. The lush green spot provides the relaxation you’ve been longing for. It is excellent to bring your family and friends to enjoy every moment in this marvelous place. 


Sinulom Falls Location

The Sinulom Falls’ boundaries are along Cagayan de Oro, Talakag, and Bukidnon. You can find the founder and owner of the land at Brgy. Tambo, Tignapoloan City, named Councilor Jay Roa Pascual. The entire location of Sinulom Falls lies at Brgy. San Isidro, Talakag. However, the entrance road going to that place is in Brgy. Tignapoloan, Cagayan de Oro. 

I prepared different directions on getting to Sinulom based on your needs. It is possible to get there through public vehicles and private vehicles. I included the way of getting there directly from Sitio Impakebel and Tignapoloan. 


How to Get to Sinulom Falls

Cagayan de Oro’s Carmen Market – Tignapoloan Crossing

The starting point must be at Carmen Market. You can either ride a van or jeepney. If you are someone who values money over convenience, then riding jeepney might be the ideal transportation for you. 

Jeepney Ride

You can find the jeepney terminal across the Rose Pharmacy. The time for the first trip is 7 AM. It’s best to get there early if you want to visit Sinulom Falls first thing of the day. Ride the jeepney with the label of Talakag – Cagayan. 

Prepare a 35-peso fare. It will take you 1 hour and 20 minutes to arrive at your destination. Tell the driver your drop-off point, which is the Tignapoloan Crossing in Brgy. Dansolihon. You can sit near the driver or conduction, in case you want to make sure they remember the details.

Van Ride

Across the Rika Pharmacy at Carmen Market, is where the Van located. If you want to reach Sinulom Falls earlier than 7 AM, this is the ideal transportation for you. Van trip starts at 6 AM. Better to go there at 5:30 in the morning. Prepare a 65-peso fare. 

Compared to jeepney ride, van trips are faster wherein it takes less than an hour to reach the location. Advise the driver ahead of time about dropping you off at the Tignapoloan Crossing. 

Private Vehicles

The ideal private vehicle going to Sinulom Falls is a 4×4 car with spiked tires. The way going to Sinulom Falls could get muddy if it rained before your trip. You can still ride with your 4×2 vehicle, but you have to leave it at the Dirt Basketball Court in Sitio Impakebel. Ask the locals if you can park your car in there. They are friendly enough to accommodate you. 

You need to take the CDO-Talakag road going to Sinulom. You will pass through the SM, Old Lumbia Airport, Brgy. Bayanga, Brgy, Mambuaya, and Brgy. Dansolihon. If you are a traveler who wants to make sure everything, you can ask locals along the way if you are taking the right path. 

The sign “Welcome to Brgy. Dansolihon” will appear to you, and that is the indication you are only 3 kilometers away from your Tignapoloan Crossing. Keep going. When you pass through the Mangalay Bridge, it means you are 800 meters away from the crossing. 

On the right side of the road, you will pass through the greenhouse with a habal-habal alley across it. It is the indication you are near to your destination. Keep straight. You will pass through the rough road to the bridge. Since you have a private vehicle, you can take pictures with the scenic nature of Brgy. Tignapoloan. 

Follow the paved road, and you will see Tignapoloan Elementary school. The way is better now starting from that point. You are 1.5 kilometers away from the crossing where you can find the road going to Sitio Impabekel before the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall. Make sure not get pass through it. 

You can turn left and follow the road. You know you reach the Sitio if you see the dirt basketball court. For 4×4 car owners, you can go straight to Sinulom Falls, which is 2 kilometers away from your present location. If you have a smaller vehicle, you can leave your car at the court. 

Ask the locals to watch over your car. Give a tip since they are giving you a favor. 

Tignapoloan Crossing – Sinulom Falls via Habal-habal

One of the available transportations going to Sinulom Falls is through riding a motorcycle or the local name ‘habal-habal.’ Each ride costs P100. You can save a few more bucks if you have a partner with you. Look for motorcycle rides early in the morning. The rider usually drops off the Dirt Basketball Court at Sitio Impabekel, but you can ask him to drop you off directly to Sinulom Falls for an additional P50.

Since the road is challenging, the rider can only accommodate one person at a time. If you are traveling with another person, one of you should talk about who must go first. It takes 2 kilometers to trek downhill to Sinulom Falls. 

Get the phone number of the driver and ask to pick you up after the Sinulom recreational tour. 

Tignapoloan Crossing – Sinulom Falls via Jeepney Transport

The only difference in taking jeepney is the drop-off point. You have to tell the driver your drop-off point, which is the crossing going to Sitio Impabekel. After getting off the jeepney, follow the way on the left side road, next to Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall. The Sitio Impabekel is 500 meters away from the crossing. 

As you reach the basketball court, you can drink water first before trekking downhill. You have to walk for 2 kilometers, which is approximately 30 minutes. 

Going back to the City proper, you need to get ready and go to the highway before 3 PM. It is the only time jeepneys are available, or else you will ride habal-habal going to Lumbia. Jeepney morning rides are around 6:00 AM. If you spent the night, you need to walk to crossing at 4:40 AM. 

Going to Sinulom Falls

After the basketball court intersection, you will see the “yellow boom” entrance, and you need to get pass through it. One thing you will love about the place is the view deck available a few meters away from the entrance enabling you to see the entire goodness of Sinulom. 

If you are bringing a private vehicle with you, make sure to double-check your brake. The road going downhill is better now, but the ground is loose. Rocks are everywhere. It is more challenging, especially if it was raining beforehand. Be cautious when driving, always. 

Trekking is no joke. The road is pretty steep, which gets you tired along the way. You know you are near to your destination if you read the JRP Farm and Sinulom Falls signage. The entrance is free, by the way. You are now 50 meters away from the falls. Have a Happy Trip!


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50.00 – Jeepney from Carmen market in Cagayan de Oro

100.00 – Habal-habal ride from the Sitio where the bus will drop you to the site. Only 1 person can take the habal-habal because of the road condition

150.00 – entrance

500.00 – Habal-habal from the site to Lumbia

20.00 – Jeepney ride from Lumbia to Cagayan de Oro

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