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Being in ’50s, a beauty treatment like HIFU is a must. Try Dr. Maria Rhea Lombos-Serondo, she has been helping me with my skin problems for many years now

The New Generation of Beautification: HIFU Treatment

If you are given a chance to look way younger and smoother without surgery, would you grab it? This is perhaps one of the most sought dreams of so many men and women across the globe. The concept of enhancing one’s beauty without going through pain seems to be too good to be true and even too magical! Gladly, this is no longer “just” a dream with the coming of the advanced beautification procedure, the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound or also commonly known as the HIFU treatment. 

The HIFU treatment is a non-surgical facelift that primarily rejuvenates your skin. This leads to a very fresh and natural-looking skin appearance. As an anti-aging treatment, this treatment uses advanced ultrasound technology to reach the deep layer of skin. Because of this, the natural production of collagen is boosted, fats are dissolved, skin is tightened, and restored skin elasticity. Most of the clients would target their browbone, eyes, and jawline areas of the face. Aside from that, the HIFU treatment can also be used in other parts of the body, such as the stomach, waist, and even the underarms!

Is it effective?

Yes, indeed! The HIFU treatment is known across the globe for its favorable effects. Clients seriously love it because they really see the effect without going through the painful surgery. They get to achieve the enhanced beauty that they desire without the need to go through rigorous procedures. A smooth, firm, and younger-looking skin is easily achieved.

Possible side effects?

Nah! The HIFY treatment lasts for only thirty painless minutes. After that, the client can right away proceed to his/her daily routines or activities. Definitely no downtime! This is perhaps the reason why it is also labeled as the “lunchtime facelift” by a lot of people. 

Is there an age restriction?

Nah! This treatment can be availed by anyone. Most of the clients are in their middle twenties upward. So long as one feels that his/her skin elasticity needs some TLC (tender loving care), then the treatment can work its wonders. 

Can I have it along with other rejuvenation treatments?

Suppose you plan to have dermal fillers or wrinkle relaxing injections; no need to worry because the HIFU treatment works well with this treatment. It additionally enhances the effects and further helps in stimulating the natural production of skin collagen. There are no known adverse effects as to its interaction with other rejuvenating services. 

With my ever reliable Dermatologist, Dr. Maria Rhea Lombos- Serondo 

What specific equipment is used?

A revolutionary ultrasound device may vary depending on the clinic. But most of those advanced ones use the ULTRAcelQ+. This equipment provides a more comfortable and quicker treatment. You just have to consult with your trusted medical aesthetic clinic and inquire about their equipment. 

Indeed, this treatment is painless, effective, and superb promising beauty enhancement treatment. I am sure that as you give it a shot, you will experience all its perks and privileges – all geared towards making you look younger, fresher, and beautiful. Good luck! 

In Bacolod City, you may avail this beauty treatment  at:

Skin Solutions By Serondo Skin and Surgical Clinic

Unit A-01 Negros First CyberCentre

Lacson corner Hernaez Streets  6100 Bacolod CIty, Philippines

Tel:  4321533, or you may inquire on their FB Page – https://www.facebook.com/SkinSolutions01

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  1. The HIFU therapy is a non-surgical facelift that focuses on skin rejuvenation. This gives the skin a really fresh and natural appearance. Thank you!

  2. This therapy is, without a doubt, painless, effective, and a fantastically promising beauty enhancing treatment. Thank you for sharing!

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