Samsung has been giving us all our dream features with the new mobile phones that they have released for the past years. When we think we’ve seen the best, here comes the new Samsung Galaxy A22 5G! yes, you’ve read it right. This budget-friendly hold superior features that can cope with everyone’s lifestyle, especially if you are traveling.

All-Day Battery

As a traveler, I honestly feel agitated when my mobile cannot keep up with my all-day adventure and trips. I frequently need to bring the charger or a power bank, and I know that you also experienced the same thing in one way or another. So, the Samsung Galaxy A22 gives you an all-day battery experience! Charge your mobile in the morning and be ready to use it to the fullest for the entire day without worrying about draining the battery. 

Hyperfast 5G Performance

The Hyperfast 5G performance of the Samsung Galaxy A22 makes it a good choice for heavy content creators out there. If you are someone who travels and posts a lot, or a traveler and a digital nomad at the same time, the 5G feature of this mobile phone will give you the best experience. Bid your goodbye to a slow and leggy connection because this phone shall give you a seamless internet experience!

Large and Smooth Screen

The Samsung Galaxy A22 has a dimension of 6.58 x 3.01 x 0.35 inches. With this, you can conveniently take advantage of its wide interface. Either you edit photos, post online, watch videos, and all other activities, the large and smooth screen conveniently caters to your needs. 

Savvy Memory

This mobile phone comes in varied internal storage (64GB 4GB RAM, 128GB 4GB RAM, 128GB 6GB RAM, 128GB 8GB RAM) and an additional microSD card slot. This means that you can save thousands of travel photos and videos! No need to worry about constantly decluttering your gallery to have enough space.


As for security, this mobile device has a side-mounted fingerprint function. This is one of the most convenient mobile security features because it allows you to open your device into an active mode just by putting your finger on the designated finger sensor.


Superior Camera

Of course, I understand that camera is one of the essential features that every traveler out there is after. The Samsung Galaxy A22’s main camera is 48 megapixels wide, 5 megapixels ultrawide, and 2-megapixel depth. Its video is 1152pixel at 30 frames per second. It has a LED flash, panorama, and HDR. Meanwhile, its selfie camera is 8 megapixels wide and 1080p at 30 frames per second video. With this specification, you will never miss any fun moment and memorable scene in your travel adventures. Snap lots of picturesque photos and record tons of high-quality videos.

Indeed, the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G holds several features that everyone can utilize. If you plan to buy your new mobile device, I hope that you consider this phone. Good luck!


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  1. Mark Vincent M Diode BSIT3-C1

    If I’m the manager of a SAMSUNG Company, I will make a plan or set a meeting first to my employees what we are going to do to manage or to promote SAMSUNG in bacolod. SAMSUNG is known as the durable and good to use in terms of technology. Technology now a days is growing faster because it improves every months and years. As a manager or a leader I will use my power to organize my employees to get a big sales of products. I will discuss to them first what SAMSUNG is, and I will tell my employees what features I like in SAMSUNG. The features I like in SAMSUNG are the Ultra Battery Saving and the Ultra 6G Network Signal . I like these two features because ultra battery saving in your phone can help you to conserve energy in charging and it can also help to the students right now in their online class everyday because it sustains the phone’s battery of the user or the students so that the phone will not become low battery easily. In terms of online class we need a good and faster signal to join the class very well. Ultra 6G Network Signal can help not only the students even the other people in terms of faster internet connection or signal. 6G network signal can saves battery life because it is faster than 5G like downloading a large file it will use less battery power. So that the ultra battery saving can also help with it. That combination of 2 features I liked can help people especially students in their online class during this pandemic. As the manager of the company I will respect my employee’s suggestions on how to promote our products so that my employees bring back the respect that I’ve given to them. I will be transparent to them and I will give a bonus to them if they have a big sales on our products so that my employees will be motivated. Determination and good communication to your employees is the good way to have a teamwork on your team so that the company will be manage very well. Also respect to each other and to the customers and value their uniqueness and culture in lives so that your workplace will have a peace. Even if there is differences in life of people you must respect it and value what they have, all you need is to appreciate it.

  2. Ralph Tarre Jr. BSIT 3C2

    As a leader im going to tell my employees how our products are better that other phones like iPhone because iphone and samsung are rival but am going to tell my employees how they gonna sell our products like telling them why samsung is better than iphone like Better battery life and power charging, Thanks to the Chinese patent diversity Samsung not only supports qi charging but it also supports an ultra fast charging capability which can charge your phone in under 10 minutes to 80% with this technology was adapted by one plus oppo and huawei as well.
    Less weigh You would think that Samsung phones being made out of plastic is a cheap shot at saving money butno Using high quality plastics such as polycarbonate allows significent reduction in weight, the biggest meanest Samsung phone weighs less than an iPhone base model.

  3. As a manager i can that Samsung strives to provide the best quality products and services to customers and giving a top priority to client satisfaction. Samsung’s features can really satisfy and give the clients’ need. We also established a quality management system and apply it to all the projects that we have. Every year, Samsung products become more valued and appreciated by clients as it gives quality services. From batteries, chargers, headphones to its features, we can say that it is all worth it. And I also told them that Samsung’s large and smooth screen with 6.6 Full HD+ Display and °90Hz Refresh Rate can satisfy clients. Quality product that offers wide and easy touch screen can make the clients use it comfortably. Facing different types of people needs different strategies on how we convince our clients. In every clients that you can convince, I will give each of you an incentives. A client of one member is a client of all. So you need to help each other in dealing clients. Always help and motivate each other. I’ll be giving you all exta bonus at the end of the month of you’ll have great performance .

  4. Denver Roa Jr.

    Denver Roa Jr. BSIT 2-C2

    The features of the product that I like the most is the Super AMOLED Display and the 1TB (terabyte) storage. Because the display is not just Amoled but it’s Super AMOLED display. This is a display technology that is used in mobile devices and televisions, it is more advanced version than AMOLED display And it integrates touch sensors and actual screen layer. If you compare it with a regular LCD display, and I’m going to display consumes less power, provides more vivid picture quality, and it also renders faster motion response. But the super ammo display is even better because it has 20% brighter screen, 20% lower power consumption and 80% less sunlight reflection.

    The 1TB (terabyte) storage. This feature is one of the best features because you don’t need to buy or upgrade on your phone just to have a large storage, we’re taking more photos and videos than ever so the one through bed storage is best fit for you, and the internal storage is much faster than a microSD card.

    As a team leader, there is a need for me to create a propelling force or the so-called “motivation” and the most important factor for them to be in action is to give them financial comfort like giving them remuneration package such as high salary rate competitive without their companies. Now because of this financial motivation I need to combine the energy knowledge and skills of my motivated group of people so they can set their minds to accomplish anything. I will foster collaboration within the team and offer opportunities for self-development.


    I choose All-day Battery and Hyperfast 5G experience

    Samsung Galaxy A22 has a high-quality feature which is the Hyperfast 5G performance. This will help students that having online classes to have a good and fast internet connection without suffering and interruptions especially in rural places. What are you waiting for? Try and witness the fast internet connection that you never had before.

    Nowadays we always use our cellphones in our online classes, doing school works, activities, playing online games and communicateing for a long time with our loved ones. In this activities in our cellphone consumes a lot of battery percentage. in Samsung Galaxy A22 it will not let you fell that you need to charge it 5x or more in a day because in a single charge of your battery you can use and enjoy this for a whole day.

    The motivation that i would do to may employees to work on team and to have a sale I would trust them with all my heart and they also need to trust their selves that they can make sales by team and I will tell them to focus to what goals we set.

    – Joe-ann Grace B. Hilare BSIT 3-C2

  6. Padalhin, Joemarie P BSIT3C2

    The purpose of this long battery are to give enough time to time in your phone. then it can help you from suffering from bringing some device that make you phone last, but thia has a spec that you can use your like in mobile gaming, we know all Gen. Z are like this type of phone that can last all day. Plus this phone has Smooth Screen its also fits in a game, editing videos and pictures. the purpose of this smooth screen are to satisfy my custumer with a good quality of mobile phone. This phone also helps sa Vlogger, or influencer now a days becuae they can create a vlog for a long ang they can edit with the help of a smooth screen.

  7. As a manager I will promote Samsung Galaxy here in Bacolod.
    I will tell my employees what I like in this product its the Superior Camera. This is such a really big help to us, its the superior camera which is really helpful. Those people who loves to travel will benefit this kind of camera because it’s so good, beautiful and amazing. Even when you are in a distance, its camera is so good because the camera is not blurred when you taking a picture even when the distance is far. Without its superior camera, you will not complete your amazing journey because this is the main reason why you like to travel because you love to take a picture everywhere and anywhere.
    All day battery! It’s reallly have a big benefit to us. It can use when it times of emergency, because its battery is 100% good. You don’t feel a worry when you have a schedule in meeting or something to travel. This battery is awesome and you don’t need to worry. Especially you have a presentation in your online classes or you have a presentation in your business. This all day battery helps you to avoid fail.
    I will motivate my employees that through this superior camera, and All day battery many people can benefits this. I will respect my employees what’s there ideas or opinion. I will handle my employees with love, patience,respect, and caring each other. Be confidence always. And i will tell them that we need to be humble always and if one of my member are tired i will give them rest and i will volunteer myself as i can do.

  8. Promoting a product like Samsung will be a great challenge because of highly competitive market but as a leader, I have the power to change the perspective of my employees that guaranties us success, telling them that this product as good at it is on advertise features like smooth phone for gaming, high quality screen display good for outdoor/indoor without putting the brightness in full, high ram for an enjoyable gaming without interruption and longer durability because of the High battery capacity because Samsung is an product which is internationally known for its high quality mobile phones we used in 21st century and they will never disappoint their customers. In order to have teamwork as a team a leader must be an example and lead the group setting the group in the right path providing good guidance on what to do, explaining to them on how important every customer is whatever, whoever or wherever they came from respect everyone equally on that’s how you work as a team to have a good service for everyone.

  9. as a manager of a samsung company, I want to told my employees that it would be better to offer them a smoot screen because first you will have a large battery and then it will go down and it will cause your battery to go down. the smooth screen is still better because you can use it properly and you won’t be annoyed for a long time and it also has a good flow when using a cellphone and as a manager you need to be good at persuading your employees and all customers and also so that you can help them and give them an idea of ​​what is even better in their online class and in the big gb apps and they are not looking for an online class, they also want to play online games. and for me it’s better to choose a smooth screen.

  10. As a manager and if im going to promote Samsung Galaxy in Bacolod City i will explain them first about those features . Samsung Galaxy is beautiful and very helpful for us. Especially if you’re love traveling All day Battery is good to use ,you dont need to bring charger and powerbank because All day battery gives you all day experienced ,you can use it to the entire day without worrying .And Savvy Memory can save thousands of pictures and videos .
    All day battery and Savvy Memory . If you’re love traveling all day battery is good to use because you don’t need to bring charger and powerbank you can use it Whole day, especially if you have presentation in online class you don’t need to worry because you can use it whole day . And Savvy Memory is good also because you can save thousands of pictures and videos .
    I will motivate my employees that through this All day Battery and Savvy Memory many people can benefits this .I will respect my employees what’s there opinion . And i will teach my employee’s to become a humble loving and patience every day.

  11. Samsung company is one of the successful brands that produce high-quality appliances and gadgets internationally. As a manager of the firm, my selection in the features of the product would be a long-lasting battery and high specification of camera. These two give the best features that every buyer wants. A long-lasting battery has a long time of usage and purchasing a greater battery implies having fewer stresses overcharging and the fear that accompanies recurrence low force. With the high specification of the camera, quality in photography is fundamental for the presence of the firm, it results in the best image suits for various events and occasions that buyers will satisfy. By promoting, the firm will focus on the sales that easily capture consumer’s attention, provides strong incentives and can be used to dramatize product offerings and increase sales. In order to achieve this, I will allow gathering and discussing this project and to focus on the firm’s objectives which is to concentrate more on sales and advertise the specifications of our product. In the end, employees will work more and be united to come up with compensation for a variety of consumers.


    As a manager/ leader of Samsung Company I will discuss to my employees about the features of the Samsung Galaxy A22 phone, I will present the advance feature of Samsung Galaxy A22 phone, two of the amusing feature of the this phone I will be discussing the ALL-DAY BATTERY LIFE and a SIDE-MOUNTED FINGERPRINT as for SECURITY. ALL-DAY BATTERY LIFE is advantageous for all of phone user we can use our phone longer, battery life can help and affect phone performance so it’s really nice if your using a phone with a great battery life. For security, SIDE-MOUNTED FINGERPRINT for easy and safe to use. It is time saver and useful security measures feature. You don’t need the permission to open your phone you just have to tap your finger. I will motivate my employees to work as a “TEAM” to make a sales, I will trust all of my team members I will invest to them, praise for having a good performance and responsible for their duty, offer equal opportunities for each one of them. Give importance to all staff. Guide them for the thing they have to improve, teach them in good manners. Listen to their concern. For the DIVERSITY of the customer, customer should be assisted by an employee. Staffs must show respect and importance to the all customers they have to be treated well. Employee must be patience and apply professionalism in all time. As much as possible give what customer looking for, to make them satisfy. Understand and listen to the want and need customer.


  13. BSIT 3C2 Ralph Tarre Jr.

    As a leader, Im going to tell my employees about the features that
    I like the most to our product, and im going to tell them, that what they need to tell to our customers. the best advantage of having a samsung phone is that samsung phones are globally shipped. On the offset that you happen to break something on your phone, spare parts are real easy to find meaning its super easy to get it repaired when it runs into problems.
    Other major advantage is that Samsung phones are diverse, they come in all forms and price range. If there’s a phone you want chances are Samsung has the exact phone you need which matches your budget, your daily requirements and what not
    Samsung phones today are equipped with the best in class Displays, SAMOLED, with wide color gamuts and deeper blacks. You wont find any other phones that give you that vivid experience. On a developer standpoint, Samsung phones are easier to customise. You can find customs OSs, many tools and what not as they’re widespread. Most developera is in on the developing game.

  14. Jerome D. Moreno BSIT-C3

    I think I will choose to promote the features of Samsung products like the Chipset of the samsung it contains Qualcomm SDM675 Snapdragon 675 This is the best processor of the latest model of samsung, Because this kind of processor can run all games without lagging your devices. 2nd is Sensor, Because now a days so many devices has fingerprint on their mobile devices to insure the security of their devices. Fingerprint sensor is located, at the back or side or in the screen of the cellphone. I will motivate them in my own way as a manager, I will Understand their situation, i will put more patience when dealing the the employees. Sometimes if when they have time or day off, I can create fun games to less their stress. to fulfill my obligations to my employees. And lastly i will make them comfortable when they are inside of my company.

  15. Paolo Miguel S. Samson BSIT 3-C2

    Technology nowadays have become more advance than what we have expected. Today, mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives. They now have connection to the Internet which allowing us to shop, communicate with others, Have fun on game apps, and much more. In Todays generation, other people and including us are now buying mobile phones with the features that we want to get. As leader I want to tell my employees that the features that I want on the phone is: First Savvy Memory, with larger memory we can store many photos and save memories as much as we want to. And also with larger Ram memory this will help make the phone function more faster such as in playing games or doing school works, with an extra sd card slot this will be a big help so that we can put our micro sd card for more storage for our datas. Second is Superior Camera, we all know that we love to take pictures where ever we go and also in some important days. I would love to have that my phone camera can take clear pictures in low light and in day light situations and I want the colors of the photo to be more vibrant and having perfect balance of exposure and contrast of the photo.

    As a leader, motivating the team is important to me. To do that I must first make the working enviroment more friendly and appealing. Second Listening to their opinions and ideas on how will we make the sales go up. Third is good communication with the team to strengthen the bond and relationships with each other. Lastly I must be a good leader for them, because they look up to me so its my job to guide them to reach our goals together. And also I want to tell my team the right way to make sales in a diverse group of customers. First would be Creating a welcoming enviroment for the diverse customers. Second respecting the customers diversity, must always be applied to the team for good manners. Last is building a relationship with diverse customers and always be active in listening to the customers to gain their loyalty.

  16. Technology are rampant nowadays and only as few doesn’t own a mobile gadgets. As a manager of Samsung Company, the people that I must gain the trust first are my employees and I must pursue them that the company that they have been working for are realible when it comes to technology. I will promote the product of my company with the features that I love the most and it will be the chipset of the product and the camera system of it . I choose those features because chipset is important now to consider before buying when it comes to mobile phones because there are lots of mobile games that the young generation plays and having a nice chipset in your phone can help the performance of your game. I also choose the camera because just like the chipset, it also one of the priority in buying phone.
    As a leader, I can motivate my team by acknowledging them and giving them a fairly attention even they have a lot of differences. Also as a leader, I’ll make sure that we have a bond that will bring us altogether despite of our differences.
    Enrica T. Abrio BSIT 3-C2

  17. First of all as a manager of Samsung Company, I am very proud to tell all of my employees the features that I like about our products. The all new samsung has improved at many specifications. The number one(1) that I like the most is the 5G connection and ultra fast speed internet surfing because we all know that the internet connection here in the Philippines is very slow and we can’t really deny it. Second(2) is the battery life-span, this would be very helpful for the consumers like me as a student and travellers who would not be hassle for having a powerbank and bring it all the time.

    Also as a manager to my employees, I will give them bonuses and quota. If they reach their quota they will have extra money so that my employees will be motivate while they are working. And for the bonus are for those who have not late and absences in the whole month. Another extra money for this.

    In this kind of work kindness is very important. For example, I have five(5) employees in the field. And the four employees has already written their name on the list for having a customer and buying our products. The remaining one must have customers too so that he/she will not be zero for the whole day. Kindness will join the group in this kind of situation. The four must help for the one who did not even have a customer for the whole day. They must work as a team. That is why I made or established the quota for the whole team to work. So that they will get their extra money every end of three(3) or four(4) months.


    As a manager of Samsung Company, I will promote the Samsung in Bacolod City by featuring it’s well known capability of the phone. I will first discuss the phone then the purpose of it one by one. Like the hyper fast 5g performance one of I like the most, who will not love the fast connection? Neither of us I think. Since we all loved the fast connection, it will also be loved by the Bacolodnons using entertainment, research purposes and online class it also a necessary because of pandemic we are not yet recover from it and the only we could use is our phone with the help of strong connection for meetings and work. A good advantage from the other smartphones because it just recently discovered. The memory capacity of Samsung is a necessary to have a larger memory to stores an important files in online class and work. We all know that people nowadays loved to take a pictures and videos, the larger memory is necessary for it and it is good to store thousands of memories in the phone for a larger capacity of storage.

    To motivate my employees as a team is to do it one step at a time. Have a consensus to make the sales discussed much better and understandable without any conflict. I will make my employee comfortable in each other. Synergy is a part of the goal where my employees need to make the right sales. It is helpful in the diverse group of customers they could come up any ideas to persuade customers to achieve their sales even if customer have a different preferences in phones, they still always look for important features of the phone like storage, performance, battery life and quality of it. Samsung is well known for its quality, it will be easy for them to get the sales they wanted as long they have compassion for their job.

  19. Kent Nicholas Bertolano BSIT3C2

    So I have been tasked to promote the Samsung brand to Bacolod City. With the use of my power and influence, the first thing to do is to gather my team and let them know my thoughts on the product that we are promoting. I have been using samsung products especially their smartphones for years now. It is my main handheld device, I use it every time for my academic needs, social media and gaming. As a manager and a big fan of samsung my favorite features and the reason why I recommend it are the savvy memory and it’s hyper fast 5G performance. Having a large amount of memory is a must when picking up or buying a new smartphone because the larger the storage the better. It will carry you for a long while, it can store your important data, apps, videos, and photos without you worrying on buying a SD card or an external storage like USB. Hyper fast 5G performance is a new tech or new innovation in the smartphone industry, it is the predecessor of 4G LTE, 5G is much faster and more reliable when it comes to connectivity and speed. This is important for students who are undergoing online class and for mobile gamers who loves fast connection when playing their favorite games. I personally love 5G it’s like having a super fast WIFI connectivity but small and mobile. These features are the key factor to the success of Samsung brand in the Bacolod City.

    As the leader of the team, I’d let my team use the product and let them use it for a while. I will let them the experience of using the product that they are selling, this will motivate them on their promotion and sales. When they use it, they will able to promote the product the most effective as possible knowing how the product everything about the product’s performance, looks, style, and it’s best features. They will able to determine the pros and cons of the product which is important to know for what might the costumer need. The mobile industry well diverse, we have the specific product for everyone, the features a costumer needs is implemented to new smartphones released this year. Knowing your product is the most effective way to sell it, when your confident to what it can do the costumer will surely like the product and may buy it too. We have different kinds of smartphone users who likes different brands, so be specific to what you have and you will surely succeed.

  20. Ramon Resty D. Artesano

    As a manager first I will introduce my self to my employees what are my achievements and how I promoted as a manager then I will introduce to them what exactly are the samsung products and I will introduce them the new samsung product which is Samsung Galaxy Z and its good features the first is HGR (High Graphics Resolution) it enhances the graphics in a sharpening gadget and converts it to advance HD quality for good graphics and resolution of the phone. Second one is the Gaming mode it is a feature that can be used when the buyer is a gamer because of these features he can focus more on playing because it has features that he blocks all your calls and notifications and it has competition mode this mode features that the internet connection is just focus in the game for more stable ping and avoid lagging and after that I will assign them to their task like marketing, doing promotional advertising and to the endorsers then I will motivate them by pushing them to do their task and I will explain to them what is the purpose of what they are doing and what will they get after this task and I will listen to their opinion and that they think will help to our Task we
    promote we will all do our jobs and help each other so that we can succeed in our task everyone has their opinions and beliefs their difference I will promote to them the product together with my team by respecting them i will explain to them one by one what our product is what it makes it better for others I will explain in detail so that they better understand what samsung is and I will give them a sample as proof that our products are durable, unique and beautiful.

  21. Gian Gabriel A. Ybesate

    As a manager tasked to promote Samsung products in Bacolod City, I shall move quickly to launch the product. Once the product is launched and the customers have purchased, it is important to listen to their feedback and consider their wants, needs and concerns. The features I like to tell the employees are:
    1. Savvy Memory of the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G because it is upgradable to 128GB storage and 8GB RAM so more storage and memory means it’s more dependable. Most customers would check the specifications of the device and they want more storage and faster memory to be able to store thousands of files without slowing the device.
    2. The Superior Camera of Samsung Galaxy A22 5G because of it’s 8 megapixels wide and 1080p at 30 fps with it’s front camera. And mostly travelers and tourists loved to take photos and videos in their travels, which makes it a great feature for this product.
    Now all I need is to motivate my employees to work as a team. Communication is the most effective way to do it because keeping up-to-date with what needs to be done and listening to their ideas and feedbacks will have a positve impact on the business. Also, encouraging the employees to promote teamwork will boost the productivity and it helps them feel less isolated and they will engage their task even more.

    -Gian Gabriel A. Ybesate BSIT 3-C2

  22. Ermie Grace D. Pagsuguiron BSIT 3 C2

    As a company manager I will promote the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G in Bacolod City in my
    own way. I will show them the exciting phone feature that can be really helpful to our
    everyday life. Since most of the people of Bacolod city are engaged in Online activities like
    online classes and some are working from home, this can provide a quality screen feature
    and let them focus on their perspective lesson and enjoy the good quality that the phone
    could give. This phone can provide so much in terms of phone aspect. This phone says it
    As a leader I will tell my employees about the feature that I really like and they eventually
    may also like it. My take on this quality phone is that its features are the savvy memory and
    superior camera. Savvy memory I love to have a lot of memory spaces. I would like to
    consider having a lot of phone spaces. Right now, most of the phone users are students
    therefore having enough space for files and documents. It is easy for them to store their
    necessary information regarding the lesson. Some of us really love to store so many photos.
    Superior camera because having an excellent quality camera is important nowadays to
    provide quality pictures. So that it can capture such amazing and funtastic photos that
    everyone is most likely to have.
    As a team leader I will motivate my team in encouraging them to believe in themselves.
    Engaging with a diverse group of customers can be challenging but by believing in each one
    of my employees potential to communicate to diverse groups effectively and provide a lot of
    interesting quality of information about this Samsung Galaxy A22 5G. Also to prepare some
    answer to every question that the customer would ask. Most importantly, information that is
    true about the phone can help a lot to have a good sale. No need to feel on the fence about
    this phone. Just try to believe.

  23. John Peter Solleza

    As a manager of the Samsung Company, I will promote a Samsung phone to the people of Bacolod and it will take a lot of steps. However, I will discuss first the benefits and a lot of features of the phone. The first and foremost benefits/features of this product that I will tell them are Samsung health. Samsung health is one of the great features of Samsung phones. Samsung health app can show you your nutrition. Samsung health helps you to track the calories inside your body. It can also track your weight and it also can count your steps a day, and many more. However, the most important thing that Samsung health can show you maintain your blood pressure and heart rate. The second feature of the Samsung phone that I will tell my employees is 5G readiness of the phone. We all guilty that one of the features that we wanted when we purchasing a phone is the performance of the internet that can phone can provide. The 5G readiness of this phone can help you download the larger file anywhere.
    I first thing I will do to motivate my employee is to respect all of them. All of us deserve a respect whatever the position that we have. Having a good relationship with them is the most important thing to our team. A good relationship can reflect how we communicate with each of us. Having good communication skills with the team can help us to exchange feelings and ideas. I will motivate them also by giving a trust from me. Trust is also an important thing in the team because when I give trust to them can define that I believe in their capability. We all know that the people of Bacolod have their own perspective on different things so that I will tell my employees that we have to respect whatever the comments of the customers can tell about us or the product. It may good or bad but the most important thing is we should give respect to them.

    John Peter B. Solleza BSIT 3 – C2

  24. As a leader and if im going to tell my employees about those features then im going to promote samsung in Bacolod City, I will explain the first features and it is All day battery because it’s good to use then you don’t need to bring a charger and power bank if you’re going somewhere or if you want to travel anywhere. Samsung galaxy A22 5G offering you an all day battery but you just need to charge it in the morning then you can use it all day or the entire traveling. The next features that i explain with them is the Large and Smooth screen this kind of features is for the player because all players need these features so i offer the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G, like professional players they need these features to make their game even better and also for smoother swiping because this generation is that others are addicted to online games so i offer this product to them.

  25. Axel Mer N. Dolero BSIT 3 C2

    I am working in samsung as a manager, and I am tasked to promote the samsung in Bacolod City. Samsung Galaxy is the most reccomended smartphone not only in the Phillippines but also in some other parts of the world. The number one reason why samsung is reccomended is its cheap price, yes it is cheap but does not mean it is not quality, did you know that almost 80 percent (80%) of mobile users here in bacolod city are samsung users, all of them are keeping loyal to the brand starting from Tv’s, appliances and many things branded by samsung. The first thing that samsung attracts me is its Multitasking feature or commonly known in some mobile phones as Multi-tasking, but in samsung they called it Multi Window. In today’s smartphone’s it is very hard to do two things at once eventhough multi tasking is supported in most smartphones but still it can’t operate two operations at the same time example if you play a video in right/up window it cannot support playing other video in the opposite window of the screen, while in samsungs latest model it is now supported, you’ll need to enabled it and once it enabled you can run two applications in the screen at the same time, that’s the reason why samsung make difference in all other smartphone and standout in all other models. The best thing that samsung made me obessed in it is its Massive storage, since the frst 2020 samsung smartphones all of thier storage are starting in 4gb-6gb of ram and expandable to 8gb while rom storages are 64gb-128gb and still expandable till 1 tb!.

    As a Manager I will rally the equality policy in my store, and that thing obviously needs to start in me as a manager, I will be a respectful, honest, responsible and supportive leader for them. Because what things that employee sees in you is what they will follow thats why I need to do a right things that influence them and not the bad ones, in that way I can make a better relationship in my employees. Second thing is recognizing thier good performance and giving them positive feedback, because feedbacks are not only meant for negativity, you need also to give them positive feedback to make them more confident to thier work.

    Axel Mer N. Dolero

  26. Laurice A. Abellar BSIT3-C1

    If I’am the manager of samsung company, first I will apply my leadership skills which is influencing my employees towards the achievement of a goal. Like featuring the samsung which it improves the quality of camera, like you’re improving the future of your employee. Second is upgrading the generation of cellular networks or it is known as GHz (Giga Hertz), like you’re putting or setting the future of your employees to their goals. Being a leader you should influence you’re employees to open their mind by promoting the business. Motivating your employees by coordinating and to work as a team makes the work easier, because the more people who help each other, the work must done easier as possible. Working as a team it helps also to aligned them in their common goals. And then, in the diverse group of customer that each individual has there uniqueness, which it allows for more ideas and processes. It is also enhances employees productivity. And also diversity helps to promote the samsung by using leverage, which it means that you’re multiplying yourself through other people. Thankyou!

  27. ” I tell them that”, The Samsung a22 5g has a strong and long-life battery. It has 5000maH battery capacity, that’s enough for long-term use for up to all day and beyond. Due to the long battery life, you can use this cellphone all day. The Samsung a22 price is cheap and this is good on your budget. Samsung a22 5g, for those who love to watch Netflix YouTube, and movies. Especially you are in Negros, you can see many beautiful sights and many beautiful places here! So you can use your Samsung a22 5g for taking videos and pictures. And if you like hiking with your friends? You no longer have to bring your power bank to charge.

    I give them ideas on how to sell the product and the right ways to guide them. Reward your employees for their efforts. Setting up a reward system is a great way to inspire employees. Get to know your employees one at a time. If someone has done something outstanding, you should take the time to share it. Instead of telling everyone that they are working well, take the time to bring a certain person to the office or write an email or payday note to let them know that their work is great.

  28. Renz Christian T. Carisma BSIT 3-C1

    As a leader, first I will build a team that could help to improve my advertisment strategies, Second i will make sure that my product is convenient and amenable for smart phone user and lastly I myself must experience first hand the product I will promote.

    Now we will present this product SAMSUNG GALAXY MODEL that its has all day battery experience, don’t worry about the battery anymore in your whole day activity the long lasting life of your phone will not gonna disappoint you.
    This phone will have much fun experience specially with young once playing online game in a larger smooth screen of samsung galaxy model.
    Old, blurry eye cant see small text worry less samsung galaxy with his specially features and larger screen you will see the world much bigger and closer.

    Team work and accountability will be much more effective in promoting the products, by this it may help them to watch each other mistake nad fullfill the gap of the other employees making the work much less and effective. Employees will be partner with there peers that has the same goal to improve synergy. Employee must determine by thier weakness and strength so that we will know that weakest link a partner it to the employees that much more efficient so that it may impart to others The strategies I made will surely empowered my team to do their best to learn more and be creative for each works. I will teach them to except people regardless of the status in life to show respect and it ends in appreciating each other.

  29. If I’am the manager of samsung company, first I will apply my leadership skills which is influencing my employees towards the achievement of a goal. Like featuring the samsung which it improves the quality of camera, like you’re improving the future of your employee. Second is upgrading the generation of cellular networks or it is known as GHz (Giga Hertz), like you’re putting or setting the future of your employees to their goals. Being a leader you should influence your employees to open their mind by promoting the business. Motivating your employees by coordinating and to work as a team makes the work easier, because the more people who help each other, the work must done easier as possible. Working as a team it helps also to aligned them in their common goals. And then, in the diverse group of customer that each individual has there uniqueness, which it allows for more ideas and processes. It is also enhances employees productivity. And also diversity it helps to promote the samsung by using leverage, which it means that you’re multiplying yourself through other people.

  30. Marion Lloyd M. Santiago BSIT 3-C1

    I like the samsung A22 5g because I am the person who can go anywhere and I really need a strong signal so that I can upload to facebook and instagram and for my photos to be clear because it is 48 megapixels wide and 5 megapixels wide and It’s exactly right for me because I can also download a video on youtube about travel so I can access it too, And what I like the most is the All Day battery because I’m going to buy a powerbank because it’s a long lasting battery unlike the others out there use another hour to low battery.

  31. Anjeline C. Sampior BSIT3C-1

    The feature that I liked about this product is the all-day battery. We all know how important battery life to a mobile phone. Having an all-day battery in a mobile phone will be really helpful in doing a lot of mobile works. Without a long battery life, a mobile phone can only give you a matter of time to do your things. However, in a longer battery life, you can enjoy as much as you want and don’t worry about charging it. It will give us a lot of time doing what we want and enjoy. So, as a leader, it is my job to manage the team to make the sales. In a diverse place, anything can happen and it will be a hard time for us. I will conduct a meeting and teach them how to gain the trust of the costumer. I will also motivate them to work as a team by letting them know each other. In that way, they can work easily and gain more costumers. Teamwork is the key in this hard situation. We must cooperate and help each others in order to do a job done. It will also help increase the sales because we have cooperation and can give our best in a certain task. Costumers are the most important part in making sales. Not all people are the same and my members must know that. We must have diversity in order to give the costumer the satisfaction that they need. We need to understand and appreciate our costumer’s uniqueness because it will be the key to increase sales. A good leader knows how to handle its members and a good member know how to listen to its leader.

  32. Jhon Christian T. Talaman BSIT3-C2

    As a manager in Samsung Company the most features i like in this product is that its “5G connection”, that can make you experience a high quality of a mobile phone and for not struggling in a unstable connection you have in your old android phone. And the second feature that i like in this new phone is that the high quality specs that can suit you and your friends in using this newly released mobile phone.
    And i will motivate my employees to work as a team in a way of showing every customer’s equality in selecting and choosing their likes and wants in this product. And teaching my employees that dont judge the customer by their appearance. And by intertaining them to buy this product and to provide them information that this product is good or suit for their daily lifestyle experiences.

  33. Hance Peñafiel SIT 3-C1

    As a Manager of Samsung company i will promote the new galaxy A22 5g to the bacolodnon because this new phone is the latest android phone of samsung right now as you can see it is the first 5g device in the galaxy A series.I will make an ads for this new phone to invite/encourage more people come to our store to examine of how good it is this, samsung A22 5g is powered by mediatek dimensity 700 so I will develop the smooth and wide screen also the storage and camera of this phone because some millenial are looking good ang affordable phone to use in online class. And guess I expect that first launch of our galaxy A22 5g is not accurate successful but its not a bigdeal because in business failure is a lesson/key to improve.i dont drag my team if have many people dont satisfied to use our phone and have a bad experience when using it because this is the part of business and also every person have different likes.I will confront the situation like this because not new to us especially for me our team of costumer service, is operationaly to read their opinion or answer their questions of our costumer.As a leader I will motivate my team to tackle this situation to improve the specification of our phone to more satisfied our costumer because i believe the tagline of samsung”Better normal For all”.Be grateful and love your work share your experience to continuous pursuit of diversity and equality.

    Nowadays technology and mobile phones is trendy everywhere you go and having a full all day battery is a must. And when you go somewhere without electricity or a solar you’re phone can long last, or it depends on using of your Mobile phone.

    Savvy Memory
    This thing is one of the most important being a employee, students, and player having a large capacity in mobile is a must. We need wide space in our Mobile phone just because of the situation of new normal. Online class or either online meetings, and also your files and apps include on your online works.

    The features that can highly catch the interest of all ages is the light in hand which is easy to put in the pocket and easily grip when being used. The other one is the high resolution camera back and front which can give you quality pictures for everyday use. In additional, as a leader of the team I can motivate my people to have teamwork in making sales by assigning them base on how they adle people according to their styles and taste in order to satisfy and their questions in terms of the product. The team can have harmony by knowing each other first well and to have good connection and helping with another in terms of dealing to customers.

  35. Renan P. Bisagar BSIT 3-C1

    -The features I like the most about samsung A22 5G is Hyper fast 5G Performance and All-Day Battery. Hyper fast 5G performance will allow the customer to download and upload files with incredible speed without connecting to wifi. The 5G feature will be the advantages of samsung in other mobile phone because having this feature will attract the attention of the customer because most of them wants to watch a high quality video, download files, browse in the web, playing online games with no lag or delay while playing and stream videos with blistering speeds. All-Day battery is also a good features of samsung A22 5g because it has 5000 milliamp hour baterry capacity that allows you to use your Mobile phone all day. It will help a lot now a days because most of the employees and students using their phones all day.

    -In a team every members have their own way to do work and also having different perspective. Its better if every members will share their thoughts and ideas to the team, in that way no one will feel neglected. Also having diversity in work will help to motivate employees because if they understand and respect each other they will be a great team.

  36. Andrada Mel V. BSIT 3C1

    Samsung is one of the world largest producers of electronic devices. As a manager first I will educate my members about the features of what we offer so that we can market our customers easily. I will conduct a meeting regarding with our strategies also I will ask them about their suggestions and opinions so that we can have a great plan with our task. Communication and trust is one of the key of our success after gather information and opinion to my members I will select a realible person to promote advertisement in the bacolod and then I will select one of my members in poster making about the specs of Samsung like 5,000 mAh battery, 6GB ram/ 128GB rom, and has a multi – role quad camera. And also I will make a website about the specs and price of Samsung products. And also I will communicate to other companies in bacolod to apply partnership. It’s very helpful because of their influence and know about the culture, Values of Bacolodnon that will help to promote and sales of product.
    Teamwork is most important to the success of my team. Because of that I will choose a people on my team that willing to communicate and participate and also willing to listen the suggestions and opinion of his/her teammates. Because we all know promoting Samsung products is very difficult that is why we need a team that have a communication, trust, commitment, involvement and courage to do their task that given to them.
    Diversity is important to the success of promoting Samsung electronics device. I Treat my members and workers like a family and avoid favoritism and bad judgement by choosing a them like In the terms of gender, race, religion and color. But choosing them according to their knowledge, learnings and experience. And if your memembers complete the task always recognized and valuing their work and give them a prize according to their accomplishment. Because of that your team and workers they will do their best to accomplish the task that given to them.

  37. Ronnie Jude T. Tabora BSIT 3C2

    The savvy memory and the all day battery. Buyers will definitely buy a smartphone or andoid phone unit with best specs like the memory specs and battery specs. Good ram of the unit will satisfy buyers because it is one of the most demand specs of a phone . The bigger the ram the smoother it operate . Also bigger rom of the unit will encourage customers because of its larger files capacity. And also, customers seek for a unit that they can enjoy its battery life longer. For me ill motivate my employees by cheering them up and giving theor need to satisfy them to their work. Giving them their needs and being able to communicate with them with no hassle will keep them motivated which can help them do their part of the job. I will also encourage them to work as a whole because we have only one goal to be achieved. If any negative happens, being a leader, I will let them know that they always got my back.

  38. Irone D. Calpis BSIT 3-C1

    -The camera in the cell phone is a features that every women’s look before they buy and no doubts to buy. It’s a fantastics emage and good quality.

    Pin code or Password in our phone
    -we need to put a password in our phone because we can protect your documents or private messages phone to keep our content safe and secure, by preventing unauthorized access. Just b careful not to give your password or share you documents to every one.

    Teamwork is very important because you can achieve your dream work with your team mates. A teamwork environment promotes an atmosphere that fosters friendship and loyalty. These close-knit relationships motivate employees in parallel and align them to work harder, cooperate and be supportive of one another. Individuals possess diverse talents, weaknesses, communication skills, strengths, and habits.

    -To know that diversity brings in new ideas and experiences, and people can learn from each other. Bringing in different ideas and perspectives leads to better problem-solving. Working in diverse teams opens dialogue and promotes creativity. The value of diversity is true for our culture.

  39. Adrian Semillano BSIT 3-C1

    Hello everyone. I would like to introduce to you the newest and faster that you don’t even encouter, the speed of your connection will I courage you to buy this product. And in addition it also have a very powerful battery that last all day long. I promise to all of you that you didn’t disappointed of what you buy this product. Then what you are waiting for?

  40. Rollen Mari V. Gadiano BSIT 3-C1

    As a manager of Samsung Company I will do my responsibility as a leader. I will guide them of what will be their going to do, I will share feature to them of what I’ve like the most in that product like, I like the most in the samsung galaxy A22 feature is the Savvy Memory and the Superior Camera. Why, because samsung galaxy has 64gb 4gb RAM up to 128gb 8gb RAM. In that GB we will save a lot of pictures and videos in times when we hangout with our friends and you can also download your favorite mobile games, that you don’t have to worry if your gallery might get full or enough storage. I like also the Superior camera that samsung galaxy feature, because the camera has a 48 megapixels wide 5 megapixels ultra wide and the camera is very clear and highly-quality when you use it in video, pictures/selfies. that’s really what young people want today, because almost all young people today are expressing themselves to the social media. And as a leader i will motivate them to work as a team, the team that working together, helping and respecting each other. Because there is nothing hard to do if we work together as a team. Be open communication to your team to know their diversity that you aware of their differences, be sensitive also of what your gonna say/speech because maybe some people got offended.

  41. Dioneo, Clark Vin BSIT3-C1

    The features i personally like about Samsung are superior camera and the hyperfast 5G performance seeing that I’m into photography. Indeed the Samsung Galaxy A22’s main camera is 48 megapixels wide, 5 megapixels ultrawide, and 2-megapixel depth this means that it has the capability to capture not just pictures but memories. In addition its video is 1152pixel at 30 frames per second and it has a LED flash, panorama, and HDR. Lastly it is perfect for perfect selfie camera that everyone likes and it has 8 megapixels wide and 1080p at 30 frames per second videos. This device is in best use for traveling and what the best thing about it is you can capture moments that will never happen again. Thus the other feature i like about Samsung devices is The Hyperfast 5G performance that is perfect and i personally prefer for heavy content creators out there and this mobile phone will give you the best experience. As a leader i choose this feature owing to the fact that this features is most likely lots of people looking for a device. Lastly i will motivate my teammates to work as a team in order to make a sale in a diverse customer by means that they have to experience by themselves that quality of the device.

  42. Reniel M. Atillano Bsit-3C1

    As a leader i make a better plan first then after that i will tell to my employees to promote those 2 main important parts of samsung galaxy A22 which are “all day battery” and “superior camera”, for me this two is the main importante to promote because most of us now want to take pictures wherever you go or what ever you do, some want to record every details of their daily life through taking picture and videos for remembrance. So “all they battery” is very needed so that you can used your phone without limits and “seperior camera” for good captured photos and videos so that if you were going to share it to our social medias it looks good and attractive because the camera you used has a good quality. So prefer this two parts of the samsung galaxy A22 to promote to my employees because now a days this two are very usefull specially to the mellenials. As a leader of my employees i will motivate them to do their best, be passionate and dedicated when it comes to sales, they must have a talent on how to sales talk, on how to used it so that it that can attract consumers to the product we sell. They must be good in explaining the good perfomance and quality of a product so that many consumer will entertain and want to buy the product. Giving your best in everything you do is the successful result of all your hardwork.

  43. Monera N Dondoy BSIT 3-C1

    Samsung Galaxy is famous phone because of their specification and futures that really matters. If you are looking for the Android phone I suggest that Samsung Galaxy A22 is the best, especially if you are traveling. Samsung Galaxy have 48 mega pixel wide, 5 mega Pixel ultra wide, and 2 mega pixel depth so you can selfie, videos, and all other activities. The Battery have 5000mAh so don’t worry to use all day Samsung Galaxy is the best gaming too. the large and smoth screen conveniently to your needs.
    As a team all we need is to sales talk to to our lovely costumers about the features of Samsung Galaxy A22.
    Synergy is the best way as a team to cooperate each and everyone we need also brainstorming to gain ideas and strategy to encourage the costumers that this Samsung Galaxy is the best Android Phone.

  44. I will share to my employees that I have a new product to tell them. I will gather and set a meeting and discuss them that the features that I like is hyperfast all-day baterry and 5G performance. And ask them what is need to upgrade or add to the product and also what is their opinion to my products and listen to thier ideas what is suitable for the products. I choose this features beacause nowadays some of the students needs a long lasting battery and strong signal to do in their online classes. As a manager I will be the one to help and assist the employees if they needed because without them our product will not become not known and selling to the costumers. It is suitable for any costumers that will buy they need it because I am aware to them some of area the signal is poor and lack of electricity.

  45. Angelo Casilagan BSIT 3 1-C

    As a manager of Samsung Company. I will tell my employees what I like the most in Samsung. That this Samsung have All-day Battery and Smooth Screen . Because nowadays most Generation Z , millennials are looking for a cellphone that they can use all day, just like this situation , they need to go online schooling because of this pandemic. And sometimes suddenly blackout it is very useful when it times like that .  And most of all Generation Z love to play games thats why we need a smooth screen to satisfy our need by using this  Product . Because if this product can’t satisfy it will add more stress that to relax.

    I’ll motivate my colleagues by reminding them that no one works alone, which is why this is referred to as a team, because we need to work together to increase sales and enhance our performance. And that’s why need to work together or brainstorming to share every opinions in a team. To find better solutions to our challenges, we must appreciate all ideas. And I tell them that because this team requires synergy, they should not be afraid to share any ideas they have if they believe they will benefit the team. Being a diverse team we need to interact each other to build respect and appreciate every differences and culture in a team.

  46. Pamela A. Lucha BSIT 3-C1

    As a manager, I will do everything to make the promotion of Samsung Company successful.
    A manager it’s an honor for me to promote Samsung Galaxy A22. I will discuss the two features that I think will be popular to our buyers in this time of pandemic. First feature of Samsung Galaxy A22 is Hyperfast 5G performance. I choose this feature because cellphone that has a 5G performance will be popular with the consumer looking for a cellphone especially students for their online class. As we know connection is one of a struggle of students during their online classes. The second is Samsung Galaxy A22 has a Octa-core of 4GB/6GB/8GB and a storage of 64GB/128GB + up to 1TB (MICRO SD card). This feature is also be popular to those student to find a phone for their online classes. Not everyone can afford to buy a loptop and internet for their school needs. This feature is a big help to the student to save their important files without feeling up the storage of their cellphone. I think this two features is what customers looking for especially for students.
    I will motivate my employees to work as a team through having a plan for the promotion. Each employee will have their assignments to do. Also there will be communication, understanding and respect to everyone. In that way everyone can make their job well done. And we will set a target buyers and that is students and people who can afford to buy laptops for their school and work from home. I think one of the reasons why it has a good sales is installment. Not everyone can afford to buy a cellphone. Some of the customers do installment just to provide their children needs for online classes and some worker needs for their work from home. So that not only those with money can buy Samsung Galaxy A22. In that way we will treat the consumer equally. We already earn we have even helped our customer.

  47. Norman B. Lopez BSIT 3-C1

    As a manager of a samsung company and being a leader to my employees,i would tell to them about the different features about the product.First,i will tell them about the phone that is a “ALL DAY BATTERY”by explaining to them that the phone is long lasting and it is very good to use whether you are in the city or outside the city.And also the screen of the phone is Large and it is smooth to touch and not lagging it is because the phone is new realease.Also i would tell them that the phone/product that we sell is brand new and not a clone phones.And also being a leader i have a power to assigned all my employees on doing their jobs in engaging customers to buy our products.
    And then as a leader i will motivate ny employees by teaching them on how to be patience and on how to speak good manners in every/different customers.And influence them and respect them also the way they respect me.And share positive feedbacks and give them a freedom on what they are doing as a team and as a employee to promote/engage customers to buy the proudcts.
    And lastly,being a employee and as a leader,it is not easy because in a diverse group of customers we encounter different type of people.Because not all people/customers are the same,so that i would tell them that always be patient and have a good smile as a team so that customers engage to buy the products and the company and the products will grow and become successful.

  48. Mae Grace L Jundos BSIT 3-C1

    As a manager of Samsung, I will tell my employees what are the two most relevant and admirable features of Samsung phones are their Hyperfast 5G performance and Savvy Memory . This features are very helpful especially to those people using their phones in gaming, online class, browsing, and Saving importantant documents. For gaming, people nowadays engage in playing online game such as; mobile legends, Call of Duty, PUBG, and many more because of the Hyperfast 5G performance it will be satisfying while playing without even lagging and reconnecting because of the poor connection or signals because of the support of 5G feature, and in online class one of the problem especially in students and teachers is the bad signal that cause problems and delays while discussing some topics in class, especially in rural places where signals are poor that you to go to the higher places to access on the Internet. In browsing, of course it would be satisfying to you when you are browsing and watching videos or movies when you have good connection without the word loading in your screen, most of the time we are in front of our phone screens watching on what’s happening in the world or in different places, what’s trend and just to waste time, so for you to have that satisfying feeling with the help of 5g feature connection would be great and amazing. For the second feature which is Savvy Memory its very admirable to a phone with huge internal storage to store files, musics, videos, pictures and some important things. Especially in gaming some gaming apps require huge storage to install the app and sometimes they are updating the app for new features which also consume big slots in internal storage. While in online class students and teachers required to install apps like, Google meet, Docs, Google classroom, Zoom, and Wps for their online class so that it would be convenient and easy to access especially when giving assignments, or Activities to the students, and some of this apps consume big especially in Rams so if your phone does not have big Memory to store this apps then it would be disappointing and unsatisfied to a customer.

    I will motivate my employees to work as a team by reminding them that in order to have a successful strategic marketing sales, is to work in a team with coordination that each of us are willing to help each other and goals to achieve . And also i would tell them thr higher the sales the the higher the salary they will get for them to have desires in doing their best to increase sales. Especially that some of the customers have different taste and have different sights about a certain product, but of course we should persuade and continue to pursue them that our products are amazing and worth it. There are some scenarios that other customers that buy the products without even knowing what it is so we should make them understand and respect their opinions about what they want and serve them what they want.

  49. Aki Nishizawa Bsit3 c1

    What i like about this product of samsung it has sufficient battery that can last long all day especially nowadays that we are experiencing a power outage and the brownout is frequently happening to our community i am proud to say that this product can help you because as a student before i became a manager of samsung i am using a different brand of cellphone and the battery can last long during our online class i am struggling always that when i am taking my class the charger is connected always and it is hard for me to find a charging port that i am comfortable to take my class. And second this product of samsung has a smooth large screen that you are comfortable to use because i know the struggle of having a hard touch and lagging screen when you switch with other app its so frustrating to use the cellphone and it can cause sometimes irritation especially when you are playing mobile games and the cause sometimes of losing is that your cellphone is lagging you will be frustrated and can cause you anxiety as manager i will always recommend you to use our product that is all i can share with you of my experience of using our product. And second i will say to you as a manager all i want on our group to be cooperative always and attentive to work because to make our work easier and to achieve our goals we need to unite as your manager i ant also you to communicate with everyone and also to me. And if you have concerns or problems that you are experiencing in our workplace be free to consult me all the time and lastly i want respect everyone in this workplace not only to me but also to your coworkers. And third i will give you a tip of how to communicate with your costumers is you need to be open minded especially if you are facing a diverse person because you should respect always your costumers no matter what he is wearing or how he speaks and where he comes from we should accomodate them because each nd everyone of our customers is our assets to make our company grow and to make it more bigger.

  50. Luis Fernando P. Endaya BSIT 3-C1

    In this generation there are high end gadgets that has been release especially on smart phones, every release they put upgrades to encourage people to buy their product, also increase the efficiency while using it. To promote the the Samsung Galaxy A22 I would gather my team and put emphasis to the all-day battery feature and Hyperfast 5G Performance feature of this smart phone. As a fellow phone user it’s handy if your battery life can last a day, charging phone takes time and we all know that everyone is depending on this type of technology specially students who’s under online classes, having a long lasting battery can lessen the time taken by charging your phone and can turn into more productive use of your phone not just in school works also for entertainment purposes especially mobile games are very popular, if you are into it, this Samsung Galaxy A22 suits your needs, also it has Hyperfast 5G Performance to boost your network and experience no delays on online surfing, this is helpful on everyone who always surf at the internet especially student and Online gamers. Although there are more model and brand of smartphone out there, I’m still confident that this product will gain high profit and more people would love to use it because of the features that I mention above especially nowadays. As a manager and a leader of the team, to impose teamwork I would ask everyone’s idea and opinion about the product, the culture and society of place and ways on how to promote it in Bacolod city. Gather everyone ideas and choose best ideas that would help us, I would not be bias on my decision and I will get the consent of of every one on the team so that all of them would have participation and everyone will happily oblige the task because it is everyone’s idea not just the leader who decide what will happen. And as a seller I would not promote a product that doesn’t reach the needs of the people for the sake of the future users of the product in Bacolod and also for the sake of my team and the company.

  51. Pura,Riza Mae S. BSIT 3 C1

    As a leader i think i will choose ALL DAY BATTERY AND SAVVY MEMORY because this will suit on everyone ,if they want to go out they don’t need to bring charger or powerbank to secure that his/her phone will last until they came home and savvy memory Example of this if you are a student you need a large of space for schools. Me also as a student i need a large space so that i could install the apps we need for online classes , space for PowerPoint , documents and etc. I will motivate my team by influence them the features of the phone so we could have brainstorming together and have some ideas on how we could sales this on the market that can satisfied the customers.We will use also the SYNERGY so that we could come up an idea for any sudden issues.We will use also the 4 stages of team the forming ,storming , norming and performing so that we can have a better idea on how we could make it on the market. We should always value the members or your team contribution so that it won’t roadblocks your success .This Features of phone will suit for everyone we just need to respect on what they want so that they can’t cause a misunderstanding. Just like the quotes “IF WE ALWAYS DO WHAT WE’VE ALWAYS DONE, WE’LL ALWAYS GET WHAT WE’VE ALWAYS GOTTEN” base on that we could always make it if we always do it on time.

  52. Jimrae F. Paragsa BSIT 3C1

    As a leader of this team I would influence or use my authority to choose the Hyperfast 5G performance and superior camera of this samsung phone . So basically this phone can offer a lot of features but this 2 unique features caught my attention. Nowadays that people always want to follow the trend of what is the most advance and superior smart phone. This hyperfast 5G performance is the most advance in the smartphone industry right now. A lot of phones are available on the market but they don’t have that 5G capabilities that this samsung phone have. In addition to this being superior in terms of camera features is just unique especially consumers nowadays they don’t look for the specification of processor but the customer’s first question that mostly ask is “if the camera is good?”. Basically this will leads to capture the attention of the target market of this company.

    I will motivate my employees to work as a team and give their best. As a leader of this team i will be open to any kind of suggestion for them because each of them are having some good opinion. I will also told them about cultural diversity and dont become bias when it comes to customer. I will tell them that whoever may enter the store he/she may be poor or rich , good looking or not , I will tell the employees to entertain them whoever will enter the store. It is important to have that environment in the workplace. This will create an impact to everyone not just for the sales but also to the costumer because of the good customer service that can bring a good reputation for the company.

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