Niludhan Falls is a stunning natural attraction located in the municipality of Bayawan, Negros Oriental in the Philippines. This hidden gem is one of the most popular destinations in the province, known for its serene atmosphere, crystal-clear water, and lush greenery.

How to Get There:

To get to Niludhan Falls, visitors can take a bus from Dumaguete City or Bais City to Bayawan. Once in Bayawan, visitors can take a tricycle or a habal-habal (motorbike taxi) to the jump-off point of the falls. From there, visitors will need to trek for about 10-15 minutes to reach the falls depending on how fast you wall.


What to Do:

Once visitors reach Niludhan Falls, they can enjoy swimming in the natural pool, taking a refreshing shower under the falls, and exploring the surrounding . Visitors can also bring their own food and have a picnic on the designated area.

What to Bring:

Visitors are advised to bring proper hiking shoes or sandals, as the trek to the falls can be quite challenging especially when going up. Additionally, visitors should bring swimming attire, towels, sunscreen, and insect repellent. A waterproof bag to store valuables and electronics is also recommended.


Is There a Place to Buy Food at the Place:

There is no place to buy food at the falls, so visitors are advised to bring their own food and drinks. It’s also important to take all trash with you and leave no trace behind. But there is a small sari-sari store at the jump off point  that sells basic needs like water and simple snacks.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Niludhan Falls is during the dry season from December to May. During this time, the water is clear and calm, making it ideal for swimming and enjoying the falls.

Tips for Visitors:

  1. Start early in the morning to avoid the midday heat and crowds.
  2. Respect the environment and leave no trace behind.
  3. Be mindful of your safety and avoid jumping from high places into the water.
  4. Check the weather forecast before going and avoid going during heavy rain or typhoon season.

Photography Tips:

If you are planning to visit Niludhan Falls and would like to capture some stunning photos of this natural attraction, here are some photography tips that may be useful:

  1. Bring the right equipment: Make sure to bring a camera that you are comfortable with and that can capture high-quality images. A DSLR or mirrorless camera with a wide-angle lens would be ideal for capturing the grandeur of the falls and the surrounding landscapes.
  2. Use a tripod: A sturdy tripod is essential for taking sharp, well-composed photos, especially in low-light conditions. A tripod will also allow you to experiment with long exposure times to capture the motion of the water.
  3. Experiment with shutter speed: Using a slow shutter speed can help you create a smooth and silky effect on the flowing water. Experiment with different shutter speeds and aperture settings to get the desired effect.
  4. Look for unique angles: Try to find a unique perspective of the falls and the surrounding area. Look for different angles and viewpoints to capture the beauty of the falls from various perspectives.
  5. Pay attention to lighting: The best time to capture great photos at Niludhan Falls is during the early morning or late afternoon when the lighting is soft and warm. Avoid harsh sunlight as it can cause overexposure and shadows.
  6. Be mindful of the environment: As with any outdoor photography, be respectful of the environment and the people around you. Be careful not to disturb the natural habitat and avoid leaving any trace behind.

In conclusion, Niludhan Falls is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers visiting Negros Oriental. With its stunning natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere, it’s an excellent place to relax, rejuvenate, and connect with nature.

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  1. Jesmarie Cheng

    1. I would highlight the waterfalls itself as its top trait to tourists because the Niludhan Falls is known for its calm scenery and clear water which is a top selling point for promoting its services since there are many things to do involving the waterfalls including bathing in the natural water, taking in the scenery, and taking pictures or videos.
    2. The biggest challenge of promoting this to the international market is distinguishing this place as a good hangout spot for tourists from other similar tourist spots with waterfalls since the Niludhan Falls does not have any facilities to assist in recreational activities or provide food services and requires staff to maintain its cleanliness for all time.

  2. John Ray O. Arcolas

    1. Niludhan Fall’s top feature is its pristine, cristal clear waterfall cascading down into a serene pool below. this natural beauty offers visitors a refreshing escape from the hustle of city life. this feature will put tourist in awe because of the sound rushing water and the fresh air create a sense of tranquility. the vibrant greenery surrounding the falls only adds to its beauty, making it a must see destination for any nature lover seeking serenity in this beautiful niludhan falls

    2. There is no place to buy food in this area and I think it is the biggest challenge. without a convenient place to purchase essential goods and services, tourist are force to travel long distance to access basic necessities. to address this issue, i would propose opening a small store in niludhan falls. though there is a store that sell simple goods, it is not enough for tourist. I will offer a variety of goods so the customers dont have to travel long distance and they wont spent time and money

  3. Mary Gillie Gemino

    1) One top trait/feature of Niludhan Falls in Bayawan, Negros Oriental that stands out and serves as its top selling point is its natural beauty and calmness. Visitors to Niludhan Falls have the chance to escape the bustle of the city and immerse themselves in immaculate natural settings. Travelers looking for a relaxing getaway in nature are drawn to the falls’ pristine beauty, which is enhanced by its clear water flowing over abundant vegetation.

    2) Even though Niludhan Falls is a breathtaking natural feature, foreign visitors may find transportation difficulties due to the site’s remote position in the municipality of Bayawan, Negros Oriental.

  4. Aleyssa Dionio

    1. The selling point of this destination would be the place that got a strong connection with nature. it can be attractive specially to the tourists or locals who wants to unwind or relax for a while. It’s a perfect place that could offer them calmness, relaxation, and peace of mind.

    2. The biggest challenge would be the Sari-Sari store. It’s far from the place where the resort is located since most people would prefer a place that is only convenient for them. But on the other hand, you can inform them in advance in order to avoid the hassle as well.

  5. Vicentino, Zerah

    1. its falls are a great top feature as it is unique and different. Tourists when visiting can enjoy the natural pools as well as the view of the falls. judging from the picture the falls can have different angles as well with different lighting.

    2. this place isn’t as well developed and looks like it could improve. Selling this in international markets is challenging as falls are a common tourist spot. it should have something that tourists can stay like a small restaurant or a coffee shop.

  6. Andre Ann Gabayeron

    Niladhan falls is an eye catching place in Brgy. Dawis, Bayawan city considered one of the prides of Negros occidental. Based on this review, the transportation to Niladhan falls is hassle free, since you only need to trek for 10-15 minutes, once you get off the tricycle or habal habal, or maybe your private car. When it comes to food, I can say we can save a lot of money since we can bring our own food. The only challenge when visiting in Nilqdhan falls is the weather, we have to check first the weather forecast, before visiting the falls to avoid danger. I think this place is worth to visit because we all know how calming the sound of the water splashing down a waterfall and into the pond below is amplified by waterfalls. This has been shown to have a calming impact on the body, which will undoubtedly enhance our mental well-being. It is a must visit especially if you’re looking for a place to unwind alone or maybe with your family and friends.

  7. Shannyn Mae Cabalhin

    The scenic beauty of the place is the highlight itself. The breathtaking beauty of Niludhan falls is truly picture and adventure worthy and which is most likely the reason why locals and even foreigners visits the place frequently.

    Going there might be a little challenging because of the food or essentials. There is no convenience store where you can buy foods and things that you need so you have to bring it yourself, which is also a good thing because the environment can benefit from it. In this way, the beauty and cleanliness of the place can be preserved and maintain its appealing natural beauty to the public eyes, locals and tourists’ visit will surely be worth it.

  8. Geomari G. Lucero

    1. I think the common premise that people consider when they plan to go to this place is to see and experience the relaxing ambiance and beauty of this naturally-made structure i.e. the waterfalls, the lake, the nature, etc. It is very common especially to people that are use to live in the city to travel outside the city-state to experience the “relaxing beauty” and the “different environment” that are uncommonly found in the urban city. I think investors and tourist should look to this place as this is also one of the hallmark of Bayawan.

    2. I think having a place to stay overnight and a place to buy food or even to engage in luxurious activities like a bar or a karaoke are what’s lacking in this place. By having even just this opportunity in the place I think can also promote the tourism of the place even more.

  9. Giselle Mae Delacruz

    The Niludhan Waterfalls are breathtaking natural wonders that symbolizes the beauty and the power of nature that Negros Oriental has to offer. This scenery or place would be suitable for tourists to connect with the natural beauty of the destination.

    The only challenge that should be avoided is the environmental impact of increased tourism in waterfalls, as it could lead to degradation of the natural habitat.

  10. Julia Rose Olis

    1. The top feature of this place is the falls itself and its environment or ambiance.
    With its crystal-clear water, rich flora, and tranquil environment, it will undoubtedly become a popular tourist destination.

    2. The place’s biggest challenge would be on how the tourists would be able to adapt with the people, practices, and environment itself.

  11. Ana Carmela Antimo

    1. The top selling point or the highlight will be the Niludhan falls itself. The falls is already attractive and has a serene atmosphere. And as stated the place is called a hidden gem which would be a perfect for those tourists who are searching for a place wherein, they can relax and have a good view at the same time.

    2. The biggest challenge of bringing Niludhan Falls internationally would be the distance of this tourist spot from the city. For tourists, travel time and the distance are they cannot go to that specific place. Considering that the tourist has to ride planes, habal habal and they have to trek, it is very costly, time consuming and tiring for them.

  12. Rian Kate S. Quimada

    1. The top feature that I would promote to the foreigners/tourists is the beauty of the place which is the Niludhan Falls in Bayawan, Negros Oriental. It is one of the most popular destinations in the province. The falls is the main attraction of the place since they can enjoy swimming in the natural pool, taking a refreshing shower under the falls, and exploring the surrounding. Also, because of its serene atmosphere, crystal-clear water, and lush greenery. This place is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers visiting Negros Oriental.

    2. The biggest challenge in promoting this place to the international market is by encouraging tourist to visit the place since we all know that there are other attractive tourist destination to visit, not only the Niludhan Falls in Bayawan. So it is important to really compete to the other competitors to grab the attention of the foreigners/tourist to must visit the place.

  13. Rein Kaye S. Quimada

    1. The top trait/feature of this place is the falls. Given that the ambiance of the place is very beautiful, mesmerizing and it is a perfect place to unwind. This place should be one of the must-sees for tourist if they want to experience the stunning, lush surroundings, crystal-clear water of the falls. Also, this is a great opportunity for tourist to appreciate the nature, unwind, and take in breathtaking scenery. It is the top selling point of the place because one of the feature that this place can offer to the tourist is the stunning waterfalls of Niludhan Falls, Bayawan.

    2. I think one of the biggest challenge in promoting the place to the international market is the competition from other destinations because there’s a lot more beautiful and stunning places aside from Niludhan Waterfalls of Bayawan. Also, given that there are so many countries vying for tourist’s attention, it can be difficult to stand out and effectively market the unique attractions of the Philippines.

  14. Jeremiah Lyn M. Denora BAMK 3C

    1. In Niludhan Falls, they can take pleasure in exploring the area and having a cool shower beneath the falls and swimming in the natural pool. Additionally, the guests are allowed to pack their own lunch and have a picnic within the area. Within the place there also has a small sari sari store that sells basic needs like snacks.

    2. People might not be aware of its location and its critical to develop marketing materials that handle any accessibility issues for visitors from outside of the country or island while showcasing the falls and also the distinctive qualities and experiences.

  15. Trisha Marie B. Tabaque BAMK3C

    1. Niludhan Falls in Bayawan, Negros Oriental is most known for its breathtaking natural beauty and environment that is surrounded by pure waterfalls where people can enjoy swimming. Visitors can engage themselves with a tranquil scenery to unwind and enjoy a break from the hustle of the city.

    2. Promoting Niludhan Falls to the international market would be challenging due to its remote location and limited accessibility. Foreign tourists, guests, and visitors may face difficulties in reaching the place due to lack of convenient transportation options which would hinder them from seeing and visiting the hidden gem.

  16. Jeremy P. Chan BAMK 3C

    1. The waterfalls’ surrounding environment is what makes it appealing to the tourists because of its lush greenery and clear natural water and unspoiled destination. With it, it makes one of the peaceful place where you can relax and rejuvenate while surrounded by nature.

    2. The remote location and limited infrastructure of this place makes it quite extensive for unfamiliar tourists. When prioritizing convenience and accessibility it may hinder some of the decisions of choosing this place to take a trip to.

  17. Paolo Gabriel H. Guanzon

    The primary top feature of the Niludhan Falls is its beauty which is more apparent in person rather than just in pictures. As it situated quite high, the water and how the sun hits the face of the waterfall truly remarks its majesty. And the fact that it has been left naturally, meaning that there are no hotels or food stalls or other commercial centers help give off a more natural look. This would be a good spot to visits for out of the country tourists and local tourists alike.

    Tourists should have this on their traveling list as not only the short trek to get there would prove a small challenge. But the reward for completing so would be a good offset and gift for those pursuing such a desired destination. A quick dip into its pool may also serve as natural healing as its waters a very fresh from the mountains.

  18. Andrea Cuadra

    1. The main attraction here is the waterfall, which pours down in a way that is calming to the eye. You can feel at ease and have more mental clarity when you listen to the soothing sound of the river. In addition, you may truly unwind here with the lovely view and the visually soothing surroundings. Niludhan Falls is the perfect location for relaxation.
    2. One of the biggest challenge in promoting this beautiful scenery to the international market is that different nations may have different perception about nature and adventure. Additionally, language barriers and competition from other tourist destinations can serve as other challenges in reaching potential visitors.

  19. Gerald Demafelis

    Demafelis, Gerald H

    Niludhan Falls in Bayawan, Negros Oriental, is absolutely breathtaking! What makes it stand out is the peaceful vibe it gives off. Surrounded by lush greenery, it’s like stepping into a serene paradise. The sound of the water flowing and the birds chirping is so soothing. It’s the perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just relax. If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway with stunning views, Niludhan Falls is definitely worth checking out.

    One significant challenge in selling or promoting Niludhan Falls to the international market could be Limited Accessibility. While its remote location and natural setting contribute to its appeal, it may also present a challenge for international tourists who may face difficulties in accessing the site due to limited infrastructure, transportation options, or information available in foreign languages.

  20. Michelle T. Ballaran BAMK 3C

    1. Natural pool and refreshing shower under the falls is the top feature of Niludhan Falls in Bayawan. As dry season or summer season goes around the corner, the tourists especially foreigners are more drawn to water activities. Niludhan Falls gives the people what they need, from the picturesque surrounding , fresh natural water pool and falls, and the nature itself. Therefore, Niludhan Falls with proper promotions from locals to tourists and with the help of local government will be better and will surely be one of the top tourist destination in the Philippines.

    2. The location should be more accessible to tourists. That is one of the challenges the place will be facing as the Niludhan Falls is a place where transportation is hard to find. The locals or the people that is taking care of the place should make plans such as having a website or a facebook page where tourists who wants to go there can advance book a ride going to the location. Also, a facebook page can be a benefit to the Niludhan Falls as it can promote the location much better and tourists will get to know it more.

  21. Lovelyn D. Barbas

    1. The falls, because of it’s breathtaking natural beauty. Niludhan Falls is the perfect destination for tourist. It has a beautiful views, that offer an opportunity to take some photos with nature. It is a perfect unwind place.

    2. Location, because of transportation that barriers for international travelers could also consider as a challenge.

  22. Angel Silvestre

    1. For me the top trait/feature of Niludhan Falls in Bayawan, Negros Oriental is it’s clear-crystal water and the ambiance that the adventure seeker will spent a lot of time to go there. You can spend your time by swimming and enjoying picnic by the water. The peaceful atmosphere make it an ideal spot to unwind and reconnect with nature.

    2. The biggest challenge I think is there is no place to buy food in there, if locals and tourists aren’t aware of this and they don’t bring their own food, they won’t have anything to eat. And if there is something emergency that will happen, they are no place to buy certain needs to use, like with the girls; pads or any emergency needs.

  23. Ma. Angela J. Mondejar

    1. The most popular aspect of Niludhan Falls in Bayawan, Negros Orriental, is its lovely scenery, which most visitors adore since it allows them to escape the hectic world and find comfort, tranquility, and a calm mind. Additionally, a lot of individuals these days wish to escape reality, and this location is perfect for doing so.

    2. One of the main obstacles to promoting this location on the global stage is its accessibility, since it appeals to both those looking for adventure and those who are simply convenient. and others who are able to travel there as well. Promoting takes a lot of manual labor and is quite difficult.

  24. Danika Chia

    1. A good number of tourists, including some locals, are yet to discover the natural wonder known as the Niludhan Falls. Unlike other tourist attractions that have been popularized and commercialized, entry to the Niludhan Falls remains to be free of charge and “natural” or undeveloped — simply in its raw state. This feature can appeal to those tourists who seek for a tropical destination that isn’t too “tourist-y”.

    2. It could be challenging to convince tourists from other countries to visit this site despite of the distance or commute from Dumaguete City. Particularly on a warm, sunny day, some foreign visitors aren’t inclined to travel by bus for two hours to see the waterfalls.

  25. Niludhan Falls in Bayawan stands out for offering a distinctive experience that seamlessly integrates visitors into the local community while they embark on an enchanting tourist journey. The intrinsic value of this unique blend is underscored by the local flow of fresh mountain water, creating a captivating waterfall and a tranquil body of water—a picture-perfect landscape setting for both locals and tourists to savor and unwind during their expedition. The unspoiled natural surroundings further enhance the location’s appeal, establishing it as a premier destination.

    However, breaking into the international market presents a formidable challenge, given the comparable natural wonders throughout the Philippines. Crafting a distinctive positioning for Niludhan Falls becomes intricate amid the competition from numerous locations boasting similar or even superior waterfall features. Despite this, it is imperative to acknowledge the potential for international acclaim. To surmount this obstacle, a strategic approach involves seizing the opportunity to elevate Niludhan Falls in Bayawan by enhancing its amenities and facilities. This not only augments the experience for tourists but also contributes to the destination’s unique identity, rendering it more memorable and alluring amidst the diverse tapestry of Philippine attractions.

  26. 1. Niludhan Falls is a destination where in , this can accommodate visitors that wanted to swim or to relax on mountains with falls. One feature that visitors may love is that the location has fresh and clean waters for visitors to swim. You can go along and bond with your friends. Somehow , it is inaccessible for everyone yet, once visited it can satisfy the needs of the visitors.

    2. Since it is far away from the city proper , the location must have like a mini store to ensure somehow the essential needs of the customers. you can sell at least an ” inihaw” to satisfy at least the hunger of the customers. If this place is way more accessible and has a very nice roadway on getting into the falls , surely the international market will recommend to visit the location. One recommendation that the Philippines may try to tell the international markets is that , Negros is also a destination where in you may see different beaches and locations that has an aesthetic view to take photos off.

  27. Pauline A. Miraflor

    1. The main selling feature in Niludhan Bayawan is its nature combined with the majestic falls. Adventure trekkers, foreigners, photographers, even the locals in the area, would want to visit the destination for that reason alone. People who need a place to go to with a scenic view and a little adventure would enjoy the place.
    2. The biggest challenge in promoting the place to the international market is ensuring the safety and convenience of the foreigners. It is important that promoting the place should not only focus on selling, but it should also be honest when it comes to communicating the important facts of the destination. It was stated that the ride and trek would be difficult unless you’re prepared. Tourists would also be dealing with a lot of locals, hence, promoting the place should also come with ensuring the safety of the visitors and tourists.

  28. 1. The falls, since it’s the main attraction to the people who loves nature.

    2. Location, since it’s international market it might challenging for me to market the place

  29. Joseph Franz Magbanua

    1. The top feature of Niludhan Fallls is that its the structure of the falls, I think that it can be attracting to foreigners/tourist that are visiting the place because it is unique and very popular even for the locals of negros, and it has a very large span of water to swim at.

    2. I think the biggest challenge when promoting Niludhan Falls is that it is not convenient to some tourist in terms of foods because there are no places to buy food there and there are no comfort rooms there to change clothes.

  30. Cherry Ann D. Cornel

    1. The top selling point of the place is the Niludhan falls itself. With it’s instragammable and perfect place to take pictures and videos, it is frequently visited by tourists and locals. It is a nice place to seek peace by looking the water falling from above and feel the comfort of water hugging and reaching your body when swimming. This is one of the examples that Philippines in terms of tourism has a lot to offer and there are still lots of hidden places that is lack of promotion. 2. I think the biggest challenge is that the distance of the Niludhan Falls from the Dumaguete City or Bais City, if you’re going to commute, you need to take a bus first then tricycle or habal habal, I think its’s kind of hassle, to change where to ride from one point to the other if an individual or groups has a lot of things to carry, after all there will also be a 10-15 mins trek.

  31. Carl Angelic M. Lope

    1. I would highlight the top selling point of this destination is the journey going to the falls with your friends hiking having laugh and when you arrive at the destination going for a dip in the fresh spring water cooling off the top selling point here is the experience.

    2.The big challenge here is its not developed for the international market there are no food that can be bought when you are in the falls also there are no direct service going to the destination it might cause confusion and visitors might get lost also you can only do picnics in designated areas and there no reservations so if there many visitors in the area not all can have a place to settle and eat.

  32. Christian Glenn Lachica

    1. For me Niludhan Falls in bayawan is a very nice place to visit espeacially for the tourist,When I went to Niludhan I think the first thing that came up to my mind is that I jump into the water it is somehow scary because of the strong current of water flow but the water is very relaxing and when your down there you will have can take aesthetic picture. if you are an adventure type of person in Negros you should try to go here.

    2. I think one difficulty are for the tourist that are new to the enviroment because when going down to the falls you will need to literally go down some area are slippery and are cases that pregnant person, Senior Citizen and those who have health problem are not advisable in this location this is for there safety. and in addition to this children who are maybe below 12 years of age needs to have guardian to be accompanied to prevent accidents.

  33. 1. This site embodies the perfect fusion of raw natural allure and tranquil ambiance, making it an idyllic escape for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. The opportunity to experience the untouched majesty of nature, combined with the thrill of exploring a lesser-known gem, is the top selling point of Niludhan Falls. It’s a promise of an authentic adventure and serene relaxation, set against the backdrop of one of the Philippines’ most picturesque waterfalls.

    2. The biggest challenge in selling/promoting Niludhan Falls to the international market is accessibility. This involves navigating local transportation options which might not always align with the expectations or comfort levels of international tourists, especially those unfamiliar with traveling in the Philippines. Overcoming this challenge requires effective coordination with local travel agencies to offer comprehensive travel packages and ensuring that accurate, reassuring information about reaching the destination is communicated to potential visitors.

  34. 1. Niludhan Falls is an incredible destination for family bondings and tourist visits. The top trait that it gives off is its SERENITY and NOSTALGIA. Its the perfect place to relax and get away from all of the problems of life. It makes a visitor fall in love with the place, and instilling to them the need to go back for more! This is not just a destination but a place of relaxation, which others might find valuable and precious. If promoted well using the correct promotional streamlines and intermediaries, this could be a potential source of booming tourist vacationers and local families.

    2. I believe that the INTERNATIONAL REACH and the SOCIAL MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY PERFORMANCE when it comes to promoting could be the challenges that might arise. As beautiful as it is already, the place needs to be promoted well using several promotional ways like word of mouth, social media, internet, and etc. The use of this could imply a wide reach and can attract international markets. When it comes to the promotion from Social Media and Technological performance, if this is meant to be promoted to the international markets, it should also cater their needs, let’s say an expansion of the area where there are cottages, houses, stores, that can accommodate and ease the visitors for a much satisfied experience.

  35. Jan Reu O. Mendoza

    Jan Reu Mendoza
    1.) Niludhan Falls It is a hidden gem nestled in the lush tropical rainforest, offering a serene and picturesque setting for nature lovers and adventure seekers. As you approach Niludhan Falls, you will be greeted by the sight of a magnificent waterfall cascading down into a serene pool. The falls feature multiple tiers, creating a mesmerizing display of water and a soothing ambiance. The pool beneath the falls is perfect for a refreshing swim, so don’t forget to bring your swimwear. The falls was called Niludhan or Kneeling because of local stories that the water buffalos used in farming must kneel after crossing the top part of the falls because of the rough and rugged trail. Come visit and enjoy Niludhan Falls.

    2.) For me, I think it is hard to advertise niludhan falls internationally because it is not a well known falls unlike any other top tourist spots, and with that it is hard to convince foreigners to visit or to explore niludhan falls.

  36. Marcelino Tan

    1. The top trait or feature for me of the Niludhon falls is the nature itself. Seeing the beautiful falls and the experience of nature.

    2. The biggest challenge would be on how to get to the destination. I would advise as a Marketing Student to have travel package guide in Dumaguete, Bayawan, or having travel package options that includes Niludhon Falls in Negros Oriental.

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