Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit | Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod

Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit | Park Inn Hotel

Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit

Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit: Celebrating Bacolod’s Vibrant Spirit

Hi Happy Trippers,

Allow me to warmly welcome you to the Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit, held at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod ( opened last October 1), a labor of love that embodies the essence of Bacolod’s lively spirit. As an artist deeply rooted in this city, it has always been my aspiration to pay tribute to the Masskara Festival and the incredible people of the City of Smiles. Through meticulously crafted masks, I aim to tell a story that resonates with every visitor.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony featured two distinguished former Masskara Queens, Jan Nicole Uy, and Agnes Marie Therese Chang, alongside Councilor Israel Salanga.”

A Chronicle of Smiles: Bacolod’s Unparalleled Charm

Bacolod, often hailed as the City of Smiles, holds a special place in my heart. Its vibrant festivals and the infectious joy that courses through its streets have been a wellspring of inspiration for me. The Masskara Festival, in particular, stands as a testament to the creativity and resilience of the Bacolodnons.

A Canvas of Culture: The Heart of Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit

“Festive Faces” is a canvas onto which I’ve poured my heart, a tribute to the city that has nurtured my creativity. From table-top decor to towering wall installations, each mask is a tapestry woven with the stories, symbols, and emotions that define our Bacolodnon culture.

“A timeless moment captured in a commemorative pose with my fellow members of the Negrense Blogging Society.”

Capturing Smiles: The Signature of Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit

What sets my masks apart is the perpetually radiant smile etched onto each one. This is a reflection of Bacolod City itself, where joy is not just an emotion but a way of life. My artistry lies in breathing life into these forms, enabling them to tell stories that resonate deeply with each visitor.

“Graced by the unwavering support of General Manager Shirwen Lucas of Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod, and Julia Javellana, Mall Manager of SM City Bacolod, in the company of these steadfast individuals.”

Narratives in Fiberglass and Paints: Unveiling the Stories within Each Mask

Every mask in the exhibit is a narrative, offering a window into the grandeur of the Masskara Festival and the intimate moments of daily life. They mirror facets of Negrense culture, a world of traditions, values, and the indomitable spirit of our community.

“Embraced by my University of St. La Salle Bacolod family (YAL CBA), together with Councilor Israel Salanga, Jan Nicole Uy, and Agnes Marie Therese Chang, this moment became a beautiful convergence of support and camaraderie.”

Crafting Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit: A Labor of Love

Among the highlights of the exhibit are the 14 meticulously handcrafted decorative masks. These pieces, mirroring the size worn by dancers during the Masskara Festival, hold a special resonance with the festivities. As these masks find new homes, I’m in the process of creating new ones, ensuring the exhibit remains a dynamic reflection of Bacolod’s vibrant culture.

In addition to the masks, I’ve crafted a unique opportunity for you, dear visitors. A giant mask, specially designed for the exhibit, invites you to capture your moment of festivity. This interactive element allows everyone to become a part of the exhibit, creating lasting memories of your encounter with the City of Smiles.

Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit

“In the company of the dedicated and hardworking ladies from the Marketing Department of Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod, whose efforts were instrumental in making this event a resounding success, I am truly grateful for their invaluable contributions.”

Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit: A Journey Through Bacolod’s Heart and Soul

Through “Festive Faces,” I hope to instill a sense of pride and admiration for the rich tapestry of Negrense culture. This isn’t just an art display; it’s a journey through the heart and soul of Bacolod, an invitation to revel in the beauty of life, and a reminder that, even in the face of adversity, there is always a reason to smile.

I eagerly await your presence at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod for this unforgettable celebration.

Warm regards,

Jojo Vito

“Sharing this momentous occasion with my dear friends Leilani Dusaban, Engiemar Tupas, and Agnes Marie Therese Chang added an extra layer of joy and camaraderie to the event.”

Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit First Set

Presenting the curated selection for this exhibit, with an additional set of masks currently in preparation for sale. These pieces will be available for purchase.

Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit | Park Inn Hotel

Materna Mask | Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit

Materna Mask Inspired by its Latin origin, meaning “motherly” or “related to mothers,” this mask pays homage to the nurturing and maternal qualities that define motherhood. The open, wide funnel-like headdress serves as a powerful symbol of a mother’s innate ability to nurture and provide. It encapsulates the selfless love and care that mothers bestow upon their children, making it a cherished emblem of this universal bond.

Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit | Park Inn Hotel

Diwata Mask 

Diwata Mask Bearing the essence of Filipino folklore, the Diwata mask embodies the enchanting world of supernatural beings, often likened to fairies or goddesses. In a world filled with challenges, this mask invites us to dream and imagine, offering solace and respite from life’s trials. It captures the magic and wonder that folklore brings to our cultural tapestry, encouraging us to find refuge in the realms of imagination and fantasy.

Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit | Park Inn Hotel

Aristocrata Mask | Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit

Aristocrata Mask Rooted in Spanish and Portuguese aristocracy, the Aristocrata mask stands as a reminder of the stark societal divisions between the privileged elite and the less fortunate. It prompts reflection on the human tendency to don masks to pursue belonging. This mask serves as a poignant commentary on the complexities of social dynamics and the roles we adopt in our quest for acceptance and recognition.

Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit | Park Inn Hotel

Enigma Mask

Enigma Mask The Enigma mask exudes an air of mystery and complexity, much like the enigmas of life that can confound understanding. It serves as a captivating reminder that some aspects of life remain shrouded in intrigue. This mask invites us to embrace the enigmatic nature of our existence, encouraging us to appreciate the beauty of uncertainty and the depths of human experience.

Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit | Park Inn Hotel

Esmeralda Mask | Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit

Esmeralda Mask With its association with the precious emerald gemstone, this mask embodies the metaphysical properties of inner strength and balance. Mirroring the fortitude of Bacolodnons, it symbolizes the ability to find equilibrium even in the face of adversity. This mask serves as a testament to the resilience and unwavering spirit of the community, reflecting the precious gem that lies within each individual.

Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit | Park Inn Hotel

Haciendera Mask | Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit

Haciendera Mask Rooted in the Spanish term for female landowners, the Haciendera mask represents a profound connection to the land and its resources. It speaks to a commitment to sustainable practices and environmental preservation, mirroring the values of responsible land stewardship. This mask serves as a tribute to the guardians of the earth, highlighting the importance of nurturing and preserving our natural heritage for generations to come.

Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit | Park Inn Hotel

Luna Mask | Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit

Luna Mask (2 versions will be put on display) Derived from the Latin word for “moon,” it symbolizes more than just a celestial body. Like the moon’s universal presence, it acts as a unifying force that transcends borders and cultures. This mirrors the strong sense of community and camaraderie among Bacolodnons, a spirit celebrated fervently during the Masskara Festival, underscoring unity as a cherished core value. The two versions of the Luna mask represent the dual aspects of the moon—its illuminating light and its serene, enigmatic side, reflecting the multifaceted nature of unity and togetherness.

Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit | Park Inn Hotel

Reina Mask

Reina Mask A tribute to the Masskara Queens of Bacolod, this mask celebrates not only their physical beauty but also their intelligence, serving as inspirations to the city’s young women. The Reina mask embodies grace, confidence, and the empowering spirit of women who lead and inspire positive change in their community. It stands as a symbol of strength and serves as a reminder that every woman has the potential to be a queen in her own right.

Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit | Park Inn Hotel

Restituta Mask | Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit

Restituta Mask (2 versions will be displayed) Derived from Latin roots, the Restituta mask embodies the concept of restoration and returning to a state of wholeness or righteousness. In a world where righteousness is sometimes forgotten, this mask serves as a beacon of hope for a reawakening. The two versions of the Restituta mask represent the dual journey of restoration—one that seeks inner harmony and another that calls for the restoration of righteousness in the broader community.

Fabulusa Mask

Fabulosa Mask Inspired by the Spanish word for “fabulous” or “fantastic,” this mask embodies an extraordinary, impressive presence, mirroring the charismatic energy often found among Bacolodnons. It celebrates the vivacious and dynamic spirit that defines the people of Bacolod, showcasing their ability to radiate positivity and leave an indelible mark on those they encounter.

Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit

Esperanza Mask | Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit

Esperanza Mask Rooted in Spanish, meaning “hope,” this mask exudes an optimistic outlook, embodying a vision for Bacolod’s brighter future where love, peace, and justice reign. It encapsulates the collective aspiration of Bacolodnons for a city that thrives on unity, compassion, and fairness, reflecting the enduring spirit that fuels the Masskara Festival.

Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit

Gloria Mask

Gloria Mask Drawing from Latin, meaning “glory” or “fame,” this mask pays tribute to the Masskara Festival, an event that catapulted Bacolod onto the global stage. It stands as a testament to the city’s enduring fame and glory. The Gloria mask embodies the pride and recognition that Bacolodnons hold for their vibrant culture and the festival that has become an iconic representation of their identity.

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  1. Lovely Nalaunan BSA 2B

    Nalaunan Lovely R.
    BSA 2B

    1. What should be the best strategic/ tactic to promote the exhibit?

    The best strategic/ tactic to promote the exhibit is to collaborate partners especially to local busines influencer to promote the exhibit.

    2. How can we motivate local to visit the exhibit?

    By local influencers they can promote the exhibit to their followers, because are the opinion leaders.

  2. 1. What should be the best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit?

    When it comes to attracting that interest and ultimately getting people to attend the event, effective event marketing can make or break your business. The festive faces should be advertised both online and offline. Use social media to advertise an upcoming festival by reaching out to local people and vendors who might be interested in displaying their wares. Once you’ve secured vendors and/or collaborators, ask them to advertise the upcoming festival on their personal and professional social media profiles. Local advertising is crucial, and depending on the artists at your event and their likelihood of attracting crowds from afar, you may want to spend in regional advertising as well.

    2. How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?

    We need to make it quite an experience for them, let them engage in different activities such as photobooths, raffles, etc.

  3. Meñoso, Arah Jean D.

    1. To promote an exhibit effectively, consider online marketing, content marketing, partnerships, press releases, targeted advertising, community engagement, early access or discounts, word-of-mouth marketing, loyalty programs, and feedback. Create a dedicated website, use social media, email marketing, and paid advertising to reach a wider audience. Collaborate with organizations, local businesses, or influencers to promote the exhibit. Send press releases to local media outlets, use online advertising platforms, and engage with the local community through events, workshops, and educational programs. Measure the effectiveness of your tactics and adapt as needed.

    2. To attract locals to an exhibit, use targeted marketing, discounts, community engagement, collaborations with local organizations, and tailored content. Involve locals in the planning process, encourage word of mouth, and incorporate local art and performances. Ensure easy access, parking, and facilities for visitors. Create a buzz with teasers, behind-the-scenes content, and exclusive previews. Incorporate local artists and performers to add a sense of community and culture.

  4. Rey Vincent S. Dela Pena

    Best way to promote the exhibit is through taking advantage of the technology, posting through different social platforms, and also ease the communication to answer the questions of the attendees regarding the event. through this more people will be reached, and know more about the exhibit, and more people would understand what the exhibit is for. It is important to note: That to let the attendees know what they would get on attending the exhibit. It is important for the attendees to know what’s the purpose of the event, is it for a good cause, is it for the locals? Can the attendees participate on these tasks? Would they receive souvenirs after the event? etc. These are the questions we need to answer, so this way we can attract more attendees to the exhibit. Second, create early bird specials. Example of an Early bird special: is like giving away special souvenirs for the first 15 person to attend the event. This way more attendees would go to the exhibit, people tend to go where they will gain something, what’s best is when giving it for free. It doesn’t just promote the present exhibit but through these souvenirs, we can attract more attendees in the future.

    We can motivate the locals to attend the exhibit when we open their minds that there is more to what they know about the exhibit. The locals know about the shallow part of the history of Masskara, so we should dive deeper on the history of it. This way the locals can know what more things they don’t know about; also by diving deeper the locals can see where their roots are from, how it occurred, what it’s like living in the past.

  5. Repique, Reeze Heather D.

    1.) The best way of promoting the exhibit is through social media, but not alone by simple posts and pictures. To have twist one tactic is to post contents about each masskara, how they were made or explain the meaning behind it or what it was inspired by or simply the story of why it was made. After we can encourage them to come and teach them how to make their very own mask. That way we can get not only the people’s attention but also their curiousity.

    2.) One of the best ways to attract people is by having interactive and engaging activities. We can have a competition in mask making. That we way we could encourage people to show off their talent and also for them to see the art of mask making.

  6. Formulate some strategic tactics on how to ensure the success of the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod using the following guide questions:

    1. What should be the best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit?

    The Festive Faces exhibit will be promoted through a digital marketing campaign, collaborations with local influencers, press releases, community engagement, and cross-promotion with Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod. The campaign will use social media, targeted online advertisements, and email marketing to generate interest and create visual content. The exhibit will also be promoted through press releases, community engagement, and special promotional packages, aiming to enhance the overall experience for visitors.

    2. How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?

    The Festive Faces exhibit in Bacolod aims to inspire locals by featuring local artists’ artworks, offering exclusive local offers, and celebrating the exhibit’s cultural significance. It also collaborates with local businesses to create a community-wide campaign, offering discounts for visitors. The exhibit also encourages social media sharing by creating unique photo opportunities and offering incentives for participants to tag the exhibit’s accounts or use specific hashtags. These strategies aim to create a sense of pride and support among locals.

  7. Bianca Nicole Rusiana

    Biancs Nicole Rusiana BSA2-B
    Strategic Preliminary Exam
    1. Promoting the “Festive Faces” event at Park Inn Hotel by Radisson Bacolod requires a combination of marketing strategies and tactics to attract guests and create a memorable experience. The best strategy is to create visually appealing content showcasing the event, including images and videos. Share behind-the-scenes content, or sneak peeks to build excitement. And also we must ensure that the hotel is beautifully decorated to reflect the festive theme. Use lighting, decorations, and music to create a captivating atmosphere. Lastly, we should include interactive elements in the event, such as photo booths, workshops, or contests.
    Encourage guests to share their experiences on social media with a dedicated event hashtag. With this tactics the exhibit will be succesful but we must remember that successful promotion involves a mix of online and offline strategies, excellent customer service, and a focus on creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for guests attending “Festive Faces” at Park Inn Hotel by Radisson Bacolod.

    2. To motivate locals to visit the “Festive Faces” exhibit at Park Inn Hotel by Radisson Bacolod, we should involve the local community by inviting them to contribute artwork, stories, or ideas related to the theme of the exhibit. This creates a sense of ownership and pride. And Hold contests or raffles with attractive prizes related to the exhibit. This can encourage people to visit and engage with the artwork. Remember to create a buzz around the exhibit, making it not just an art display but also a cultural event that locals won’t want to miss.

  8. Marvelyn Medallo BSA-2B

    1. What should be the best strategy or tactic to promote the exhibit?

    The best strategy or tactic to promote the exhibit is the promotion strategy, which includes social media engagement platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to share captivating visuals and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the exhibit. The other strategy that I came up with is traditional marketing, which involves distributing flyers, posters, and banners in all locations throughout Bacolod. Consider radio and TV advertising to reach a wider audience.

    2. How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?

    To motivate locals to visit the exhibit, we encourage community engagement by encouraging people to actively participate, and we organise workshops and art activities for visitors to create their own festive artwork or learn about traditional crafts. By implementing these strategic tactics for promotion and motivation, you can increase the chances of success for the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod and create a memorable experience for both locals and tourists.

  9. Louie Jay M. Agustin BSA2-A (STIWNU)

    1. The best strategies/tactics to promote the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod would be a COMPREHENSIVE AND TARGETED MARKETING CAMPAIGN;

    a. ONLINE PROMOTION: Utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to create buzz around the exhibit. Share sneak peeks of the artwork, behind-the-scenes videos, and artist interviews. Engage with the audience through interactive contests, where participants can win tickets or exclusive merchandise related to the exhibit.

    b. COLLABORATE WITH INFLUENCERS: Identify local influencers or bloggers who have a significant following in Bacolod City and the surrounding areas. Invite them to attend the exhibit and share their experience on their respective platforms. This will help increase the visibility of the event to a wider audience and generate interest among their followers.

    c. ENGAGE WITH THE LOCAL COMMUNITY: Reach out to local newspapers, radio stations, and television channels to secure media coverage for the exhibit. Offer exclusive interviews to highlight the unique aspects of the artwork and the artists involved. Also, consider partnering with local businesses or organizations to cross-promote the event through their networks.

    d. TARGETED ADVERTISING: Utilize online advertising platforms to create targeted campaigns that reach individuals who have shown an interest in art, culture, or similar events in the past. Take advantage of demographic filters to specifically target the local community in Bacolod City and surrounding areas.

    2. To motivate locals to visit the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod, it is important to create a SENSE OF EXCITEMENT, EXCLUSIVITY, AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT;

    a. CREATE A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: Make the exhibit an immersive experience by incorporating interactive elements, such as photo booths, where visitors can take pictures with the artwork or props related to the theme. Offer guided tours or artist talks to provide an in-depth understanding of the creative process, inspirations, and techniques behind the art.

    b. OFFER SPECIAL PROMOTION OR INCENTIVES: To entice locals to visit, offer discounted ticket prices for residents of Bacolod City. Collaborate with local restaurants, cafes, or shops to create special deals or discounts for those who visit the exhibit. This will create a win-win situation by driving foot traffic to both the exhibit and local businesses.

    c. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Engage with the local community by organizing workshops or art contests related to the exhibit. Encourage local schools, universities, and art organizations to participate and showcase their own artwork inspired by the festivities. Display the winning submissions alongside the main exhibit, giving the local community a sense of ownership and pride.

    d. ENGAGE WITH LOCAL MEDIA: Invite local bloggers or vloggers to attend a special preview of the exhibit. Provide them with exclusive access and information, allowing them to share their experience with their followers. This will generate excitement and curiosity among the locals, translating into increased footfall at the exhibit.

  10. Mecaella Juliet G. Gubad BSA 2B

    1. What should be the best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit?
    – The best strategy to promote the “Festive Faces” exhibit is to take and create a video of the festive faces at Park Inn. Then, sharing those videos to social media platforms and local news outlets could help, and many people will be interested in going to the Park Inn and seeing the colorful designs of Festive Faces.

    2. How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?
    – We can motivate locals to visit the exhibit by offering special promotions or discounts for Bacolodnons. For the locals to be motivated, it’s important to highlight how it relates to the history of those festive faces and showcase the works of talented artists.

  11. Katherine Sevilleno BSA 2B

    One of the effective strategy to promote the Festive Faces exhibit is to leverage social media marketing. Create visually appealing posts featuring highlights from the exhibit, share behind-the-scenes content, and run targeted ads to reach a broader audience. Encourage user-generated content with a unique hashtag, and engage with your followers by hosting contests or giveaways related to the exhibit, generating buzz and excitement around the event and the one way to motivate locals to visit the Festive Faces exhibit is to offer special discounts or promotions for local residents. This can make the experience more affordable and enticing for those living in the area. Additionally, you could promote the cultural and community aspects of the exhibit to emphasize its relevance to the local population.

  12. Rexsil Montepio

    The best strategy or tactic to promote this kind of exhibition of booth is just to target toward a specific, audience that will attract their eyes and to get the audience’s point of view and interest and put some techniques to get good outcome to the exhibition. We just need to encourage them thru posting good outcomes to social media, Promote local attractions with engaging content, Provide maps and directions to attractions.

  13. Crissa Mae R. Dima BSA-2A

    1.In my opinion, the best strategy to promote the exhibit is through social media marketing considering that in today’s generation we often spend time on our gadgets and a larger percentage of population have their own mobile phone so if we are going to promote the exhibit thru social media we will acquire a larger engagement and audiences. Also, spreading posters and flyers along the walkways with catchy outlines will also be a great promotion strategy since people like to read what they can see with a catchy designs.

    2.A way to motivate locals to visit an exhibition is by having some further activities like mask making or designing or any art related activities because as a part generation z I would prefer to visit a exhibit with such activities that I can try since this generation like to try and discover new things. If an exhibit have activities like this we can attract more locals to visit. Also, by selling such unique souvenirs, you are not only encouraging the locals to visit but also the tourists.

  14. Ladylyn Pusin BSA2A

    1. To promote the “Festive Faces” exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod, here’s a strategic tactic you can consider:

    Leverage Social Media: Utilize various social media platforms to create buzz and generate excitement about the exhibit. Develop a comprehensive social media campaign that includes visually appealing posts, captivating captions, and relevant hashtags. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses, artist profiles, and sneak peeks of the artworks to pique the interest of your target audience. Encourage followers to share and engage with your content to expand its reach.

    Partner with Influencers: Collaborate with local influencers or artists who align with the theme of the exhibit. They can create promotional content, share their experiences, and engage their followers to visit the exhibit. Their endorsement can greatly enhance visibility and credibility, attracting a wider audience.

    2. To motivate locals to visit the “Festive Faces” exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod, here are some strategic tactics.

    Create Community Events and Contests: Organize special events or contests that involve the local community. For example, you could hold an art competition where participants create their own festive-themed artwork. Display the winning entries at the exhibit, giving participants and their families a reason to visit. This can generate excitement and engagement, encouraging locals to visit and support the exhibit.

    Collaborate with Local Businesses: Partner with local businesses, such as cafes, restaurants, or shops, to offer special promotions or discounts for customers who visit the exhibit. This cross-promotion can attract foot traffic from those establishments to the exhibit and vice versa, benefiting both parties involved.Offer Interactive Experiences: Create interactive elements within the exhibit to engage visitors on a deeper level. For example, you could have a photo booth where visitors can take pictures with festive-themed props or a DIY station where they can create their own small artwork. These experiences will make the exhibit more memorable and enjoyable, motivating locals to visit and participate.

  15. Pia D. Esiderio

    I love the different festive faces of Masskara because each faces features different positive personalities of a Bacolodnon but somehow only few Bacolodnon knows about this, so I think it’s a nice idea to feature this in different social media for a purpose of people engagement so that many people will see and witness the different festive faces masskara exhibit.

  16. Ma. Jewelyn Jan B. Tamayo

    1. What should be the best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit?
    – The Best Strategy/Tactics to promote the
    Exhibit is to share or post through social media platform, this platform such as Facebook, Instagram or TikTok can create a big impact to the people especially to genz/ millennials. We can also create a hashtag that specify the exhibit it self like #FestiveFaceMasskaraExhibit in this way we can see how many ppl creating or posting people about the exhibit ang can encourage more even across the country to see the exhibit.
    2. How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?
    To motivate people to visit the exhibit is to create activities like contest or games. Not only they can see the beauty of the exhibit of each masskara craft but also can enjoy to the activities held by the park Inn. The example of the activities to held is raffle people here in Bacolod would love prices and winning . I think this idea would help to encourage people to come and visit the exhibit.

  17. Jaguiles, Althea Mae Q.

    1. What should be the best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit?

    Answer: Collaborations with influencers, local businesses, and organizations offer a potent strategy for exhibit promotion. Partnering with entities that align with your exhibit’s theme or audience can significantly expand your reach. Leveraging social media for content sharing, co-creating engaging materials, and hosting joint events generate buzz and attract diverse attendees. Exclusive promotions through collaborators benefit both parties. Measuring results with analytics aids in refining strategies, while cultivating long-term relationships can lead to ongoing promotional opportunities. Clear communication and mutual benefit are key to success in these collaborations.

    2. How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?

    Answer: Certainly, one effective way to encourage local residents to visit the exhibit is by highlighting the creative talents and culture within the community. This can be achieved by regularly featuring art exhibitions, musical performances, and interactive workshops led by local artists and experts. These engaging experiences not only entertain and educate visitors but also serve as a celebration of the community’s artistic and cultural contributions.

  18. Mechelle Luste BSA 2-B

    How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?
    For me in my opinion We are delighted to start welcoming guests to Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod. Park Inn by Radisson is a feel-good brand that can cater for any occasion and reflects the upbeat vibe of the Philippines. We look forward to greeting every visitor with a genuine warm welcome, and our positive and proactive ‘Yes I Can’ service philosophy,” commented Laurence Peña, Assistant Vice President for Rooms, SM Hotels and Conventions Corporation, and Interim General Manager, Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod. 
    “Park Inn by Radisson is one of the fastest-growing brands in the Philippines, and we are thrilled to add another outstanding hotel to our portfolio in this dynamic country. This will also become the first internationally branded hotel in Bacolod City, which reflects our successful strategy of introducing world-class hospitality to Asia’s up-and-coming cities. Upper midscale hotels are rising in popularity, and we aim to introduce our fresh and friendly Park Inn by Radisson hotels to even more destinations all around the region,” said Andre de Jong, Vice President, Operations, South East Asia and Pacific, Radisson Hotel Group. 

  19. Mechelle Luste BSA 2-B

    Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod, the new and vibrant upper midscale hotel in the City of Smiles, formalized its opening through a festive welcome of the holiday season. 
    The day’s event began with a press conference with the local media, officially marking its presence in Bacolod City. There are a host of publicity opportunities presented by exhibitions which should be seized; the fact that you do so when most exhibitors don’t will automatically give you a huge advantage.
    Get in touch with the organisers as soon as you are committed to the show, and find out who their PR agent is – they will be only too pleased to give you details of their press contacts to supplement your own. Find out their plans for the Press Office at the show.

  20. Lhea Jane Cardones BSA2B

    1.What should be the best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit?
    – The most effective strategies/tactics, in my opinion, to promote the exhibit are to first create a video advertisement to highlight the beauty of the masskara headdress. This will draw in more visitors and may even catch the attention of influencers, who will then create vlogs about the exhibit and attract media attention. Second, the display should be intriguing to give visitors a good incentive to stop by, such as by offering free wifi or free souvenirs or by selling coffee outdoors because those items are in high demand and popular right now. Third, the employees should be friendly and engaging so that visitors won’t be reluctant to ask them questions regarding the exhibit. Last but not least, the exhibit needs to include props that illustrate each masskara headdress’s message so that visitors can fully comprehend its significance.

    2.How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?
    – As I mentioned earlier, making advertisements can draw both tourists and locals to your business. Additionally, influencers that create vlogs about the exhibit can be helpful. Making a catchy advertisement that tells the history of masskara can attract the attention of the locals and make them curious about it, leading them to exhibits where they can learn more about our masskara. Locals only enjoy masskara without knowing that every headdress and every costume that dancers wear have a meaning. By the exhibit bacolodnons will have a knowledge about our masskara

  21. Jezza Mae G. Monillo
    A student from BSA-2A

    To promote the exhibit of festive faces meticulously crafted masks in Bacolod City and ensure it’s success, these are the some strategic tactics which I have come to a thought that I used to consider to apply:

    1.) Interrelations with the City’s Local Influencers or Vloggers:
    To work with Bacolod City-based bloggers, influencers, and other social media stars to build your audience. Invite them to an exclusive preview of the exhibition and urge them to post their views on social media. A broader audience can be drawn in with their support, and it may encourage residents to travel there.
    2.)An Offer of Interactivity and captivating exhibits:
    To encourage the visitors to try on the masks, take pictures, and post their experiences on social media, incorporate interactive aspects into the show as well as compelling displays. To be eligible for additional rewards, encourage visitors to use certain hashtags or to tag the exhibit’s social media accounts. Engagement among visitors will rise as a result, and natural internet promotion will result.
    3.)Cross-Promotion Partnerships, Shared Resources and Channel:
    Organize partnerships with neighborhood establishments to provide guests with exclusive deals or packages, such as eating establishments, coffee and motels. Access to shared assets and promotional avenues is made possible through cross-promotion. You can use a partner’s marketing resources, such as their website, social media accounts, email newsletters, or physical location, to promote the exhibit by working together. Cross-promote the exhibit through these collaborations, displaying posters or distributing promotional materials at partner institutions, expanding the reach of your promotional efforts and exposing the exhibit to a bigger audience. The promotion of the exhibit and neighborhood businesses will result in a win-win outcome.

    In Addition, here’s how to motivate locals or visitor engagement:
    1.)Mask Painting station/Virtual Mask Design Station:
    To set up a booth where people may paint their own miniature masks so they can express their creativity. Offer a variety of paints, brushes, and other painting supplies. Visitors are able to customize their experience and leave with a one-of-a-kind souvenir thanks to this practical activity. Additionally, to set up a digital station where visitors can create their own virtual masks using touchscreens or tablets. Give customers a choice of templates, designs, and customizations. Once created, visitors can have their chance to have their mask created to be designed at the wall of the exhibit.
    2.) Sessions of Interactive Storytelling
    Planned storytelling events where said storytellers tell tales and demonstrate the functions and significance of the masks should be held. And Deep talks about how the mask symbolizes a certain thing. Encourage audience involvement by, for example, asking guests to share their own stories or interpretations of the masks. Their suggestions to fully complete the mask as a whole. Through stories, this interactive exhibit brings the masks to life and invites people to take part actively.

    This type of marketing tactics will successfully promote the display of finely crafted festive face masks and encourage locals to attend in order to gain a deeper understanding of Bacolod City’s culture and tastes by combining relationships, shared resources, collaborations, and interactive experiences.

  22. Alejah Jean Espina BSA 2B

    1.Personal invitation, invite media reporters, influencers, and celebrities to the opening of the exhibition. You should be the one to interact with them, take them on tours, and give them stories about the history of each masskara and how it came to be. After the event, ask them about their thoughts on the event and allow them to post it on social media, because word of mouth is an underutilized method of communication that you can use to sell your event. People will be encouraged to attend the park inn if they have positive opinions about the event.

    2.Offer refreshments, designate a space in the exhibition’s corner where visitors can relax with a drink after seeing the exhibit and refuel. We can also work with the donation team to inform attendees that their contributions will go far beyond supporting a simple exhibit.

  23. Ma. Edna Provido

    Ma. Edna Provido BSA-2B
    1. What should be the best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit? In my own opinion, Exhibition marketing is about advertising your company by being present at trade exhibitions. These programmes act as effective marketing tools by giving you a platform to advertise your good or service to interested people who might not be aware of it.

    2. How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?
    In my own perspective, You must integrate into the neighbourhood if you want local residents to visit your museum. Find ways to make your exhibits more engaging so that visitors to your museum will return after seeing your travelling exhibits, neighbourhood camps, or in-class demonstrations.

  24. 1. In promoting an exhibit, you need the following tactics;

    -know your targets-
    You must identify, who are your target customers in order for you to assess what would be the perfect plan to satisfy them.

    -flex the exhibit through social media-
    One of the best way to promote this exhibition is to post them in different social media platforms, since most of the people nowadays are exposed in social media. Exhibition itself can be promoted by making a Facebook page wherein people could follow, like and share it.

    2. Motivating locals

    -Aesthetic amenities-
    One of the most popular in today’s generation is the aesthetic amenities. Through making this strategy, I can assure the exhibit could be a talk of town especially to teenagers.

    This exhibit could possibly be advertise during masskara festival activities. By relaying how beautiful the exhibit place is, crowd could easily catch into it. This is much better if there will be something interesting about coming into the exhibit like promos and free.

  25. Angelica A Montecillo

    1.Utilize a variety of tactics and strategies, such as social media, a website just for the purpose of promoting the exhibition, printed materials, and partnerships with nearby businesses, to effectively advertise the event. Each audience, set of goals, and set of available resources require a unique strategy. Offer local discounts and incentives, such as discounts for residents who can show evidence of residency or loyalty programs for frequent visitors, to entice local audiences to visit. This increases the quality of life for visitors and encourages engaged community involvement. It also fosters a sense of ownership and excitement.
    2.Effective marketing methods and convincing reasons for attendance are required to persuade local audiences to attend an exhibition. Local discounts and loyalty schemes can promote a feeling of pride and enthusiasm, boosting income and encouraging active community involvement.

  26. Alexis John Padua BSA 2B

    1. What should be the best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit?

    Social media marketing. Invite schools to participate in the event and local influencers or bloggers to promote the event. By posting the event on their social media, and with the help of their friends and followers, they can attract people to visit the park inn.

    2. How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?

    Nowadays, a lot of people have a long screen time. If they see a lot of people sharing or posting about the event, they will say, ” try koni bi or try nibi namon kadtuan kay damo di ga lagaw,” or because of their curiosity and because they saw that many people were posting and sharing the event.

  27. Utilizing the power of social media platforms is a highly effective strategy to promote the exhibit. With billions of active users globally, platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide a tremendous opportunity to generate buzz and curiosity among the target audience. By creating a dedicated event page and consistently sharing captivating visuals, behind-the-scenes content, and artist interviews, the organizers can create a sense of excitement and intrigue, motivating people to attend the exhibit and share the event with their social networks. By leveraging social media effectively, the organizers can engage with the target audience, foster excitement, and encourage social sharing, ultimately resulting in increased visibility and attendance for the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit. 

    We can motivate locals to visit the exhibit by engaging with the local media. Reaching out to local radio stations and television channels to cover the exhibit can help generate buzz and curiosity among the locals because, through media coverage, the organizers can create anticipation and excitement around the “Festive Faces” exhibit. By providing teasers, sneak peeks, or sharing interesting anecdotes about the artworks or artists, they can captivate the audience’s attention and generate curiosity. This will encourage locals to visit the exhibit to see the artwork firsthand and learn more about the stories behind each piece.

    Myla Gargar BSA-2B

  28. Engaging in the technology trend is the greatest strategy/tactic to promote the “Festive Faces” exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod. You can create a website for the “Festive Faces” exhibit that should provide data about the exhibit, such as its times, location, cost, and other information. Additionally, you can advertise the event on social media platforms. Reaching potential exhibit attendees through the use of internet advertising tools like Google Ads is another option. Any event or exhibit may benefit from using technology to spread the word, and the Masskara Festival is no exception. A broader audience may be reached and participants can have a more interesting experience thanks to technology.

    By emphasizing the distinctive cultural experience that the Masskara Festival exhibit offers, we may encourage locals to go see it. Locals will be drawn  to the experience by highlighting the importance of the festival and the vibrant mood of the display. We should also underline how informative a visit to the Masskara Festival exhibit is. Locals will be inspired to visit and develop a greater understanding of the festival by emphasizing its historical and cultural relevance. Finally, we can use social media to generate excitement about the event. By sharing photos and videos of the event on social media, we can generate more interest and encourage locals to visit the exhibit.

    -Christine Jimenez BSA2B

  29. Jahlyn Malana bsa-2b

    To promote the Masskara Festival exhibit, define your target audience, develop a strong branding, use social media, collaborate with influencers and bloggers, create engaging content, collaborate with local businesses, organize contests and giveaways, print and distribute promotional materials, and engage with the local community. Identify art enthusiasts, tourists, and locals interested in cultural events. Utilize popular platforms like Facebook, media to increase exposure. make necessary adjustments.

    The Masskara Festival exhibit should highlight cultural significance, offer special incentives, and foster community involvement. It should showcase unique artworks, performances, and activities, reminding locals of the importance of preserving their heritage. Offering discounts, early access, and exclusive perks can motivate locals to support the exhibit. Organizing interactive workshops and competitions can encourage community participation and increase motivation to visit and support the exhibit.

  30. 1. Cross-promotion with other attractions: Collaborate with other tourist attractions or popular destinations in Bacolod. Offer joint ticket packages or reciprocal promotions, encouraging visitors to explore multiple locations and increasing footfall for both the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit and the partnering attraction.

    2. Exclusive offers and discounts: Provide special offers or discounts for specific groups, such as students, seniors, or local residents. Partner with local hotels, restaurants, or transportation services to create bundled packages that include discounted exhibit tickets along with other local experiences.

    3. Community engagement: Engage with the local community through interactive activities related to the exhibit, such as live painting demonstrations, art workshops, or artist-led tours. Organize special events like panel discussions or artist talks where visitors can learn more about the artwork and the creative process.

  31. Glenda N. Mahilum, BSA-2A

    Posting about the exhibit through online platforms is the best tactic/strategy to encourage interested individuals to visit the exhibit venue and to witness with their own eyes the creativity, the passion,the love and the powerful mind that the exhibitor possess as one of the Bacolodnons.And this blog should be shared in other social media too,like facebook and instagram,and ask friends to share it to their timelines,to their families and friends as a way of supporting the local.And so it would cover/or reach up to a very wide range of viewers,sharers or interested people that likes to visit the exhibit. And the exhibit could be announce too throughh media like in FM radios here in Bacolod.Bacolodnons should be proud and should be share the exhibit because the exhibitor is not only representing himself but he is representing the city and the people because the success of one is the success of all.And as a local we should support our local products,our artist and let’s bring our beautiful and colorful masskara products on the spotlight and make it well-known to the whole world.Show some love,support local!

  32. Jhamela O. Silleva BSA 2A

    Consider employing the following strategic strategies to promote the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod and urge locals to visit:

    1. Social media campaign: Use multiple social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to generate interest in the show. Share aesthetically stunning artwork photographs, behind-the-scenes films, and artist interviews. Engage the local community by holding contests or giveaways in which participants may win free tickets or unique products.

    2.Collaborate with local influencers: Collaborate with influential persons in the Bacolod community, such as artists, bloggers, or social media celebrities with an extensive following. Invite them to the exhibit and urge them to share their experiences and promote the event on their individual platforms.

    3. Local collaborations and sponsorships: Create mutually beneficial ties with local businesses, organizations, or schools. Employees, members, and students can receive discounted tickets or extra incentives. To promote interest and encourage participation, consider sponsoring art competitions or workshops in schools.

    4. Press releases and media coverage: Write press releases emphasizing the uniqueness and relevance of the ‘Festive Faces’ show and disseminate them to local newspapers, magazines, and internet media sites. Invite journalists and media to a press preview before the exhibition opens. This will assist create media attention, raise awareness, and attract visitors.

    5. Involve local artists by hosting a ‘Call for Artists’ where they may submit artwork inspired by the topic of the show. Select and display a handful of these local artworks alongside the main exhibit, displaying the brilliance and creativity of the Bacolod community. Locals will feel a feeling of pride and ownership as a result, driving them to attend and support the display.

    6. Outdoor advertising and signage: Place eye-catching billboards, banners, or digital displays in high-traffic areas across Bacolod to continuously remind locals about the upcoming exhibit. Clearly visible signage within the hotel premises and surrounding areas can also attract passersby.

    7. Word-of-mouth marketing: Encourage visitors to share their positive experiences by providing them with a memorable and immersive exhibition environment. Create photo opportunities, interactive installations, or selfie corners that visitors can share on their social media platforms, generating organic word-of-mouth promotion.

    By employing these smart techniques, you can successfully advertise the ‘Festive Faces’ show and encourage locals to visit, assuring its success and delivering a memorable experience for all participants.

  33. Glacier Franz Mayang Tabat

    Glacier Franz Tabat BSA 2B
    Formulate some strategic tactics on how to ensure the success of the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod using the following guide questions:
    What should be the best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit?
    A multichannel marketing campaign is a strategy that involves promoting the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit through a variety of different marketing channels and platforms simultaneously. Here’s a breakdown of how this tactic works: Diverse Outreach: Instead of relying on a single marketing channel, such as social media or traditional advertising, this tactic spreads the promotional efforts across various channels. This includes but is not limited to social media, email marketing, traditional advertising (flyers, posters), local event listings, websites, and even offline channels like print media and radio. Broad Audience Reach: By using multiple channels, you can reach a broader and more diverse audience. Different people prefer different types of media and platforms, so a multichannel approach ensures that your message reaches a wider demographic. Consistent Branding: While you’re using different channels, it’s crucial to maintain consistent branding and messaging across all of them. This helps reinforce the identity of the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit and makes it more memorable to the audience. Increased Visibility: Using multiple channels increases the visibility of your promotional efforts. For instance, someone might see a poster about the exhibit in a local coffee shop, then later come across a social media post about it, reinforcing their interest. Targeted Marketing: Each channel allows for specific targeting. For example, on social media, you can target ads to a particular demographic, while email marketing can be personalized to reach past attendees or subscribers. This helps ensure that your promotional content reaches the most relevant audience segments. Tracking and Analytics: A multichannel approach often involves using analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of each channel. This allows you to allocate more resources to the channels that are generating the most interest and engagement. Adaptation and Optimization: With multiple channels in play, you have the flexibility to adapt your strategy in real-time. If you notice that one channel is performing exceptionally well, you can allocate more resources there, or if another channel isn’t producing results, you can adjust or redirect efforts. Comprehensive Communication: Multichannel marketing allows for a comprehensive communication strategy. You can use one channel for event announcements, another for artist interviews, and yet another for behind-the-scenes content, providing a holistic view of the exhibit. Engagement and Interaction: Different channels offer various ways for the audience to engage with your content. For instance, social media allows for comments, shares, and likes, while email marketing can encourage recipients to click through to your website for more information or ticket booking.

    How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?
    Thematic Merchandise:
    This strategy focuses on designing and producing special merchandise items that are inspired by the theme of the exhibit.These items can include limited-edition art prints, clothing, accessories, or souvenirs that feature artwork or designs connected to the exhibit’s content.To encourage visitors to purchase these items, you can offer discounts or special bundles for those who buy both exhibit tickets and merchandise.Thematic merchandise serves as a tangible way for visitors to take a piece of the exhibit home with them, extending their connection to the experience and providing a source of revenue for the exhibit.

  34. Jehan Panes

    Social media spreads across generational lines. Utilizing social media platforms to spread information about the exhibit is the greatest approach to promote it. The significance of choosing the ideal location for the exhibition is frequently understated by exhibitors. A successful exhibition space has a significant impact on attracting visitors. If there is a smaller audience, all the designs presented and displayed in the exhibit will be less appreciated. I once went to the Park Inn hotel and saw that the location was within. Tourists won’t notice it immediately, so you need to build a great website that includes all the most recent information, like time, date, and location, in order for them to notice it. Collaboration with other groups can also help the show attract more visitors. By using social media to draw in young people and teens, we can entice locals to the exhibit. For instance, creating content for an exhibit on tiktok would be appropriate given its current popularity and ability to produce and disseminate useful content that would draw viewers. One more thing: Teachers who teach courses that align with these elements can take advantage of these occasions to take students to the location and lead them on an exhibit tour in which they are explained the worth and significance of art.

  35. Christy Jane Mata BSA -2A

    1.) The best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit,could collaborate with local influencers or bloggers who share the same interests. They could help reach a wider audience. Maybe they could preview the exhibit and share their experiences with their followers.Consider organizing some interactive events like face painting sessions, workshops or contests related to the theme of the exhibit. This could attract more people to visit and participate.Use traditional media outlets like newspapers, TV, and radio. They still have a significant reach and could help you target a different demographic.

    2.) We can motivate locals to visit the exhibit by the following:
    a. Community Engagement: Host community events at the exhibit like a local artist meet-and-greet or a family day with activities for kids. You could even have themed days based on local traditions or holidays.
    b. Local Partnerships: Partner with local businesses to offer discounts or special promotions. For example, a local cafe could offer a discount on a cup of coffee with a ticket stub from the exhibit. This not only encourages visitation but also supports local businesses.
    c. Educational Programs: Collaborate with local schools or universities to incorporate the exhibit into their curriculum. Could offer field trips or workshops that would make the exhibit educational as well as enjoyable.

  36. Michelle V. Martus

    To ensure the success of the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod, here are some strategies that I formulate. First, we want to make it easy for visitors to pick their favorite art pieces. They can do this using a mobile app or a QR code. The artist with the most votes will receive a grant for a community art project. This will make people in the community proud and more involved. Next, we plan to combine art and music. We will work with local musicians and composers to create special music that fits the art on display. And during the exhibit, we’ll have live music performances. This will make the whole experience more exciting and enjoyable. Lastly, we will include the local community. We will invite schools, colleges, and art clubs to come and visit the exhibit. They can even contribute their own art. This way, ‘Festive Faces’ will be a special event in Bacolod that everyone will want to see and be a part of.

  37. Richelle Arguilles BSA-2A

    1. What should be the best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit?

    Promoting an art exhibit requires a well-rounded strategy to reach a wide audience and generate excitement. A blend of digital and traditional marketing tactics is essential. First, digital channels should be leveraged effectively. A strong online presence is crucial in today’s world. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can serve as powerful tools. Create visually appealing and shareable content, including teaser images, time-lapse videos of art creation, and artist interviews. Utilize relevant hashtags and encourage user-generated content by running contests or challenges related to the exhibit. Collaborate with local influencers or artists with a significant online following. Their endorsement can significantly boost visibility. Consider partnering with art and culture-focused websites and blogs for feature articles or reviews. Also, invest in targeted online advertising to reach potential visitors who might not be following your social media channels. Additionally, don’t underestimate the impact of offline promotion. Flyers, posters, and banners in strategic locations around Bacolod can catch the eye of passersby. Engage with local media outlets for coverage, including newspapers, radio, and TV interviews. Sending out press releases and organizing a press preview can create anticipation among the local press.

    2. How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?

    Encouraging locals to attend the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit involves creating a sense of belonging and offering incentives for attendance. Start by building a strong sense of community around the event. Partner with local schools, colleges, and art institutions to arrange educational programs and art workshops. These engagements can foster a deeper connection between locals and the exhibit. Organize art competitions among students, with selected artworks displayed within the exhibit, making them feel a part of it. Offer special discounts or promotions for Bacolod residents, demonstrating your commitment to the local community. These could include reduced admission fees on specific days or bundled packages with nearby attractions. Create a loyalty program that rewards repeat visitors with exclusive access or benefits.bTo tap into the rich local culture, consider involving local artisans and craftsmen. Host a concurrent market where they can showcase and sell their creations. This not only supports local talent but also diversifies the visitor experience. Moreover, incorporate elements of Bacolod’s cultural heritage into the exhibit. This could include interactive displays, traditional music, or food tastings, making the exhibit not just about art but a celebration of local identity. Lastly, organize events within the exhibit, such as art talks, guided tours, or live art demonstrations. These events provide opportunities for locals to interact with the art and gain a deeper understanding of the pieces on display. By adopting these strategies, ‘Festive Faces’ can become an immersive and inclusive experience, ensuring its success and fostering a lasting connection with the local community in Bacolod.

  38. 1. What should be the best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit?

    The best strategy/tactic to promote exhbit are through Content Marketing through this we can create blog posts, videos, or podcasts related to the exhibit’s themes to engage your audience and boost SEO.and also Print Materials: Design eye-catching flyers, posters, and brochures to distribute in local businesses, libraries, and community centers.

    2. How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?

    We can motivate locals to visit the exhibit through Local Art and Culture Festivals we can participate in or sponsor local art and culture festivals, where you can promote the exhibit and distribute promotional materials.Remember that authenticity and a genuine connection to the local community can go a long way in motivating locals to visit your exhibit.

  39. Tradio, Lance Raymund L.

    1. The best strategy or tactic to promote the exhibit is to use social medias as a medium to try please the targets by showing a peak of beauty the exhibit holds. It is important for the strategic manager to figure out what is the easiest and widest range of reaching target their visitors. Reaching out famous Influencers to promote the exhibit in their social medias is one of the strategies they can use.

    2. We can motivate locals to visit the exhibit by having or hosting events near and within the area of the exhibit. The exhibit will definitely gain attention from to public by having unique events that will somehow showcase how nice and wonderful the exhibit located at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod.

  40. Shaina Marie Choresca

    1. In order to meet and engage your target audience, it requires a combination of tactics and strategies in the promotion of an exhibition. For me, the best strategy is Utilize Multiple Channels such as:
    * Social media: Share details of the event, photographs and engaging content via platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
    * Email Marketing: Send targeted and visually appealing email invitations and updates.
    * Web site: A dedicated web page with information on the event, registration details and graphics will be created for your website.
    * Print materials: design eye catching flyers, posters and brochures that can be distributed in the appropriate places.
    * Press Release: Put out news releases to art related publications in your community.
    * Partnership: work with local businesses, art studios and influential persons in order to support the exhibition.
    Remember, a successful strategy for promotion of exhibitions does not have to be one size fits all. Develop a strategy tailored to your specific audiences, goals and resources in order to be able to adjust the strategy as you learn which approach is most appropriate for your special exhibit.
    2. A combination of efficient marketing strategies and compelling reasons for attendance is required in order to persuade local audiences to visit an exhibition. The discount and Incentives is one of the strategies that they need because it involves:
    * Offer local discounts: Provide discounted tickets or special offers to residents with proof of local residency.
    * Loyalty programmes: Develop an loyalty programme with privileges such as free entry to the next exhibition for repeat visitors.
    You may generate a feeling of ownership and excitement around your exhibition, thereby increasing the chances that local residents will become more inclined to visit it, through implementing this strategy and active participation from the local community.

  41. Reach Star D. Mentigar

    1. The best strategy that can be used to promote the exhibit is to get involved in the online community and to open a workshop, if possible. By getting involved in the online community, you’re exposing yourself and your exhibit. This way, they will be familiar with your hard work and somehow have an interest. If you’ve already been exposed to other people, you can offer them a workshop, which is, of course, about the masskaras that are in the exhibit. Offering a workshop will provide an opportunity for them to explore and to have hands-on training on how to make a very beautiful and eye-catching masskara, as we can see in the exhibit. Reaching as many people as you can and telling them about the exhibit is already one way of promoting.

    2. We can motivate locals to visit the exhibit by first telling them about the inspiration behind the planning of the exhibit. With this strategy, they can already decide if they want to know more about the exhibit or not. In this plan, it’s not easy, but just telling them the truth and seeing you sincerely share your inspiration in the making of the exhibit will touch their hearts. The second would be telling them about your exhibit journey from the start until now. In this strategy, as you’re telling them about your journey, they will imagine it in their minds and will be proud of your success as well. Lastly, would be telling them the importance of the masskara festival, which is the heart of the exhibit. By doing all of this, we can’t motivate all of the locals to visit the exhibit as soon as we finish telling them everything, but the most important thing we did tell them was the very foundation of the exhibit.

  42. Sheila Mae E. Saraña BSA2A

    1. For me the one best strategy to promote the festive faces at park inn by Radisson Bacolod, is to promote the exhibit in Facebook a social media platform that showcase the unique and colorful mask on display. Using eye-catching graphics and interesting captions the campaigns could target art lovers or tourist to visit the venue.

    2. To motivate locals to visit the exhibit is to highlight the cultural significance of the mask on display. By highlighting the significance cultural of the mask it can makes people to relate in the meaning of the mask and also to relate the history of Bacolod that can encourage them to attend the exhibit.

  43. Earl John Lawog Lawog 2A

    Promoting it to social media and ensuring a lesser cost for the exhibit are the common strategic tactics I can formulate to ensure the success of the “Festive Faces” exhibit at Park Inn. Since social media has been used by almost everyone, we can convince a wider scope of people to visit the exhibit. A lot of locals are very familiar with masskara mask, and to encourage them to visit the exhibit is by giving an exhibit that could satisfy them, by showcasing new different designs. By providing staff that can warmly welcome the visitors of the exhibit. And also by providing a wide space for the exhibit where we could give spotlight to each masterpiece.

  44. Regen Mae V. Alacio

    Regen Mae V. Alacio BSA 2-B STIWNU

    1. What should be the best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit?

    • The best strategy/ tactic to promote the exhibit is to implement a robust marketing strategy that includes social media promotion, email campaigns, partnerships with art influencers, and local media coverage to reach a wide audience.

    2 How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?

    • Encourage them by offering discounted admission for residents. AlsoEngage with local businesses for partnerships. And showcase local talent within the exhibit.

  45. Marcelino G. Dela Torre BSA-2A

    To promote an exhibit, define your goals and objectives, identify your target audience, create a compelling narrative, and use a multichannel marketing approach. Utilize social media, email marketing, a dedicated exhibit website, content marketing, and paid advertising to reach a wider audience. Partner with local influencers and collaborators to promote the exhibit to their followers. Implement guerrilla marketing tactics, offer early bird discounts, host events and workshops, leverage PR, engage with the community, and showcase visitor experiences. Monitor and analyze results to make real-time adjustments to your strategy. Evaluate and adapt your approach after the exhibit to improve future promotions and exhibits. Remember that promotion is an ongoing process, and a well-planned, integrated, and creative approach is key to success.

    To motivate locals to visit an exhibit, a combination of marketing strategies, community engagement, and incentives can be employed. These include targeted marketing, community involvement, local partnerships, educational initiatives, community outreach programs, local influencers and ambassadors, exclusive local events, early access and discounts, community contests and challenges, local media coverage, engaging social media campaigns, user-generated content, feedback and input, continuous engagement, and measurable impact.

  46. I’m Justine Edgeline Montejo BSA 2A
    1. The best Strategy/Tactic to promote the exhibit is first we utilize social media create a strong online presence by promoting the exhibit on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Share captivating visuals and engaging content related to the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit. Second, we must engage with the community organize pre-exhibit events such as art workshops, talks, or panel discussions to build anticipation and engage the local community. Partner with local art organizations, schools, or universities to increase awareness and involvement.

    2. We can motivate locals to visit the exhibit by highlight local artists we can showcase the work of talented local artists alongside renowned artists to create a sense of pride and ownership for the local community.
    We can also offer interactive experiences, create interactive elements within the exhibit to engage visitors. Incorporate activities such as photo booths, live demonstrations, or interactive installations that allow visitors to be a part of the artwork. We can collaborate with Local Schools reach out to local schools and offer educational tours or workshops related to the exhibit. This will encourage students and their families to visit the exhibit and learn about the artistic process.

  47. Shaira Daen T. Adan

    1. By using the technology for example making videos/advertisement and articles of the event.
    2. We can motivate local by posting some picture or schedule of the event in the social media, by giving information about the product and the background of the event, by offering free activities and collaborating with sponsors and influencer

  48. Althea Lyca M. Navarro

    Althea Lyca M. Navarro BSA-2A
    To ensure the success of the “Festive Faces” exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod, a great strategy would be to utilize effective marketing channels such as social media, local newspapers, and community bulletin boards to promote the event. Creating eye-catching posters and digital flyers with vibrant images from the exhibit could capture people’s attention. Offering special discounts or incentives for local residents, like reduced admission fees or exclusive guided tours, can motivate them to visit.

  49. Christine Mojares BSA 2A

    Offer an interactive way for people to engage with your exhibition: Make or host a contest like a mask-making contest at the Masskara Festival. That way, it will attract people to visit the exhibition and learn more about the value of the Masskara Festival. This addition will appeal to a wider range of tourists with varying interests.

    Post an online promotion for Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit. Promoting the art exhibition on social media platforms is an effective way to let people know the schedule of the exhibition and its purpose for the Masskara Festival. Encourage tourists to visit by offering special online promotions.

  50. Fionella C. Cansino BSA 2-A

    1) What would be the most effective way to promote the Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod?
    The most effective way to promote the Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod is to post it in all social platforms, by putting positive insights about the exhibit and thrill them by hinting what are the possible things they may see once they come to the Exhibit. Other than that, hosting special events like workshops for an art making would be very intriguing to most of the artistic people in the country. In addition to this, youths might also benefit to this to help them explore and start to learn and express what they want through the form of art.

    2) How can we motivate the locals to visit the exhibit.
    We can motivate locals to visit the exhibit by sending out staffs in places like SM. They could make and display a banner and talk to the people who are walking nearby if they would be interested to come. As a consumer, I know what I want, and I know that I could not be easily swayed by the words that are written in posters, so it’s better for me to listen to the actual people who knows their thing. By sending out staffs, they can motivate people to come by telling what are the things that they might see and what are the benefits that they might get for coming. It is better to tell them about the promos, discounts, and prizes (e.g., raffles, picking) that is written in the posters or flyers that you will give to them in order for them to feel motivated to come.

  51. Zyrine Miramende BSA 2A
    1. Best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit:
    – Utilize social media platforms to advertise the exhibit and its features
    – Collaborate with local media outlets to spread the word about the exhibit
    – Offer exclusive deals or discounts to those who book a room at Park Inn during the exhibit period
    – Host a launch event or preview night to generate buzz and attract potential visitors
    – Partner with local businesses or organizations to cross-promote the exhibit and increase its reach

    2. How to motivate locals to visit the exhibit:
    – Offer discounted or free admission to residents of Bacolod
    – Host interactive workshops or activities related to the exhibit to engage visitors
    – Invite local artists or performers to showcase their talents during the exhibit
    – Emphasize the cultural significance of the exhibit and its relevance to the local community
    – Partner with schools or educational institutions to offer field trips or educational tours of the exhibit.

  52. Sharleen Mengullo BSA 1A (Irregular student in class of BSA2A)

    1. Today’s generation are engaged with the use of technology and communicates through online platforms. These days, social media is now considered as the number one mode of communication of most people. One tactic we can consider to promote the exhibition is by introducing it to different social media platforms. With these, large scale of population will be able to see the magnificent exhibition and they will be encourage to come and visit the hotel.

    2. Locals will be motivated to visit the exhibit by formulating some programs that would persuade him to engage. Programs that can unleashed their curiosity and love towards our culture.

  53. Carryl Anne Pelonio BSA2B

    1.What should be the best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit?
    For me the best strategy/tactic to promote the Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit is through social media since it is a cost-effective way to reach a large audience without costing a lot of money since a lot of people are using social media platforms. Along with an invitation to visit the exhibit, the campaign might include interesting content, including pictures and videos showcasing its unique aspects. This would help to raise awareness and generate interest in the exhibit. And for the people who cannot reach through social media we can distribute eye-catching flyers and posters in places where a lot of people go just like parks, sm and more.

    2. How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?
    We can motivate the locals to visit the exhibit by spreading the news about how unique and beautiful the exhibit is. By spreading how good the exhibit the other people would be curious about the exhibition and would go by themselves to see it.

  54. Krisa Mae C. Lachica

    Lachica, Krisa Mae BSA2A
    1. What should be the best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit?
    In this modern world, where most of the people have access to internet, promoting the exhibit virtually would be the best choice. Here are some ways to do it.

    • Social media marketing
    Make the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit known by posting about it on popular social media platforms. Share the artistic inspiration, creative process, and sneak peaks through videos and pictures. Be sure to include post consistently, use hashtags, and respond to comments.

    • Email Marketing
    Target the people who already love your work. Personalization of emails can also be done to make it stand out. Use their names, suggest artworks based on what they liked before, or give a special invitation to the exhibition.

    • Gimmicks
    An example of it would be giving away a mask, but the entry criterion is to visit the exhibit, take a selfie with the piece, and post it online with the hashtag ‘Festive Faces exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod’.

    2. How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?
    We can motivate the locals to visit the exhibit by offering a residency discount or coupon code. There are people who are cautious in spending money on their wants, which makes this is a good offer for them. Giving locals a discount is beneficial to the neighborhood and it also attracts new people to visit. In addition, involving local influencers in marketing is helpful, as they are beneficial in spreading word locally about the exhibit.

  55. Janmarie Flojo

    I’m Janmarie B. Flojo from BSA-2A.

    To ensure the success of the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod, the best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit is through the use of social media. With the advancement of technology, it is now very easy to promote exhibits effectively. Create strong social media platforms that resonate with the target audience. Such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to share engaging content, event updates, behind-the-scenes peeks, and relevant hashtags about the exhibition.

    As I mentioned above, we can motivate locals to visit the exhibit through taking advantage to social media.It is an easy way to reach the target audience and people can easily share the post on their profiles. This both expands the scope of the event and increases the number of visitors to the exhibition. Engage audience with eye-catching images and videos. Find out what people like, dislike, and want more by tracking likes, comments, and shares.

    Today, it is almost impossible for any business to thrive without a social media presence. It is a crucial part to promote exhibit, yet it doesn’t have to be stressful to manage.

  56. 1. What should be the best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit?
    • Exhibition marketing is simply marketing your business through having a presence at trade shows. These shows serve as potent marketing instruments, giving you a stage to showcase your product or service to engaged individuals who may not be aware of your offering. The best strategy to promote an exhibit is social media, using social media channels to build anticipation for the event. Develop a ‘360’ content strategy that includes details of what you’re launching or promoting at the event, speaker updates, sponsorships & collaborations, industry statistics, promotional offers and giveaways, as well as highlighting your presence using video and posting reels/stories.

    2. How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?
    • People will have a better notion of what to expect when they visit the exhibit if you provide them with images, small videos, and exhibit introductions. A captivating website that showcases the attractions of your exhibit can help promote visits and increase attendance. The urge to fulfill oneself with particular material drives their visits to those who view an exhibit as a location where they can create their experiences. The phrase “I’ve been there, I’ve done that” gives them satisfaction. visitors searching for spiritual or restorative experiences.

  57. Charles Darwin P. Alson BSA-2A

    1. What should be the best strategy/tactic to promote the exhibit?

    The most effective strategy to promote the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod would be to leverage a comprehensive and multi-channel marketing approach. This approach would encompass both traditional and digital marketing methods to maximize visibility and engagement.

    To promote an exhibit in Bacolod City, traditional marketing tactics like distributing flyers, posters, and brochures can attract locals. Local radio stations and print media partnerships can also extend the exhibit’s reach. A strong online presence is essential, with a dedicated website and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Engaging with the local audience through hashtags and user-generated content can generate buzz and word-of-mouth marketing. Email marketing campaigns can reach previous guests, art enthusiasts, and subscribers with personalized invitations and updates. Collaborating with local influencers or bloggers can also increase online visibility.

    2. How can we motivate locals to visit the exhibit?

    To motivate locals to visit the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod, it’s essential to create a strong sense of community engagement and personal relevance. To create a culturally enriching exhibit in Bacolod, highlight the local connection by showcasing artworks from local artists and celebrating the city’s festive traditions. Offer discounted admission rates or special packages to residents, engage with local schools and art programs, and collaborate with influencers or community leaders to promote the event. Host community-focused events like music performances or food tastings to create a vibrant atmosphere and a sense of ownership among locals. By weaving the exhibit into Bacolod’s cultural identity and offering tangible benefits, locals can participate in the enriching artistic experience.


    To ensure the success of the Festive Faces exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod, we can consider the following strategic tactics:

    Promoting the Exhibit:
    – Utilize social media platforms: Create engaging posts and videos showcasing the unique features of the exhibit, the artists involved, and any special attractions or activities available. Encourage users to share the posts to increase reach.
    – Collaborate with local influencers and bloggers: Invite popular social media personalities to visit the exhibit and share their experience with their followers. Offer them exclusive access or incentives to encourage their participation.
    – Engage with local press and media outlets: Send out press releases highlighting key aspects of the exhibit, such as the artists’ backgrounds, the significance of the artworks, and any related events or workshops. Arrange interviews with journalists or feature stories in newspapers, magazines, radio shows, and television programs.

    Motivating locals to visit the exhibit:
    – Offer discounted or promotional tickets: Create special ticket packages for local residents, such as reduced entry fees for group visits, family discounts, or weekday promotions. Advertise these offers through local community boards, neighborhood newsletters, and online classifieds.
    – Organize community involvement activities: Collaborate with local schools, art organizations, or community centers to host art workshops, seminars, or interactive sessions related to the exhibit’s themes. This will not only engage the community but also build a sense of ownership and pride in the event.
    – Highlight the local connection: Emphasize any local artists or cultural elements featured in the exhibit to create a sense of relevance and pride among the local population. Share stories of their contribution to the exhibit and how it celebrates the local heritage and talent.
    – Engage with local businesses: Partner with nearby establishments, such as restaurants, cafes, or retail stores, to offer exclusive deals or discounts to visitors of the exhibit. This will encourage locals to visit the area and enhance their overall experience.
    – Leverage word-of-mouth marketing: Encourage visitors to share their positive experiences with friends and family. Offer incentives, such as a raffle entry for exclusive artwork or a free return visit, to those who refer others to the exhibit.

    By implementing these strategies, we can increase awareness, attract visitors, and ensure the success of the Festive Faces exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod.

  59. Glaiza Marie B. Hermosura BSA 2-A STI WNU

    1) What would be the most effective way to promote the Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod?
    To ensure the success of the Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod, we can employ several strategic tactics.
    • Firstly, identifying our target audience is crucial. This diverse exhibit appeals to locals, tourists, art enthusiasts, and families, so tailoring our promotional efforts to specific groups is essential. We can create distinct social media campaigns for locals and tourists while partnering with local schools and businesses to engage families.
    • Secondly, utilizing a variety of channels is vital. Instead of relying on just one platform, we should combine online methods like social media, email marketing, and paid advertising with offline techniques such as print ads, posters, and flyers.
    • Thirdly, crafting a compelling message is key. Our promotional materials must clearly convey the exhibit’s value, emphasizing its unique features like original masks from the Masskara Festival and insights into Bacolod culture.
    • Lastly, offering incentives can significantly boost visitor numbers. Consider providing discounts to email list subscribers or organizing contests for visitors who share exhibit photos on social media.

    2) How can we motivate the locals to visit the exhibit
    We can collaborate with local businesses and organizations this will help to see if they would be interested in partnering with us to promote the exhibit, we can offer discounts on admission for their employees or customers, or we could ask them to distribute promotional materials. Additionally, hosting educational events related to the exhibit, we could host a lecture on the history of the Masskara Festival or a workshop on mask-making. Also, we should try to offer affordable admission prices and convenient hours of operation this can be a big help. We could also consider offering free admission to certain groups of people, such as students and seniors. And lastly, we could tell stories about the Bacolod culture, people love stories so we must try to incorporate stories into our promotional materials. This could be the story of the artist, the story of the masks on display, or the story of the Masskara Festival itself.

    In summary, this promotional plan focuses how to attract both locals and tourists to the Festive Faces Masskara Exhibit.

  60. 1. Promoting an exhibit of festive faces involves creating a visually appealing website with high-quality images and event information. Utilizing social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share images, stories, and updates and using relevant hashtags is crucial. Feedback and reviews from attendees can attract more visitors by encouraging them to leave positive experiences online. Offer virtual tours of exhibits to expand global reach and create engaging content like behind-the-scenes videos and artist interviews. For me, this is the best thing I can do.

    2. Motivating locals to visit the exhibit of festive faces like personal invitations, send personalized invitations or outreach to local influencers, community leaders, and organizations. Encourage them to spread the word among their followers and members. Include interactive elements in the exhibit that allow visitors to leave their mark, such as a community mural or a “selfie station” with props related to the exhibit. And also we need to encourage them that the exhibit of festive faces are very beautiful because those exhibit tells them how many problems we suffered every but those exhibit can covered are faces with a beautiful smile.

  61. Salem, Rhea

    •We may inform current and future 
    customers about the impending 
    event by using various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to promote
    the exhibit. The trade show display can be effectively promoted with the help of
    social media. In order to draw clients’ attention, 
    we can also upload films or pictures 
    from a previous event •Potential guests might be waiting 
    for a better moment, so giving them a discount on admission can 
    encourage them to stop by. Don’t limit your deals to simply your members. People who have already attended the show may also be offered 
    discounts. We may promote discounts, post 
    them on social media, create a deals section on your website, or send out emails to anyone who sign up for 
    our email list.

  62. Galia, Maria Hannah Danica BSA2A

    1. The Masskara exhibit is also considered as an art exhibit. As we can see in the Happy Trip Blog, the art was molded with behind deep inspirations and the beauty it holds. The best strategy that would help to promote the exhibit is to associate with local art community allowing them to engage and introduced what art is not just by the essence of mixing colors but also to appreciate the stories around it, and gathered in a vibrant opening, hosted by the head of curator, or invite a well-known art enthusiast or some important people in island of Negros. Also, it would help to have a behind-the-scene-video on how those beautiful masterpieces made within the premises as well as having with a celebrity or a well-known blog creator or influencers allowing to promote the exhibit then aired it on any social media sites that people usually use now adays as their means of communicating and getting information. In that way, it will help the event for the Festive Faces will be well known in a community.
    2. Since the Masskara Festival is about to open, there is a great possibility that the community will visit the exhibit because the Festive Faces are connected to the Masskara Festival that will happen this month of October. We can motivate locals to visit the exhibit by conducting an online platform with an information or details stated for the Festive Faces exhibit. Also, another strategy that make locals visit the exhibit is to offer discounts and build some partnerships that will support for the exhibit. Especially for all those art enthusiasts, they would be gladly to see all the creativity that a passion turned into business.

  63. Allysa Z. Baroquillo

    After reading and looking on the different faces of masks and reading their different stories behind, it was all perfect. Since I was given a chance to express my opinion to give strategies in order for the said success of the ‘Festive Faces’ exhibit in Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod, for me here are some strategies that I think can help the exhibit:
    a) Aside from promoting this on different platforms why try to reach out to different local media outlets. Invite journalists to report on the opening of the exhibits. And can also contact local influencers to see if they would be interested in promoting about the exhibition.
    b) Make exposure available. Offer free or discounted admission to locals, like for example those artists or students who wants to see and visit the exhibit. You can also offer extended opening hours or special events for local residents.
    c) Partnership with local organizations. Work with schools, community centers and other local organizations to promote the exhibition to their members. Also offer group tours or discounts for large groups.
    d) Offer educational program. In addition to showcasing art, you could also offer educational programs such as workshops or talks. This is a great way to attract visitors of all ages and to build brand loyalty and to expand their understanding what is about ‘Festive Faces’.
    e) Lastly, Collect feedback. Ask visitors or those who go and see in the exhibit for feedback in that way you can improve future if there is any problems or unexpected happenings.

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