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Welcome to The Happy Trip!

This blog is about travel, destinations, festivals, and much more.

We started this blog in 2011 as a hobby, just a venue for us to post our travels to our friends.

Then we realized that more and more people are demanding more pieces of information, brands started to make a partnership with us and our Adsense started to generate income.

It was then that we realized that our followers are really growing. We started to work on our SEO, improved our old posts making the site an excellent travel source of information.

Blog Statistics and  Social Media

Facebook Page  (@ TheHappyTrip -59K ++ Followers

Instagram@jojovito  – 9,784+    Followers

Twitter – @ jojovito – 6,418 Followers

Youtube @ jojovito – 3,650 Subscribers


Our Awards

With hard work and support of our readers, we started to receive accolades from various entities, to name some:
2016 – Finalist-Blogger of the Year, Globe Media Excellence Award
2016 – Winner Kerala, India Blog Express ( This award gave us the opportunity to visit this state in India to visit for an all-expense-paid trip for 2 weeks.)
2016 – Winner -Tourism Authority of Thailand Blogger Campaign (This is the first competition of Thailand Authority for this Category/ Campaign. Making This blog as the first Filipino winner even up to this writing. The blogger was also made to travel to Thailand for one week at all-expense paid.)
2016 – 2nd Place, Best Blog of the Year by Lagawan.Org.
2017 – Best Travel Blog by Rotary Club International’s Bloggers Excellence Award
2017 – Blogger of the Year, Globe Media Excellence Award
2017 – Finalist, Social Media Advocate of the Year, Globe Media Excellence Award
2018 – Winner, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Blogger Campaign. (Awarded with an all-expense-paid trip to Thailand for 1 week)
2018 – Pasidungog Awardee by the City of Bacolod for promoting Bacolod City and Negros Occidental.
2018 – Special Citation, given by the Province of Negros Occidental for Tourism promotion

2019 – Winner, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)

30 Winners from various countries across the globe of Kerala, India  Blog Express Season 3 (2016)

4 Blogger Winners of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Blogger Campaign 2016 with TAT Executives

6 Winners from Different Countries for Tourism Authority of Thailand Blogger Campaign 2018

Media Partnerships

The Happy Trip is accepting media invitations and fam trips to promote festivals, travel gears, and gadgets, tourist destination, tour packages, travel-related activities, hotels, eating places and other tourism-related organizations. Reviews about our experiences will be posted on our blog and our social media accounts.

Jojo Vito in Lampung, Indonesia on a sponsored trip by Tourism of Lampung

Chief Blogger Jojo Vito in Thailand sponsored by TaKeMeTour

Guidelines for  Contributors:

We will only post articles that are not yet published in other blogs and publications.

Submitted articles must be in the following niches:  Festivals, cultural events, travel guides, travel itineraries,   adventure sports, heritage sites, religious sites, travel tips, travel photography, travel and tourism news, food reviews, hotel reviews and recommendations,  airline and flight reviews, travel gear, and gadget reviews.

Submitted articles must be at least 1,000  words and should be accompanied by at least five photos related to the proposed story. All photographs submitted must be owned by the writer and must not have any watermark.

Unluckily, we don’t permit any commercial links in the article. We have an advertising tariff for materials with commercial tie-ins. Just contact me for details.

Blog Administrator/ Chief Blogger


A Ph.D. degree holder in Business Management and a graduate school professor at La Consolacion College – Bacolod. An entrepreneur, running his handicrafts business -the Jojo Vito Designs Gallery. He is also a management consultant/ corporate trainer under the banner of  his consultancy firm -INTRASPEC Management Consultancy, Co.

Join the League of our Regular (Active) Contributors:

Note: With all due respect to our other contributors, who are no longer active, we did not include anymore their names on this list. However, their IDs and photographs will always appear in all their published articles. 

Chan-Chan Torres is an entertainment writer/columnist who loves to express her thoughts freely, get to experience new things and share it with the readers. A BSHrm Graduate who loves to cook, and enjoy reading essays, dine out with friends and exchanging views with them.

Dara Nicole Yuper is a 5rd Year Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Student…

For queries , email us at jovito_intraspec@yahoo.com



  1. Lady Love Sillarico

    For those who are planning to visit this country this is a complete guide for the possible beautiful places and activities they can choose from. However due to the COVID 19 pandemic this activities have been limited due to travel restrictions, safety protocols and prohibition of public events. In my opinion, in order to attract tourist back to any travel destination,
    Businesses should intensify the Advertisements on promotions relative to Group Tour by by making a Live Video Marketing of products and services offered by the country.
    Provide Lesser Travel Restrictions to vaccinated tourists and improve confidence of tourist in terms of COVID prevention of virus by ensuring that workers are vaccinated and regular disinfection schedule.

    In this digital age, everything are available in the internet hence it will be advantageous if all the needed information’s on current discounts, tour promos and other services are posted via internet advertisements. Prevention and control measures are essential for the protection of workers and the reopening and continued operation of the tourism industry.


    What do you think this place is representing?
    – I chose Western Visayas because, though there are a lot of tourist destinations in the country, Western Visayas have also a lot to offer. Western Visayas is known for its celebration of yearly festivals. I believe that it represents the history and culture of every Negrosanons. It also represents the country’s natural form with its beautiful beaches and mountains.
    If you are the leader/head of the tourism in the country, what will you do to improve this destination?
    – If I am the head of the tourism in the Philippines, I will help improve this destination by giving it a light and focus on promoting it, because here in the Philippines there are a lot of tourist destination, in which we were given the moniker as Pearl of the Orient Sea, but destinations such as Palawan, Baguio, Albay have already been introduced to tourist and is already widely known, so I will focus on promoting tourist destinations that are unfamiliar to tourist but will also “wow” them when they visit, specifically here in Negros, we have the Don Salvador Benedicto which is a breath of fresh air, as well as the Campuestuhan Highland Resort.

  3. Great content and team! Hope you can give us insight when it comes to travel budgeting. Cheers!

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  7. I have gone through your website your handwork is phenomenal. I am a travel agent form India- Hyderabad. If any assistance required from my side for India. I shall be more than to glad to o so.
    Thanking You
    Mr. Kaushik Bhatnagar

  8. Hi I would like to ask if the optional transfer of 400 pesos in sumaguing and lumiang cave is per person. Thank you!

  9. I would like bring mum age 84 years old to travel during CNY 2018 from 18 Feb to 22 Feb. We plane to visit Indonesia or country non chilling during this period. We have no idea which part of Indonesia is more suitable for elderly for sightseeing & not too much walking/climbing. Any good suggestion in order for us to proceed with booking ? Appreciate if there’s itinerary to advise

  10. You have quite a list of impressive articles. Keep up the great work!

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