Cebu: Mactan Island Hopping


We already know that the Queen City of the South – Cebu is widely known for its Sinulog festival, which is considered as one of the grandest and most popular festivals in the country. We already know that the beautiful province of Cebu is applauded for its pristine white sand beaches, jaw-dropping falls, and mountain peaks as well as its tasty local delicacies like otap, dried mangoes, dried fishes, chorizo de Cebu, Lechon and etc.

But aside from the food, the sceneries and its festival that captures the heart of thousands of tourists who visited the province. There are also tons of activities you should definitely not miss when visiting Cebu. You can either be fearless with your friends trying canyoneering in Badian. Witness the huge whale sharks and chase waterfalls in Oslob, climb mountain peak in Dalaguete, or either you can try Mactan, Cebu Island Hopping.

There are more than five islands in Mactan you could choose to visit within a day. But we’ve rounded it up to the best as per the photos we’ve seen on the internet and also from islands we’ve already witnessed its beauty personally.

By Drakesketchit [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons  Mactan Island Hopping, Cebu

Olango Island [  Mactan Island Hopping, Cebu ]

Located about 5-6kms away from Mactan Island. Olango is just a small island with an estimated 920-hectare land area, known for its Wildlife Sanctuary and a great diving spot in Cebu like Mabini Point, Baring, and Santa Rosa. During the rainy months of November to February, you can also visit the island and witness the perfect sunset with more than 90 species of birds flying and nesting including the migratory once from China, Japan, and neighboring countries. You can also enjoy kayaking, rent a bike if you want to stay longer on the island. There are just budget-friendly rooms you can stay like in Talima Beach Villas & Diva Resorts, Shalala Beach Rooms and Cottages, Isla Bonita Inn and etc.

By Leodb (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Nalusuan Island [ Mactan Island Hopping, Cebu ]

Known for its undoubtedly one of the best well-preserved Marine Sanctuary in the Philippines. The island was already featured in local TV, documentary, travel website, and shows in the country. In the island of Nalusuan, you can enjoy the peaceful wide stretch of the white sandbar, you can swim and feed small fishes in the shallow part of the island. You can rent a jetski, boardwalk, paddle boat, kayak, banana boat and etc. If you’re already hungry and tired after a day of island hopping, Nalusuan Island Resort has a room where you can just relax and they also have a restaurant where they can serve you fresh seafood menus.

Pandanon Island [ Mactan Island Hopping, Cebu ]

Around an hour of traveling by boat from Mactan. This island may be far compared to those two above, but once you arrive at Pandanon the first thing that will welcome you is its fine white sand beach/sand bar as well its crystal clear water. On the island, you can just relax and enjoy swimming, snorkel and get a tan under the heat of the sun. If you want to rent cottages on the island, it cost around 250-350 a day and there are just mini-stores on the island in case you want some snacks and refreshments. Pandanon is specifically located in the eastern part of Mactan, south of Olango and north of mainland Bohol.


Other Islands you may also want to visit  when doing Mactan, Cebu Island Hopping  Hilutungan, Caohagan, and Sulpa

Travel Tips  

  • Ready your swimming attire including your snorkeling equipment. Also don’t forget to bring sunscreen/lotion and other skin related products, extra towels and of course your camera.
  • Make sure to bring enough food, snack, and water as obviously you’ll be on a long day in the ocean exploring the beauty of Mactan Island.
  • For booking of boats, we had it via travel tours which made our island experience easier and smoother. If you wish to avail their services, you can visit and reach them in their official Facebook Page for promos and packages: Galore Tours  or directly contact Mae  (09430607155)
  • If we’re not mistaken all boats in their Mactan island hopping tour package have their own mini toilet and grilling area. Also if you will avail of any packages from Galore Travel Tours, don’t forget to ask for inclusions and exclusion, boat pick-up point, and other important matters you’d like to know.
  • Boatmen can just assist you with your grilling stuff and watch your things while you’re swimming. But just to make it safe avoid bringing expensive jewelry and other unnecessary gadgets, because they are not responsible for any loss of your belongings.
  • Most islands have an entrance fee, which means if you wish to visit all you’ll need to ready extra cash for it. The entrance fee for each island is just around (50-250/pax).
  • The signal is pretty decent in Mactan Island, so uploading your picture even in the middle of your island hopping activity would be no problem.
  • There are no available ATM machines in the islands of Olango, Nalusuan, and Pandanon. So make sure to bring enough cash with you.

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