GIGANTES ISLAND TOUR + 2020 TRAVEL GUIDE [ Islas de Gigantes ]

Gigantes Island [ Islas de Gigantes ] | Tour 


We at The Happy Trip just concluded our latest adventure at Islas de Gigantes. The group of islands and islets, popularly known as Islas de Gigantes or Gigantes Islands is located in the Municipality of Carles in the Province of Iloilo, Philippines.



The town of Carles in Iloilo can be found in the Northernmost of Panay Island. Definitely, the place is far from the chaotic and busy city life. While Islas de Gigantes ( Gigantes Islands) started to attract a good number of tourists both local and abroad, the place is still free from the usual beach party life like the most popular beach or summer destinations are offering.

Islas de Gigantes (a.k.a as Gigantes Island, Isla Gigantes)  is blessed with spectacular sceneries, clear waters, and white sand beaches. The rich vast blue seascape brimming with rich marine life; interesting caverns and caves; Palawan like rock formations and the long stretch of white sand beaches are just some of the reasons for people to visit the place.

Gigantes Islands is composed of 2 big islands (Gigantes Norte and Gigantes Sur) and ten Islets, namely: Cabugao Gamay, Cabugay Daku, Balbagon, Waydahun, Bulubadiang, Bantigue, Gigantillo, Gakitgakit, Gigantona and Ojatras.

Jojo Vito, Travel Blogger


Here’s my personal budget when we visited Gigantes Island. Please take note, that this budget was based on my place of origin –  Bacolod City.

-Bacolod to Iloilo (Fastcraft Fare) – 260.00

-Iloilo Port to Tagbak Terminal (Taxi Fare) – 150.00

-Tagbak to Carles (Ceres Bus) –  197.00

-1 night, 2 day tour Package – 1,699.00

-Overnight Stay at Red Mandarin Beach Resort, Brgy. Barosbos, Carles – 500.00 (the air-conditioned room we got was priced at 1,000). But we divide the fee because I was with a friend. The room we got can actually accommodate 4 pax. So if you are traveling as a group, you can even save more. Our dinner was sponsored by friends who are staying in Carles. The reason why we stayed overnight at Barosbos is for us to arrive at Bancal Port before 9 am.

-Tricycle from Red Mandarin Beach Resort, Barosbos – Php 25.00/pax

-The fare to Iloilo City (Van) –  250.00, the van usually charged at 200/pax. But some of our fellow passengers going to Bacolod opted to take the RORO Vessel in Dumangas and the van driver decided to bring them to the port for an additional fee of 50/pax. Realizing that it will also be convenient for us, we also decided to take the RORO going back to Bacolod.
-RORO Fare to Bacolod – PHP 96/pax, plus 30 terminal fee

GIGANTES ISLAND TRAVEL GUIDE [ Islas de Gigantes ] Budget, Tour


I think the most practical way to enjoy Gigantes Island is to avail of the tour packages. In our case, we availed the 2 days/1 night tour package at a very affordable price of PHP 1,699.00 only.

The inclusion of this package includes the following:
-Private service to and from the island and Bancal Port.
-Room Accommodation (Fan Room only). Please don’t expect spectacular accommodation. However, the nipa hut that was given to us was already acceptable and decent. However, the toilet for the accommodation in this tour package is common or shared. If you wish to be upgraded to an air-conditioned accommodation with a private bath, you can approach the resort staff at an extra cost of course.
-Full Board Meals During the Tour. This is one thing that you have to consider, they offer unlimited great food such as crabs, scallops, squid, grilled fish, soda and much more. Snacks are not included, so you may bring your own snack items if you are used to having in between meals.
-You can ask for coffee or milo anytime.
-Entrance and environmental fees are included in the Gigantes Island package
Note: Solo travelers may join a big group.

Tangke Lagoon

Tangke Lagoon | Gigantes Island [ Islas de Gigantes ] | Tour 


-8:30 am to 8:45 am: Assembly at Bancal Port Carles
-8:45 am to 9:00 am Registration at the Tourism office. Participants may opt to wear already their swimming attire and just use some cover-ups as island hopping starts the moment you leave Bancal Port. A comfort room is available at the port.
-9:00 am Departure for Gigantes Island (please take note that this itinerary may change depending on sea conditions.
-Pulupandan Island- Photo op
-Tanke (Enchanted Lagoon) – While at Tanke you may try Cliff diving and Swimming

12NN: Check-in | Lunch at the resort.

-Cabugao Gamay. This place is the most photograph spot in Gigantes Island.
-Bantigue Sandbar
-Antonia Beach- Snorkeling and swimming plus picture taking. Antonia Beach offers a Banana boat ride at PHP 200/pax (minimum of 5 heads) and Jetski at PHP 2000 every 30 minutes. These rides are no longer included in the Gigantes Island package.
-Back to the resort
-7:00 pm dinner
-8:00pm: free time


GIGANTES ISLAND TRAVEL GUIDE [ Islas de Gigantes ] Budget, Tour

We were fed with these freshly catch seafood during our trip Gigantes Island [ Islas de Gigantes ] | Tour 

Day 2

-7 AM Breakfast

-Bakwitan Cave. Spelunking at Bakwitan Cave takes 2 to 2.5 hours. The activity includes boulder climbing, trekking, etc. The level of difficulty of this activity ranges from moderate to difficult depending on your physical condition. I don’t suggest bringing kids while doing spelunking. People with physical difficulty may opt to forego this activity as well.

-Light House. The lighthouse can be traced back in the 1800’s so I guess its worth to visit the place while in Gigantes Island.

-Mini Boracay. This place offers superfine talcum-like sand.

-Balbagon Island (we opted not to visit this Island anymore as we are catching some schedules)

-12:45 pm: Quick shower | Lunch

-1:30 pm: Travel back to Bancal port

For bookings and reservations please call or text: 09157595000 and look for Paul.

GIGANTES ISLAND TRAVEL GUIDE [ Islas de Gigantes ] Budget, TourThe Lighthouse  at Islas de Gigantes Gigantes Island [ Islas de Gigantes ] | Tour 


  • Only Smart and Sun Cellular have signals at Gigantes Island. If you a postpaid subscriber to other telecom networks, you can simply buy prepaid Sim cards from Smart or Sun Cellular.
  • No banks and ATM Machines at Gigantes Island. So bring enough cash.
  • Sunscreen is a must when visiting the Island. Whenever possible use sunblock with high SPF, remember you will be in the water most of the time.
  • You can bring some snacks with you. However, sari-sari stores are also accessible on the Island.
  • Bring your towel, shampoo, and soap. They are not provided at the resort.
  • Electricity is already available on the island.
  • Bring bottled water for the Island Hopping. You can also have it refilled at the resort for free.
  • Don’t forget your medicines especially if you have some maintenance. Of course, a first aid kit would be very helpful.
  • I was very happy that I brought along with me my action camera along with my DSLR. Since water activities are nice things to do while navigating Gigantes  Island, action cameras came in very handy. On the other hand, my DSLR allowed me to take high-resolution photographs. Whenever possible, extra batteries are very helpful.


GIGANTES ISLAND TRAVEL GUIDE [ Islas de Gigantes ] Budget, Tour

Bakwitan Cave A.K.A Pawikan Cave Gigantes Island [ Islas de Gigantes ] | Tour 


Via Roxas Airport, Roxas City, Capiz

If you are coming from Manila, you may opt to go to Gigantes Island via Roxas Airport in Roxas City, Capiz because it’s the nearest airport. From Roxas City, you can take the Ceres buses (Vallacar Transit) with Estancia Route.
Via Iloilo International Airport, Iloilo City.

If no flights are available from your place of origin to Roxas Airport, you can take the Iloilo International Airport which is serving more flights and destinations. From Iloilo International Airport, take a van going to Iloilo City and from there take another ride going to Tagbak Terminal in Jaro District, You may opt to take a taxi directly from Iloilo International Airport via Taxi at an approximately 20-30 minute drive. From Tagbak terminal, you may opt to take either Ceres Bus (Vallacar Transit) or Van traveling to Carles or Estancia.

Traveling by bus may take 3-4 hours at Php 190/pax while traveling by Van might be a bit faster by 30 minutes and at Php 200/pax. However, buses are more comfortable because it offers more legroom.

Via Kalibo Airport | Boracay

For people coming from Boracay, you will be traveling first to Kalibo first at approximately 1 hour.
From Kalibo, you need to travel via Roxas City as there no buses or vans traveling from these places to Carles or Estancia.

From Bacolod City

From Bacolod City, you can take the fast craft to Iloilo City. From the seaport, take a taxi to Tagbak Terminal at about PHP 150. Then take the bus or Van going to Carles at PHP 190/pax.
You may also take the RORO (slow ferry) to Dumangas Port at PHP 96/pax with a travel time of 2 hours. From the port, you will travel to Barotac Nuevo, where you can get a bus or van to Estancia.

From Bancal Port ( AddressCarles ) to Gigantes Island

The most convenient and popular jump-off point going to Gigantes Island is the Bancal Port in Carles. At Bancal Port you will find a Tourism Office wherein you will pay for your environment fee. You can also ask for some assistance in this office.
Travel time from Bancal to Gigantes Islands is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours covering 14 nautical miles.
A regular scheduled local passenger pump boat runs once daily from Bancal Port to Gigantes Norte Island. The pump boat departs Bancal Port at 10 AM and leaves the Island at 2 PM. However, those who are availing the tour packages are served special trips by the tour operators at their agreed scheduled time.

Gigantes Island [ Islas de Gigantes ] | Tour 

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  1. Carles is known for crabs, fish and seaweeds in commercial qualities. So, don’t miss the chance to try their fresh seafoods and load yourself with iodine.

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  3. Bel Milanio

    Good morning. Can I request for a quotation for 10 pax. 3D2N tour (A/C accomodation and tour). Pur plan is to go either on the last week of april or 1st week of May. Thank you.

  4. Lhee ronquillo

    Hello, pls give us contact person with contact # for tour RESERVATION, we are planning to visit Gigantes Island on January 16. May resort ba sa mismong Gigantes island na walking distanve sa beach? Pm me for details thanks

  5. almary bacud

    magkano po ung passengers fee ? at yong tour package ? please call me at this number 09369064353

  6. Wow! Meron po ba pede iwanan ng sasakyan (Park) sa Carles port? plano po kasi namin magdala ng sasakyan from bacolod. TIA

  7. The beauty of the island and the islands surrounding it offers, what amazes me most is that you can get locally grown scallops for only one peso a piece – insanely cheap! There are also different seafood that is palatable and affordable at the same time. Overall we enjoyed this Gigantes Island Tour c/o Las Islas Tours and Services

  8. Angel2019

    Hi, we are going to Bancal port Carles on October 14-15, 2019. I am planning to rent a tourist van to go there. From airport we will go straight to Bancal Port Carles. We will leave the Iloilo airport at 8:00 PM. Is there anyone here who want to join us and share on the van rental fee.

  9. Ang ganda ng trip nyo po, sobrang nakakarelax tingnan ang tubig..super clear ang sarap sa mata.

  10. Rialyn tavera

    Hello poh gusto poh ng team namin n mgpareserve poh ng package tour…pno ko poh ikaw macocontact about poh SA datails and question ko poh

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      for 4 people for 1 night like i had seen in your itenerary and the resort for airconditioning red mandarin beach resort for 4 peolpe,how much you charge .we are base at iloilo.
      my name is beth my email

  11. Hi,
    Inquiring about the updated contact info of Sir Paul coordinator sa Isla Gigantes??

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  13. Hello! May I ask where did you purchase your tour package in Isla Gigantes? 2 days and 1 night? Thanks

  14. Hi!Your post is so informative and helpful.My husband and i are set to travel on September 15-18 to Iloilo and one of our desired place to go to is the Island of Gigantes and Guimaras.We hope you could help up on Where and how to go about on making this tour a fruitful one-:)Thank you and warm regards-:)

  15. August 28-29 2018 trip please. May i have the Contact number for a reliable tour guide?

    • Did you have the number?

      • l’ll be there sept 15-17, I am alone,from MNL, is there any group that i can join? or is there anyone here planing to go alone as well. We can be all great buddies !!!! lets just do nothing but fun! 🙂 just let me know 09976144618 (btw thanks to this blog) nakakalakas ng loob magtravel alone and explore new things.

  16. we can’t reach this number 0915.759.5000. please give us other contact number. we are planning to go to gigantes island, aug. 3/4-5. thanks.

  17. we’re planning to go their in between august 19-21. anyone suites the schedule. thanks

    • Mavis Penados

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  19. Is it safe to travel at Islas de Gigantes on August? We are in group and plan to visit the island on Augist 4-5,2018.

    • For as long as there is no typhoon its just fine.

      • Hi sir,
        Im trying to see the other comments but to no avail.
        I just want to get a contact person to regarding
        the Gigantes tour packages as we are already
        booked in September. Thanks!
        Keep sharing!

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    Hi Sir!

    Just want to ask the name of the agency where you booked your tour?


  22. Hi, planning to visit Gigantes on June 24, 3 days 2 nights. Arriving at Iloilo at 5:35am. 3 adults. May makakasabay kaya kami sa package? Thanks


      hi we are tarevelling there as well june 24 ,, DIY diin kami pwede pa join ,,

      pls email me,, were from manila ..

      • Hi we are planning to go there on August 24 for a 3D AND 2nights package. Any recommendations san pwede mag stay na malapit lang sa Bancal port?

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  24. Hi.. we will be travelling by group. our flight is 1am in the morning from manila.. is there a place u can recommend where we can sleep/rest for awhile before our isla gigantes tour (meet up time is 12nn) yun malapit sana sa papuntang isla de gigantes. Thank..

  25. Hi. Im planning to go there by march 3, solo trip sana 2D1N lang. Mas okay po kumuha ng package nalang ba? Thank you.

  26. Jennifer Trilles

    Hi! We’re planning to reroute our trip from Kalibo Boracay to Iloilo na, due to Boracay Island rehab 🙁 And we’re searching for another place to go. Sino po may updated na phone numbers ng mga contacts sa Gigantes? Thank you so much!

    • marlon m bayhon

      i’m planning to visit gigantes island with my family… we are 3 pax.. how can i book my visit for the 2d/1 night package coming straight from iloilo airport on 28 apr 2018 via PAL flight departing manila at 0445 and ETA Iloilo airport 6 am… thanks

    • you may reroute to carabao island and romblon too. 🙂

  27. Hi,
    I wud like to take d 2d/1nt tour package. D # is no longer working. How & where do i book for d trip? Joiner for april 7-8. Thank you.


  28. Hi, just want to ask if what time yung first and last trip ng bus sa estancia?
    and first trip ng boat from estancia to isla and last trip ng boat from isla going back to estancia?
    Thank you, will appreciate your reply 🙂

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  31. Good Day Sir,

    Any updated number of Red Mandarin Resort? Called their number but the Lady answered wrong number 🙁
    Traveling to Carles on Sept. 30,2018.


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  33. “We were fed with these freshly caught..”

  34. Hi!ask ko lng yung red mandarin room, kelangan mag book in advance or pwedi walk in? 12 pax kc kmi and 3 kids, yung # nla sa FB mali ndi ko makontak

    • you can also stay in Roxas City, it is near Islas de Gigantes .There are many hotels in Roxas City -here’s the Roxas City Travel Guide -

  35. hi mag inquire package tour for gigantes island nasa iloilo po kami march 30 gusto nmin sa march 31 ang tour namin sa gigantes.thnkd

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  38. Hello, The Happy Trip!

    Thanks for sharing this guide. I’m traveling to Iloilo on the 14th (ETA is a t 10:00PM).

    May makakasabay pa for Gigantes tour on the 15th (if possible, day tour?) since solo lang ako?


  39. Hi guys! If you want to contact us for Gigantes islands tours please text or call 09989816812- this is already our mostout most updated contact info. Thanks! Cheers!!

    • Sai severino

      Hi yung number po mali pwede paki update po kasi mag tour kami sa isla sa jan 24-25 gusto po kayo namin i contact 5 pax kami thanks or kindly contact nadin po ako 09201547244

    • Castle Carlo Lagod

      Hi how much po ang tour package for 3-5 persons . July po ang date

      • Kindly contact Paul Bolivar in the comments below, he is a tour operator

        • Mj Manayon

          Hello Sir Jojo Vito, hindi ko po makita ang number ni Sir Paul Bolivar, may trip po kaming magpinsan to Gigantes this April 27 po dating namin sa Iloilo City from Cebu po kami. Pasoyo naman po ng number ni Sir Paul Bolivar

    • Hi paul, cannot be reached itong new number mo.. do you gave a new one? please post here.. thank you

  40. sir ask ko tani what tym gahalin ang van or bus from tagbak terminal to carles para kaabot ka sa 8:30 nga start sang tour? thanks sir

    • Ronald L. colangoy

      Hi I just want to ask your number mobile if possible so we can contact you….because we don’t actually finalize how many of us but we have the plan already if possible we want the cheapest but nice accomodation….Thank you hope the reply soon…

  41. Regine Dionicio

    Hi Jojo Vito. Paul Bolivar’s mobile number is no longer available. Is it possible to get another contact person and number for Isla gigantes tour package? thank you.

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  43. Good day, i just want to ask where to avail the tour package 1699 of gigantes island? If you have the contact number pls forward to me. Thank you.

  44. Good day, i just want to ask where to avail the 1699 package tour of gigantes island? If they have the contact number kindly forward to me.thank you.

  45. hi. Paano po ung roro to bacolod? Is it from carles port? Ung pa dumangas? What time ng last trip?

  46. hello will be in iloilo po ng nov nov 17 ng gabi, merun pa po kayang byahe nun papuntang tagbak ? what time p[o 1st trip po ng carles or estancia day tour lang po sna kmi.

    • jeffrey tupaz

      hi yhenie we will be in gigantes on nov 18-19 as well, if u want to join us contact me at 09095270854, para mas makamura tayo sa boat .. if u want lang 🙂

  47. & my bf is plannin to go there this coming oct..may travel agency poh b kau n kinontak for d tour packages or doon nlg poh kau ngjoin sa ibang groups? any contact # poh n pwd nmin mkontak..?thank you…god bless poh

  48. Sino mg punta ng gigantes island ds coming nov 2-3 or 3-4? pwdi kami sumama sainyo.. apat kami po.. eto po contact ko 09469084089

  49. good day Jojo..
    me and my friends are planning na magpunta sa gigantes island ds coming nov. 2-3 or nov 3-4. San po namin makikita yung other groups na pwedi kaming mag join..?

  50. Hi Jojo! We’re planning to travel directly from Iloilo to the port going to Gigantes once we arrived and our ETA is at around 12 in the morning. I just want to ask if it’s safe to travel(land) at night? Thanks!

  51. Hi! I tried to call the mobile number you provided on your blog. But the system said it is an invalid number. Is there another way to contact the tour agency/guide? Thank you po.

  52. Hi! Me and my friends were planning to visit gigantes this coming october. Can you please let me know who we can contact in tour packages? So that me and my friends can book now. Thank you.

    MRS. RIVERA 09772391355

    • Hi Mrs. Rivera, usually the trip to Gigantes Island would take 2 days. Because you will not enjoy the spots if you will just go to all destination and have your photo op. However, if you really wanted to have just a day tour, perhaps you rent/hire a pump boat to make you a trip exclusive for your group. But if you will be joining others, I don’t know if there is a day tour.:)

  54. Ruby Maja

    Thanks for the informative guide. Could you please provide a travel and tours that accommodates Bacolod to Gigantes? Or just any travel and tours that accommodates Gigantes. I’m travelling with a friend. Travel date is November 14-18, 2017. When we went to Iloilo, it was difficult to find a tour that can accommodate us. Too bad we didn’t push the place, instead we went to Boracay. I’d really like to go Gigantes since we’re travelling this November, but this time it will be in Bacolod. I hope you can help me! 🙂

    • I dont know if there are who does that. But its easy to go there just follow my guide 🙂

    • Hi Ruby,

      My friend and I will be travelling on Nov 14-18 as well. Gigantes is part of our itinerary. You can join us if you want. We’re 2 girls. 09059521119

      • jeffrey tupaz

        hi gie we will be in gigantes on nov 18-19 as well, if u want to join us contact me at 09095270854, para mas makamura tayo sa boat .. if u want lang 🙂 were 2 gays by the way 🙂

  55. Judith Maranon

    Ok lang po ba pumunta ng island month ng October?

  56. wat time po last trip ng bus roxas to carles? thanks..

    • I’m not sure if after 5PM there are still buses going to Carles. BUt most travelers to Carles stayed overnight at Roxas City so that they can catch the morning schedule of ferry from Carles to Islas de Gigantes

  57. need a group to lessen the date sept 9 – 10.. thanks..

  58. Gia marjorie

    me plus 1 companion will be going to gigantes island on sept 27-28 .looking for people w could group on :))

  59. dama de noche

    Hello! I’m planning to go to Isla Gigantes come September 16-17, 2017. Im very willing to join other groups or we can team up if ur going solo or in small groups so we can have it cheaper. You can contact me at 09233996094. Big thanks!

  60. Ji Gonzales

    hi where to book for islas de gigantes? where coming from manila via roxas this coming july 21.thank you.


    Hello! Thank you for this blog post. Can you please let me know who we can contact for Tour Packages? The contact # for Paul Bolivar you provided in a earlier post is no longer in service. Thank you!

  62. hi may ma recommend ba kayo na mura na stayhan sa ILOILO na malapit sa TAGBAK TERMINAL. kasi 7pm pa yung plane namin. and we dont have a so makatulog pa talaga kami sa iloilo. PLS HELP US

  63. Ano po ang last trip ng ceres bus from carles sir? Day tour package lng po kasi a g i avail namin

    • Hi Sarah, I think its until 5, but you can PM the tour operator, Normally they design the tour with consideration to the transportation available.Are you planning to go back to Iloilo or sleep in Roxas City?

  64. nel zarita jalbuena

    do you have a contact no. to whom we could book to?

  65. travel date Aug. 11-14 viber us @
    09088806471 need groupie para makamura 2 days 1 night only

  66. Hello! We booked a flight from June 1-4 MNL-ROXAS, we really like to visit the island. is it still good for that month? Thanks.

  67. Hi! May I ask kung ilang oras yung byahe niyo from Tagbak terminal to Carles? Thanks! 🙂

  68. Emsi Ngo

    Hi! Your blog post is helpful. Just want to know what package tour did you got? Because upon clicking the link, it won’t show the Gigantes Island’s? Thanks.

  69. Oh my gosh your trip looked like so much fun!! That water is so clear!!

    <3 Al

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