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To enable us to run The Happy Trip Travel Site continuously, we use some affiliate links. Our affiliate links include booking sites of Hotels and Travel Agencies that any willing reader may book, which will enable us to earn a small amount of commission with no extra cost to any willing buyer. 

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 Guest Posts and Approved Contributors

The Happy trip accepts posts and contents from some contributors. Please, remember that while do in whatever we can to check the works of these people, we don’t have full control of these their content, such as text and even the images that they use work. 

The Happy Trip travel site will refuse any content which has profanities (visual or verbal) language, child abuse, sexual nudity, or disagreeable graphic display of violence.

Our contributors are directed to obey internationally recognized guidelines on copyright and intellectual property strictly. If you think that any part of the posts on our website violates any intellectual property rights, please notify us immediately. You may send an email to We will surely cooperate and do actions quickly.

 Changes to Privacy Policy Agreement

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