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When you think of Macau, one commonly thinks of its title as “The Las Vegas of Asia.” It is one of the places in Asia where you can enjoy the excellent casino experience. To many, this may be just one of those elegant places you can only dream to visit. What many are unaware of is that you do not need to spend a lot of money to have fun in touring Macau. Besides, there is more to Macau than their hotels and casinos.

Ruins of St. Paul's



1.Free Shuttle

There are shuttle services found in the airport and ferry terminals heading to and from the major hotels. These are free so you can head to different hotels or to the airport and ferry terminals without spending during your Macau tour.

2. Macau Tour without your Luggage

If you find yourself too early for your check-in and you desire to get a head start on your visit, you can go to any significant hotels or casinos to drop off your luggage for free. And you can do this even if you are not staying at that hotel.

3.Free Taste

Some vendors offer a sample taste of their food products. While doing your free Macau Tour, you can get a taste of these delicacies for free if you walk toward the Ruins of St. Paul’s. If you want to get to experience Macau Tour without spending too much, then this is an excellent opportunity for you.

4.Free Souvenirs

Some of the places you can visit give souvenirs to their guests. These can be in the form of a pen, fan, etc.



Grab a map from the Macau Government Tourism Office, get some pamphlets of touring guides for Macau, or merely ask Google. Instead of paying for a tour, you can create your own based on these materials. You will have more fun visiting Macau if you have control of your own time. Here are some suggested activities and attractions you should try.

5.Hotel Hopping

You can go hotel hopping if you are in the Taipa area while doing your Macau Tour. Many of the hotels are within walking distance from the other. You can check their architectural designs and see for yourself which one stands out the most.

6.Window Shopping

You can take your time looking at everything Macau offers through its products. There are a lot of shops in Macau that can get your jaws dropping. Some of these stores can be found in the shopping centers of the hotels.

7.Experience the Casinos

Ready to explore the most coveted activity in Macau? If you are of legal age, go ahead and get dressed appropriately. Enter the casinos with confidence even if you have no plans to play. Most Casinos give free initial chips for first-timers, perfect for your “Free Macau Tour Experience”  Revel in the experience for you will not be disappointed.

8. Free Macau Tour Historic Site

There are more than twenty heritage sites that can be found in Macau. Challenge yourself in visiting all of those sites. You can refer to the Historic Centre of Macau that is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

9.Gongbei Port, Zhuhai

This port allows some nationalities to pass through the border and reach Zhuhai, China. You just need to check with your embassy if you can get Visa for a visit.

10.Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

This is a public library in Macau where you can get free access to books, WiFi, and electricity for your gadgets. As long as it is for studying purposes.


There are museums in the place where you can enter for free or pay for only a small amount of money. You will not get bored visiting the museums since they were tailored to hold your attention and create interaction with the visitors.

12.Tai Chi and Free Workout

You can get a free workout in the parks using their public workout facilities. This is another perfect activity for your “Free Macau Tour”. You can find many of the locals enjoying their morning or afternoon in the parks doing this activity. Some of them are doing Tai Chi. Do not be shy and ask the locals if you can join them.

13. Fortaleza do Monte (Mount Fortress)

This is located beside the Ruins of St. Paul’s. Officially, the place is known as the ‘Fortress of Our Lady of the Mount of Saint Paul.’ One of the best views you can get of the city is from the top of this fort. You can also witness a spectacular sunset from here.

Visiting the place does not need to be expensive. Plan accordingly so you do not go over your budget. And if you ever get lost on your trip, make it a part of your adventure. Have fun on your Macau trip!

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  1. kimberly Garcia

    Macau is nice place! I want to go there and visit the Macau’s Fishermans Wharf. #Advertising

  2. Julie Ann P. Castano

    #advertising. the places in macau, i can say is wonderful and i want to go there..

  3. Hi can i ask for the contact number oft he tourguide

  4. Hi, nice blog!:)
    can i have your contact in macau? 🙂 after paying of 200HKD, separate pa yung bayad sa transpo? 🙂 thanks!:)

    • Hi Ninz, transportation is always free. all hotels have standby vehicles for transpo, but nice if you have a tour guide not to waste time finding these vehicles. My contact is marlyn email add: trip!

  5. Hello! we will go on vacation in macau this june, just want to know if its ok if we book just one room for the four of us, we are all girls, the two are my officemates and one is her daughter, we just want to explore macau but in limited budget, we will be staying there for 5 days and 4 nights, do you have any suggestion to maximize our trip? thank you.

    • jojo vito

      I havent stayed overnight in macau…but a, sure it would be greatbto stay there even just for a night. In Hongkong there are plenty of guest houses which you can stay.

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