Lakawon: An Island to Behold


Lakawon: An Island to Behold

Pedia Ward staff is on for an exciting escapade as we decide to explore another place up north called LAKAWON. We left Bacolod via Ceres (aircon bus) at around 8:30am. We passed by Victorias City to pick up the master planner (Yvette Acevedo). It will be our first time to visit the place but not for Yvette who had been to the place a decade ago. We enjoyed the ride while watching an exciting film shown on the screen. It’s a love story with English subtitles. We were busy watching and didn’t know the title of the movie being shown but nevertheless, it caught our attention.Lakawon

It was a long ride and we told the driver to drop us off at Crossing Martesan. After an hour and a half, we arrived at the place. We then took a tricycle going to the port. It was about 15 minutes ride from the Martesan to the Port passing through a well-paved road lined with sugar cane plantation. Arriving at the port made us more excited, Lakawon can be seen from afar and the white sand is like saying “Hello” to us, welcoming us with its glow. Boat ride going to the island is approximately 30 minutes (depending on sea condition).  When we arrived at the place, we can’t help but shout and laugh. We headed straight to our reserve hut, made ourselves ready for the photo shoot and of course, had our meals cooked.


Lakawon Island Resort is one of the destinations to discover in Negros Occidental. Located North of Bacolod, specifically in Cadiz City. The island is surprisingly a place to behold with its shoreline lined with white sand and crystal clear blue water. It offers a scenic view of Mt. Mandalagan from afar. Away from the bustling metropolis, Lakawon Resort is a place where you can unwind and relax. It’s a good place to be with friends, family and loved ones. Though it doesn’t boast the amenities of a first class resort yet Lakawon’s sand and water is enough to make every visitors happy. The shoreline is clean, the sand is powdery (not as powdery as Boracay though) and the water is as clear as Boracay.


It was a day well spent for us. We bought Happiness at a cheaper price. But what made this trip successful is the quality of people you are with and the place. Pedia Staff Nurses of  RMC are now certified Happy trippers. Oh, by the way, The title of the movie we watched inside the bus is “Three meters above the Sky”… so true, we were three meters above the sky in Lakawon.


Getting There;

1. From Bacolod, you take a bus from the North terminal going to Cadiz. Bus fee is P 95.00 for aircon and P55.00 for non-aircon.

2. Tell the bus driver to drop you off at Crossing Martesan. From Martesan, take a tricycle going to the port. The charge is P20.00 per person. The tricycle drivers are polite and very helpful.

3. Reaching the Port (Cadiz Viejo) You will be asked to register for safety purposes and you will then take a boat ride going to the island. Minimum Boat Fee is 600 depending on boat size.

4. Upon Reaching the Island, you will pay 100 for the entrance fee and the resort offers food and drink as well, but I suggest to bring your own food and have them cook, you will just pay the corkage anyway at a lesser price.



  1. bryan ermeo

    what a nice place, i want to go to this place as soon as possible,

  2. Filipina Mendoza

    Can I visit Lakawon Island in one day?

  3. janice lamayo

    twas a superb* experienced ; a paradise like place with great friends =) a perfect way to start the summer of 2012. another splendid and magnificent creation from God =)
    i am a certified happytripper! hehe

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