The Majestic Mt. Kanlaon

  Mt. Kanlaon

Mt. Kanlaon, A favorite destination of many trekkers and mountain climbers

The Majestic Mt. Kanlaon


On my way home from Cebu, I was able to capture the beautiful Mt. Kanlaon or Canlaon with my lens. While I frequent Cebu, that the first time  that I was able to get a good view of the volcano.Kanlaon Volcano, also spelled as Kanla-on or Canlaon, is an active volcano on Negros island in central  Philippines. The stratovolcano straddles the provinces of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental, approximately 30 km (19 mi) southeast of Bacolod City, the capital and most populous city of Negros Occidental.

The volcano is a favorite spot for mountain climbers and is the centerpiece of Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park .  Every summer most especially, a lot of trekkers and mountains climbers visit the place.  It is one of the active volcanoes in the Philippines and part of the Pacific ring of fire.

Kanlaon has a peak elevation of 2,435 m (7,989 ft) with a base diameter of 30 km (19 mi) and is dotted with pyroclastic cones and craters. The place is also the highest peak in Central Visayas. Just below and north of the summit is the active Lugud crater. North of Lugud is a 2 by 0.8 km (1.2 by 0.50 mi) caldera, known as Margaja Valley, with a crater lake.

The volcano has three hot springs on its slopes: Mambucal Hot Springs on the northwest which is also a favorite destination in the province of Negros Occidental , Bucalan Hot Spring and, Bungol Hot Spring. Its adjacent volcanic edifices are Mt. Silay and Mt. Mandalagan, north of Kanlaon.

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