“Dalum Balay” a phrase which means under the house.

The typical Filipino house before, if not really high are usually elevated. My father explained to me , that this designed intends to provide more ventilation to the house and for safety purposes as well.  The “dalum Balay”  usually are utilized for various purposes such as storage, even to be used for drying the laundry during raining season,etc. In the country side, “dalum balay” is even used as shelter for chicken and other animals during night time.

Today, “Dalum Balay” is the name of the one of the best burger shop located at Capitol Shopping Center, Bacolod City.  The shop is very ordenary, no flair, the service is even quite bad at times and obviously their staff are not really well trained. But they are not rude, they are not just trained.  They don;t even know how to explain their products.

People go to this place not minding the missing fancy elements such as aircon, good ambiance,etc. but simply because they sell good burgers. Some of their burgers are meant to be eatin by 2 or more person, so better ask the size of the item your are ordering.

The store even has a challenge for its customers: the 5 minute DBB Challenge. Any customer can do this: One must consume a massive burger with ice tea and fries siding in 5 minutes or less. Those who can do the challenge will have what they eat for free. Surprisingly there are people who were able to do this challenge.

I did not try the challenge because I wanted to savor the flavorful burger they offer.But, I will be bringing more friends next time, and who knows I might try the 5 minutes challenge for fun—would you like to come with me?

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the 5 minutes DBB Challenge Winners


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