a wide array of seafood selections at the Old Pala-Pala Wet Market


I was quite tired after conducting a training that Sunday afternoon when  a friend invited me to dine out. We can’t decide where to go because we also don’t want a crowded place. Then we remember the old Pala-Pala Market.

The Pala Pala Market in Bacolod is located in San Juan Street corner North Capitol Road. Only 10 minutes walk from the Capitol Lagoon. I used to frequent this wet market as I used to stay at 8th St., Bacolod City. I would come to this market to buy fresh catch every afternoon and even some veggies.

Pala Pala Market sets apart from another wet market in Bacolod because of the presence of the eatery around the market. After buying fresh seafood, you can have this cooked from any eatery around the area. You can specify how you want your seafood cooked the most favourite of course is the tinola style, sinugba, sizzling  and even steak. We opted to have our tinola and sinugba (grilled)  that time…

The best time to visit this place is in the afternoon because that is when the fish wholesalers delivered their goods at the market. The types of fish sold in the place are varied and numerous, among them tilapia, lapu lapu, blue marlin, tuna, bangus, fresh squid, sea prawns, lobster, crabs, shrimps and more. There are also plenty of shells like scallops and oysters sold as well as an assortment of other Filipino dishes and cuisine. Because they are very fresh, they are sumptuous and can rival those of any  other popular seafood restaurant in the city.

For  picky eaters, the place has a more organized and formal restaurant located right in front of the market.These restaurants are not that really that expensive. But sometimes, it would be nice also to eat at the stalls.

How to Get There:

Take a jeepney going to Banago and it will just drop you right in front of Bacolod Old Pala-pala. The most prominent landmark is the Negros Occidental  Provincial Capitol Building located at Lacson St, Bacolod City. Old Pala-pala is just located right at the back of this famous building. The easiest way, of course, is to take the cab and ask the driver to bring you there.

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