Since the olden  times, potteries has been part of the Philippine culture.I remember when I was  a kid in our home on the farm, clay pots have been made for cooking, like the traditional palayok.  We have read from history books, clay pots  are used for storage, like the” banga”  that were once used for storing water, tuba (coconut wine), vinegar and many more. In the time of the early Filipinos, jars were used to keep the remains of corpses just like the Manunggul Jar ( burial jar).

In various part of Negros Island, potteries are being made and has been the source of living of many Negrenses.

In  Pahanocoy, the southern part of  Bacolod City, potteries has been the major source of income of the people. If you  are travelling towards the south of Negros, you will see along the highway road side potteries are  displayed and put on the display  the various clay products produced in this barangay located 7 kms. south of downtown Bacolod.

Ornamental pots at Pahanocoy

In my recent visit to Pahanocoy, I took the time to take pictures of the  pottery. Assortments vary from   pots used for ornamental plants, cooking, water fountains, large jars used for gardens, the “Kalan” clay stove, bricks and even decorative figures like a dwarf, birds, etc. These pots are made of local clay, crafted by hand moulding or the use of a paddle and vessel in building the walls of the pot. The pots are unglazed and normally  embellished by either carving the paddle or wrapping it with cord and slapping it against the side to leave marks and is being baked on an open fire.

Various figures crafted from clay painted with vibrant colors, ideal for gardens and ponds

As imported ceramics grew in popularity among Filipinos,   local pottery craft continued to flourish. I for one is an avid fan and patron of this craft. I frequent Pahanocoy especially   each time I need clay to be used as a mother mould for our products at JOJO VITO DESIGNS GALLERY. I also source in this place pots for plants and some garden large pots which I used to put some of my ornamental fish. I also got here  some water fountains  which I used in my garden before.

Many people failed to notice but through times, Pahanocoy   pottery indeed  had reached a high level of artistry. This  pottery tradition which was maintained in this place will surely continue  for as long as people will continue to appreciate and patronize this ancient art which we can truly be proud of.

Pahanocoy is just 10- 15 minutes drive from Bacolod Downtown area and can be reach using any mode of transportation that is bound south of Negros Occidental.


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