It is nice to note that the Philippines is being   promoted   as a retirement destination for the world’s retirees. This move will surely provide more jobs and economic opportunities for the Filipinos especially those involved in the health industry.

General Manager of the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA), Veredigno Atienza  said the agency must do more road shows, promotions , and conferences for  selected audiences.

Atienza said they are focusing on the Philippines’ leading  possible source countries like USA, China, South Korea, and Japan. The Philippine Retirement Authority is promoting developments in age-friendliness, tourism, healthcare and the Department of Tourism’s “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign to boost the Philippine position further in the international retirement rankings,” he noted.

Atienza believed that the best way to get reputable international publicity is to secure good graces of respected international magazines.

He added the Philippines needs to compete with the other International competitors which are offering more aggressive retirement programs.

With this, Atienza said the Philippine Retirement Authority will soon be launching more product and program  innovations designed to attract  more retirees to the country.He also  said the country is eyeing to attract one to ten million foreign retirees in six years.

“One, three, five, even ten million foreign retirees out of 600 million? Why not? With all our combined efforts we can attain these numbers,” he added.

Kipot Twin Falls, Bago City,RETIREMENT HAVEN

Bago City

Similarly, Negros Occidental is also getting ready for this move. Negros Occidental is said to have all the qualifications to be a retirement haven. Factors like climate, safety, medical facilities, low cost of living can be considered  positive in the province.  Negros Occidental is also considered as the organic capital of the country , making it a plus factor for the project. Presently, the cities of Bago, Victorias , Sipalay and the Town of Murcia is positioning to host retirement villages in their localities.




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