That was a tiring day. I was only on my first day with my 3-day seminar-workshop conducted for  the Norwegian Training Center in TESDA Complex, Taguig but my energy was already consumed. A perfect timing when my phone rang—a friend is inviting me out. As we were enumerating various places possible to hang out, I just choose Resorts World as it was very close to where I am staying. My friend picked me up and a few minutes after we were already at the Resorts World.

You will be welcomed by casinos, restaurants, cinemas, hotels, and designer shops the moment you enter Resorts World.

There was a number of restaurants to choose from at the second level of Resorts World. Well, while I was too tired I wasn’t really that hungry, I just wanted a place to hang out and a hot soup to make me more relax…we opted for a Chinese restaurant, the Johnny Chow. It was my first my time with Johnny Chow and the first  thing I’ve  noticed when you pass by this restaurant are the female  receptionists sporting brightly colored wigs of royal blue, yellow, orange, pink, etc. The males are sporting hair style with highlights.

One thing which made us feel more at home is when we meet Davis and Ilonggo-speaking waiter. Maybe he heard us talking in vernacular (Hiligaynon) and he went to our table with his menu book and said, “Try this one sir, this is true “namit”! “Namit” is a vernacular term for delicious.

Johnny Chow is surrounded by Asian photos, interiors, added with yellow and blue lights certainly lightened our mood this Christmas. The funky chairs with pictures on the backrest truly create a happy ambiance.   This fancy restaurant defined the Asian theme as  fun and animated.

Food in Johnny Chow is typical Chinese including dim sum.   The price though is more on the expensive side but still, it didn’t disappoint us.

Location: 2/F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City



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