Bacolod Masskara Shines in the 2013 Philippine Independence Day Parade in New York

Bacolod Masskara , Philippine Independence Day Parade , New York

2013 INDEPENDENCE DAY DANCE PARADE CHAMPION.Congratulations to the 2013 Bacolod Masskara Festival NY Edition Team headed by Maria Imelda Gargarita -President /Organizer/Choreographer. Brigid Tan ,Liason Officer/Chair for Communications. Dancers :Caroline Aguilar-Hinlo, Eden de la Cruz-Oyco, Arlene Hilado, Cristina dela Tina-Rosa, Rachel Montes-Robles, Gloria Guanzon-Palawar, Darlene Ordog, Lani Cuenca, Candy Genovea-Wagner, Glecy Bingcang-Hermogenes, Liza Benares, Normita Weisberg, Liberty Manzano, Cires de la Cruz, Yvonne Calansingin-Barcinal, Radjilyn Gallo-Nifras, Moonyen Dorliac-Hilado, Christie Su, Sheila Maravilla, Joy Canada-Gonzales, Girlie Montecino, Susan Vergara-Lirazan, Susan Arangote, Susan Banzuela, Jessel de la Cruz, Adelfa Degala, Ross Sayson, Christine Sy, and Milag Torres. (Photo by Arlene Hilado)

Bacolod Masskara Shines in the 2013 Philippine Independence Day Parade in New York

Bacolod Masskara Festival NY Edition, the brainchild of  Nestor and Imelda  Gargarita  won as Best in Festival Dance in the recently concluded Philippine Independence Day Parade in New York. The Bacolod Masskara also won last year in the first time they join the parade.

Philippine Independence Day Parade in New York City took place last Sunday, June 2, 2013, at Madison Avenue. The parade commemorates Philippine’s 115th year of independence from colonization.

Also called as Parada ng Kalayaan, The Philippine Independence Day Parade is a celebration for the Filipino American community in the Northeast United States, home to more than half a million Filipinos. Its main purpose is to create awareness of Philippine culture and to raise funds for charity projects in the USA and the Philippines. Philippine Independence, as a celebration in America, is largely an invention of the last decade—rather than having distinct cultural significance, the event is instead manufactured as a cultural awareness campaign.

United Bacolodnons during the grand parade

Earlier generations of Filipino immigrants did not celebrate Philippine Independence in significant ways. Philippine Independence is widely celebrated among Filipinos in the United States and is now a major event for many Filipino Americans to rekindle their roots and heritage. The largest among Philippine Independence celebrations in the United States takes place in New York City every first Sunday of June.


Video by  Jonee Pabiania

The Bacolod MassKara Festival-NY Edition joins the New York Philippine Independence Day Celebrations for the 2nd time. With an awesome performance last year, and a more electrifying performance this year, the group is well on its way to become one of the main attractions of the event held every 1st Sunday of June in the streets of Manhattan, New York. The group is really amazing with more than 30 street dancers in colorful costumes, by far the most number of choreographed performers in the event. (Jonee Pabiania)

Video courtesy of Arlene Hilado

The successful Philippine Independence Day Parade  particularly the Bacolod Masskara Festival NY Edition was a testimony of every Filipinos love for country, “family power”, spirit of unity and gusto for life. I can’t help but share the pride and victory displayed by my fellow Bacolodnon and Negrense as I look into the videos and photos of the 2013 Bacolod Masskara NY Edition.

Though our participation is just limited in the creation of their mask and costume, The Jojo Vito Designs Gallery Staff’s spirit was always with them and our hearts beams with pride each time we see the pictures posted in Facebook with participants wearing our masks. Our heartfelt thanks to Nestor and Imelda Gargarita for trusting us with the Masks and Costumes. Hope to still work with you in the future parades.

2013 Bacolod Masskara NY Edition Costume by Jojo Vito Designs Gallery
Photo by Arlene Hilado


The colorful masks worn by the dancers were all hand painted with a tribal designs or we called it dynamic lines. The lines symbolizes Filipino’s flexibility and dynamism.
The Colorful “Foliage” Headdress is a symbol of “green” life in Bacolod and Negros province in general. We thought of using foliage in the headdress simply because , Negros is an agricultural province – also known now as an “organic” province. The design were created with consideration of the means it will be transported from Bacolod to US.



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  2. It made me feel so proud! One of the grandest festivals in the Philippines was featured in International celebration. Proud to be Pinoy. 🙂

  3. nice. 🙂

  4. Congratulations! job well done!

  5. Pipet Pipet

    Jojo Vito in behalf of our group "Bacolod MassKara NY Edition" would like to thank you in sharing your artistry with us in terms of the masks and costumes since the very start(last year). Thus, You and your team are definitely part of this success. Congratulations to all of us.

  6. fantastic! bravo, were all so proud of you!

  7. wonderful performance!


  9. You've made all so proud! KUDOS!

  10. very colorful! we're so proud of you guys!

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