Strawberry Picking in La Trinidad, Benguet


Strawberry Picking in La Trinidad, Benguet

One activity that you should not miss when visiting Baguio  is the  strawberry picking at the Strawberry Farm in the nearby La Trinidad, Benguet. Just 30 minutes from Baguio City, Strawberry Farm “opens it doors” for the activity from November to May every year.

Strawberry picking is a  unique experience for the whole family, you get to pick fresh strawberries — right alongside the Ibaloi farmers. To maximize your  experience, get ready  physically and mentally. Which  means getting ready  to walk on slippery mud and enjoy strawberry picking.Use footwear that can be washed and dries easily; better yet  go barefoot —a lot more fun. Roll up your pants , savor the cool fresh air and be friendly to the ethnic Ibaloi farmers who toiled hard on the vast plantation to turn it into a growing tourist destination.

strawberry picking The rates for strawberry picking vary. Actually,  it costs twice the market price to pick your own strawberries, which tourists  find strange even me. Approximately  it cost Php 400-450/kg hand-picked, I think if you buy it in the market it cost half. Just think that  paying for the experience.

There’s no minimum amount per person, they just weigh how much you all have picked   and you’re charged for it. Strawberries  are delicate and they usually get ruined easily so better consume your strawberries while in Baguio. And if you want to bring home something you can opt for the strawberry jam or wine which are available everywhere.

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We’ve also spotted a vendor selling “taco” with strawberry flavor. That was about lunch time and were already hungry so we tried the Strawberry Taho and it was really good.

Strawberry Taho is just the same taho you eat in the morning, the only difference is, instead of using caramelized sugar to sweeten it, it uses sweetened strawberries. At La Trinidad Strawberry Farm, you can enjoy a cup of strawberry for 20 PhP.

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How to Get there:

Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad Valley, Benguet, less than 10km from the center of Baguio City.

By car: From Session Road, turn right to Magsaysay Road and turn left at the stop light (to your right will be Baguio Center Mall). The road you will be on is still Magsaysay Road and this connects Baguio City to La Trinidad. Just keep going straight, passing a vehicle flyover at one point, until you see the welcome arch of La Trinidad.



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  1. Keziah Sheloah Geriane

    Baguio is a place every Filipino shouldn’t miss. We are planning to go to Baguio maybe this summer, I want to experience picking fresh strawberries and try the Strawberry Taho. This is very Helpful! #Advertising

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