Experiencing the 2013 Mudpack Festival



Experiencing the 2013 Mudpack Festival

I’m always excited about Mudpack Festival. For me , the festival is  unique, engaging and something that really awakens my senses.

For this year, I blocked my calendar couple of months ahead. In fact, I  even made a blog entry about the festival entitled ,” Getting Ready for the 2013 Mudpack Festival”. But as the date comes closer, I started to wonder why I haven’t read any advertisement about the Festival. I thought ,was it canceled for this year? So I started to search the net -searching the google about 2013 Mudpack Festival. I was amazed , It’s my blog which ranks first in Goggle displaying entries about the Mudpack Festival . But wait, wait, wait…!!!!  I was surprised, another blog  entry of  exactly the same title with mine  caught my attention. So I clicked the entry and to my BIG surprised the content was exactly the same, copied verbatim  as what I wrote in my blog. Of course, I am the original!!!!  He uploaded his entry 3 days after mine. Even the photos which I borrowed  from my friend, Dr. Ronnie Baldonado was cropped, removing the watermark. QUE HORROR! Anyway, I have already sent  the private message to the writer, telling  him: “YOU COPIED MY BLOG!”   I don’t’ intend to go further into this issue. In  fact, after I felt irritated , I realized he was reading my blog—A FAN? Lol. But I will appreciate a formal apology—mag sorry ka kaya? Promise I will never deliver this line to you: “you’re nothing but a second rate, T—-H—-pussy cat!” Anyway, I have revised that blog entry already , but kept a copy of my original entry—just in case.

Going back to the date of the festival, I informed Dr. Baldonado about the issue and asked him about the schedule .It’s June 22-23, 2013. Susmarya!  I realized , I was not able to attend the first day of 2013 Mudpack Festival. Anyway, there’s still the second day, I thought.

So the following day, I after I woke up, I checked on my car’s water, oil,etc. At first, I was hesitant to drive for that distance because my car is basically old and I have zero skill in troubleshooting.  On the other hand,  I don’t like  to travel  on a public transport, because  when I travel I stopped anywhere and take some pictures. So, with some food and much prayer , off I go…

The Bath House in Mambukal

Mambukal is really not  that far from Bacolod, so we arrived at Mambukal quite early.

When we arrived we’ve noticed  that  artists were already busy doing their installation arts. But we opted to proceed to the falls  first to take some pictures . (I will be making  another entry for Mambukal Mountain Resort).

All over Mambukal Resort I saw tents  which were installed by the participants joining the  festival.   So I started to take pictures  and talking with the artist while they were preparing for the event that afternoon.

Mudpack festival provides local artists with  the opportunity to show their artistic talents and skills using various kinds of colored clay  and some indigenous materials.

Mudpack Festival seemed to me to be a  daring festival. While taking pictures, it was noticeable  that most participants were wearing almost nothing but  clay. But  they never looked vulgar as the colored clay appeared to be their very costume.

After a while, I  heard drum beats. That was the signal of the start of judging for the various Installation Arts. It was not a simple  installation arts competition because the artist does some performances while they are being judged—truly fascinating. All competition at the 23rd Mudpack Festival revolved around  their theme:”Our Climate, Our Actions, Our Future”.

mudpack a IMG_4855

After  the judging of the Installation Pieces, we’ve proceeded to the   Ishiwata Bath Houses Area   where the next event will be held, the Solo Dance Improvisation.  Again, the Solo Dance Improvisation  is a feast for all the senses. They were telling a story while dancing, and the colored clay  body paint  is another thing which I like the most because they come as a great element  for photography.

I didn’t wait for the proclamation of winners anymore as I was scared to drive home late. Besides,  to me all of them were winners already. It’s just sad to note that I seemed to feel that the unique Mudpack Festival was not marketed properly. I hope that next year  the province will make it a bit bigger to encourage more artists to participate and more people from other places will be able to witness this amazing Mudpack Festival.

Next year, I am planning to stay at Mambukal  for the entire Mudpack Festival. Anyone would like to have another Happy Trip with me?Lol


Mambukal is Located at Barangay Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental. Time of Travel:  30-45 minutes from Bacolod City. If you want to take the public transportation,  some jeepneys are available at Libertab Market, Bacolod. (Just ask for the terminal, you won’t get lost).


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  1. The Province could have put at least put a big tarp at the Capitol Lagoon 🙂

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