IMG_1843 Good Food, Nice Ambiance… Bacolod City‘s Café Uma

(Watch out for an update of this post, Cafe Uma has transferred to their new location…coming soon )

Good food, nice ambiance. That’s what you get when you visit Café Uma . Located right beside L Fisher Hotel, Bacolod City. Café Uma is a place where one would want to stay  and relaxed with friends while enjoying a delectable Asian and Western Cafe Cuisines.

Upon entering the place, you would know exactly  that you are in Negros. To the right side of the café is a collage of an old magazine pages telling stories about Negros. Paintings of Sacadas (Sugar cane workers) and wooden miniature of steam locomotive adorned the place.


Recycled wine bottles embedded in the wall of Cafe Uma

A steam locomotive or Iron Dinosaur is a railway locomotive that produces its pulling power through a steam engine. It’s interesting to note that these locomotives were used to transport sugarcane to the Sugar Centrals. Capiz Chandeliers of Hacienda Crafts (a handicraft company also owned by the owners)  add drama to the place.


Monsignor Gaston (left)  having a short talk with the Negros Bloggers

Owned and operated by Joey and Ina Gaston, Café Uma was originally located in one corner of the  Negros Showroom on Lacson Street. They moved later to this new location to give their customers a more comfortable and bigger space.

Amongst my early  favorite at Café Uma’s  was its sausages served in large bowls with  greens and mashed potato. Lately, they had expanded their menu  and I had tasted a few of it.

Here’s my new discoveries and an addition to my favorites at Café Uma:

ASIAN PASTA, topped with  Asian Beef Sirloin, Bacon, Onions, Tomato, Curry Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese and Asian Coleslaw.

CAFÉ UMA SPECIAL PASTA ,served with Spaghetti Pesto Cream Sauce, Bacon Cubes, Smoked Salmon

TRADITIONAL FRENCH ONION SOUP, an original recipe of Monsignor Gaston , served with  Crouton and  gruyere cheese.

My gastronomic experience ended with this cup of cappuccino.

The Negros Bloggers with Ina Gaston at Cafe Uma


  1. i lived in bacolod for 12 years, and it’s no doubt, Cafe Uma has been in my list of must-go to restaurants everytime I crave for comfort food. And my real favorite is their Pink Salmon Panini..Great food for health-conscious guys like me. they serve it with green salad and top it with the best vinaigrette I have ever tasted in my whole life..and to wash it down – – it comes with and iced tea with a cut of fresh sugarcane… Trust me, no other Pink Salmon Panini comes close to the one served by Cafe Uma..I dare you challenge my comment..Cheers and Ciao..! 🙂

  2. oh, I want to try the Traditional French Onion Soup, and Cafe Uma Special Pasta looks so perfect for me. I hope I can convince my friends to go to Bacolod to have a food trip there like we did in Pampanga.

  3. You got me at the cup of cappucino!

  4. Looks like cafe Uma do serve good food! I would love to try the Asian PAsta

  5. Oh my gawd! I want to try that coffee, beautiful design and all the delish foods, have mercy it does not help that I am hungry too.

  6. Cafe Uma spells yum! Its Special Pasta is what I’d like to try.

  7. The sight of the food just made me hungry! Haha! I really hope I can go back to Bacolod soon so that I can try this place.

  8. I want to go on Vacation in Bacolod. This resto is a must place to visit there I guess!

  9. I could have sworn I left a comment yesterday. I was eyeing that special pasta because I LOVE SALMON! Hehehe. The place looks cozy enough and the food looks delicious.

  10. Bacolod is one place I want to visit this year! And I am definitely going to check this place when I visit. They look delicious!


  11. The special pasta with fresh salmon in it sounds very interesting. I just remembered I haven’t had dinner yet.

  12. The special pasta looks so yum!!! I love salmon in cream pastas so that’s something to look forward to.

  13. Nice place. And the food looks really good. I am eyeing that special pasta because I love salmon! If ever I find myself in Bacolod City, I will definitely check that place out.

  14. I extremely love Bacolod and their food. I want to go back soon! Anyhow, it’s always nice to meet fellow bloggers, diba? 🙂

  15. Wow, another place to add to my growing list of places to visit when I finally get the chance to go to Bacolod. Hope I can go soon!

  16. I have always wanted to visit Bacolod for Masskara festival. I think Cafe Uma should also be part of the IT!

  17. I would have to agree that the place have a good ambiance. They also have a unique touch in their food that makes them stand out.

  18. Those food really looked delicious! I would love to try the Cafe Uma Speical Pasta especially because it has my favorites: smoked salmon and bacon cubes. 🙂

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