Travel in Style…

I guess I can confidently say that I have travelled in style with SilkAir. In my recent and first visit to Kerala,  I got the opportunity the experience the hospitality offered by Silkair to all its guests.

That was February 14 when I flew to Kerala,  India via SilkAir. I was lucky to be  the only Filipino  to join a 2-week “Trip of a Lifetime” tour at Kerala Blog Express with 25 other bloggers from 25 countries all over the globe hosted by the Tourism Board of Kerala. My journey started at  Mactan International Airport in Cebu.

Travelling on a Business Class is a perk which I seldom  experience unless I am on a business trip sponsored by my clients once in a while  in my consultancy business.Normally, I simply travel in Economy Class especially  when I am backpacking. But with this trip, I travelled in style.


at the Business Class Lounge of SilkAir in Mactan International Airport, Cebu, Philippines

While waiting for my boarding  I stayed in a while at the Business Class Lounge of SilkAir in Mactan International Airport. That was just perfect because I was already starving  and was very sleepy  from some paper works which I need to complete prior to my vacation. The lounge was relatively huge and manned by extra friendly service personnel.

After completing  a quite heavy snack, I boarded the plane…. Oh, I forgot to mention, that was my first flight with SilkAir…

Upon seated, I browsed my Facebook  and was reminded again of the Valentines day upon seeing  some posts of my FB friends. I don’t want to get envious and resolved that I will have a date with myself. So immediately, I asked  for some red wine and mixed nuts to start my date.The flight attendant was extra friendly too, so I felt  no stranger while on that flight. Besides, I was on a business class accommodation, so I won’t miss any luxury treatment from any fine dining resto or a  5-star hotel.

silk air to cebu singapore

I was on “A date with Myself” so dining is a must… Here’s  what I got for my late lunch at SilkAir while flying towards Singapore.

SilkAir’s business-class cabins offer a seat pitch of between 39 to 40 inches and legroom of 19.3 inches, very comfortable indeed. While their  economy class cabins have a seat pitch of 31 inches and legroom of 12 inches.

I was never bored flying alone at SilkAir because aside from the usual newspapers, they  offer  a selection of magazine titles on board and screens a series of short features on their 11-inch in-flight screens. They also have  the  Silkwinds inflight magazine which is complimentary for all passengers. The in-seat audio  was also available.

1 entertainment

enjoying a movie while dining on board SilkAir

Moreover,  SilkAir provides wireless streaming   to enjoy  blockbuster hits, short features, as well as chart-topping music which guests can enjoy to their personal laptops and handheld devices via Wi-Fi. This system  complemented the existing overhead systems. I was also offered a tablet to view some movies while onboard.

After  more than 3 hours, I disembarked at Changi International Airport in Singapore for a very short layover  and   get to another plane for Trivandrum, Kerala. At the airport, I meet a Farah Nadiah a lawyer and a travel blogger from Malaysia who will also be joining the Kerala Blog Express 3.

We boarded on the same flight still with SilkAir to Trivandrum, Kerala. Unfortunately, we were seated apart so we didn’t have a chance to chat more while in transit. But since I was celebrating Valentine’s day  with myself, I just indulged in a couple of wine glasses  until I get asleep.


Farah Nadiah and yours truly upon arrival at Trivandrum International Airport

Arrive in Style…

Celebrating  Valentines  day  aboard SilkAir gets even more excited upon our arrival at Trivandrum International Airport. Upon clearing with the immigration we were  surprised  by a team of Cameramen waiting for us outside the airport. That was just like a celebrity welcome when we were greeted by a couple of shots from the crew  with a matching welcome bouquet. Whew! That was the first time I received flowers, Lol !!!  After a short video interview with the crew, we were transported towards our respective hotels.

I stayed   and visited almost all  Districts in Kerala. I am so excited to share the fun I had experienced   in my  “Trip of  a Lifetime”   in my future posts, so please bookmark this page.


at the Courtyard by Marriott in Cochin

Going home; Flight Cancelled…

2 weeks in Kerala I guess was not enough to experience what the place has to offer. I was scheduled to go back on the eve of February 29. Upon arrival at the airport, we were informed that the flight was cancelled due to some technical  issues and we need to stay another night more  at Cochin, Kerala.

I couldn’t be upset with the news simply because SilkAir personnel  made it a point to make up with us. I and my 3 other  co-bloggers were housed at the Courtyard by Mariott in Cochin.

silk air to singapore

pampered by SilkAir with their delectable offerings on board

We were picked up by at the airport by the vehicle of Courtyard by Mariott. The  4-star hotel is just overlooking Cochin International Airport and has  a sleek glass exterior. The  Courtyard has  floor-to-ceiling windows, subdued tones and marble bathrooms. The sophisticated room given to me come with  flat-screen TVs, minibars, and tea and coffee makers.    Other amenities of the hotel include indoor and outdoor pools, a spa and a fitness center. Unfortunately, wifi in this hotel comes for a fee, but thanks to Airtel for providing all the bloggers 4G services all throughout our trip in Kerala. Check  Airtel at

village hotel

spent a night at Village Hotel Changi by Far East Hospitality

Finally, I am going home with SilkAir…

After our  overnight  stay at the courtyard courtesy of SilkAir, we were brought  back to Cochin International  Airport  for our flights. At the airport, we were met by no less than SilkAir’s General Manager for India, Mr. Jagdish Ram Bhojwani  to make sure that all our needs are being taken cared of. Because of the cancellation of our flight the previous day, I need to stay overnight in Singapore. But, I don’t really mind, in fact, I got excited because I will have the chance to meet some friends based in Singapore.Farah and I were thinking to see Singapore at night, but we failed to realize that there’s a 2.5 hr difference between Kerala and Singapore.

silk air to singapore

 travelling in style…made possible by SilkAir’s Flight attendants

SilkAir  booked us at the  Village Hotel Changi by Far East Hospitality. This 4-star hotel is   11 km from Changi Airport.  The hotel has bright, clean design  rooms, flat-screens, work desks and free Wi-Fi, plus tea and coffee making facilities.  Both Farah and I were booked into the same hotel, but we don’t have the chance to bid farewell to each other because she had an early flight to  Malaysia the following day.

silk air to cebu

with the charming Flight Attendants of SilkAir …

Flying alone again towards Cebu City via Davao at SilkAir…

Flying with SilkAir was never boring, even though you’re flying alone. The Flight attendants made sure that they memorize your name, made you feel  very comfortable. I also managed to get myself photograph with all the flight attendants on my way back home.

Thank you so much SilkAir, you simply made  my journey  really a “Happy Trip!”.

For Filipino travellers, SilkAir is servicing at Cebu, Davao and Kalibo International airports. Book your flights at Silkair here –


  1. What an amazon gong airline. It looks like they had every detail to make their passengers as comfortable and happy as possible.

  2. Wow! How I wish I could attend such blogging events outside the country! Congrats Sir! I would also like to go to India if given the chance. 🙂

    Mhaan |

  3. Wow what an absolutely amazing sounding trip and sounds like you were really looked after by Silkair! x

  4. jason young

    Kerala is such an amazing and unique place and now it’s even easier to get there.

  5. For me, a comfortable and “happy” plane ride marks the start of a great trip. I’m happy to read your good review about Silk Air. Heeey, I stayed in a Far East Hospitality hotel as well during my recent trip to SG.

  6. This sounds like an amazing trip! Glad to know about people being super nice !

  7. You truly did travel in style. Looks like you had a great time and I’m glad you never felt alone!

  8. I’ve seen quite a few business class lounges in my travels, but I’ve never seen one that even comes close to the one you experienced in Mactan!

  9. Looks like you got the first class treatment all the way around. That’s definitely the way to travel.

  10. Wow im so jealous! Everything looks so luxurious and yummy!

  11. You were not kidding when you said you travelled in style. Sound good…looks good. This is a great plug for that airline…way to go

  12. What a fabulous vacation! Looks like a dream!

  13. Wow I’ve never heard of this airline but it looks awesome! I would definitely like to hang out in that lounge before I left!

  14. Sounds (and looks) like you had a great trip, and that SilkAir is a top-notch airline 🙂

  15. This is must be a new airlines. Good thing you got the best experienced. It looks like you had a blast.

  16. I am glad you had such an amazing experience! Great photos! I’d like to be there one day!

  17. What a wonderful experience. It looks like you had a wonderful adventure.

  18. Honestly, I have never heard of this in airline. Glad to hear that you had a great time.

  19. Looks like a fantastic airline. Much nicer than anything we have here in the U.S. I need to travel abroad more often. Lol

  20. It sounds like you had a fantastic experience in India! I don’t know of many bloggers that get a two week all expenses paid trip. You are a lucky guy.

  21. Looks like a fantastic vacation. I wouldn’t mind going there too.

  22. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I don’t think we have this airline here in the states, but it sounds like a great way to travel.

  23. What a lucky guy you are to enjoy the new airlines. It looked like you had a blast in India too. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us.

  24. Elizabeth O.

    This is the first time I’ve heard of this airline. But then again, I don’t really travel often. Thanks for sharing your experience, the food looks good.

  25. Looks like a fun adventure for you. I would love to vist India someday.

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