Mudpack Festival


One of the most distinct festivals in the country, Mudpack Festival held at Mambukal Resort, Murcia, OccidenOccidental is a symbolic festival that seeks to instill awareness in caring for the environment.

Participants (Dancers) of the festival are painted and coated with colorful clay or mud found abundantly in the resort. Mudpack Festival is a venue for various artists in the Province of Negros Occidental to showcase their artistic talents in ethnic dances, crafts,  and music.

The Mudpack Festival shall be on June 15-17, 2018.




  1. June is the start of the rainy season, it would be best to prepare with some extra clothes when visiting the festival.
  2. If you are planning to stay overnight at Mambukal Mountain Resort, it would be best to call ahead ang make the necessary bookings. The Resort is usually full during the event. Contact details are provided below.
  3. If you are the adventurous type you can simply bring your tent and camp around the area.
  4. No need to worry about your food. Many food stalls are available during this period.
  5. Don’t forget to bring your camera and extra memory card, you will surely take plenty of photos of the participants.  There is also a photography contest for the professional and amateur photographers.

Mudpack Festival


Mambukal Mountain Resort which is the host of annual Mudpack Festival  can be reached at 30-45 minutes’ drive from Bacolod City. If you would like to take the  public utility vehicle, you  can proceed to the  Libertad Public Market, Bacolod City  where public Jeepney trips to Mambukal Mountain Resort start at 7:20 in the morning up to 7:00 in the evening which is the last trip of Jeepney going to Mamabukal Resort. The fare is only Php30.00 per person.

For visitors from other provinces or out of the country,  Negros Occidental, Bacolod City is just 55-minute from Manila by plane.



Mudpack Festival



Mambukal  Mountain Resort has various facilities who can cater to its guests. However, since it has a festival you should call and make sure that they have a room for you.

Mambukal Resort  Contact Information and Booking: (034) 433-8516 / (034) 709-0990 (Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

If you can not get a room at Mambukal Mountain Resort, you can take the jeepney back to Bacolod City where various kinds of hotels and Inns are available.

Click here for the List of Hotels in Bacolod City

Mudpack Festival

Mudpack Festival

Mudpack Festival


  1. does the photo contest on day 2 have mechanics? please let me know, am very interested to join this festival for the first time

  2. hi would you know the mudpack festival dates for 2017. Will be visiting Danjugan in July. The mudpack festival will be great for a side trip. A dip at the sulfur spring too!

  3. Murcia Mudpack festival is one of my favorite festival here in Negros. #advertising

  4. this looks like fun! I wish I could visit Bacolod soon

  5. The only mudpack I know is for the face, haha. You are really in the know of different festivals here in the country.

  6. This is a unique festival and it would be interesting the mud celebration and colorful costumes.

  7. Whoah! It’s really a distinct one! I remember when I was watching a Korean reality show where they were also full of mud on their body but they mentioned there that it’s good for the skin. Maybe that’s a different kind of mud they had?

  8. This is one fun event that I might check out. It’s been a while since I last explored Negros Island and if I everything aligns, I might just go there this June.

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