Considered as one of the world’s best beach destinations, the Island of Boracay is now home to seemingly countless establishments that have sprung forth from the yearly influx of tourists that continue to flock the island all throughout the year.  In fact, the birth and the rebirth of restos, bars, clubs and stores are a continuous happening in the island that a visit is never a guarantee that your favorite place will still be there to service you.  Hotels, hostels, inns, and spas are sprouting like mushrooms that one can predict that the island will be an island city in the very near future.

But amidst these changes that continue to take place day by day, there is one gem that has remained even from the early days of Boracay.  Club Paraw.

Located at the very center of Station 1, White Beach; near the iconic Willy’s Rock, is a lounge that though has changed with the times, is still very much as welcoming as when it first opened its simple doors to boatmen and the few guests that initially visited the island back in the early 2000s.  What simple fare the menu offered then has now evolved to include international food items that have been one of our best selling points.  Not only that but, Club Paraw, also answering to the name, Paraw Beach Club has added other amenities that can accommodate the discriminating taste and needs of the international and local clientele that we welcome every day. Our best selling point is the smile and the service that our crew always have for each and every one of our visitors.

Our business hours starts from 9:00 AM when a beach club is a relaxing place offering snacks, ice cold smoothies and shakes while our customer’s lounge in beach beds along the perfect, white sand beachfront of Station 1. At 4:00 PM, one of our resident DJs play chill house music right in time for Boracay’s world renown sunsets. And yes, we have one of the best views of that sunset every single day.  We have four (4) resident DJs playing your different kinds of genre all the way until the wee hours of the morning. At 10:00 PM, we become a club and is, in fact, one of the stops of the Boracay PubCrawl, a bar hopping must-do activity once you’re on the island.

More than a decade of experience and customer satisfaction would ultimately say it all. Paraw Beach Club or simply Club Paraw is the place to experience it all in Boracay.  A stop that no one in his/her right mind would ignore once he or she steps in on the sands of the Island of Boracay. Simply one of the world’s best.

Paraw Beach Club is on Facebook at @ClubParawOfficial or contact us through email:

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  1. This sounds like an awesome place. The beaches and sunsets sound amazing.

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