It was a boring afternoon for us, we don’t know what we wanted to do. No plans or activities lined up for today so we decided to go to the mall hoping we can do something worth while. We went to Robinson’s Place Bacolod, roamed around the mall and checked the movie schedule but we ended up leaving. We decided to transfer to SM City Bacolod.  The mall is crowded like Robinson’s and its difficult for us to find a convenient space to park. It’s amazing to note that both Malls are packed with people both strolling and doing shopping. While inside the mall, we headed to our favorite pizza booth the “PIZZA PEDRICOS”.  This is where we normally buy our pizza when we watch a movie. At the counter, we were greeted by this bubbly, young las. This girl is the same girl serving our pizza at Robinson’s Place Bacolod. Now, she’s assigned at SM City and she still possess this admiring character which is amiable to customers. She’s one of our candidates for our Friendliest Staff in the City of Smiles (which is actually one of the goals of happy trip, to award top 3 friendliest staff at the end of the year.). She’s all smiles and knows how to deal with customers. Her funny and friendly character is one of the reasons why we frequent the place.


We call her “Kiray” coz she really looks like Kiray, the TV personality often seen in going bulilit. Pizza Pedricos is lucky to have this kind of staff whose untiringly doing their job. Its always fun to buy pizza at Pizza Pedricos especially if you are entertained or served by this kind of crew. In Pizza Pedricos, a slice of pizza you bought is coupled with a slice of fun. This  was absolutely a HAPPY food TRIP!!!!



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  2. jojo vito

    see you soon kiray!

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