” In My Life, a movie with Vilma Santos and Louis Manzano is one of my fav role ever portrayed. Working with the Star for All Season was amazing, the story was was about love… regardless of gender…

I was hesitant to go with Anton to the Press Presentation of “Five  Ingat Years with  John Lloyd Cruz” at L Fisher Hotel, Bacolod City sponsored by Biogesic and Mag TV Na Amiga of the ABS CBN-Bacolod…

At the registration table we were  greeted by  personalities of the ABS CBN Bacolod whom I have worked with for  a few times already…..somehow my hesitations were erased and I felt instantly comfortable.

We joined the group of Negros Bloggers  which made me very comfortable…”okey..I can stay and enjoy the whole presentation”,  I murmured.

Miss Phillipines,Carmela Gamboa and Yes Mag’s Most Beautiful Man,John Lloyd Cruz

After the sumptuous lunch the press presentation began. The event was hosted by Amiga

Carmela Gamboa who remained beautiful after winning the crown Miss Philippines  Centennial a few years back.  Carmela looked gorgeous  in her  blue paisley long dress .

The presentation started and John  Lloyd was introduced by Carmela as the “Most beautiful man…according to the Yes Mag. Whew! what an introduction! I was intrigued by the line  because I don’t really  read entertainment magazine. To my mind my sit was perfect (right in front of the stage). I can really see whether the intro was meant literally.

That   was my first time to see John Lloyd up close… and I told myself, ah! The introduction was just right, He is indeed beautiful, literally!

Happy Trippers Jojo and Anton with John Lloyd and the Biogesic executives..

There were series of questions from the floor and Carmela was giving us a cue to ask question. I was just giving him a smile.


Anton and John lloyd

It was an enjoyable moment listening to him….putting up with our silly questions and even give us a one liner song. The event indeed with a distribution of gift packs courtesy of Biogesic and a photo opt. On our way home , I was thinking, Biogesic is so lucky of having John Lloyd as their endorser..with his great looks—even the rats would like to have a headache…

To you John Lloyd,Ingat and have a HAPPY TRIP!

“Next time I won’t be standing so close to very good looking guy like John Lloyd..even photoshop can’t help…”given the opportunity  to give an advice to PNoy to better our country what would it be”. He said honestly, “ Ano ba ang alam ko dyan?…ni hindi nga ko naging  president ng class naming nong nag-aaral pa ako..”  Ay, ang galling! I told myself. He knew where he stand. Unlike other celebrities who run and sit in a government post not because they are worthy but just because they are popular.

John Lloyd with the Media




  1. theresa clarito

    thnx a lot, sir jo and anton! mwah…

  2. Cool post and nice picture! Glad to see a strong blogger community at Biogesic event today. SM would be glad to host one of your bloggers’ meeting in the future! More Power Happy Trip!

  3. Anton Manso

    perfect…!!! it was a fun day for us and to BIOGESIC and ABS CBN…thank you for inviting us 🙂

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