Masskara   and Bacolod Food Guide 


Masskara History and Schedule of Activities

Masskara Festival is the most colorful and the biggest festival in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. A month-long celebration held every October loaded with activities suitable for all kinds of tourists.

For the history and schedule of activities of Bacolod Masskara Festival, read the articles below :


Masskara   and Bacolod Food Guide 

Bacolod City Guide

Bacolod City being the host of Masskara Festival is an amazing city with so many attractions. To help you plan your visit, we have outlined several travel guides below:


Masskara  and Bacolod Food Guide 

List of Restaurants |Bacolod Food Guide

Aside from the place and the other activities that we can do in the beautiful city of Bacolod, there is also another activity that I urge you to give a shot, making some food trip and trying out the best of the bests in this place! In this article, I will share with you some of the places I have tried.

Masskara and Bacolod Food Guide: Chicken Inasal


Masskara  and Bacolod Food Guide 

Aida’s Chicken – Manokan Country

Located near SM Bacolod, this place offers a fantastic taste of the classic chicken inasal as well as other chicken-based food and meals. Though it may appear like a carinderia at first because it was how it was designed, the classic looks of it must not hinder you from trying out their special chicken meals. The piece may vary from as low as 25 pesos which is a chicken skin or also locally known as bul-o. This is the favorite of a lot of people, that is why you won’t have to wonder if this place is packed with people, trying to order their meals most especially on the weekend. From the classic chicken inasal down to talaba, they got it all for you.

Nenas Beth – Manokan Country

The aromatic smell of their chicken makes them stand-out than the rest of other manokan food hubs in the area. More than the chicken inasal and the crispy chicken skin, they also have other food such as spareribs and other select parts of the chicken such as thigh, breast and chicken bottom.

Chicken House

Another important chicken hub is the chicken house. The name itself speaks for its legacy of providing sumptuous chicken meals to both locals and foreigners alike. Thus, the unique and fresh taste of their chicken is something that you should give a shot.

Masskara Chicken

A much high-scale food hub which offers a much tender and juicy chicken is the Masskara Chicken. They also have chicken skin as well as isaw or chicken intestine for meals. These are all made cleanly, and you have nothing to worry about. Just get your vinegar as a sauce and give it a try.

Bacolod Seafood


Masskara  and Bacolod Food Guide 

 Pala-pala Seafood

If you’ve had enough of the chicken and you would like to try some seafood, then head to the pala-pala seafood restaurants. This dampa style restaurant offers a variety of places which you could choose from based on your taste.


One famous seafood hub here is the Aboy’s. Established in 1992, this place has been serving its specialty for 26 years now, and with such experience, it is no wonder that they could provide the best of the best meals. They have blue marlin, kinilaw, and squid fats as some of the dishes that they serve.

18th Street Pala-pala

Another seafood hub is the 18th street pala-pala. They have blue marlin, pepper shrimp, and scallops as some of their specialty. Just like the previous restaurant, this one is also banking on its experience in providing sumptuous meals to all their customers.

Diotay’s Eatery

A carinderia which offers amazing seafood meal at a meager price. Get a taste of the real or authentic Bacolod seafood without having to spend a lot! Some of their best-sellers are the diwal and the garlic with butter shrimp.


Cansi: Masskara  and Bacolod Food Guide 

Bacolod’s Cansi Houses

Eron’s Cansi House

Yes, another food which you have to try in Bacolod is the cansi, a meal that looks like a combination of a bulalo and a sinigang. There are also places here that offer cansi as their specialty.

Sharyn’s Cansi House

The name itself signifies that cansi is indeed their specialty. The batwan fruit that they include in preparing it is what makes their cansi special and tempting. For as low as 270 pesos, you can already get a bowl of it and enjoy your meal.

Native Delicacies by Quan

Native Delicacies by Quan | Masskara  and Bacolod Food Guide 

Kadyos, Baboy, Langka (KBL)

Kadyos, Baboy, Langka (KBL) | Masskara  and Bacolod Food Guide 

Other Famous Negrense Cuisines and Homegrown Restaurants

Quan Delicacies

This chain of restaurants in Bacolod City offers various native delicacies such as alupi,sapin-sapin, bibingka, cassava cake, palitaw and much more. They also sell various food pasalubong items which any tourist would love to bring homes.

Kadios, Baboy, Langka

Yes, a combination of these ingredients is also one of the pride of Bacolod. I also included some of the notable places which you may visit if you would like to get a taste of this unique meal.

Sandok Comfort Food

They prepare home-cooked comfort food. More so, they also use the Batwan fruit as an inclusion to the way they cook their servings. Thus, the combination of all the other fruits makes the food that they serve merely beyond sumptuous.

21 Bar and  Restaurant

Serving batchoy as their specialty, you would for sure want to take a sip of their amazing batchoy soup. Though it may be high in terms of cholesterol and uric acid, I still want you to try this out even just for once.

Mushu Asian Restaurant and Lounge

How about trying a place that does not only cater to Bacolod food but also Asian cuisine in general? With a lot of variety that they offer, you will never run out of choice in this restaurant. From chicken inasal, fried lechon down to cansi, all of these are served for you.

Bob’s Restaurant

Established back in 1965, this Bacolod barbecue house hub will never disappoint you with the meal that they serve. They have baby back ribs, sate babe pork barbecue, and a lot more! Plus, you can also give their fruit punch a try for a much refreshing meal.

Sugar Cane Juice

Quite a few food hubs in Bacolod City offer this sweet and tasty juice for as low as 25 pesos. Just be sure to enjoy every cup of it for this is the best of all the best in this province.


Masskara Festival and Bacolod Food Guide 

Bacolod’s Cakes and Pastries

C’s Cafe

Located along Lacson Street, right at the front side of L Fisher Hotel. C’s offers various cakes and pastries and other snack dishes.


For a dessert, I highly recommend this one. They have cakes and pies, all ready to be served on your table. These come in a variety of flavor from cheesecake to raspberry. Indeed, satisfying your sweet tooth will be perfect in Calea.

Felicia’s Pastry Café

May it be sansrival or their specialty of chocolate cake, Felicia’s Pastry Café will be ready to bring it in front of your table. The taste is not purely sweet; it is a combination of sweet and salty. I am sure that you will go back here again and again once you’ve tried their cakes.

Ann Co Cakes

Looking for the best Frozen Brazo de Mercedez? Look no more because it is here just for you! This egg-based cake will for sure satisfy your cravings. Just be sure not be too much hooked to it for you might come here every single day waning for more.

Bacolod’s Pasalubong

Merzci Pasalubong

Masskara Festival and Bacolod Food Guide 

Merzci Bread and Pastries

Piaya is also one of the top Bacolod choices which you could try. How about a workshop on how to do one? Well, Merzci Bread and Pastries can give you that once in a lifetime chance. Get to know how things work and do your piaya!

Food trips have never been this fun and exciting. Plan your trip correctly and do not forget to visit some of these places for your meal plans.

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