Vincent B. Urbanozo’s Place, Granada:(seated L-R) John Gensoli, Francis Lo, Femmy Lee Magbanua, Joemarie V. Legayada, Luli Delfin then (standing L-R) Ronnie Camato, Albert Gonora, Bobbie Lucasan, Nonoy Pugoy, Bebot Jereza, Wilson Dumancas, Jun Alipalo, Boy Vasquez, Dan Chua, Tata Chua, Jojo Vito, Matthew Rivera, Kenneth Jimera, Euclin Ng, Dave Chua, Vince Urbanozo and Bipoy Magbanua


For the Team “Burbucks” the long fun ride is what we look forward every weekend. It’s quite difficult to go together as a group during weekdays since most of us have our own jobs and businesses. So we normally go alone or go with a group of three or four. But our weekends are normally for a group fun ride.

Our group, “Team Burbucks” is composed of different people coming from different background, age group and interests. But we come together for the love of biking. The group has lady members, these are the wives of male members. We have young members too; as young as 13 years and as old as….60 plus?


Last Sunday was my “come back” after being absent on the road for a couple of months. I woke up as early as five 5 AM. I still have to travel for a few kilometers from my place to Martha’s Little Store our rendezvous in the  eastern part of  Bacolod City. We had our coffee while waiting for the others, then off we go…

 During Sundays or fun ride, we normally had a slower pace to accommodate those who are not regular bikers (like me), we have quite a number of a stop over too. One of the favorite stopover places of the group is the Bahay Kubo of Vince Urbanozo in Brgy. Granada. There are fresh buko and some fresh fruit to enjoy while resting and waiting for other bikers.


Our destination that Sunday was the farm of Francis Lo in Sitio Bukbok, Talisay, Negros Occidental. From my place in Libertad to the farm is around 36 Kilometers, making my ride that Sunday 72 Kilometers, not that bad. 35 Kilometers for many is not considered a long ride. However, the road going to the farm is quite challenging. Rocky, muddy, few ups and downs plus crossing a small creek made the trek interesting. Using a hard tail bike for an off-road trail like this would make you feel like buying a full suspension bike immediately.


Crossing  the creek was really fun, that was my second time, and the majority has been to the place several times already. But majority got wet too! In fact, one member can’t wait to arrive at the place to dip in the pool. So he went swimming ahead of us…oooh ouch!!! (Hahaha Mr. J – peace!)

We arrived at the Francis Lo’s Farm a little past 9AM. The place is rustic, quite and very relaxing. It has a pool with fresh water flowing. We can’t resist the water so we dip into the pool. I didn’t bring any swimming attire so I have to swim with my cycling shorts.


Organic Chicken Binakol

What I look forward to going to this place is the food being served to us. We had our “but-ong” and coffee and bihon, bread and soft drinks for the snacks. But the best was our lunch; we had grilled pork chop and the organic “chicken binakol”.


 FRANCIS LO’S FARM, Bokbok Uno, Talisay City:(seated L-R) Bebot Jereza, Ronnie Camato, Bobbie Lucasan, Bipoy Magbanua, Joemarie V. Legayada, Vincent B. Urbanozo (standing L-R) Jojo M Vito, Femmy Leee Magbanua, John Gensoli, MArlyn Lo and Francis Lo (hosts), Jun Alipalo Nonoy Pugoy, Kenneth Jimera, Wilson Dumancas (last row L-R)Luli Delfin, Boy Vazquez, MAtthew Rivera

We rested for a while after lunch and went back at around 12:45 PM. Going home “downhill”  was equally difficult as going up. One must hold his bike carefully as the trail was really challenging.The scorching heat of the sun made it even more difficult.

I arrived home a little past 2 PM. I was so tired, but what can I say—that was indeed a HAPPY TRIP!


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  2. En De Padilla

    Hey Jo! Rejuvenating ride… refreshing dip…… rebounding meal! hehehehe! Great company! Keep it up Jo…Femmy…. Matthew! Carpe diem!

    • Femmy Lee A. Magbanua

      Hi Dean Nenette!

      Hope next time you’ll join us, hmmnnn..of course with a bike….hahahaha…..


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