That was our 2nd day in Hongkong and our destination for that day was Disneyland. We woke up early at 6 am, took our coffee while waiting for our turn in the comfort room.

Hong Kong Disneyland is a must-see destination not only for the kids but for the entire family.

Disneyland is quite huge and it’s quite difficult to really explore and enjoy the place just for a day. Unfortunately, we only had a day allotted for the place.
After having our breakfast, we immediately proceeded to the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station.


Disneyland Park Rates  

You can book in advance your Disneyland Ticket to avoid the queue – BOOK DISNEYLAND PARK TICKET HERE

For Hongkong Residents (1 day): HKD 539 (12-64 yrs old) | HKD 385 (3-11 yrs old)
Regular Guests
1 day : HKD 589 (12-64 yrs old) | HKD 419 (3-11 yrs old) | HKD 100 (65 + yrs old)
2 days: HKD 759 (12-64 yrs old) | HKD 539 (3-11 yrs old) | HKD 170 (65+ yrs old)

Disneyland Hongkong opens at 10 AM to 8 PM. So it would be great to arrive at the place a bit early to maximize your visit.

The moment you arrive at the place, buy your ticket immediately and ask for a map of the park. It would be great to also take note of the schedule of events and shows.

Walking into Disneyland would awaken the child in every person. For the kids, they will surely feel that they are in a wonderland. Meeting Mickey Mouse and other Disney friends will surely bring a magical and fantastic journey. One can also escape the real world and make every kid’s magical dreams come true with the park’s unique scenic spots and Disney Theme Hotels. What amazed me the most were those children dressed in their famous fantasy attire. These costumes are sold in any souvenir shops in the park.


The availability of delicious Chinese and Asian food is also a lure for many visitors and Disney fans. Of course, you have to be ready that food in any theme park is normally high. For those on a quite tight budget, you can bring some drinks and sandwiches from a convenience store, but it’s also nice to enjoy some food sold at the park.

The moment you enter the park, you will see immediately the ‘Main Street, U.S.A.  Entering Main Street can amaze anyone by the colorful miniature buildings, dim gas lamp and Paddy Wagon passing by. You can also be transported back to the early 20th century in America with the Antique taxicabs, Disneyland Railroad and the City Hall transports.

There are Chinese elements which are also present in the park like the Plaza Inn, the first Chinese restaurant on Main Street. The place is complete with 19th Century Chinese table service.

Market House Bakery and Main Street Corner Cafe are also good places for you to enjoy. Lingering in Emporium and Main Street Mercantile and having a look in The Curiosity Shop and Silhouette Shop will surely lead you to find timeless treasures.

For the courageous souls, you can try the Adventure land. Guided by a brave captain, Jungle River Cruise, you will be taken into the heart of hidden regions. While cruising the river, you will be amazed by Hippos, cobras, elephants, orangutans and startling jungle events. Just get ready for some surprises along the cruise.

As an attraction originally created by Walt Disney more than fifty years ago, Disneyland Hongkong has been given a unique appearance and features.DISNEYLAND + HONGKONG TRAVEL GUIDE 

Another spectacular show which you should not miss is the Festival of the Lion King. The show is an adaptation of Disney’s animated classic ‘The Lion King’. The extravagant pageant of music and dance is just like a classical music drama because of its amazing performers, fantastic costumes, and exotic scenery. This is a show will surely appeal to all ages.

Exploring Tarzan Island and visiting Tarzan’s Treehouse reminds you of the story which you have watched from the movies. After your travel to Tarzan Island, follow the rhythm of jungle drums to find the secret of Liki Tikis. Once you are in the circle, the refreshing blasts of water will surprise even the hardiest explorer. After your adventure, you can rest and dine at the Tahitian Terrace Restaurant and River View Cafe. You can also purchase some souvenirs of a jungle leaf in Professor Porter’s Trading Post.

For the little one who has been touched by Cinderella’s inspiring story and Winnie the Pooh’s adventures in the forest or those who dreamt of becoming a princess such as Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, the Fantasyland is the place waiting for you.

The Cinderella Carrousel, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Sword in the Stone, Mad Hatter Tea Cups, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Snow White Grotto to make all your storybook dreams come true.

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and many other friends at a dizzying 3-D attraction in Mickey’s PhilharMagic is another magical experience waiting for everyone. By wearing special glasses needed to enjoy this 3D attraction, experiencing a magic carpet ride with Aladdin and smelling the flavor of Donald Duck soup would be possible.
You should watch carefully and don’t forget you are a part of the program; otherwise you might be sprinkled by the soup.

Another fantastic feature at the park is The Golden Mickeys at Disney’s Storybook Theater. The 25-minute musical drama of Disney’s classic with mixed acrobats and special effects will make you stop blinking. At the theater, wonderland; you will see Tarzan swings quickly on the rigging, just like the fan on the ceiling. The whole theater is submerged by bubbles descending from the ceiling when The Little Mermaid Ariel appears. You will surely feel that you are at sea. The combination of eastern and western culture can also be felt with the appearance of Mulan practicing martial arts and traditional flag dances.


When you get contented with the wonderland; you can also get into Tomorrowland. You will have no time to appreciate the sparkling stars because of the exciting roller coaster at the Space Mountain. At Buzz Light year Astro Blasters, you can fly in your space capsule and fight against the aliens with your space gun. When you get tired of the breathtaking attractions, Orbitron is a good choice for you to fly above Tomorrowland and take a rest. After space traveling, take a break at Starliner Diner and Comet Cafe to enjoy some ‘earth’ cuisine that you cannot taste in outer space. Also, Space Traders and Star Command Suppliers will give you a chance to do some space shopping.

You might be so tired at this point in your adventure, but don’t forget to watch the Grand Parade and Fireworks Play after a whole day’s play!




Disneyland Hongkong is located on Lantau Island near Hong Kong International Airport. You can take the Disney Resort Line, car, taxi, public bus or coach.

By Disney Resort MTR Line:

Travel by Hong Kong MTR network and transfer for Disney Resort Line at Sunny Bay Station. Travel time is approximately 23 minutes from HK International Airport; 30 minutes from MTR Kowloon Station and 33 minutes from MTR Hong Kong Station. The MTR line operates from Sunny Bay from 06:15 – 00:45, from Disneyland Resort Station from 06:20 – 00:40. The frequency is about 4-10 minutes.

By Bus:

Bus R11 (to North Point) and R22 (to Yau Tong) operate daily 15 – 45 minutes after the fireworks display in the evening, Bus R33 (to Tuen Mun Railway Station) and R42 (to Tai Wai Railway Station) operate 20 minutes after the fireworks display. On Sundays and public holidays, Bus R33 and R42 run from Tuen Mun and Tai Wai to Disneyland Resort Public Transportation Interchange at 09:00, 09:20 and 09:45. Visitors can also take either ‘A’ or ‘E’ bus routes to the Lantau Link Toll Plaza and change with route R8, which runs every 10-25 minutes from 06:00-00:05 to Disneyland.

By Cross-boundary Bus:

There is a shuttle coach service from Huanggang to Disneyland from Monday to Friday & public holidays.

By Taxi:

Three types of taxis provide services to and from Disneyland, Urban Taxi (red), New Territories Taxi (green) and Lantau Taxi (blue). The blue one is the cheapest but only operates in all areas in Lantau Island. The Red one can operate in almost all over Hong Kong, but they are the most expensive ones. Approximate taxi fares to Disneyland from some urban areas are listed below for your reference:


Approximate taxi fares to Disneyland from some urban areas are listed here for your reference:

To/From Fare To/From Fare To/From Fare To/From Fare
Central HK$ 230 Wan Chai HK$ 220 Causeway Bay HK$ 230 North Point HK$ 235
Aberdeen HK$ 260 Stanley HK$ 285 Repulse Bay HK$ 265 Hung Hom HK$ 170
Tsim Sha Tsui HK$ 175 Jordan HK$ 165 Yau Ma Tei HK$ 175 Mong Kok HK$ 180
Kowloon Bay HK$ 200 Wong Tai Sin HK$ 160 Sha Tin Town HK$195 Tsing Yi HK$ 115-125
Tsuen Wan HK$ 135-145 Tuen Mun Town HK$ 170-180 Lok Ma Chau HK$ 225-235 Sunny Bay HK$
Tai O HK$ 205 Mui Wo HK$ 175 Ngong Ping HK$ 195 HKIA HK$ 100-110







Disneyland is part of our itinerary during our last visit to Hong-kong. To help you prepare your own itinerary, we have outlined a comprehensive guide.

Must Read: Hongkong Travel Guide



Another important factor which you should plan in advance for your vacation is your place of accommodation. Listed below are several Hotels and Inns located at Tsim Sha Tsui area. We choose to stay in this area because of its proximity to various transport hubs and various tourist attractions.

You can click on any of the links below to compare prices and at the same time, you can book straight from any of these links.

Choose the hotel which will fit in your preference and budget.

Page148 Boutique Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Butterfly on Prat Boutique Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Apple Inn @ Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Hostel (Tsim Sha Tsui Mansion), Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Roomlord – Tsim Sha Tsui 1, Hong Kong, Hong Kong


It is very important to stay connected when you travel. So make sure to buy a tourist Sim Card or Rent a WIFI gadget.

You can order in advance your Hongkong Sim Card on the link below.


You can redeem your Sim Card at the Arrival Area, Terminal 1, Counter A13, Hongkong International Airport. The counter opens from 7:00 am to 11: 00 pm.

During our trip, we also visited Macau. So, it is suggested to rent a Hongkong-Macau Wifi gadget.


You can redeem your wifi device at Counter A08, Arrival Hall, Level 5, Terminal 1, Hongkong International Airport. The counter opens 24 hours daily.



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  1. I really enjoyed the pictures of your trip to Disneyland. Have you been to the Disney Parks in the U.S. and if so how do you think the Disneyland in Hong Kong compares to those parks? I hope to visit Hong Kong and Macau one day soon so I can blog about it too. You give great information about your trip from Hong Kong to Macau.

  2. Gellen Pareno

    I was trying to contact her number, but no reply. I suppose she change her cell phone. Nonetheless, the moment you arrive in Macau,just look around and many Filipinos will approach you. Don’t be scared while they are not licensed tour guides ,they wont do any harm . They normally charge HK 50/person. If you wish to treat them for lunch its up to you, but you are not obliged to feed them. You wont be spending for fare since casinos/hotels offers free transport. Have a happy trip!

  3. Gellen Parreno


    May we ask for the cellphone number of your tourguide in Macau? We also plan to visit Macau on March 20, during our 3days hongkong trip.

    Hope you could help us, were just 2 persons on a trip and we don’t want to spend that much for a tourguide.

    Thank you.

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