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Hong Kong Tourist Spots




To many, Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise. In the past when friends thought of going shopping, they would always think of Hongkong.

In today’s time where sale tickets are always offered among airlines, more and more people are visiting Hongkong.

Hongkong has so much to offer apart from shopping. The dynamic and vibrant Hong Kong cosmopolis is a blend of many cultures.

1. Shopping Paradise

Hongkong is no doubt a shopping paradise. From the traditional Chinese products to the trendy and world-renowned brands all these can be found in Hongkong. One also has a great option between luxurious shopping malls and stand-alone store to the bustling street markets.

Please click here: Ladies’ Market

2. Colorful and Interesting Culture

Hong Kong is a revolutionary combination of the east and the west. The place reflects the cultural influences of British, Cantonese, Mandarin, and there are also significant communities from Fujian, Hakka, and Shanghainese people. It is interesting to note that all these cultures retain their uniqueness and at the same time beautifully and harmoniously mixed with others.

3.Vibrant Nightlife

When it comes to nightlife, Hongkong has endless offerings. One will surely find a place that will fit his preference. Many pubs and bars can be found in Lan Kwai Fong, East Tsim Sha Tsui, and Wan Chai. Among other vast night activities that Hongkong offers and you should consider, is the cruise at the Victoria Harbor while enjoying the spectacular the Symphony of Lights.

4.International Cuisine

For food lovers, Hong Kong is one place to go. The place is dubbed as the culinary capital of Asia. Apart from savoring the regional Cantonese food, visitors can also enjoy a wide array of authentic Asian and western cuisines.

5. Colorful Festivals and Fairs

In Hong Kong, you will have a big chance to witness some festivals throughout the year. Spectacular fireworks display, lion and dragon dances, carnivals and parades come together to create the festive atmosphere in the place. The Chinese New year is one grand festival which will surely bring joy to any visitor.

6 Perfect Family Destination

Would you like to have a family vacation together? Hong Kong is a perfect destination for the family. The place has numerous theme parks, temples, natural reserves, and museums. Any child will surely have a great time in Disneyland and Ocean Park or simply take a boat ride at a fishing village on Lantau Island. An exhilarating tram ride all way up to the Victoria Peak is also a must-try.

7. Gateway for Exploring the mainland China and the Rest of Asia

Hong Kong’s location made it the main gateway to China. Most hotels in the place facilitate a tour for the mainland. Its international air service is excellent and competition keeps the fares relatively low compared to neighboring countries making it, therefore, the best jump-off for other Asian destination.

8. Convenient Transportation

Hong Kong has one of the best transportation systems in the world. It is also very convenient when it comes to getting around in Hong Kong.

Travel Blogger , Jojo Vito


At the airport, you can buy a prepaid Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card. This Sim Card will ensure that you can get connected while on your trip to HongKong. There are 2 packages available:  5-Day Pass: HK$88/1.5GB and 8-Day Pass: HK$118/5GB .Please take note that prices may change without prior notice.

You can buy/rent Wifi Devices and Tourist Sim Cards on the links below:


If you purchase your  Sim Card in advance, you can redeem this at the Arrival Area, Terminal 1, Counter A13, Hong Kong International Airport. The counter is open to for service from 7:00 am to 11: 00 pm.

If you intend to visit Macau on this trip, it is strongly recommended to rent a Hong Kong-Macau Wifi gadget so that you can stay connected all the time.


The wifi device can be claimed at the Counter A08, Arrival Hall, Level 5, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport. The counter is available 24 hours daily.



Hongkong Dollar is the local currency used at the place. But money changers and  Automated teller machines (ATM)  can be found anywhere. Just make sure to enable your Debit Card for international withdrawal.  Most establishments accept Master or Visa Card.


The place has four (4) seasons – hot and rainy summer, warm and humid spring; pleasant and sunny autumn; and cool and dry winter. Ideally, it is more pleasant to visit  Hongkong between October to around Christmas time because the weather is relatively pleasant. However, it would also be great to visit the place around February to catch the Chinese New Year. During this period the place is well decorated and getting more festive. Unfortunately, most airlines and hotels also increase their rates during this period.


While Cantonese is the local dialect used in Hongkong, many people can speak and understand basic English. Signages are almost all bilingual (English and Chinese Characters)

Travel Blogger , Jojo Vito


The standard electrical voltage at the place is 220 volts AC, 50Hz. Some hotels also have outlets for 100 volts especially in their bathroom, otherwise, you will need a transformer to be used for equipment. Almost all electrical outlets in Hong Kong has a three-pronged UK-style plug. Better bring an adopter if you are coming from other countries or simply buy one to be used for your gadgets at most convenience stores.


Getting around various Hongkong Tourist Spots is easy as their public transportation is very efficient and clean. I love their subway system because its network is very extensive. Don’t forget to get the octopus card the moment you get the airport. You will be using this card for most of your “getting around” transportation.


  Pin this! Hong Kong Tourist Spot: Victoria Peak



One of the popular  Hong Kong Tourist Spot is Victoria Peak. The place has a beautiful landscape and now dotted with the high-level residential area. To reach Victoria Peak, one shall take a tram which goes from the bottom to the top in 8 minutes. While at the peak anyone can see interesting skyscrapers of the city.

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Lantau Island the biggest island of the place. This  Hong Kong Tourist Spot has beautiful fishing villages, beaches, stunning mountain ranges, elegant temples, and its famous Giant Buddha.

Must read: Lantau Island


While in Hong Kong, take a day tour in Macau. Macau, the laid-back neighbor of the place, has a long colonial history and an interesting mix of cultures. Interestingly, the 25 historic sites of Macau was enrolled as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005.

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For many especially the kids, visiting the place will never be complete without a trip to Disneyland. Every child would always want to meet their favorite Disney characters. Of course, both kids and adults will surely enjoy the exciting rides and watch amazing live shows of the park.

Must read: Disneyland Travel Guide

Skip the line, book in advance your Disneyland Ticket – BOOK DISNEYLAND PARK TICKET HERE


Another amazing park at the place is Ocean Park. This Hong Kong Tourist Spot is a unique combination of marine life, natural scenery, entertainment shows, and thrilling rides. This attraction is ideal for families and kids. Everyone will surely love meeting the pandas, sea lions, dolphins, and explore the rainforests and roller coasters rides.

Must read: Ocean Park

Skip the long queue by buying Hongkong Ocean Park ticket in advance.




This itinerary was based on our recent visit to Hongkong. For your budget, I just indicated the updated prices and it’s up to you to make your assumptions based on the prices indicated below. Please take note that your budget will always depend on your preferences and lifestyle.

We stayed in Hongkong for 5 days which include a day visit to Macau.

In a nutshell, here’s what we did during our 5-day  Visit:

DAY 1. Arrival in Hongkong, Check-In at Chunking Mansion, Museum of Art, Space Museum, Avenue of Stars, Nathan Road, Temple Street/Men’s Night Market

DAY 2. Disneyland (Hong Kong Tourist Spot)

DAY 3. Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, Lantau Island, Ladies’ Market (part 1)

DAY 4. Star Ferry Ride, Victoria Peak, Ocean Park, Symphony of Lights

DAY 5, Macau, Ladies’ Market (part 2)

DAY 6. Going Home


-We arrived at Hongkong International Airport around noon. At the airport we got some map; change our USD for Hongkong Dollars and buy Octopus Card for our transport. There’s a tourism booth at the airport, so feel free to ask when you need some guidance.

-Took a bus going to Tsim Sha Tsui for our Hotel. We decided to stay at Tsim Sha Tsui because it is near to most of the tourist attractions, near the Train Station and there many budget places to stay in this area. (Please see the list of Hotels, apartelles at Tsim Sha Tsui below)

-Check-In at Chunking Mansion. During our visit, we stayed at Chunking Mansion at Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. There are many hostels, apartelles in this area at a very affordable price.

-Lunch at Chunking Mansion. There are small eateries at the ground level of Chunking Mansion. There are also many restaurants nearby.

-After our lunch, we decided to visit some tourist attractions nearby. Below are the places we visited. These Hong Kong Tourist Spots are just a walking distance from Chunking Mansion: Museum of Art, Space Museum, Avenue of Stars, Nathan Road

Must read:

-Temple Street/Men’s Night Market. This place is still at Tsim Sha Tsui. We decided to have this as our last destination before we went back to our hotel for our dinner and rest.


Disneyland. We dedicate the whole day for Disneyland (Hong Kong Tourist Spot). For those who have kids may opt to visit the park for 2 consecutive days as it is quite difficult to complete the park in just 1 visit. Make sure to leave your hotel early in the morning so that you can enter the park the moment it opens for that day.



Our third day in Hongkong was intended for Lantau Island. Instead of taking the bus, we decided to take the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car for a different experience.

After our Lantau Tour which we completed at about 3 PM. We decided to visit the Ladies’ Market (part 1). Of course, we wanted to have a shopping spree despite our tiring Lantau Adventure.


Our Day 4 was spent at the mainland. From Tsim Sha Tsui we took the Star Ferry. Upon arrival at the mainland, we proceeded immediately to visit Victoria Peak (Hong Kong Tourist Spot), then proceed to Ocean Park to spend the rest of the afternoon. When we came back we stayed at Victoria Harbour in Kowloon to witness the spectacular Symphony of Lights.

We decided to have a day trip to Macau on our last day. That was 6 PM when we get back and we decided to go back to the ladies Market for more shopping for the last time.


Going Home



Listed below are updated information which is relevant to Hongkong Trip. These pieces of information were retrieved as of October 9, 2017.

Air Fare  – I didn’t include here our ticket, but if you plan ahead you can surely get good deals from various airlines.

Hotel  – 30 USD/day (this can lower during offseason; please check my list of Budget Hotels at Tsim Sha Tsui.

5 days (Octopus Card): 20 USD

Ngong Ping 360 Degree Cable Car : Standard Cabin Round Trip: Adult- $290 | Child Aged 3-11 -$180 |Senior Citizen Aged 65+  $220

Entrance for Disneyland  :

General Admission Ticket  (aged 12-64) HK $499 (63.93 USD)
Child Ticket
(aged 3-11)
HK $355 (45.48 USD)
Senior Ticket
(aged 65 or above)
HK $100 (12.81 USD)

Entrance to Ocean Park

Adult (aged 12 or above) HK$438 (56.12 USD)

Child (aged 3-11) HK$219 (28.06 USD)

Peak Tram Tickets

Adult  -Round Trip HK$ 45 (5.77 USD) One-way HK$ 32 (4.10 USD)

Child (age 3 – 11) and Senior (age 65 or above) – Round trip HK$ 20 ( 2.56 USD) One-way HK$ 12 (1.54 USD)

Food – There are various eating places in Hongkong. You can choose a place to fit in your budget.

Fare to Macau (2 way)– Please see below schedule and latest fare


SAILING SCHEDULESailing Time: Approx. 60 mins ,KOWLOON – MACAU (OUTER)

07:30 12:00 18:30
08:30 12:30 19:30
09:00 13:30 20:30
09:30 15:30 21:30
10:30 17:00 22:30


07:05 12:05 17:35^ 22:35
07:35 14:05 18:35
09:05 15:05 19:35
10:35 15:35 21:05
11:05 16:35 22:05


^ Available from Monday to Friday only



(4 seats)






(4 seats)







$ 2,151 $ 326 $ 164 $ 2,107 $ 315 $ 153

(Weekends & Holidays)

$ 2,151 $ 348 $ 177 $ 2,107 $ 337 $ 166

(Weekdays, Weekends & Holidays)

$ 2,852 $ 369 $ 200 $ 2,808 $ 358 $ 189


  • Children aged 1 or above must travel with a valid ticket.
  • Holiday fares applicable to HK and Macau public holidays.
  • Macau citizens, seniors (65 or above) and children (below 12) may enjoy HKD15 off per ticket (not applicable to Premier VIP Cabin).




There are tons of hotels in Hongkong that will fit your budget. I have listed below, some budget hotels around the Tsim Sha Tsui area. I choose to share the accommodation facilities in this area because of its proximity to the majority of Hong Kong Tourist Spots as well as to various transport hubs.


Jas Guest House
Flat F3, 13/F, Block F, Mirador Mansion, 58 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


Canada Hotel
Flat A9,15/F, Block A, Chung King Mansions, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Apple Hostel
Flat B7, Block B, 10/F, Chungking Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Apple Inn @ Tsim Sha Tsui
Unit 03, 11/F, Hai Phong Mansion, 55 Hai Phong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Loi Loi Guest House
Flat A2, 5/F, Mirador Mansion, 54-64 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

V Inn
(Reception @ A9, 15/F, Block A) Flat E5, 16/F, Block E, Chungking Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

D Red Loft 
Flat A9, 15/F, Block A, Chung King Mansion,36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui ,  BOOK YOUR ROOM HERE TO GET THE BEST DEAL

Toms Guesthouse
Flat C1, Block C, 16/F, Chung King Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, Hong Kong BOOK YOUR ROOM HERE TO GET THE BEST DEAL

Mira Inn 
F4,8/F,Mirador Mansions,
60-62 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Premium Guest House – Premium Guesthouse Ltd
Flat A5 & B2 , 16/F, Block A& Block B, Mirador Mansion, 58 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Gold Sparrow Hotel 
Flat A2, 11/F, Block A, Mirador Mansion, 58 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon., Tsim Sha Tsui

Carlton Guest House – Las Vegas Group Hostels HK
Flat C1, 15th Floor, Block C, 36-44 Nathan Road, Chung King Mansion, Tsim Sha Tsui

Marco Polo Hostel – Las Vegas Group Hostels HK
Flat C6, 15/F, Block C, Chung King Mansion, Nathan Road 36-44, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong   BOOK YOUR ROOM HERE TO GET THE BEST DEAL

Space Museum

Space Museum, Hong Kong Tourist Spot

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  1. Nietzche Ella Jareno

    Hongkong is one of the country that is included in the bucket list of tourist aside from the views, tasty local foods and it’s history and culture, It is also cheaper. In order to attract visitors after the pandemic we can boost tourism by inviting local vloggers to make content that advertise the country’s top 10 tourist spots in the city, suggest must try food in the city, suggest local stores to buy souvenirs, travel tips in visiting the place and the list goes on. This is one of a modern way to promote tourism.


    The Tourism in Hongkong should open their beautiful tourist spots and should find a way to market or hire social media influencers or travel bloggers so that their product will made known to everyone. And also, I suggest to slowly open their country to everyone with few travel restrictions for everyone’s comfort without compromising the health of others. They should also create a very eye catching and very interesting promotions or discounts in Airfare and Disney Tickets since they have already the well known Disneyland like a one stop shop. And by that, a lot of tourists will book and will also be interested to visit Hongkong after pandemic since everyone is now adjusting to new normal and surely missed the Disneyland after it was closed due to pandemic.

  3. Hernalyn P. Dulos

    A major and growing part of Hong Kong’s economy is the tourism sector. I am sure you are well aware of the fact that the tourism industry has had a significant impact on every country in the world. Due to the ongoing pandemic, there remains no clear picture of the future. However, what is certain is that we have a chance at the moment to prepare ourselves for whatever comes our way. As far as I am concerned, I think that we should at least focus on the following three areas. Among these, there are three major steps that can be taken to increase the range of products on offer, develop a targeted marketing plan, and improve the quality of customer service. When tourists visit Hong Kong, their expectations are primarily based on the features of the chosen destination: culture, architecture, gastronomy, infrastructure, landscape, events, shopping, and so on. Several of these features attract people to the destination and contribute to the overall experience of the trip as well.

  4. Christopher D. Palparan

    Now that country traveling has regained its vigor, countries must magnetize tourism while the hype lasts. “The early bird catches the worm,” or so is the concept of “First-mover” according to Zamborsky. If a person could afford to travel but once in a given year, which country could he spend his budget on and get the best out of his money, the chance, and the risk?
    It will be strategic for Hong Kong to support discounted travel packages to their prime locations such as Lantau, Macau, Disney Land, and Ocean Park. Hongkong-specific destinations do attract, but they would attract better if accompanied by financial easements on the fees.
    Hongkong should also synergize tourism with infrastructures like airports, hotels, and malls. Investment in the waste disposal and the safety of tourists should continue to form part of the overall façade of Hongkong.
    Finally, one big turndown in traveling is the inconvenient language barrier. Hongkong should work on adapting English in welcoming non-Cantonese-speaking people – everywhere should be translated in English.

  5. John Dahil-Dahil

    Hong Kong attracts chefs and restaurateurs from all over the world, hard to beat as a shopping mecca, with malls, shops and markets to fit any budget and Hong Kong’s street-art scene is booming, with colorful murals testifying to the city’s creative verve.

    As a marketing student, in my opinion that may I give to hongkong tourism to help them to entice travelers to visit hongkong is to invest in Social media. Videos are key to gaining people’s attention nowadays. With the rise of apps like tiktok, instagram Story, instagram Reels, and youtube, people are now actively seeking videos for entertainment. Let your tourists become brand ambassadors. In the current digital age, we live in, content is king. Sharing snippets of your trip online and on social media is the new norm. Social media has made it so easy for people to review, rate, and share their experiences. don’t go out and spend your resources on a video that only promotes your business. Instead, promote your destination and help them gain some useful information. One way to achieve this is to create helpful and informative fun videos that showcase your destination. These videos can range from topics like things to do in your area, helpful tips, how to get around, fun facts, and insight into local places and secrets.

  6. Christine Joy Cena

    During the COVID-19 outbreak, consumer’s behavior can be impacted by risks and expectations. It has a significant effect on travel plans and behavior regarding personal safety, confidence, economic expenditure, and a negative impact on tourism industry. Discovering new ways to attract tourists to a country will ensure that you constantly grab the attention of international tourists to look your way. Here are some ways that the tourism do, to give visitors more reasons to visit Hongkong. First, Share What’s New in Your Area. Keeping up to date with the new developments and offerings. This enables you to serve as a source for useful tourist information and to provide insight into a variety of fascinating things that you would want to see if you were a tourist in your area. Second, Encourage one of a kind experience. Offering an incredible experience is essential to get tourist to remember you, recommend your brand or use your service again. Using new technologies can help you create innovative and memorable experiences for your visitors and, at the same time, differentiate yourself from your competitors. Third, New Culture to Discover. One of the most significant reasons for traveling is to immerse yourself in the local culture. We frequently create judgments and ideas about different races and civilizations based on what we read online. However, is enormous and diverse, and we are only a little part of it. Each location has its own own culture, and experiencing it allows us to grow psychologically in ways that no classroom or book could ever do. It is more than just viewing the sights and eating the food to learn about a culture. It also entails conversing with locals and learning about their perspectives on the world we live in. Fourth, Promote Your Country Using Social Media. One of the most effective strategies to reach out to tourist and promote your country is to use social media. To generate interest of your tourist, you can use promotional posts, videos on sites like as Facebook and Instagram. Fifth, Make an Appealing Destination Website. When it comes to researching a specific place before making vacation plans, there is no disputing the Internet is convenience. A website that is primarily focused on the target country is the greatest approach to present your audience the most popular tourist attractions. Through the use of intriguing films, photos, and virtual reality tours, you may communicate directly with the prospective tourists on such a website. Before planning a journey, tourists can utilize the website to get extensive information about the destination.

  7. Chenee Amor Ignacio

    One of the most studied aspects of tourism is consumer behavior. This research examines the reasons behind a tourist’s choice of location and the motivating factors that determine his travel preferences. Consumer behavior is influenced by a variety of personal and psychological elements, such as motivation, perception, learning, attitude, and others. Personal aspects include the age, gender, and personality of the consumer. Individuals first create their own drive and consumption demands, after which they create perception.
    There are more reasons for travelers to visit Hong Kong, and all ages will be amazed by the beautiful place. Both kids and adults will be excited to see the famous Disneyland and their amazing Ocean Park. Visiting these places to enjoy exciting and thrilling rides, to watch live shows of their favorite Disney characters and take photos with them, to see natural scenery and unique combinations of marine life. Travelers who are food lovers and want to experience the taste of Hong Kong’s cuisine must visit some Cantonese restaurants and try some of their cafe dishes like pineapple bun, sweet and sour pork, roast goose, wontons, egg waffle, and many more. Hong Kong is well known for being a shopper’s paradise. It is the world’s best shopping site with shopping malls, antique shops, many street night markets for bargain souvenirs, etc. Visiting Hong Kong together with your family and friends will be a lot of fun and memories to treasure.
    International tourism must create more opportunities for the tourist to make them safe, comfortable and help them with their tour. The best way to make it easy is to make a different itinerary for a 3-day or more trip for them to choose where they want to go and where they want to eat. Make something like a budget-friendly package for family, or friends, and also for couples. Offer them a trip to different places inside and outside Hong Kong, a tour of the most visited tourist destinations, and experience their culture.


    Think of new ideas to attract tourists to the country
    Simply waiting for tourists to come isn’t going to generate interest, you need to include aspects and things that attract tourists to your country. One way to start is to create a marketing strategy that effectively targets your desired market
    Here are the major reasons to attract travelers:
    1. Seek local partnerships.
    2. Let your tourists become brand ambassadors.
    3. Create enticing destination videos.
    4. Increase your distribution channels.
    5. Optimize your website for mobile use.
    6. Be visible.
    7. Offer unique promotions.

  9. Valerie Ann G. Anacan

    The lifting of the quarantine was received with elation by the Hongkong residents, who have endured more than two years of crushing pandemic measures. At its most strict, Hong Kong’s quarantine rules required incoming travelers to spend 21 days in a hotel room paid at their own expense. Only Hong Kong residents were permitted entry. These measures made the tourism industry in Hongkong greatly suffer.

    Now with the easing of COVID restrictions in Hongkong what should they be doing to entice more tourists?

    Hongkong has taken the first step by lifting the mandatory 3-day hotel quarantine for all tourists. It also needs to increase its marketing campaign, in fact, according to CNN travel, the city is planning to give away 500,000 million airline tickets worth $254.8 million to global visitors along with residents as a part of a market recovery campaign. Upcoming events should be boosted like the Wine & Dine Festival this November – the city’s most anticipated annual culinary event. The Sun Hung Kai Properties Hong Kong Cyclothon in December offers a rare opportunity to cycle through the diverse cityscape of Hong Kong. Also, soak in the festive ambiance in Hong Kong with the dazzling WinterFest! The city’s skyline shines even brighter during the winter months with the iconic, sparkling Christmas tree sitting amidst glittering skyscrapers, all dolled up for the jolly occasion. Marketing Hongkong’s events on social media will make it more visible to the rest of the world and will help make tourists feel that everything is back to normal.

    Hongkong should follow the lead of its neighbors Japan, Taiwan and South Korea who took the risk of removing several COVID barriers making them more attractive destinations for international travelers. With this, it would be easier for everyone overseas to fly to Hongkong!

    Valerie Ann Anacan


    As a result of Covid-19, consumers in Hong Kong have changed their spending behavior. Consumers continue to show a willingness to spend with brands and experiences they trust. Consumers have accelerated their use of online channels for retail purchases. Consumers in Hong Kong are showing preferences for payment options that award their online shopping behaviors. Hong Kong is best known as a “shoppers’ paradise”. However, so much more to Hong Kong than shopping. Visitors/Travelers can enjoy views of Colorful and Interesting Culture, Vibrant night Life, International Cuisine (as culinary capital of Asia), Colorful festivals and fairs (New year), Family Destination (such as Disneyland, Ocean Park, Lantau Island, etc.), And Modernizing Public Transport. As Consumer, the Hong Kong must entice the traveler to visit the country by media advertising. The tourism Department will gather all the new and old tourist spot of the country such as Restaurants, people, transportation, etc. They will double the Food Vlogs (because the places are already well-known such as Disneyland). Nowadays, the traveler especially the family travelers primarily visiting the Disneyland, however, the second is the Food. Food is family’s bonding; they will search or find a restaurant that will satisfy their tummy. -Jonelyn Palermo

  11. Lady Love Sillarico

    Hongkong, being the hub of International Trade in Asia, where east and west unique cultures meet, I believe that every reason is there in order to attract every tourist to stay or stop over and spend a night or two during connecting flight travels.

    With the diverse trading and variety of products and services being offered, I believe that most tourist in Hongkong are impulsive shoppers and wandering consumers who would scout for something to buy for a souvenir, it is best if Hongkong can tap on the different airlines to place a brochure of various products and services on each of the seats of the Airlines as well as play an advertisement during in travel hours before landing to the airport.

    As of this time where pandemic is still lurking in any corners of the world, Hongkong may also add on their reason to visit that Hongkong is virus free and safe to visit assuring that they will not catch any viruses while having a shopping spree on their most famous places.

    I also noticed that the “Shopping Paradise” focuses only on “Ladies Market”, it is best to add more options like best locations for bargain areas for wise buyers/bargain hunters.

  12. Lady Love Sillarico

    Hongkong, being the hub of International Trade in Asia, where east and west unique cultures meet, I believe that every reason is there in order to attract every tourist to stay or stop over and spend a night or two during connecting flight travels.

    With the diverse trading and variety of products and services being offered, I believe that most tourist in Hongkong are impulsive shoppers and wandering consumers who would scout for something to buy for a souvenir, it is best if Hongkong can tap on the different airlines to place a brochure of various products and services on each of the seats of the Airlines as well as play an advertisement during in travel hours before landing to the airport.

    As of this time where pandemic is still lurking in any corners of the world, Hongkong may also add on their reason to visit that Hongkong is virus free and safe to visit, assuring that they will not catch any deceases while having a shopping spree on Hongkong’s most famous places.

    Lastly, I noticed that the “Shopping Paradise” focuses only on “Ladies Market”, it is best to add more options like best locations for bargain areas for wise buyers/bargain hunters.


    World is slowly recovering from the severe pandemic named Covid19 which caused by China. Some countries boarder line are already open and some have precautions. When travelling in various places you need to have vaccinated or Swab Test to prevent yourself and others from virus.

    Hongkong is known for their Disneyland, wayback when i was younger i am dreaming to visit Disneyland one day cause it feels like you’re a free no one knows you, no one judged you and no discrimination.

    Hongkong is one of top place to visit, learning their culture, about their food and delicacies.

  14. Clarisse H Lazarte

    Hongkong is a plethora of tourist attractions. Just hearing the name of the country reminds us how fun, exciting and full of magic it is. And the first thought about Hongkong is Disneyland. The place where magic begins. It’s an escape to the busy life and enters to the world of fantasy where you can be who you are. No one could be more happier than those disney and princess fans . It’s a dream place of a hidden kid inside of every person.
    Aside from their most famous attraction, Hongkong is known for their delicous cuisine like sweet and sour pork that has been known around the world and many where making their different variations of it. Different kinds of delicious wonton and many more foods are highly suggested to try in Hongkong.
    Traveling in Hongkong is worthy and you deserve it.

    -Clarisse Lazarte


    Hongkong is a country where it is rich in culture. Its colonial background gave Hongkong a sophisticated fusion of culture of east and west. It has diverse culture which makes tourist convenience for travelling.
    In order to improve and increase more arrival Hongkong Tourism must strategize well.
    Improve quality of service through training of hospitality and tourism stake holder such as tour guides, travel agents and hospitality team. Training them base on the current tourist behavior in the new normal approach. Traveler become more sophisticated that they demand higher quality of service.
    Maximizing the use of digital platform as a marketing niche. Knowing that digital media nowadays become a mainstream of sources of information.
    Hongkong comprising different islands they were able to connect each of this island with its state of the art and sophisticated transport system therefore Tourism industry must designed a tour package that will connect also nearby country such as Hongkong-Macau combination and other tour packages connecting to mainland China. Developing multi destination with Mainland country is a tourism opportunity also. Furthermore, they should maximize the opportunity also for Cruise liner tour packages as they have a great harbor and also a port of entry for cruise liner.
    As mentioned in this article a lot of reasons to travel to Hongkong. Tourism Board must utilize the different forms of tourism even including their countryside tourism as it has potential also.

  16. Bryanne Marie M. Abriola

    Hong Kong is a destination that will be on your travel bucket list. As mentioned on the attached article with regards to “Reasons to Visit” Hongkong, this place highlight its distinctive and multicultural location, there are lots to discover upon arriving in Hongkong, whether you like to shop, take in beautiful scenery, eat delectable food, or visit fascinating sights.
    As Hongkong recovers from the world’s toughest pandemic, the city is currently working in progress to regain its reputation as a global city by making the biggest adjustment necessary to cope with COVID-19. Government taking steps to revive Hongkong from its economic downturn and also revive its hectic social scene. To entice travelers to visit the place, tourism should make a strategy especially for the consumers to consider Hongkong as their place visit. Here are some strategies to drive tourism recovery; Hongkong can launch a significant promotional platform like marketing campaigns that highlights the best of the best of Hongkong to increase the interest of the travelers and also the said campaign will make use of different events and citywide promotion, since a good marketing message can influence impulsive consumers. Enhancing the range of products and services to offer to the consumers, innovating products and services considering consumers have different personal preferences in terms of fashion or food, culture and traditions embracing differences and welcoming them, taking considerations where the consumers came from. Building and strengthening the partnership to other countries for the long-term endeavors in supporting trade, supporting mega events, etc. in maintaining Hongkong’s international exposure. Creating and using a one-stop e-solution platform, and improve the travel experience for tourists that is digitally enabled aside from featuring different destinations at Hongkong, foods stalls and delicacies, modes of transportation, cultural sites, beaches, etc., aside from the things that are mentioned, featuring also the list of different luxurious brands outlet that can be found at Hongkong for the consumers to do shopping. In this way consumers that are shopaholic and having the purchasing power can list down the outlet shops that they are going to visit. Lastly, upgrading cultural heritage sites to develop more tourist attractions and adding more water sports theme park to market wide range of consumers.

  17. Dannielle Ray T. Tia

    Hongkong is one of the destinations on my bucket list that needs to be ticked off before I turn 30.

    Being one of the world’s most expensive cities, for travelers to have more reasons to visit Hongkong, especially after this pandemic, I believe that they should lessen the costs of their rooms and accommodations. As a center of trading and investments, most of the tourists are businessmen who make deals in this city, but what about the tourists who just want to stroll and see the beauty of Hongkong? They need rooms and accommodations that would not empty their budget. Promos and discounts would’ve been helpful to the tourists.

    When it comes to skyscrapers, Hongkong is one of the cities with the tallest buildings, but as an aspiring tourist of Hongkong, I have not heard of or seen any of its famous heritage, culture, and tradition, as a marketing student, I believe that to boost the tourism industry of Hongkong more, they should not only sell their buildings, skyscrapers, futuristic statues, etc., they should also promote its cultural heritage to the world as tourist would understand their ethnicity more. Curiosity would probably entice more tourists.

    Shopping centers in Hongkong are everywhere! Hongkong is famous for its man-made buildings, parks, etc., but this pandemic made me realize that we often take for granted our mother nature. We sometimes forget that we also need to explore the natural wonders we have. And Hongkong should probably tell the world that it has more to offer, its beaches, mountains, and islands. Tourists should not just be strolling around the city drinking wines and beers in the bars, and dining in the top-tier restaurants. Tourists should also hike in the mountains of Hongkong, sip some cocktails by the beach of Hongkong, and enjoy the harbor views of the island of Hongkong.

    As one of the safest cities in the world, Hongkong should retain its low level of crime rate. Tourists would appreciate it more to be strolling around the city without having to worry about their safety.

    And lastly, tourists would love it more if they are more informed about its weather or when is the best time to visit Hongkong depending on the purpose of the trip, especially through social media.

  18. Angel Joy Longakit

    Hong Kong is best known as shoppers’ paradise. It has the largest number of skyscrapers of any city in the world, and its residents have some of the highest life expectancies in the world. Many are dreaming of visiting Hong Kong especially if they have kids and are also young at heart.

    Upon reading the article provided and other articles, Hong Kong can be considered as a cheap place to visit and this is one ultimate perception that we can provide to attract more tourists. Stick to the local restaurants, walk the streets and markets and stay at a three-star hotel and you won’t leave with an empty pocket.

    Tourism should also promote Hong Kong’s cultural value. Confucianism stresses duty, loyalty, honour, filial piety, respect for age and seniority, and sincerity. These traits are demonstrated by the Hong Kong Chinese in their respect for hierarchical relationships.

    Also need to promote the dream place of every child, the Hong Kong Disneyland. Tourism should invest more effort in promoting that HK Disneyland opened last April 21,2022 for guests. The excitement and joy that this could give to our children and also to those who are young at heart should be emphasized.

  19. Vi-Ann Javil

    The world is slowly recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tourism is one of the sectors of a country greatly affected in this challenging time. As the world shock us with this pandemic, one of the things that changed with time is consumer buying behavior. Our daily lives had changed, our way of entertaining ourselves had changed, and also our purchasing power has changed due to economic conditions. We become more practical this time around. However, not all of us would sacrifice our happiness because of these constraints. What I am saying, one might want to travel. Hongkong is the best place to visit if that person is on a budget.
    According to your blog, the cost of traveling to Hongkong is reasonable. I am wishing that it is yet unchanged if we are going to travel this 2023. According to CNN Hongkong is the 6th Shopping Capital of the World. That is to say that even if the consumer is looking for a quality product but a cheap price, Hongkong is a nice option for that consumer. Tourism can promote through MARKETING CAMPAIGNS about these places where the tourist can visit. Emphasizing that the cost of traveling to HONGKONG is REASONABLE is also a good marketing campaign because one thing is for sure people are on a strict budget right now but also want to travel. through blogs, or media platforms where in accessable to many people is a good platform for marketing campaign. They also have to promote how easy, safe, clean, and stress-free traveling to HONGKONG. As a traveler, those are the most important aspects to check if traveling. SAFETY, STRESS-FREE, BUDGET-FRIENDLY.

  20. Hong Kong is my first ever trip abroad and since then HK is my “go to” place for leisure travel or even during business meetings especially on “Ber Months” because of the weather. Aside from the fact that plane tickets and hotel accommodations are far more affordable versus the cold neighboring countries like Japan, Korea and Taiwan. I don’t need a visa too! It’s just like preparing for a local travel with a passport.
    Unfortunately, in the past years, Hong Kong was left out by its tourist catering South-East Asian competing countries – Singapore, Thailand or Taiwan.
    I hope Hon Kong can promote their tourism industry better by:
    1. Hosting events and business exhibitions, international artist concerts (maybe for free, just to entice visitors 🙂 Last May 2022, I was able to come to Thailand as they opened their doors to business visitors by hosting the THAIFEX ANUGA, a food and beverage exhibition attended by about 50,000 visitors and 2,000 exhibitors. An although covid 19 health protocol is observed, it didn’t stop us, exhibitors from enjoying Thailand’s authentic massage, food and its temples.

    2. Strengthen their tourism campaign by promoting it in their target market’s country. When I visited Singapore last September, I can see train stations and airport full of advertisements for Taiwan and Vietnam’s tourists’ destinations. This is a great way to promote HK too because most of their target market are travelers of neighboring countries. They can even take advantage of Social Media platforms to promote the well-loved Disneyland or collaborate with Macau government since they already have a road linked for easy access, anyway both countries were affected almost the same.

    3. Hong Kong can take its place again as “Shopping Hub” of Asia. HK government can collaborate with local businesses for a big sale that could make tourists and shoppers alike come to Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong is a gem both for first-time travelers and even for those who had been a regular.

  21. Marjorie Hajim

    Thanks for this itinerary. I read this article before I went to Hongkong last June and it was really useful. I actually wrote a piece about my experience travelling in HongKong

  22. I cannot wait to visit this paradise!

  23. Marianne Bathan

    When you say Hong Kong, my mind imagines Disneyland. Wish I could visit “The Happiest Place on Earth” someday. #marman

  24. Ma. Celina Venus-Mijares

    Interesting! Very detailed travel guide, useful for travelers. Thank you for sharing Doc Jojo. Keep it up! #marman

  25. Riza Mae H. Villanueva

    A beautiful place to offer for tourists to visit! It’s a place full of wonder and affordable for everyone to see! #marman

  26. Ronald Lubiano

    This itinerary is budget friendly! Very interesting choice of place! #marman

  27. Hong Kong is our regular enroute to India stop as we fly Cathay very often.. we keep thinking we need to make a longer stop there and visit.. this inspires

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