Sutukil, the eating place which was on top of my mind when my sisters asked where will we eat.

We were on our way back from Hongkong for a short vacation and we opted to stop over Cebu City before going back to our hometown, Bacolod City. Two of my sibling who were with me has not been to Mactan yet, so we have so many reasons to visit the place and enjoy the local cuisines.


Aside from the historic significance of Mactan Shrine , one good reason for visiting the place is the undeniably good local cuisine, the “Sutokil” or STK.   Sutukil is a portmanteau of the three ways fish are cooked in eating places  near the Mactan Shrine: “Su” is for sugba or grilled, “tu” is for tula or prepared into a soup and “kil” is for kilaw or   raw fish salad.

sutukil 1

Sutukil restaurants let you choose whatever you want your dish to be cooked from stalls of fresh fish, prawns, crabs, seaweeds, shells, clams and even lobsters . These seafood are as fresh as seafood can be and the crabs and lobsters on display are still alive as you choose from their display which ones you want to be cooked. Fishermen from nearby islets  deliver their daily catch to these eateries, hence you are sure that their seafood is really fresh.

Sutukil is one thing I made sure to visit each time I’m in Cebu.People from the University of Cebu and NSA would invite me to dine in here each time I have a speaking engagement in the school.


after our sumptous meal at Sutukil we stay for a while to shop for some souvenirs

How To Get There

Most common means of transport is by Taxi which usually seen all over the place. If you want to avoid a long wait for a taxi, you can ask a taxi to  wait for you, of course, for an extra pay.
From Cebu City, it is just a 30-minute ride and accessible by two bridges connecting Mactan Island and mainland Cebu.

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