Reaching the Top: Visiting two of Bacolod’s Tallest Buildings

Bacolod's Tallest Buildings

Reaching the Top: Visiting two of Bacolod‘s Tallest Buildings

Its my goal to take a photo of Bacolod’s skyline and post it online. Everytime I pass through   Sanparq Tower in Mandalagan and the unknown building along shopping, i always tell myself that one day I will reach the top most floor of those buildings. And now, I finally got the chance to fulfill my goal. It took me a lot of courage to ask permission just to climb the top most floor. Thanks to Miss Fe of Sanparq and the Engineer of Shopping Building.


Bacolod's Tallest Buildings
Over looking the North Drive
Over looking BREDCO
Bacolod's Tallest Buildings
Overlooking 6th street and downtown Bacolod

My first stop–the “Turtle Building” (its not the official name–it’s just a pseudo name we made becasue its construction is too slow) I simply used the stairs going up the Building. Upon reaching the top, I tell you the view is simply breath taking. Bacolod is moving fast forward. The City’s landscape is changing and becoming more and more beautiful with new architectural designs amidst the natural landscape of Bacolod.

Bacolod's Tallest Buildings
Two Sanparq Tower
Bacolod's Tallest Buildings
Reaching the Top

Second stop was Two Sanparq Tower. It was around 3pm when i went to the building. The Engineer led us to the penthouse using the high speed elevator (2 seconds per floor speed). I was awed by what i saw. the scene is so perfect. It is so magnificent to see the beauty of the Mountains when facing the east side and the Guimaras strait on the west side. It is a good Vantage point to see the entire Bacolod especially the Lacson Street which is the Tourism Strip of Bacolod. Setting my foot on top of Sanparq Building is a great feat for me. It is the tallest Building  and the first high rise in the Region and i am very that I Reached the TOP.

Bacolod's Tallest Buildings
Overlooking Mt. Kanlaon


Bacolod's Tallest Buildings
Over looking BREDCO (Guimaras Strait)
Bacolod's Tallest Buildings
Overlooking the Skyline of Bacolod
Bacolod's Tallest Buildings
Over looking North of Bacolod (Talisay City)


  1. bacolods eye view

    @anton is it true that a 35 storey sanparq will soon be constructed??3sanparq?cuz nakita ko na design ya eh@ urbika architecture

  2. im from bacolod too i visited the place once or twice a year hence that im staying here in manila for my job. keep up a good work hoping that bacolod have more taller buildings along lacson st. in the future.

  3. tess clarito

    nice, anton… check out the view from the top of the Pope Tower, too and the Pavilion

    • Anton Manso

      hi tess, yes…i also have photos from PJP. I will try to ask permission at the pavillion also. 🙂 thanks a lot

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