Afternoon Coffee at C’s of L Fisher

Afternoon Coffee at C’s of L Fisher

It’s been a while that I haven’t seen this  friend. While we would communicate through text once in a while but our schedule will never meet. But this time is a perfect time. So there I go to meet a good friend, the Food and Beverage Service Manager of L Fisher, Paul Londres.

Since it’s a coffee meeting  we meet at C’s Cafe.  I didn’t bother to ask what’s the meaning of C because  I saw on their board – Cakes, Coffee, Chocolates–Maybe these are the words that C stands for. Or maybe C also represents the “Ciocon” being the family name of the  owner of the hotel.

1 choros cs

To my mind, C can also stand for slang word “Chika” because the place is indeed a very good place to hang out and “chika with friends. It is right at the frontage of the hotel right beside the main Lacson St. The ambiance is simple but fresh looking. I was also happy  seeing my former student as one of their staff.  C’s is  a very good place to meet a client should you don’t like a formal restaurant or hotel setting. Of course, the place has a WIFI so I was thinking, maybe one of these days if I need to write some blogs maybe I would lounge here while sipping  a hot coffee along with a slice of cake.

 I had a very good conversation with Paul, but I have to cut our meeting short.  I still have to meet a  buyer who wanted me to decorate his house using our Furniture and Furnishings. From C’s I walked across the street  towards  Mayfair Plaza because that is where I parked my car. When I reached Mayfair Plaza, I decided to pass by the store of another friend, Ping Rodrigo of Ping’s Knitwear    when I realize I don’t have my wallet with me. So I went home to check my wallet but I never found it there. I started  panicking because all my ID’s, cards—including my drivers licensed were all there. Then, I got a call—“Where are you?” It was Paul. “Your wallet is with me, the staff found it”, he said.     

With that incident, I think C’s does not only stand for cakes, chocolates, coffee or Ciocon or Chika. This time, I would like to believe more than the first mentioned words, C   also means “Caring” . Thank you very much C’s—I will now “C”  you more often.

C’s Cafe at Night

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