Breakfast Meeting at Sylvia Manor Hotel


Breakfast Meeting
A Columnist  Manny Canto with the LKY Resorts and Hotels Director for Operations, Andres “Dinky” Y. Sison, III.

Breakfast Meeting at Sylvia Manor Hotel

Updates: Sylvia Manor Hotel is now called The Inns by the Oriental


It’s Monday and I woke up with a call from a good friend Manny Canto reminding me of our meeting with the Director for Operations of Sylvia Manor Hotel, Engr. Andres “Dinky” Y. Sison III. Sylvia Manor Hotel is one of the newly acquired and operated by the Lee King Yek Group of Companies (Resorts and Hotels).

When I enter the lobby, I was greeted by the same happy and familiar faces of the staff. I still feel at home thinking that the hotel is still having the old nice staff of the former owner who is noted for their concerns on cleanliness and good service. I am quite familiar with the hotel because I had the privileged to conduct training before with the former management.

Having a good conversation with just a cup of coffee was already enough for me. But  Dinky insisted that we would try their Pasta Barracuda. A flat pasta with a good slice of barracuda meat and mushroom. I never regretted tasting the food as it was really good. But I already refused for a dessert and go for fresh fruits instead. A good cook himself and a health conscious as well, Dinky aimed at enhancing the food offering of the hotel to cater to Bacolodnon’s palate whose really into good food. He also promised to make their food really affordable. Sounds really promising—but I still have to check on their menu, maybe next week (Lol).

Dinky shared with us some of their future plans, but I can’t reveal it yet as of this writing. I will surely be one of the first to share those new things in the future. I am truly happy for the enthusiasm the LKY Group of Companies  brings into the city and the province of Negros Occidental.

Kudos to the LKY Group of Companies (Resorts and Hotels)/Sylvia Manor Hotel and to my new BFF Dinky, welcome to Bacolod!  It was a pleasure meeting you!

I am not a “morning meeting” type of person. I normally wake up late, but meeting with Dinky Sison is quite relaxing and enriching.Hearing from someone telling me, “I will be praying for you and your business to prosper” is always a sweet voice to my ear.Yes, we didn’t talk only about business but we exchange ideas about our views in life, health concerns and much  more.   He would even call us “BFF”. He was bubbly and we never sound like having a business meeting. A type of person whom you wouldn’t mind having a meeting with early in the morning or even up to late in the evening.

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