Almost 12NN and I haven’t had my lunch yet. Actually, I still don’t have the appetite for food because of flu. But I received a call from Dr. Nenette Padilla, Dean of School of Business and Information Technology of LCC-Bacolod. She was at PLANTA CENTRO BACOLOD HOTEL & RESIDENCES (Planta Hotel) and wanted us to have lunch together at that very moment. Planta Hotel is just a walk away from my home. So , in just a few minutes I was at the hotel already. Nenette, as I call Dr. Padilla together with Benrey , the Information Technology Department Head of LCC, meet me at the coffee shop. How time flies indeed, Benrey was only my student during his college and now he is already a Department Head.


Yours truly, Nenette and Benrey at Planta Hotel, Bacolod (update on this post: Benrey is now the Dean of SBIT, LCC  Bacolod ,while Dr. Padilla is the Head for Students Affairs)

I used to teach at La Consolacion College-Bacolod and Nenette was my Dean. But aside from our business relationship Nenette is a very close friend. I miss our  instant coffee session together before (our way to release tensions  by laughing hard) so I did a lot of talking in this meeting. Hector,Nenette’s husband also joined us for lunch.

It was just a short lunch date for us because Nenette and Benrey still have to attend a seminar.  Indeed, real people are so nice to be with. I just don’t know… but, I felt refreshed and energized after that short meeting.

I choose to stay for a while to write this short article. I feel  at home with Planta Hotel especially in the coffee shop where we meet, because it’s where I would go each time there’s a brownout in our house and I need to check my emails. The food in the coffee shop are good and reasonably priced as well.

 PLANTA HOTELMy favorite spot at Planta Hotel.Since the hotel is just a few walks away from my home, I would at time bring my laptop to do blogging at the hotel, while enjoying their coffee and desserts.


The hotel is   located at the  block of Araneta, Roxas and Osmeña Street. It is approximately 3 kilometers east from the inter-island seaport. Shopping, dinning and commercial centers are just around the corner and of course the Jojo Vito Designs Gallery is just a few steps away. In fact, most of the hotel guests   would visit our showroom for some souvenir and Pasalubong Items.

Planta Hotel offers a full array of urbanized amenities with ready to occupy hotel & business units. It has 82   rooms and 8 conference and banquet halls where 20-600 guests can be elegantly and spaciously accommodated. The hotel has  coffee shops, restaurants,  fitness center, an outdoor pool situated amidst the tropical greens. They have  spacious parking facilities.

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