BAR 21

2012 PMAP OFFICERS Present at 21 Restaurant: Gaine-BAMC; President Louie -Good Rice/Falcor Mktg; Emmy-NOCECO; Jet-PMHA; Agnes-First Farmers; Johna-DBI & the author,Jojo


It’s another meeting day for People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) Officers. We were finalizing some details for our upcoming public seminar in June. Officers for this group were all working and were all tired on business formalities. So except for our monthly General Membership Meeting, we normally do our officer’s meeting on a casual and fun way.

For this meeting, we’ve decided to make it a “Batchoy Meeting”, meaning we will all order for batchoy    (this is not really obligatory for everyone). Batchoy is  a noodle soup dish with great amounts of pork cracklings or chicharon, beef, liver, and eggs.Well, you should know your cholesterol count before indulging. And in Bacolod,  if we talked about batchoy we would immediately think of 21 Restaurant.

BAR 21 , pancit molo

“I have an issue with cholesterol so I opted for Pancit Molo “

Bar 21 or 21 Restaurant is literally located at 21st-Lacson St., Bacolod City. The bAR 21, in my opinion, is one of the best restaurants in the city which offers good food at a good price and in a good ambiance. It has a nice interior which provides a relaxing and homey feeling when dining. And since Bacolod is quite small, you can easily find some friends here dining.

BAR 21

Elegant chandeliers at the main dining hall of the 21 Restaurant

                                                Candle… makes to mood romantic

I love to dine in and to hold some functions at Bar 21. One of the most memorable event  I would recall each time I would visit the restaurant was my final defense for my dissertation for my Ph.D. PMAP, of course, held various meetings and training in this restaurant. They have good size function rooms which could cater small and medium size functions. So next time you visit Bacolod, do try 21 Restaurant.

BAR 21, frozen tea

Frozen Tea

BAR 21, batchoyBar 21’s Batchoy, one of the best  in town

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